The 5 Best Ice Skates of 2022

Ice skates. Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Ice skating is an activity that many like to do in their free time for the fun and feeling of freedom it gives. There are those who do it as a hobby and others who are figure skating professionals, but to be able to do it with the necessary safety and stability, you must have skates that are comfortable, light and with materials that are resistant to use and that do not deform. In the commercial world there is a great variety, but there are always some that stand out for their sales record and also for their positive comments. Among these, we can recommend two models. First of all, we have the Roces 450635, which has a highly resistant steel blade and has a brake serreta at its tip, which makes it a good option for those who practice figure skating. Secondly, the Sfr Galaxy, which are also designed for artistic sports, made of highly resistant natural leather, which adjust to the foot for greater stability.

Buying guide – What are the best ice skates on the market?

If you are an ice skating lover, whether you are a beginner or you practice the artistic sport, it is always important to have a pair of your own skates. But, getting the ideal ones to buy and use whenever we want is always difficult; There are many types of these in the commercial world and each one is different due to its model and brand, so before knowing which is the best ice skate on the market, you must analyze some fundamental aspects and these are its characteristics.    

In this guide to buying the best ice skate, we will describe the different points that you must take into account to make a correct choice. You will get them in various designs and many of them are of different heights for ankle support.

Why buy an ice skate?

In order to skate with greater safety and stability, it is better to have a skate that is your own and that fits perfectly to our foot and skating style; That is why it is also important to know how much it costs, since there are from the most expensive to the cheapest and simplest.

By making a comparison of the ice skates on the market, we can describe the parameters that you should study before buying your own pair and slide on the ice with total freedom and comfort and these are:

Skid and blade type

First of all, it is important that you are clear about what activity you need them for; the ice skates that are manufactured in the market are different. There are sports ones for activities such as hockey and there are figure skating ones.

In both cases, the blades are mostly made of steel and they must be sharpened for greater friction with the ice, but those used for hockey have a somewhat pronounced curvature in their structure, while those used for artistic discipline they are longer, a bit straight and have a serreta at the tip as a brake.   

It is convenient that you keep in mind that the artistic ones are more stable and therefore, they are the most recommended if you hope to be able to start in ice skating.    


The size of the skate is one of the fundamental aspects that you have to take into account before purchasing a product like this; It is extremely important that it fits your foot comfortably and that there is no unwanted movement that could hurt you.   

In most of the models, the size is the same that you usually use in your common footwear, so the most recommended according to some manufacturers, is to use the same number to avoid inconveniences.    

Another point that you have to take into account before buying your pair of skates is the height of the boot, it should adjust smoothly to the ankle in order to have greater stability and avoid accidents that could cause injuries that could be irreversible.


The design in each of the models that the different skate manufacturers have is really varied, so you can choose from the traditional white natural and shiny leather for figure skating or the large and robust hockey skates.

You can also get different colors and textures. There are some that come with striking figures in their structure, so that when you skate, these will be the center of attention, while you shine with your movements on the ice.

You can also find skates that come with a double blade and are very attractive; however, some connoisseurs of the art consider them to be unstable and do not recommend them for beginners.  


As we told you before, how much it costs is important, this type of article comes from the simple ones, which are for skating as a hobby or hobby and therefore cheaper, to those that are to start in the artistic sport, which have an average price and the professionals who tend to be very expensive.

The price depends on each of the elements that make up the skate, the use that is going to be given to it and the materials of both the blade and the body of the shoe; The investment you will have to make will depend on this.     

Currently, according to the latest reviews on, prices can range from 40 euros onwards and there are some models that can reach more than 150 euros; these are almost always the ones made for figure skating.


The 5 Best Ice Skates – Opinions 2022

To be able to skate on the ice with total comfort and safety, you must have a pair of skates that adjust to the anatomy of your foot, helping you to avoid accidents; that they are resistant to continuous use and that, in addition, have good enough construction materials and that they do not deteriorate with the practice of sport. It is not about buying the cheapest, but about getting the best according to your personal needs. Of course, this can be a difficult task, due to the diversity of brands and models, which could make us hesitate in our choice, that’s why we present you the best ice skates of 2022, according to the classification of their users and the positive comments, so that you You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Roces Schlittschuhe Paradise/Lama Skates

Main advantage:

The boots of these skates have been made of high-quality leather, with a nylon-reinforced interior, which makes sliding easier and provides greater resistance to the product’s operation.

Main disadvantage:

As usually happens with this type of product, it is necessary to take into account the problem with the sizes that the skates have when choosing the right one, it being advisable to choose carefully and check the precise measurements of the model.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The Roces 450635 ice skates are a quality product that will allow you to move easily with a rigid and efficient support, as befits one of the best ice skates on the market.

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boot area

One of the aspects for which this model stands out is the quality of the upper part of the boot. A design with a high format, which protects both the ankle area and adequately supports the leg, thus avoiding possible sprains during sports activities or when traveling off the ice.

To take proper care of your feet, this model has a high-quality and resistant leather construction, which adequately supports your steps, giving you a certain flexibility. A reinforced system with a nylon interior that keeps the foot safe, while giving you the necessary comfort during the use of the product.


The blade of these skates has been made of steel, which gives it good resistance when moving on the ice. A conventional profile design, which mounts three supports on the boot area and a low depth bottom line, to slide more efficiently on the ice.

This area can be sharpened easily if you need it, having an adequate sharpening from the factory, to start moving immediately. The product is finished off with a front brake that allows you to nail your feet, thus avoiding incidents when moving on ice or moving in a wedge.

clamping system

So that you have the necessary comfort when moving, the product has a mixed support system, which makes it easier to maintain the necessary tension in these movements. This system has an adjustable tongue, which allows you to better introduce the foot and adjust the position to the needs of the space.

Regarding the adjustment system, the product incorporates two types of fastening elements. On the one hand, we have the conventional agreement, which goes from the instep area to the beginning of the heel. Subsequently, it includes two additional external elements that allow you to achieve the optimal fit, which gives you the necessary comfort and safety when moving on the ice.

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2. Sfr Skates Galaxy Baby-Kids Skates

These artistic ice skates are considered one of the most recommended on the market for the stability they provide to the user; They were manufactured for those who wish to start in the sport or already have an intermediate level of practice.

They have an elongated blade that can be sharpened according to the desire and need of the skater for a better movement on the ice; its serreta is quite precise for the effective brake always necessary.

Its construction material is natural leather, which will not deteriorate with constant use and makes it more resistant to movement, while its interior is comfortable, but at the same time robust, preventing it from wearing out with practice. You can get this model in two colors, black and white, depending on your preference.  

If you are not entirely sure about which ice skates to buy, you can consider purchasing the Sfr Galaxy model which has the following characteristics.


Unisex: One of the strong points of the article is its neutral design that can be used by people of both sexes without any problem.

Variety: The article is also available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your personality.

Ergonomic: It also offers us a 100% ergonomic heel design designed to favor the skater’s aerodynamics.


Blades: Although the skates seem to offer a nice and sturdy design, you should keep in mind that the blades come unsharpened, so you will need to buy them early enough to sharpen them yourself.

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3. K2 Fit Ice Men’s Ice Skates

The K2 Fit ice skates are an interesting solution for when you need more than just skates to slide. And it is that this product has a design that improves the general stability of the footwear and the control over it.

The result is a model suitable both for traditional skating and for playing hockey and other sports that require good precision and stability. A process in which you have the help of the additional plastic base, which hugs the boot and improves the quality of movements and turns.

The stainless steel blade on the lower part is also up to the task, duly riveted and with a profile suitable for this task. All in a design that’s easier to clean and doesn’t require frequent sharpening, as long as you treat the blade properly.

If you want to take a step forward when it comes to skating or playing sports on ice, this model interests you.


Stability: The design has a stable base, to gain precision in your movements.

Blade : The riveted blade is easy to clean and contributes to the stability of the piece.

Protection : The materials of the boot always keep the feet dry and warm.


Resistance: It is important not to hit the plastic area of ​​the clamp, to prevent it from accidentally breaking.

Shoes : The process of putting on shoes is somewhat more complex than usual, although it will not take long to master it.

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4. Hudora Women’s Ice Skates

Designed for the female ice skater, these skates are truly lightweight; its use is easier and the movement on the icy surface is much better and you can be faster. They have a total weight of 699 grams.    

They are pale pink in color and have a delicate design engraved on the synthetic material with which they were made, which is resistant to continuous slipping and is also waterproof; You will not have any type of humidity when practicing this sport.

Its blade is made of steel and has a protective lining. They have a serreta at their tip designed for precise and easy-to-use braking. These skates can be used by those who want to start skating or by artistic sports professionals for their practices.  

The possible best skates for 40 euros that you can find online are the Hudora 44642; Below we detail the qualities of the model.


Design: It has one of the most striking and attractive designs on the web, with delicate colors and an engraved design based on floral prints and shiny finishes.

Materials: The product has been conceived from quality materials such as a synthetic wool lining that adds great softness and a highly resistant PVC sole. This combination of elements add interesting features to the product such as being highly waterproof.

Light: Its light weight of only 699 grams favors the aerodynamics of the skater.

Last: With a variety of sizes to choose from, the article presents a sizing system that is 100% suitable and in accordance with normal shoes.


Colour: Its white color bordering on pale pink, as well as its ultra-feminine detail finishes, limits the public to which the product could be directed.

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5. Kounga Senhai Ice Skates, Unisex Adult

Main advantage:  This proposal has a classic design, although with current materials. The result is a high-performance boot that is properly protected against the cold, combined with a high-level skate that makes it easy to move around.

Main disadvantage:  The closure system combines laces at the bottom and hooks at the top, which implies a more laborious placement than in the models that have eyelets at the top.

Verdict:  An affordable and very interesting alternative for those who do not want to get too complicated with their new skates.

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Roces Schlittschuhe Paradise/Lama Skates

Giving you great stability when skating on ice, this model has construction materials that are highly resistant to use. They are made of natural leather for greater flexibility and have a nylon interior for user comfort.

The Roces 450635 design is striking due to its white color and smooth surface, while its sole is black, to create greater contrast to vision and, when combined with the silver color of its resistant steel blade, these are even more attractive.

This model can be used by both beginners and professionals of the sport; They have their design devised for figure skating due to the shape of the blade, which is more elongated than in other models. Likewise, they have the brake at the tip, which is known as serreta. If you want to know which is the best ice skate, this would be one of the best options.  

Rated as one of the best ice skates of the moment, the Roces 450635 model has a series of good qualities that you should pay attention to.


Materials: Among the materials used in the manufacture of the product we find high-quality leather for the entire body of the boot, reinforced with a nylon interior. This combination adds great strength and durability to a product designed to last.

Sizes: The size system is one of the article’s strengths, offering the same model in various sizes and with a good last that fits the foot very well.

Comfortable: The testimonials found highlight comfort as the main characteristic of the footwear, despite the apparent rigidity of the materials.

Blades: Steel blades are received sharp and ready to use.


Price: The only point to criticize in the product is its somewhat high price, compared to other models on the internet it is not among the cheapest.

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How to use ice skates

In winter times, people choose to enjoy the cold weather by going to skating rinks. If this is your first time using ice skates, follow the steps below to use them correctly.

Do warm-up exercises

Before putting on your skates and going to the rink, it is essential that you warm up your legs and joints, which will help to progressively tone the muscles and tendons, providing greater balance when skating. This will prevent sudden jerks in the joints that can cause fiber breakage or very painful sprains.

Find skates of your same shoe size

When requesting the skates to enter the rink, ask for them to be the same shoe size or similar, since using very tight or loose skates will affect your balance when making the movements and can harm your feet with pain or swelling due to abuse.

Adjust the skate to your foot

In order to have fluidity of movement on the track and to avoid accidents, the skates must be well adjusted to the foot. If the toes of your foot are shrunken, you should loosen the boot a little, giving up space; on the contrary, if when standing your ankles move to the sides, you should tie the laces or buckles more tightly so that they fit the foot. In case of not improving, change the size of your skates for a larger or smaller one as needed.

Wear the right attire

The clothing that accompanies the ice skates must be suitable for skating. Wearing gloves, coats, socks and a hat is essential, since they are ideal garments for the environment in which you will develop and that will protect you from any fall you may suffer.

Start walking with the skates

An easy way to find your balance on the ice is to walk around on your skates without slipping. This will teach you how to find your balance on the skates and get used to them, so that you can easily move around the rink later.

Keep your knees bent at all times

Once you master the balance with the skates, it is advisable to keep your weight on your heels, which will facilitate the movement of your legs when sliding the skates. Also maintain a straight posture with your eyes straight ahead and your hips firm above your heels for stability.

Skid in the marked direction

A very good way to get rid of falls and bumps is to skate in the marked direction of the track. The blades of the skates are in an optimal position to the direction of the ice, allowing agile and easy movements. If you skate against the track, the blades will be perpendicular, losing stability with a higher risk of falling.

Return the skates after use

Finally, when your time on the ice is up, carefully remove the skates, untying the laces and keeping the blade away from your body.

The most popular brands

In our product reviews on the web we have seen that the majority of people who use ice skates are looking to get the best return on their investment. This fact leads us to analyze and study the most popular brands of scooters, wanting, in the process, to determine which characteristics are more important and which are secondary. For all curious users who want to know a little more, we present below a list with some of the most used brands.

Founded in 1952, Roces is a brand known and appreciated worldwide for its dedication to the design and production of high-quality inline skates and ice skates. The first steps of this international company were taken in the district of Montebelluna, a town just 50 kilometers from Venice.

In this small town, its founders Ottorino and Lina Cavasin started a company initially dedicated to the production of hiking gear and ski shoes made entirely of leather. The success of the brand was due, initially, to the high quality of the pieces, which were manufactured following traditional craft techniques.

With a diverse range of products, this company manages to retain public preference due to its remarkable ability to combine dynamic performance with refined comfort. It is also a company characterized by the constant improvement of its designs. In the 1970s, the company developed a complete range of ski boots and in 2006 introduced the first adjustable ski boot for children to the market.

Hudora is a company of German origin founded by Hugo Dornseif in Radevormwald in 1919. Consequently, it is a company with almost 100 years of experience and extensive experience in the manufacture of ice skates. Due to the quality of its products, the brand always had an excellent level of acceptance by the German public and, by the 1930s, the best athletes in Berlin were using Hudora ice skates in high-level competitions..

Neither the difficult times that the German people went through with the Second World War, nor the death of its founder in 1950 stopped the thirst for innovation and growth of this company.

In 1956, they launched one of their most successful products onto the market and this was followed in the following years by not only new products, but also important innovations around the items it was already selling. Due to the evident growth and international projection that occurred in the 1960s, the company was forced to abandon its headquarters in Radevormwald.

For its part, Bauer is a company of American origin that has grown to become a world reference when looking for various sporting goods. Founded in 1927 in the city of Ontario by the Bauer family, the main objective of the brand was aimed at developing ice hockey equipment and also inline skates. With more than 90 years of action in the market, it is one of the companies with the greatest experience and trajectory on our list.

According to official information, Bauer was one of the first companies to produce a model of hockey skates in which the blade remained attached to the boot; a fact at that time revolutionary that would come to turn the ice skating industry.

But the most interesting thing is that the Bauer family was a lover of ice sports, so much so that one of Bobby Bauer’s family members and athlete ended up being part of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

El patinaje sobre hielo es una actividad deportiva y de ocio que requiere de equilibrio y coordinación y para ello debes contar con unos patines que te ofrezcan estabilidad, comodidad y resistencia. Si eres un experto patinador sobre hielo necesitas que tus patines correspondan a tus exigencias y a la disciplina deportiva que hayas elegido.

Hoy en día podemos patinar sobre hielo en cualquier pista instalada en un centro comercial, sin importar la época del año. Es una práctica deportiva con muchos beneficios tanto físicos como mentales, ayuda en la concentración, mejora el equilibrio, los reflejos, fortalece los músculos de las piernas y favorece el estado de ánimo, por la sensación de libertad que brinda al desplazarnos sobre la pista.

En una comparativa de patines de hielo podemos ver que existen varias modalidades según la disciplina y el nivel del patinador, tenemos patines especialmente para hockey, patinaje artístico, patinaje de velocidad, modelos para niños y también para aficionados. Los patines de hielo artístico son para aquellos que realizan figuras como piruetas y saltos sobre la pista y su cuchilla se caracteriza por contar con dientes en la parte frontal, lo que ofrece precisión en los movimientos.

Si quieres comprar este implemento deportivo debes ante todo establecer el uso que le darás, ya que si eres un principiante o un patinador profesional las necesidades son diferentes. En todo caso, es importante que valores el material de la cuchilla, la cual debe ser filosa y resistente.

Cuando se trata de patinar sobre hielo, otro aspecto que debes considerar es la calidad de la bota en cuanto a materiales, comodidad y la protección que ofrece tanto al pie como al tobillo. De igual forma fíjate en seleccionar el tamaño adecuado para tus pies, la idea es que puedas patinar en hielo con total libertad y confort.

Jackson Mystique

La marca Jackson es una empresa dedicada a fabricar patines de hielo para cubrir todos los niveles de patinaje, desde los principiantes hasta los expertos patinadores. Su modelo Mystique cuenta con un gran respaldo y alta puntuación en la red, ya que trata de unos patines de alta calidad, recomendados para patinadores aficionados y principiantes.

Su bota está diseñada con un empeine de piel con una capa en poliuretano, que brinda resistencia y su lengüeta cuenta con material acolchado, malla y vinilo; lo que ofrece un ajuste perfecto. Internamente está forrada con material sintético que proporciona confort al patinar. Además, su caña flexible aporta un extra de comodidad.

Su cuchilla afilada especial para patinaje artístico está fabricada en material de cromo, de gran dureza y está sujeta al patín mediante tornillos; te mencionamos además que este modelo de patín puede ser seleccionado según la talla del usuario.

SFR Galaxy

SFR nos presenta sus nuevos patines de hielo, un implemento deportivo que presume de clase y distinción con su diseño retro y un detalle pintado en su lateral. Se trata de unos patines unisex recomendado para las personas que se inician en el mundo del patinaje, es ideal para regalar a tu hijo en cualquier festividad o en una celebración de cumpleaños. Puedes elegir entre el color blanco o negro según tus gustos personales.

Dispone de una bota que ofrece un excelente soporte al pie y al tobillo, especial para un principiante que tiende a perder el equilibrio con facilidad. Está forrada en cuero suave y confortable que brinda al tiempo resistencia y durabilidad al producto. Al mismo tiempo, cuenta con un sistema de cierre con cordones, que aunado a su lengüeta forrada en gamuza, favorece un ajuste cómodo.

Estos patines están equipados con una cuchilla fabricada en acero inoxidable y carbono, que brinda dureza y proporciona un fácil desplazamiento en la pista. Además, ya vienen pre afiladas de fábrica.

MINT flores

Con este modelo de patines olvídate de alquilar los patines que usan otras personas, ahora podrás patinar sobre hielo cada vez que quieras con los tuyos propios, que además se amoldan perfectamente a tus pies y van con tu forma de patinar.

Estos patines de hielo se caracterizan por contar con un diseño femenino con flores en color rosa y morado que realzan su atractiva presencia. Es un modelo especialmente pensado para el patinaje artístico y es recomendado como una opción para las niñas que se inician en esta bonita disciplina.

Según los compradores, la bota es muy cómoda y mantiene los pies confortables y calientes sobre el hielo, esto se debe al forro de material de lana sintética con la que cuenta. Su cuchilla está fabricada en acero de alta dureza, lo que ofrece un suave desplazamiento al patinar sobre el hielo. Además, cuenta con un sistema de cierre con cordones que facilita un ajuste cómodo y seguro.

Bauer Erwachsene Patines de hockey sobre hielo

Estos patines de hockey fueron elaborados en materiales altamente resistentes, para que no se deterioren con la práctica de este deporte que requiere de gran esfuerzo físico y además, movimientos rápidos y fuertes.

Su cuchilla cuenta con la curvatura necesaria para poder

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