The 5 Best Golf Carts of 2022

Golf Cart – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When your sport is as complex as golf, it is necessary to have all the accessories that can facilitate its practice. One of the essential elements for your comfort is a golf cart. In the market you will find a wide variety of models and brands. The first thing you should take into account is the size of the car, its weight and whether it is foldable or not. To help you make your choice, we have analyzed the best golf carts on the market, highlighting two above the rest. First of all, we have the Ben Sayers G5203 stroller, which has a traditional design, first-class materials and a compact and easy-to-carry format. For its part, the Vilineke OneClick trolley adds one more wheel to the structure, increasing stability and comfort during your journeys.

Buying Guide – What is the best golf cart on the market?

Knowing which is the best golf cart on the market can be a bit complicated and will always depend on the needs of each user. There are many models and brands that offer this item and the variety is quite wide, although its function is the same: to facilitate the athlete’s trip to the field.

There are certain characteristics that you should take into account before buying a certain model and one of them is its size. The capacity of items you can carry to carry out your game or practice will depend on this. The weight will determine its usefulness and displacement and stability, as a primary point, which is determined by its wheels.  

Why buy a golf cart?

A golf cart makes it easier for you to go to the field, whether for practices or tournaments, allowing you to have all your equipment at hand and protected from external factors that can damage it. In the commercial world there is a great variety of these and one of the most commercial are those that are manual, since they are much cheaper than the electric or mechanical ones, which although they are more comfortable to use because they are practically a car, but they are very expensive..

When making a comparison of golf carts that you will be able to get in world trade, we can highlight some parameters that you should consider when buying yours, such as load capacity, space, size and price. Therefore, in order to help you with your choice, we have prepared a guide to buy the best golf cart on the market, where we will detail these characteristics a little more and thus help you choose what your purchase will be, without making mistakes.     


When we talk about golf carts, we always think of those large and robust mechanical or electric cars, but these are not the only ones that we can find on the market. There are also manuals, which are very easy to use and practical.

These usually have wheels of medium proportion and the most common and best-selling are those that have 3 or 4 wheels, since these are more stable.

The grab handle determines the use of this type of trolley. It is important that this is wide to have better control of your wheels.

Size and weight

The size is one of the factors that you must take into account before buying the model you choose. You can get from the static and robust golf carts, to the practical and light ones.

In this sense, one of the main characteristics of the latter is that they are foldable, which facilitates their use and, in addition, their transfer to the field of play and their storage when we are not using them.

Weight is an element allied to size, the bigger, the heavier according to logic, but in manual golf carts, this might not be entirely true, since there are quite large models, but very light thanks to their materials. making.


The design of golf carts is also important, not only for aesthetics or for how beautiful they are, but also because the use you can give them will depend on how their spaces are distributed.

There are some that only have space to hang your game bag; these are the simplest. There are others that bring some spaces to place objects such as balls, umbrellas, water bottles and much more inside the structure of the manual car.

Colors are also important. You will find a wide variety of them, among which we can highlight the best-selling models that come in black or white, as they are the most combinable with the rest of your equipment, such as the golf bag, which will always go with your cart.  


The price is another of the factors that can determine a purchase, since the ability to buy a specific model will depend on your income. That is why knowing how much it costs is important for users.

But the budget will not be a problem due to the wide variety of models on the market. You will be able to get from sophisticated and expensive models, such as the mechanical ones, to the traditional manual cart that is economical and has varied costs.

According to the last review made to our recommended purchase store, you can get manual golf carts that range from 45 euros or less, among the cheapest, up to 300 euros. Please note that these prices are for reference only, so they may vary.

The 5 Best Golf Carts – Opinions 2022

Being able to practice your favorite sport with the equipment that allows you to do it comfortably and safely is a benefit that not everyone has, and if you want to be part of that select group, you need to have a golf cart among your game implements, with which you can take all your items to the field in one place.

Knowing which is the best golf cart you can buy is not easy, you have a lot of variety to choose from and they all have their own characteristics and benefits, for this reason, we can show you a list of the 5 most outstanding for their sales and positive comments of use., so you can choose between the best golf carts of 2022.

1. Ben Sayers Steel Golf Trolley Cart

If you are one of those who prefer the classics, the Ben Sayers G5203 golf cart is an interesting proposal. We are talking about a product that follows the most traditional scheme, where it is easy to place your golf club bag and move comfortably on any terrain.

To do this, the cart has a quality metal structure supported by two solid wheels, which do not require maintenance. This helps you move comfortably across the terrain. Something that contributes to its ergonomic handle and suitable for left-handed or right-handed players, with great comfort.

As for its accessories, the cart has a bottle and its support, to always have water at hand, as well as ample space to place the cards with the scores. And when it comes to storing it, you have its folding structure and removable wheels, which make it easy to take the cart wherever you want.

Enjoy the taste of a traditional car with the quality of a product with today’s materials thanks to this complete proposal from Ben Sayers.


Foldable : The cart is fully collapsible for easy storage. Something that the included removable wheels also help.

Ring : The ring is suitable for snugly embracing all types of golf bags and keeping them comfortably in place.

Accessories : A water bottle and its corresponding support are included, as well as a comfortable support to carry the shock card.

Versatile : The support is suitable for use by both right-handed and left-handed users, thanks to its design.

Assembly : The process of assembling the car is very simple and will only take a few minutes.


Stability : It is not the most stable option on the market, so you will have to be careful when leaving it on slopes or difficult terrain.

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2. Vilineke OneClick Folding 3-Wheel Golf Trolley

The Vilineke OneClick golf cart is one of the folding models that makes it easy to move around the playing field comfortably. To achieve this, this proposal has a design with three wheels, two at the rear and one at the front, which give the car considerable comfort. An approach that increases its stability on all types of terrain.

The trolley has a strong frame that, however, does not add much weight to the product. In fact, the total weight is 7.5 kilos. Something that makes it easy to carry comfortably or store it, in which its folding function is also very useful, which reduces the space needed for storage.

For the rest, the cart has a quality grip to hold your golf bag, a height-adjustable handlebar and other very interesting elements so you can play comfortably.

Here are some more details about this cart and all the features it has to help you carry your clubs comfortably.


Format : Its three-wheel format is very comfortable to carry and provides extra stability compared to models with two wheels in parallel.

Adjustable : The handlebar is adjustable, so that it is placed in the position that is most comfortable for you when driving the cart.

Foldable : Its collapsible design makes it easy to store the cart when you finish your match, so it doesn’t take up much space while you need it.

Assembly : The assembly of the product is so easy to carry, so you will not have to spend more than a few minutes to get the car ready to roll.


Drawing: The drawing of the wheels is similar to that of baby carts, so its grip is not too good on difficult terrain.

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3. Longridge Eze Glide Golf Cart 

The Longridge TREZW features 3 stable transport wheels for your gaming gear; he will always be safe on the practice field. In addition, it has 3 extra compartments that are made of nylon, in which you can place your personal items if you wish.

It is quite light, weighing 7 kilograms; loading it to take it wherever you want will be really easy and without much effort and it is foldable, an essential feature in these models.

For greater comfort, this model has an adjustable grip handle to your size so that it is much more comfortable to use when you go to play or practice. It has a brake system on its wheels; This way you will prevent your team from moving from the place where you place it.     

If you are looking for a functional model, the Longridge TREZW is one of the most striking and also one of the cheapest.


Design: Its design is easy to carry and, in addition, reduces the tension when rolling on any terrain. It also has a handle that is soft and also makes it easy to grip.

Brake: It has a service brake, which allows that while the cart is not moving, it will be stable in one place without many problems.

Handle: The height of the handlebar is adjusted and thus the user decides how far to put it.

Support: It has two nylon bag supports that are highly resistant. So things can be loaded safely and comfortably.

Folding: It can be folded when you stop using it, so that it takes up little space when stored. Also, you will be able to open it easily. This can be a great advantage for users looking for a practical golf cart.

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4. US Kids Junior Children’s Golf Cart

So that the little ones can also move comfortably around the golf course, there are models such as the US Kids Junior cart. This model has measures suitable for placing any bag of this type comfortably, being fixed both by the base and by the central part. 

It stands on two wheels, including additional support at the front, to prevent it from moving around when not needed. The entire product is made of aluminum tube, which gives it the right mix of strength and lightness. For the rest, its structure incorporates details such as the rubberized handlebar, which makes it easy to carry it with one hand, or a support for the scorecard, which will always be at hand. 

And when the game is over, it is very easy to fold the cart, to store it or put it in the trunk.

So that your little ones also move comfortably, you can resort to quality carts like this one.


Compatibility: The cart is compatible with all types of golf bags, adjusting without many complications.

Card: The support includes a space designed to place the card and always have it at hand.

Weight: The product is light and can be folded without taking up much space or weighing too much.


Format: The format is not three wheels but two, so it costs a little more work to move it.

Tires: Some comments indicate that the tires can wear too much on hard or aggressive terrain.

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5. CaddyTek Folding Golf Cart

When it comes to looking for golf carts, the number of wheels can make all the difference. If you are one of those who prefer 4 wheels in your car, take a look at this CaddyTek model.

This cart has a high quality aluminum structure with a weight of just 7.7 kilos. It rests on four cushioned wheels made of EVA rubber and solid, so you won’t have problems with punctures or maintenance.

As for the ring of the bag, the closing system that it includes makes it easy to place it comfortably and prevent it from moving. The cart will not move from its place either thanks to the integrated locking system, activated from the handlebar. 

All this without forgetting the adjustable handlebar, which you can place in the position that you like the most. An extra to increase your comfort while using the trolley.

Forget about the problems when carrying your golf clubs around the course thanks to the interesting approach of this Caddytek model.


Closing system : This cart has a very efficient one-click closing system, which will save you time when it comes to storing and unfolding it.

Weight : Thanks to its construction, we are talking about a car with a total weight of just 7.7 kilos, which also makes it more comfortable to use.

Wheels : The EVA rubber wheels have a very resistant structure, do not need maintenance and absorb bumps in the ground with solvency.

Brake : The included handbrake prevents the cart from rolling away when you are in the middle of a hit, fixing its position safely.


Assembly : The initial assembly of the car is somewhat complicated, being key to do it carefully to avoid later problems.

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How to use a golf cart

There is nothing better than being able to practice your favorite sport comfortably, so sometimes it becomes necessary to purchase products that can make things easier for you. In the case of golf practitioners, apart from having a good bag where they can organize their clubs, the presence of a golf cart will also be necessary, ideal for carrying all the game instruments.

In this way, having a basic implement that will also facilitate each of your practices and games at a professional level in the field would be the best option.

unpack the product

Once you have received your product at home, you will be able to unpack it. To do this, you must remove all the materials used so that the cart does not suffer any damage while being transferred to your home. If you will use a sharp object to remove the security tapes, you must do so with great care, thus avoiding any irreparable damage.

Check that everything is in order

Once the golf cart is unpacked, you should carefully check that everything is in order and ready to assemble, so that you can carry out a comfortable, easy and fast assembly process.

Read the instruction manual

Now you must read the instruction manual carefully, in this way you will be able to have more precise and accurate details on how to put this practical handcart into operation. On the other hand, taking into account the manufacturer’s recommendations would not hurt.

Assemble the cart

Thanks to the comfortable opening systems used in the practical golf carts, you will be able to put yours into operation after a few seconds. To assemble them, in some cases you will simply have to press a button that will make it easy for you to deploy it. In other cases, the opening system will also be easy and fast, since you only have to activate a pedal located on the side of the cart.

Once opened, depending on your case, you must proceed to install the front wheel that can be easily removed when folding to save much more space.

What can you transport in the

The main function of this golf cart is to easily, comfortably and simply transport the bag of clubs throughout the playing field, even to the most important hole. Likewise, you will be able to transport every accessory that you consider necessary to take with you to each practice or game, such as an umbrella, a coat for bad weather, gloves, towels, a bottle of water, even golf balls. In this way, you should have no doubt that this golf cart is fully functional.

do maintenance

After each visit to the playing field, it would be ideal if you manage to give it the maintenance it deserves, since it should be noted that the cleaner and more preserved it is, the longer its useful life will be.

With the help of a damp cloth, you can easily remove all the dirt, as well as the dust on its structure; you will do the same with the wheels, to keep them as new.

Easily store it away when you don’t need it

As we mentioned before, the fact that this golf cart is foldable gives you the opportunity to assemble and disassemble it quickly and easily. If you want to save it because you are not using it, you simply have to press the same button that you used to open it and that’s it.

In this way, not only will it be closed, but it will also be easier to store in the warehouse or in any corner of your home, since it does not take up much space. Also, moving it while folded will not be a problem for you.

The most popular brands  

A golf cart is a highly valued resource for all those who want to improve their practice by constantly visiting the course. As you probably already know, golf is a very sophisticated sport with a certain level of complexity, so the use of quality parts is essential.

For the purchase of your stroller, our recommendation is that you investigate the best brands on the market as a starting point to investigate those models capable of offering quality and practicality. If, on the other hand, you don’t know where to start your research, take into consideration the brands presented in this section.

Longridge Golf Company is a brand with a long history of developing and marketing accessories for golfers. Their products are actively distributed in professional stores, where they are supported by agents specializing in the sale of products to the retailer; However, with the arrival of the Internet and the explosion of electronic commerce, new frontiers are opened and the company begins to distribute its articles through various sales platforms.

The first official records of the company date back to October 1995, so they have proven experience in the sector. In addition, its years of experience have led the brand to explore new fields of action, and today it has a catalog of products that includes, among many others, first-class golf carts and club bags.

Popularly known as Masters, the Masters Golf company is proud to be one of the most purchased brand of golf game supplies in Europe. The company that was born in 1992 with headquarters established in the city of Portishead, North Somerset, currently has more than 100 employees and more than 20 years of experience creating quality articles.

Its remarkable success is mainly due to its method and way of working, the company works hand in hand with retailers, professional stores and distributors in the United Kingdom and Europe to bring its products to interested buyers; its management system guarantees that items are not sold out and that shipments are made as soon as possible.

Likewise, it has a very varied catalog among which you can find everything from emblematic t-shirts, sets of clubs and high-end golf carts.

Ely Callaway Jr. founded in 1984 the company that would bear his name and that would become one of the most demanded brands in the world of professional and amateur golf; The city where the company was born, and where its official offices are still located today, was the city of Carlsbad in the state of California, USA.  

Since its launch and still today, the brand is recognized for making products that help golfers of all levels to improve their game technique; For this, the company focuses its attention on innovation and technological progress, a fact that allows them to take their products to the next level.

As you can see, many major championships and tournaments have been won by professional golfers using Callaway clubs, including Phil Mickelson, Henrik Stenson, Jim Furyk, Patrick Reed, Danny Willett, and more. The trust that these gaming stars place in the products serves as a reference for all those fans who seek to improve.

» Review information from previous years

Ezeglide Compact Quad Carrito de Golf de Mano

Ventaja principal:

Lograrás sentirte seguro cuando desplaces este carro de un lado a otro, porque cuenta con cuatro ruedas que le aportan un buen nivel de estabilidad al moverlo.

Desventaja principal:

Un usuario opina que debería traer accesorios como bolas, bolsas, soporte, paraguas. Pero esto podría ser un comentario aislado, ya que la mayoría de compradores están satisfechos con su compra.

Veredicto: 9.7/10

Te permite desplazarlo sobre cualquier campo de golf, bien sea en terrenos planos o variados, para mayor comodidad del jugador.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Las cuatro ruedas tienen dos tamaños diferentes. Esta diversidad de dimensiones es la que le permite ser un carro adecuado para utilizarse en los diferentes lugares donde estés jugando, ya sea que lo hagas como aficionado o de manera profesional.

Es decir, las ruedas traseras miden 11”, mientras que las delanteras son un poco más pequeñas, al tener un tamaño de 8”. Es debido a esta característica que este carrito no pierde el equilibrio, lo cual es una ventaja para los usuarios que suelen jugar en diversos campos de golf.

Vale la pena destacar que se trata de un coche que se trasladará de forma manual por el terreno. Por lo tanto, podrás manipularlo con más facilidad, pues no utiliza baterías, las cuales son una molestia en algunos casos, por ejemplo, cuando se descargan en pleno juego. En fin, solo lo armas y listo, podrás utilizarlo inmediatamente.


Cuando estás fuera del campo de juego es necesario que te preocupes por otras características de este tipo de vehículos, aparte de la velocidad y estabilidad. Una de ellas son sus dimensiones, porque, dependiendo de estas, sabrás si tienes en casa suficiente espacio para almacenarlo.

Respecto a ello, debemos informar que este producto ha sido diseñado con la finalidad de no ocupar un espacio excesivamente grande al guardarlo, ya que podrás plegarlo para mayor comodidad. Esto es un punto positivo para cuando lo vayas a trasladar en tu coche. Asimismo, esta es una buena característica si en tu casa no tienes mucho espacio.

Por si fuera poco, según los comentarios de usuarios en internet, se puede plegar sin complicaciones, ya que el proceso se hace en dos pasos, quedando con 63 cm de largo y 35 cm de ancho.

Asimismo, es posible transportarlo de forma sencilla gracias a su manija de altura ajustable, que podrás regular en diferentes niveles, dependiendo de tus necesidades.


Para garantizar la adecuada durabilidad del carrito y darte la posibilidad de emplearlo por largo tiempo sin que se deteriore, el fabricante ha elaborado este producto con materiales resistentes a la intemperie.

Esto quiere decir que no se deteriorará con facilidad, aunque se exponga al sol u otros cambios atmosféricos que se puedan presentar mientras estás en el campo de juego.

Para brindarte más seguridad al utilizarlo, tiene un freno de pie on/off, que podrás activar con facilidad cuando sientas que lo llevas muy rápido o sobre todo si deseas ubicarlo en un solo sitio mientras juegas o descansas un poco.

Aunado a ello, pesa solo 6 Kg, por lo cual resulta ser un coche ligero, para manipularlo sin mucho esfuerzo sobre el terreno de juego. En conclusión, es un carrito que te facilitará el traslado de tus palos de golf, bolas y demás accesorios.

Fast Fold Trike Carro de Golf

Este carrito de golf de tres ruedas te ofrece un diseño bastante atractivo y además estable, pese a no tener una base adicional de apoyo; esto es por el ángulo en que éstas están ubicados sus cauchos que son de un tamaño pequeño.

Es plegable y solo requieres de hundir un botón para cerrarlo cómodamente y sin esfuerzos. De esta forma puedes trasladarlo en la maletera de tu coche o guardarlo dentro de tu hogar o garaje. Y para ahorrar más espacio, podrás retirar el neumático delantero ocupando el menor lugar posible.

Está fabricado en materiales altamente resistentes al uso: es 90% de acero y 10% de plástico; este último material está distribuido en la estructura del carrito en las áreas a detallar, como por ejemplo su asa de agarre, que es además, suave para evitar maltratos  en tus manos mientras lo conduces.

Saber qué carrito de golf comprar es muy complicado, porque hay muchos modelos en el mercado. Sin embargo, veamos las características del Fast Fold Trike 3 Wheel Black, quizá sea el indicado para ti.


Ligero: La ligereza es una de las características principales de este modelo de carrito de golf. Al ser ligero, se facilita la manera en que se va a mover o ser cargado, ya que se podrá hacer de manera rápida y sencilla.

Resistente: Los materiales con los que está confeccionado lo hacen muy resistente ante cualquier daño o accidente que pueda pasar cuando se esté usando.


Plegado: Una persona que ya compró y utilizó este carrito de golf reporta que plegado es un poco más grande de lo esperado, pero que se soluciona de manera fácil quitándole la rueda delantera y queda pequeño de nuevo para que sea fácil de trasladar.

Masters 1 Series Carrito de Golf

El  TRP0013B  es uno de los modelos más ligeros que podrás encontrar en el mercado. Cuenta con un sistema de  plegado sencillo, por lo tanto, usarlo será cómodo y además, no ocupará mucho espacio en tu hogar o coche.

Este carrito para golf tiene 2 ruedas para trasladarlo más una pata de apoyo superior que garantiza la estabilidad del mismo sobre el terreno, que tienes que ubicar junto con tu equipo de juego. Estos neumáticos pueden ser removidos si así lo deseas para ahorrar espacio cuando vayas a guardarlo.  

En su parte superior podrás encontrar un soporte para colocar las bolas de golf, de esta manera siempre estarán a tu alcance, mientras que estás en el torneo o en la práctica.

Al ser comparado con otros modelos del mercado que tienen características parecidas y son baratos, este carrito de golf es uno de los que cuentan con mejor relación calidad precio, según sus usuarios.

El Masters TRP0013B es considerado como el mejor carrito de golf por 40 euros. Por lo tanto, recomendamos ver las siguientes características:


Plegado: Se pliega de manera fácil y sencilla, no hará falta mucho esfuerzo para poder guardarlo o llevar este carrito a otro lado. Además, es bastante ligero, lo que significa que va a ser muy fácil cargarlo.

Ruedas: Este modelo de carrito de golf cuenta con ruedas de liberación rápida en caso de que haya algún accidente inesperado y se tengan que sacar o guardar.

Soportes: También cuenta con dos soportes de bolas para guardar todas las que sean necesarias y evitar incomodidades.


Material: Un usuario que ya ha usado este modelo de carrito de golf indica que la banda de rodadura de las ruedas parece un poco endeble, pero puede ser una opinión aislada, ya que este producto no cuenta con más quejas por parte de los usuarios.


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