The 5 Best Golf Clubs of 2022

Golf Club – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To have a good golf club and enjoy a unique game experience in this sport, with thousands of practitioners worldwide, you must make a careful choice of your clubs. In the market you can find hundreds of them, in different brands and models. That is why we want to help you, giving you the key to the main characteristics to take into account when making your purchase, such as its materials and resistance, so that when you hit it, it can be as successful as possible and with the correct angle. Looking around the market, we found products like the Wilson Stretch XL club set. A complete set designed for beginners or intermediate level players, with a wide range of sticks made of graphite and a comfortable carrying bag. Also interesting is the golf kitStrata Ultimate, which features a variety of clubs to make different plays. Also, it has a large bag for easy carrying.

Buying guide – What is the best golf club on the market?

In order to practice golf professionally, no matter if you are just a beginner, you must be able to count on the necessary equipment, which will allow you to go to the course, play and have unlimited fun.

Buying the right golf clubs is the first thing you should do and although it sounds simple and easy, it is not. You have a wide variety of models and brands in the commercial world and there are many characteristics that you must take into account to know which is the best golf club on the market.

When making a comparison of golf clubs, we can name some of the characteristics to take into account before buying one. First of all, the quality of the materials used in the rod. These will help you have greater hitting stability and accuracy; its lightness and its ability to flex will help your shots to be much more precise and with greater range.

Why buy a golf club?

Golf is a sport that gives great fun to its practitioners, despite requiring a lot of concentration on the part of its players, in order to have greater precision and range in each of the shots they make.

It is important to keep in mind that most golf equipment is a bit expensive, so it is essential that you know how much it costs before thinking about buying one. That is why, to help you in this aspect and others, we have made a guide to buy the best golf club that currently exists.

The main parameters that you must take into account before purchasing your gaming equipment are:


One of the first points to take into account before buying golf clubs is the material with which they are made. The manipulation of the same will depend on this; There are different types of materials with which they are manufactured, the most popular being graphite, due to its lightness.

If you choose graphite shafts, one of its main advantages will be that you will be able to apply more force to each of your shots, but control can be difficult, even if it is greater.

Another type of material in which you can get them is steel; these are heavier but give you more control on the shot compared to graphite ones. You must also take into account that the distance provided by this type of rod may be less; however, this depends on the force you provide when using it.

hardness and weight

The movement that is made when applying the blow is called swing and this is the base point that golf club manufacturers take to make each one of them. They classify them with different denominations; some of them are: extra rigid, rigid, regular, senior and ladies. These will help you achieve the distance measurement you require.

Shafts that are considered soft will give you height and distance; these are commonly used for slow swings. While, for higher shooting speed, you should use a harder one.

Weight is another factor that determines the throw. As we explained before, the steel ones are heavier; some can be larger than 120 grams, although you can also get them in 90 grams. This is due to the diversification of its manufacturers and its compatibility with other materials such as graphite; They are also available from 45 gr.

The price

Commonly, golf is considered a really expensive sport and this is because each of the elements that we use to practice it usually have a high price but, thanks to the variety on the market, you will be able to get models and brands that are not as expensive as others, being just as good and working like the professionals.

As for golf clubs, the price will always vary depending on what you are looking for; if it is one for professional use, it will cost a little more than the beginner one and, if it is for children, it may be cheaper than the previous ones.

Currently, you can get complete sets of golf clubs for children from 50 euros onwards; its price may change depending on each of the objects that are included with the purchase. The same happens with the models that are for adults; They could even bring a transport bag and the cost ranges from 80 euros to more than 380 euros.

The 5 Best Golf Clubs – Opinions 2022

Golf clubs are varied, they have different types of materials, weights and flexibility. Getting the one that is the most suitable for our practices and even for professional competitions, is a somewhat delicate task. To help you with this decision, we are going to show you those that are considered by their users to be the most outstanding, with each of their main characteristics and so you can choose between the best golf clubs of 2022, which one meets all the needs that you can have to practice comfortably and safely and also, precision in each of your shots.

1. Wilson Complete Starter Set Stretch XL

Main advantage:

This complete set of clubs with bag is a good proposal for newcomers and beginners as well as for those occasional players who do not want to spend more on equipment, without giving up anything.

Main disadvantage:

It is possible that, as it is a general game, its dimensions may not be suitable for users whose height is out of the ordinary, either by excess or by default.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This set of clubs has a considerable quality and a design intended for newcomers, so you do not have to spend more when equipping your game.

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Manufacturing materials

One of the main advantages of this set of clubs are the materials with which the product has been manufactured. Specifically, the clubs have been manufactured with graphite rods, capable of giving you good movement when hitting the ball, as well as achieving adequate ball control in all phases of the game. 

This material has the additional advantage that the clubs are lighter than other models made with heavier materials, so you can gain meters without having to go to the gym. All this without forgetting the durability that all the brand’s products offer us, so that the clubs accompany you for longer and without deterioration in their structure or heads.

sticks included

Another advantage of this game is that it has the necessary clubs for all phases of the game. Among them, we have a driver with a lift of 10.5 degrees, with which to make tee shots. A wood 3 and a hybrid 5 are also included, with which to carry out the middle phases of the game, giving more versatility to the lot in this area of ​​the field.

Also included are 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons, as well as the pitch and sand wedge, which allow you to get out of the bunker, move through the fairways with ease and shoot safely to improve your results. So with this complete set of clubs you are not going to miss anything when it comes to moving and getting good results, while achieving a better command of the game.

bag and accessories

So that you do not have to buy anything else to start playing, the bag includes different accessories to play better. Among them, we have a ring to fix the towel, the gloves and the strap, as well as a support for a tee or an umbrella for the sun. A complete item offering to give you greater comfort in the game.

On the other hand, the bag provides convenient access to all the clubs, thanks to its organization. The same happens with the rest of the bag spaces, where there is room to store the balls, the board and the rest of the accessories. It is finished off with a very comfortable handle to move the bag, retractable legs to place it safely on the ground and all the brand’s own quality, which helps you move more comfortably.

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2. Strata Complete Ultimate Golf Club Package

This golf set is designed to give you optimal performance. In this sense, it is made up of 16 pieces in total, among which the hybrid clubs 4 and 5, wood 3, iron 6, 7, 8 and 9, SW, PW, putter and driver stand out.

In this sense, the hybrid 4 and 5 have long irons to give you a comfortable position and make shots with greater confidence. As for the 3 wood stick, it’s good to know that it offers titanium drivers so you can easily hit long and high shots.

Meanwhile, the irons and wedges feature high-flying technology and the putter has been precision-engineered to give you more control over distance. As if that were not enough, it includes a transport bag and 4 covers for the heads, so it is a complete kit to play golf.

If you are looking for golf clubs with which you can reach great distances, then this set may be of interest to you. Let’s know its pros and cons in greater depth.


Versatility: This set can be used by amateurs or professionals, since it has a wide variety of golf clubs.

Putter: Includes a putter that can give you more control over distance for more accurate shots.

Transport: It offers a bag with pockets and a shoulder strap, which allows you to transport your golf equipment comfortably and safely.


Driver: The driver does not have much resistance, so its structure could dent if you make a wrong shot with too much force.

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3. PGM golf sand wedge 56°/60° for choice

When asking ourselves what is the best golf club, we should start by differentiating between the different missions that we entrust to them. In case you need a club to get out of a bunker or to get back on the fairway after a bad tee shot, you have options like this PGM club.

We are talking about a product with a specific design in its head, capable of offering you a good glide on these complex terrains. Its angle of attack gives the head the right mix of power and precision, so you can send the ball where it’s needed and gain meters with ease.

The stick, made of stainless steel and with a very comfortable rubber grip, also helps in this task. An ideal complement to improve your game and always stay in control, even when things don’t go as well as they should.

If you don’t know which golf club to buy for when the ball escapes the fairway, we give you more details about this lifesaver, with which you can easily improve your performance.


Design: The head design has a high-quality format and angle, which makes it easier to control the ball and give it the necessary power at the start.

Sole : The sole of the club glides better on more complex terrain, such as sand or tall grass, which adds greater precision to the launch of the ball.

Handle : The handle is made of stainless steel, very light to the touch, complemented by a high quality rubber grip.


Dominant hand: This club has been designed for right-handed players, so if you are left-handed it may not be a suitable choice for your game.

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4. Wilson Putter for Men Left Hand

This putter is made especially for right-handed golf players, it is made of highly resistant steel, to make the shots with the force you need without fear of causing damage to the equipment and reaching relatively long distances.

It has a total weight of 399 grams, so it is quite light. You can use it however you want and you can have great control of the rod. The length of the shaft is 34 inches, which makes it a conventional type when compared to other models.

This product could be the best value for money golf club, as it uses quality materials and costs less than the other models. With the use of this stick you can play like a professional or improve your hitting technique.  

Many have cataloged this model as the best golf club for 100 euros. Continue reading and you will find the reasons that explain this:


Dimensions: its dimensions are 34 inches in length and it reaches a weight of 399 grams, which you will be able to mobilize and use very easily.

Material: in order to provide high resistance and long life, this model has been made of high quality steel.

Design: its design is quite light, in addition to giving you the possibility of taking it comfortably anywhere because it is compact.

Control: offers you the possibility of using it according to your needs, to the point of having greater control in each blow.


Cleaning: you must be very careful to carry out the correct cleaning of the product properly and on time. However, none of their customers have negative reviews.

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5. Ben Sayers Kids M1i -Golf Set With Stand

If you are looking for golf clubs for the little ones in the house, then this proposal interests you. This lot of Ben Sayers Kids M1i has a total of 14 high level clubs, so that none of the traditional irons and woods are missing, as well as the putter, with which to finish off the lot.  

These clubs have a high-quality graphite shaft, as well as a balanced approach, which makes it easier to use. A design that is also resistant and that withstands the use that awaits these clubs on different terrains. 

All clubs have their head covers, so they don’t stain and last longer. The lot is accompanied by the transport bag, equipped with a tripod so that it does not fall. In it, we have three zippered pockets and a mesh bottle rack, which make it easy to have everything at hand.

If you want your little ones to play like professionals, check out this complete set of sticks from Ben Sayers.


Complete game: The game has 14 clubs in total, to cover all phases of the game.

Bag: The bag has a tripod, three pockets and a mesh bottle holder, among other accessories.

Quality price: Its adjusted price is the perfect complement for this set of high quality clubs.


Measurements: The measurements are suitable only for children from 9 to 11 years old, approximately.

Bag adjustment: The adjustment of the bag can be improved, although it is not an issue that excessively penalizes its use.

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How to use a golf club

Golf is a well-known sport, characterized by the precision that golfers must have when hitting the ball. Golf clubs are the fundamental instruments to carry out this discipline. If you are a beginner who is starting in this sport, we recommend that you follow the following steps when using one of the clubs for the first time.

Learn the techniques before you play

As a first requirement of golf before going to the course, you must have basic training to be able to practice it. Seek professional support by attending introductory classes where you will learn the techniques, rules and tricks that this sport has to offer. Once you are prepared you will be able to function on the field of play.

analyze the play

Before choosing which club to use, you need to carefully study the field in sight. This will allow you to make a more accurate play towards the hole, obtaining high scores during competition or friendly play. Each field has a different relief that at the moment of hitting the ball, can affect its direction.

Study the distance from the ball to the hole

One of the main regulations that golf has is that the player can have a maximum of 14 clubs in his bag; although a beginning player does not need such an amount. The factors that must be taken into account to make a correct choice are: the relief of the field and the distance between the ball and the hole.

Select the type of stick

Once you know the distance of the play, proceed to select the type of club that will guarantee a clean execution. Currently there are 5 types of clubs: wood, iron, wedges, putter and hybrids. Each works for a specific type of play and is governed by the distance between the point of the ball and the hole.

If you are a beginner in the sport, it is recommended that you use the hybrid clubs, since they are the most modern ones that emerged to replace the wooden and iron ones that are difficult to use. Hybrids will allow you to make successful plays thanks to their light weight and ease of movement, while retaining the power of the previous ones.

Find the right position

To make a successful shot with your chosen club, your position with respect to the ball must be precise. Position yourself perpendicular to the field at a distance of 20 centimeters between your legs, place your fisted hands on the stick, maintaining a straight posture and a firm head. As you swing, raise the club about 60 degrees to the right and come down quickly hitting the ball; this movement should be performed only with the shoulders and arms.

Maintain the clubs

As a helpful tip, clean your clubs after a game to remove all dirt from the course. Keep them in the golf bag that is created to keep the clubs in the correct position, preventing them from being scratched or damaged.

The most popular brands

For a golf player it is very important to have the proper equipment. To do this, the person must choose the best equipment that is consistent with the needs and experience of the golfer, in addition to reviewing the brand. If you want to know a little more about the best brands that distribute this product, I invite you to continue reading.

Wilson Sporting Goods is an American company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of sporting goods with headquarters in Chicago. This brand was founded in the year 1913 by Thomas E. Wilson. The company is dedicated to the production and distribution of materials for tennis, soccer, baseball, golf, basketball, paddle tennis, softball, American football and others.

For the year 1914, Wilson opens the special department for Golf, calling the Wilson Golf division, which specializes in the manufacture and distribution of golf clubs of different types and models, such as Premium golf and recreational golf worldwide.

Wilson Golf Clubs have earned a reputation for manufacturing one of the products that has achieved more than 60 major golf tournament wins than any other golf iron manufacturer in history, dating back to 1922.

Consumers of the Wilson Golf brand continue the tradition today, purchasing the best quality golf equipment that enhances the performance of all golfers on the golf course and for recreation and enjoyment of the game.

Callaway Golf Company is an American company founded in 1982 by Ely Callaway Jr. in the city of Carlsbad, California, United States.

The company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of all kinds of products for golfers, such as all golf clothing, shoes, bags, hats, watches, rangefinders, aid material, among others.

The Callaway brand is one of the most appreciated by the golfing public, because the products are innovative and allow players to hit straight and long shots with the respective techniques and types of shots required.

The wide range of Callaway products has spread over the last 30 years, so much so that the legendary Big Bertha was born, which was a resounding success, taking the company to the top in the 1990s. This line of golf clubs was highly sought after and respected, due to the great impact and performance in the golf environment.

The Callaway Golf company has four major brands: Callaway, Toulon, Odyssey OGIO, being this great merger that allows players to offer everything they need.

Longridge Golf is a London brand that is responsible for the supply and manufacture of a wide range of golf products, such as golf clubs, balls, bags, ball catchers, bars, lenses, bands, wheel covers, training equipment, among others..

The Longridge brand has an unquestionable reputation, in terms of the quality of the products offered, being also one of the most demanded by users, since they are not only high quality products and innovative design, but they are products that are sold to The lowest prices in the market.  

Longridge has a wide acceptance in the United Kingdom and Europe, due to the fact that they are products that are ideal, both for people who are starting in the world of golf and for the most experienced players, whose variety of products allows to cover all areas of golf. this fun sport.  

The company distributes products innovating and improving every day to meet the needs of customers based on improving performance in the game.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean golf clubs

To always keep your golf clubs shiny and in optimal condition, you should clean them periodically and remove all dirt. To do this, start by mixing a little mild detergent with warm water in a large bucket. The idea of ​​a large bucket is so that you can introduce several club heads at the same time.

The warm soapy water should not reach the ends of the stick, so a small amount is advisable, enough to cover only the heads. These should remain submerged for only 5 min, if the sticks have received regular maintenance; in the case of very dirty sticks, they may need 10 min in soapy solution.

After the soaking time has elapsed, remove the heads and with a toothbrush clean starting with the face, then the back and finally, clean from top to bottom. It is not recommended to submerge wooden heads in soapy water; In these cases, it will suffice to wipe with a damp towel as many times as necessary.

Now proceed to rinse with cold water, preventing the wet from reaching the ends; remove the water with a towel and clean the entire stick. Make sure it is completely dry before storing it in the bag.

Q2: How to put the golf clubs in the bag

Since golf is a sport of great concentration, it is necessary that you keep the clubs properly organized inside the cart; the idea is that you don’t waste time looking for the most suitable club for a crucial play, which will also help you make quick decisions, since at a glance you can consider your possibilities.

For this reason, it is best to place longer golf clubs, such as drivers, woods and hybrids, in the back of the bag. These sticks are longer than the others, so by placing them in the back, you will be able to access the rest more comfortably.

In the middle part, you can place the irons; being careful to put them from left to right and from largest to smallest size. In the front part, the smaller clubs, such as wedges, should go; so you have them on hand when you need them. Lastly, many bags have a special storage place to store the putter; if this is the case, you should put it in view and to the right.

Q3: How to carry golf clubs on a plane

When it comes to transporting sports equipment, each airline has its own protocols and policies. For this reason, you should analyze the situation before booking your flight and know exactly the different options, such as the cost, packaging method, weight allowance, transport insurance, boarding time, etc.

The bags containing golf clubs, given their size, are usually dispatched directly to the hold and are considered as individual baggage; although most of the time and depending on the airline, these bags carry a payment for excess baggage.

In any case, you must prepare the bag containing your precious clubs in advance. In this sense and in order to provide protection, look for a padded bag, preferably with a hard exterior, which prevents damage to the structure of the golf clubs. It is also important that you avoid carrying other different equipment, such as balls or sports shoes, inside the bag.

As for the standard measurements authorized by some airlines to transport golf bags, we have the following: 190 x 75 x 65 cm and a weight of up to 23 kilos. However, check with your company on this matter.

Q4: How to clean rusty golf clubs and how to polish them

Clubs that are made of stainless steel and graphite do not usually stand up to rust; however those made from mild carbon steel are more vulnerable. If you want to restore your old clubs, you can do it in the following way.

To start, prepare the sticks by wiping them with a damp cotton cloth and removing any dirt stuck to or stuck in their slots; To do this, use a soft bristle brush. In the case of having a lot of stuck dirt, you should prepare warm water with soap, in order to loosen the residue.

Next, carefully dry each stick and once they are dry, use a piece of steel wool and gently begin to remove the rust. The threads of this material provide enough friction to purge the rust; so you don’t need to apply a lot of force. It is advisable to start at the clubhead and work your way down the shaft.

To fully restore this sports equipment to its original shine, you will need to apply a polished metal polish with the help of a soft cloth. It is important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions before you start with each golf club.

Q5: How to measure golf clubs

Each golfer has a unique swing and with that in mind, you should choose the size of the clubs according to the height and length of your arms. For this reason, to measure the golf clubs, you must stand upright on a hard ground and with your arms by your sides, in a relaxed position; use your usual shoes for this, not golf shoes.

Now measure the distance between your wrists and the ground, for this you will need the help of someone, since you must remain upright for these measurements. You will also need the measurement between your wrist and the palm of your hand. With these measurements you can find the appropriate height of your clubs in a measurement table, which you can easily find on the web.

Q6: Graphite vs Steel Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are made of different materials, with steel and graphite being the most commonly used by manufacturers. There is a significant difference between these two materials, especially in terms of weight.

To begin with, it is commonly believed that steel is heavier than graphite, which is true; however, there are some graphite models weighing up to 120g and steel models weighing as little as 90g. For this, it depends on the brand of manufacture of the stick in question.

Steel and graphite shafts also differ in the way they transfer vibrations, from the moment they hit the ball until the vibration reaches your hands. That is, steel generates a sharper impact, while graphite produces a softer feel.

Players with a very powerful swing who don’t have a problem with distance prefer steel shafts as it gives them more control. While for players who are just starting out in this sport, graphite shafts are the most recommended for their lightness and because they provide agile and fast movements.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Taylor Made M2

Ventaja principal:

Las ranuras frontales de este set contribuirán a que golpees mejor la bola y mantengas una mayor precisión al realizar cada una de tus jugadas.

Desventaja principal:

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