The 5 Best Golf Clubs of 2022

Golf Clubs – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

Anyone who practices golf on a regular basis requires specific implements to be able to take advantage of the activity. Part of this equipment is the clubs, which are usually personal items that fit each player. So if you are going to buy one of these you will have to decide between many models and brands, being necessary that you can distinguish some quality indicators present in the most popular designs. Currently there are many manufacturers, even a single brand can introduce several options to the market, with few being recommended and two leading sales. First, there is the Taylor Made M2 ​​model, clubs with a modern design that have been designed for left-handers, in materials of a high degree of quality and resistance, being relatively light, so they are used for long-distance shots, with little force. Then there’s the Aspire 46000-PUR-LRH, a full kit design with a titanium driver, which has been crafted for right-handed women.

The 5 Best Golf Clubs – Opinions 2022

If you have decided to buy golf clubs, you should know that there are many options available, that they offer interesting and attractive attributes to improve playing techniques and that they adjust to the style of each golfer. For this reason, we have prepared a section with the main characteristics of the five most popular and recommended golf club models on the market.

1. Taylor Made M2 ​​Golf Hybrids

With a black design and modern style, this option from the manufacturer Taylor Made meets high quality standards, which position it as one of the favorites of users, being cataloged by many as the best golf clubs on the market.

They are designed for left-handed men, with a low center of gravity, providing long and deep trajectories without superior efforts. Being hybrids they combine fairway woods with long irons, making them suitable for beginning players.

In addition, they are equipped with geocoustic technology, with ultra-light and thin properties of titanium that release volume, balancing the center of gravity, being more rigid and reducing vibrations on impact. They also feature an adjustable 4 degree aluminum loft sleeve as well as a high launch shaft.

The best golf clubs of the moment can be found by looking for versatile models with strong materials. Taylor Made M2 ​​is one of them and here we leave its pros and cons.


Hybrid: This is a hybrid model that is made from a combination of fairway woods and long irons, providing greater ease of play.

Technology: The instrument is equipped with acoustic and geometric engineering in the sole of the controller, providing greater volume.

Design: These clubs have a modern and lightweight design, facilitating grip performance with shafts that improve launch.

Vibrations: To reduce vibrations after the impacts of the ball, the model incorporates rigid titanium bars that balance the center of gravity.


Grip: The grip on this model is hard and slippery, becoming uncomfortable after several rounds.

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2. Aspire XD1 Ladies 6-PW Irons

This model from the sports manufacturer Aspire has hybrid properties, it has pieces of wood, iron, among others, in addition to being a complete kit for women’s play. These are some of the characteristics that position it among the best golf clubs of 2022.

This option is designed for right-handed women, the sticks are black and silver with purple accents. Even the transport bag incorporates the same shades. The shafts of all the clubs are made of lightweight graphite, being suitable for players looking to improve performance, as they provide confidence.

The kit includes a 460cc titanium driver, as well as woods, irons, a putter and a stand to keep the bag upright and make it easy to carry your clubs. Its size is the grip ladies.

Aspire is a manufacturer recognized for providing quality equipment that improves playing techniques, being promoted by many as the best brand of golf clubs. Here the pros and cons of the 46000-PUR-LRH model.


Design: This model has an elegant and feminine design with specific properties for right-handed women.

Color: Being a feminine style model, these clubs are available in black with silver and purple details, being striking.

Kit: If you are a regular player you will need a complete kit that allows you to improve your skills, that is why this model includes a driver, clubs, putter, bag and support.

Size: With this being a women’s design, the shafts provide a low swing speed and distance of 150 meters and 75 meters per hour.


Style: This model is not very versatile, since due to its properties it is recommended for women’s games.

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3. Callaway Rogue 4A051504C237 Golf Drivers

If you are wondering which are the best golf clubs that can be found on the market, you should review the characteristics of this design marketed by the manufacturer Callaway. This model is available in black with blue details, having a modern and state-of-the-art style.

Due to their shape and size, they are versatile clubs, being recommended for men, since the drivers have a suitable design that adjusts to professional or amateur players, providing high ball trajectories.

In addition, it incorporates light but rigid body titanium bars, providing greater impact load and speed. Also, the design is equipped with speedstep technology redefining the edge geometry, improving airflow and providing greater speed on hits.

Many brands provide attractive features, so if you don’t know which golf clubs to buy, check out the pros and cons of the Callaway Rogue design.


Design: This model has a classic design, but with a state-of-the-art modern style, due to the play of dynamic and striking colors it has.

Technology: These clubs are equipped with speedstep technology, which provides more airflow for more speed.

Level: The model is designed for shots with a high ball trajectory, being suitable for different levels.

Materials: The clubs are made with high quality and resistant materials, incorporating titanium in light bars that provide a rigid body for fast swings.


Price: Due to the development of technologies for better results, the model turns out to be expensive.

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4. Ben Sayers Kids M1i Golf Set with Tripod

If you are interested in your child starting out in golf, you will need equipment that allows him to develop skills, this model being one of the cheapest and suitable for children between 9 and 11 years old.

These are the best value for money golf clubs, considering the attributes they offer. They are made from armored fairway wood that provides a low center of gravity for controlled launch angles for distance and accuracy.

The kit consists of a 1 wood, a putter, two irons and a tripod stand bag that has been fitted with soft mesh to protect the graphite shafts. The clubs have a black design, with silver and orange details.

Ben Sayers Kids M1i are quality golf clubs, with balance and launch angle, being one of the cheapest on the market. Here its pros and cons.


Design: They have an elegant design, being available in black with orange details.

Level: They have a structure, weight and size that are suitable for the initiation level in children between 9 and 11 years old.

Kit: The model is made up of a kit that includes a 1 wood, putter, 2 irons and a carrying bag.

Bag: The transport bag is equipped with a protective mesh for the graphite rods and a tripod for user comfort.


Age: They are suitable sticks for the initiation of children between 7 and 10 years old, but for those older than that range they will probably not be suitable.

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5. Wilson WS D200 FW R MLH

This model from the manufacturer Wilson is one of the most popular among the user community, for being golf clubs made with high quality standards, which provide precise, balanced and speed shots.

The clubs have a thin face, which provides speed for more travel over long distances. Plus, they’re made for players who want to improve their shots through fast, tight swings without much effort.

They are made of dense but light steel, so with them you get more meters of flight and increased forgiveness for deflected hits. The manufacturer has endowed this model with a modern design in silver with details and finishes in wine, being appropriate for left-handed players.

Wilson WS D200 FW R MLH is a model that has been positively valued by the user community. Read its pros and cons below.


Design: The sticks have a modern and striking design, silver in color with elegant details in wine.

Weight: The model is light, with a thin face, suitable for long distance shots at high speed.

Materials: They are made of high quality steel, but they have light properties, providing fast and flying shots.

Left- handers: Regardless of the level of play, you will be able to use these clubs because they are versatile, knowing that they are designed for left-handers.


Accessories: They do not have a transport bag or other accessories that provide greater advantages and game modes.

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