The 5 Best Inflatable Boats of 2022

Inflatable boat. Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To be able to walk along the river or on the beach with our loved ones while we relax during free time, nothing better than having an inflatable boat that will allow you to enjoy the water while sailing comfortably. In the commercial world you can currently get a wide variety of boats, in different models and sizes and that is why you must be clear about what activity you want to use it for; You must take into account the weight it supports, construction materials and stability. There are some that you can adapt a motor. When doing an analysis among the best models, we can recommend the Intex Excursion 5; This is spacious and also very resistant to moving water, so its versatility of use is greater. In second place we have the Intex Challenger 3, which although it is a little smaller supports up to 255 kilograms, giving you great stability even though you are using it to its maximum capacity.

Buying guide – What is the best inflatable boat on the market?

In summer or during vacations, there are many people who visit rivers, beaches and lagoons, to spend free time with family or friends, but to have unlimited fun and be able to go a little further than others in these places, managing to explore the waters to the maximum, nothing better than having and being able to use an inflatable boat.

In the commercial world there are different models, brands, sizes, materials, manuals and even with a motor or the possibility of adapting one; That is why you must first of all define the place where you want to use it and what activities you want to carry out.

But so that choosing one is not a problem for you, we have prepared a guide to buy the best inflatable boat, so that you can learn a little more about the possibilities, benefits and uses that you can give to these. In this way you will be able to define which ones fit what you are looking for and if they adapt to your desires and economic possibilities, since you must know how much it costs and analyze it, because most of them represent an important monetary investment.

Why buy a fishing boat?

Before acquiring any brand or model, we have made a comparison of inflatable boats, to find out the main aspects that you must take into account before choosing the one that suits your needs and tastes and you can choose which is the best inflatable boat on the market. Here are some of them.

space and support

The space you have inside a boat is essential to determine whether or not it fits what you are looking for. In the market you can get them from individual to with capacities that can exceed 5 people, although the most common are 4.

The support capacity in kilograms is relatively proportional to the capacity of people who can board it; there are from 120 kg to 500 or more, everything depends on the model and size of it.

There are models that, in addition to the support in kg, are designed to support the extra weight of an engine; these are adjustable depending on the characteristics of the inflatable boat. Not all models give this option.

clothing materials

One of the characteristics that you must take into account before buying an inflatable boat is the material with which it has been made, because the durability of the boat, the resistance to water currents and the sun, as well as the stability may depend on this..

Almost all models on the market are made of expandable plastic material, which is why they can be easily inflated and deflated. The most common on the market are made of resistant vinyl in different types of thickness. There are some that combine materials to make them more resistant.

Reference prices

When we go to buy an inflatable boat we always think about the budget, since most of them tend to be expensive, but since the commercial world is so wide and there is so much variety of models and brands, we can always get a good and cheap one.

That is why here we offer you some reference prices after carrying out a study of market prices. You can get good boats from 100 euros onwards; The price always tends to vary depending on what features they offer, how spacious they are, what materials you want, and whether or not it comes with a motor mount; These are some points that can make its cost rise to 1,000 euros.

inflation mechanism  

As they are inflatable boats, most of them have an inflation mechanism through pumps. These can be electronic or manual and depending on that will be the time you must invest to put the boat into operation.

The average time with an electric pump is 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the length of the boat. On the other hand, manual inflation can take some extra time.

Most models on the market offer you the purchase of the pump with the purchase of the product, but if the one that comes from the factory does not meet your expectations, you can always adapt the one that best suits your tastes, whether manual, foot or electric..


These inflatable boats are mostly used for water rides, so all models have support for oars, so that they are easier to use and remain firm inside the boat, so that when we no longer use them they do not we should worry about them.

There are other boat models that also come with fishing accessories if you wish, and that is why they have a support for fishing rods, compasses and compartments in their body.

Almost all inflatable boat designs are designed to be easy and effortless to handle, so they come with grab handles that allow them to be handled out of the water and after inflated.

The 5 Best Inflatable Boats – Opinions 2022

Being able to venture through calm or moving waters is an advantage that inflatable boats give you. Most of them are made to be used in both fresh and salt water, so you will have no limits of fun when using one of these fishing kayaks.

In the market there is a great diversity of brands and models, which offer you different benefits, types of use and capacities, since they come individually or for groups; Therefore, before asking you which is the best fishing boat, I invite you to know which are the best inflatable boats of 2022. According to the sales comments and recommendations of the buyers, we present the following list.

1. Intex 68325NP Excursion Inflatable Boat 5

Main advantage:

The high quality of Intex is reflected in this product whose main advantage is its great capacity and the resistance of its materials; which guarantees safety and hours of fun.

Main disadvantage:

The inflation pump included with this model is, according to users’ opinion, an inefficient product when inflating, since it is a manual pump, insufficient for this large boat.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This product is considered by many users as one of the best inflatable boats of the moment, for this reason its score is high on the network. It has high quality materials, it offers you safety when browsing and its capacity allows you to share pleasant moments with family and friends.

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Materials and safety

Having a good inflatable boat is an excellent option if you go out for a walk or on vacation; but if you want fun not to become a problem, you need a boat that provides you with stability when sailing. The Excursion 5 model of the Intex brand can offer you peace of mind and security while you relax and enjoy the natural environment.

Thanks to its special features, this inflatable boat can guarantee the buoyancy of the crew in the event of a mishap. For this, it includes 3 air chambers that work independently. In other words, in the event of suffering a puncture in one of its chambers, the boat can perfectly conserve the air in the other two.

It is a boat that can offer you a long useful life, since it is made of highly resistant vinyl with a thickness of 0.75 mm, capable of withstanding shocks.

versatile design

This inflatable boat model has a versatile design that allows you to use it in various outdoor activities, such as in the sea, a river, or a lake; It can also be used in water sports, as well as in excursions, or in recreational events such as fishing. In the same way, given its level of security, you will be able to navigate easily regardless of your experience.

It has a Boston valve system that facilitates rapid inflation and deflation. It also has a rigid floor that offers stability to the crew; Additionally, it is equipped with a support rope around the boat and a handle located at the bow, which facilitates its transport.

This model integrates in its design the supports for the oars, which allows you more comfort to navigate, it also has four supports for the fishing rods and an additional support for the easy coupling of a motor.

Capacity and accessories

It is an inflatable boat with great capacity, its dimensions are 366 x 168 x 43 cm and it is capable of supporting up to 455 kg of weight. She can transport 4 to 5 people easily and in total comfort, for this she includes 3 padded seats, two of them with a comfortable backrest so that sailors can fully enjoy the experience on the water.

For greater comfort and savings in your budget, this model of boat includes 2 oars made of aluminium, light and resistant, with a length of 137 cm so that you can move easily in any natural setting. In the same way, it includes a manual pump for filling the boat, a kit of patches that can solve an accidental puncture, a small bag of tools and the necessary elements for mounting an Intex motor.

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2. Intex 68370NP Challenger 3 Inflatable Boat

This model has great stability, so it can be used both in the sea and in calm water. It has a support capacity in kilograms of up to 255 kilograms, which means that it is recommended for use by a maximum of 3 people – preferably 2 adults and a child.

This model is completely inflatable, from its sides like the floor of the boat, this last feature to provide greater comfort to those who use it and walk through the water.

Included with the purchase of this model are 2 highly resistant aluminum 122-centimeter long oars and with the particularity that these are convertible, so when you join them you will have a 244-centimeter oar in case you have to row by yourself.

As you will soon realize when talking about Intex we are talking about the possible best brand of inflatable boats that you find on the market, with a wide variety of models to choose from.


Dimensions: The item can be purchased in various sizes, so you can get a model that suits your needs.

Materials: The article has been built on a resistant vinyl base; the thickness of the material is 0.45 mm. Even the floor of the boat is inflatable, which provides greater comfort to the user.

Safety: Highlight that the product complies with the standard safety standards for this category of products such as Standard ISO 6185-1 and has the TUV GS marking.


Oars: In general terms, users seem to be happy with the entire article except for the oars. The product incorporates 122 cm aluminum oars but its design could be improved.

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3. Bestway 65044 Hydro-Force Pneumatic Inflatable Boat

Made with highly resistant materials to be used in calm waters and without strong currents. This inflatable boat has a maximum capacity of 3 people on board, with a maximum weight of 270 kilograms, so its manufacturers recommend that they be 2 adults and 1 child or vice versa, so that the established load is not exceeded.

It has two inflatable benches with resistant materials that are comfortable when spending time on the boat. In addition, it includes the supports for the aluminum oars that come with the purchase of this model.

The measurements of this pot in centimeters are 291 by 127 and 46 and it has a total weight of 15 kilograms, so handling it and starting to use it is not a difficult task.

If you don’t know exactly which inflatable boat to buy, look carefully at the qualities of this Bestway model.


Dimensions: The article has general dimensions of 291 cm long, 127 cm wide and 46 cm high.

Capacity: With a load capacity of 270 kg added to the dimensions stated above, it is a boat where you can accommodate 2 adults and a child in a very simple way.

Oars: The Bestway Hydro-Force Marine Pro includes a set of aluminum oars with a robust appearance, thanks to their good quality materials they seem to be designed to last.

Pumper: It also includes a manual pump with double function, inflating and deflating the boat or other elements.


Price:   The least positive aspect of the product is its price-capacity ratio. The article can be somewhat expensive for the spatial capacity it offers to the user.

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4. Intex 58354NP Explorer Inflatable Boat

This is one of the cheapest on the commercial market; It is the best inflatable boat that reports quality price. It is manufactured solely for children’s use, so its capacity is 40 kilograms and for children over 6 years of age, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

It has three air chambers and an auxiliary one as a protection mechanism, so it is really safe, so that the child can enjoy the pool or lagoon. It is recommended that the use of the boat is always carried out with the company and supervision of an adult.

The entire structure of the boat is inflatable, including the floor, which comes with I-beam technology to make it more comfortable and rigid at the same time. It has handles for gripping and moving them and its dimensions are 137 centimeters by 85 and 23 centimeters. This inflatable boat is not very heavy, since it only weighs 1.6 Kg.

All those who want the best inflatable boat for 15 Euros on the market, the Intex Explorer model is what they need.


Air chamber: The model analyzed here has a system of 3 independent air chambers plus another auxiliary chamber that allows the boat to stay afloat in any situation.

Safety: The product has been equipped with a series of safety measures such as fastening ropes for the user and a handle on the bow that facilitates transport in the water.

Materials: The inflatable boat is made of high-quality, high-resistance vinyl, where the gauge of the material is 0.35 mm.

Floor: It has an inflatable floor system for greater comfort, while providing I-beam technology.


Size: With general measurements of 137 cm long, 85 cm wide and 23 cm high; It is a children’s design boat in which you can transport a child of up to 40 kg, its use is not recommended in children under 6 years of age.

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5. Jago Inflatable Boat for 4 People

This boat is made with highly resistant materials such as polyester-type PVC plastic, which has 3 different layers for greater resistance and an aluminum floor to provide greater stability.

It has a maximum support of 536 kilograms and is designed for a maximum capacity of 5 people, 4 adults and 1 child, so it is quite spacious.

An outboard type motor can also be adapted to this model to make its use more comfortable; it is compatible with one of maximum 11 kW/15 CV.

In addition, this model has a repair kit included in its purchase that will allow you to get out of trouble if your boat is punctured by something sharp.

A model that fully deserves our attention is the Jago SLBT01AB product. Below we see it in more detail.


Capacity: Offering the possible largest capacity of this list of inflatable boats, the Jago model has general measurements of 320 cm long and 152 cm wide. Consequently, you have enough space to accommodate up to 4 adults and 1 child.

Compatibility: This is an article compatible with outboard motors of max. 11kw/15hp.

Materials: The raw material for manufacturing the product is quality PVC (3-layer May polyester)

Accessories: It also has some very interesting accessories such as 2 aluminum oars, a carrying case and a foot pump to inflate the product.


Instructive: Some comments found online complain about the lack of an instruction manual that allows knowing more in detail how it works.

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Intex 68325NP Inflatable Boat Excursion 5

It is quite spacious, it has a capacity of 5 people inside the boat, thanks to its design with 3 inflatable benches included to give greater comfort to the crew and its weight support, which is 455 kilograms.

It has support for oars, both front and rear so that they can row in a group and the activity is easier and, in addition, it has integrated in its design a support for coupling a motor if you wish. You just have to check which ones adapt to the capacity of the boat.

It is made with resistant vinyl and with a thickness of each layer of 0.75 millimeters so that its fit for use is greater and it can resist currents and sudden movements. It can be used in lagoons, rivers and even the sea, since its design and manufacturing materials allow it. It is a good inflatable fishing boat for this year.

The article designed and distributed by the Intex company is the possible best inflatable boat of the moment, since it has a series of interesting characteristics that we highlight below.


Materials: As can be seen both in the descriptions and in the comments, the Intex Excursion 5 boat model has been manufactured based on top quality materials that offer high resistance.

Air chamber: Likewise, we see a product that has 3 independent air chambers; one of these cameras is an auxiliary camera that serves to keep the boat afloat if there is a problem with the two main cameras.

Oars: Attached to the boat is a set of 2 aluminum oars of 137 cm each.

Capacity: The boat is designed to support a weight of 400 kg. This weight capacity in combination with the size serves to accommodate up to 4 adults.


Price: It should be noted that this article is not among the cheapest inflatable boats on the market.

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How to use an inflatable boat

The purchase of an inflatable boat is perfect for recreational activities alone or with the whole family; today these items are increasingly better built so they are quite safe. Therefore, if you have already decided to buy a similar product, the right thing to do is learn about the basics of use and maintenance; In this section of our guide we present the information you need to master.


The inflation of your boat is the starting point to be able to use the product safely; Depending on the size of the boat, you may need to use an air pump.

Once you have all your tools at hand, you should first check that the boat has no visible holes or damage that could endanger its integrity. If everything is in order, you can proceed to remove the valve cover or lid and inflate them in the precise order; make sure that each part is filled equally and with enough air to maintain balance in the water but without over-saturating.

Next, proceed to perform some stability testing. For this we recommend putting pressure on all the edges of the boat listening carefully, if you hear any hissing it is an unequivocal sign of an air leak, which means that the boat is not safe.


For this type of product, proper care and maintenance greatly increase the useful life of the item, this is also a very important step to protect your investment. Regardless of the material from which the product is made, from time to time you must remove dirt and any environmental or chemical contaminant agent that may be lodged on the surface, to achieve this you will find special cleaning products on the market.

During the period of use, important precautions must be taken into account, such as removing sand, salt water or other substances after each use; For this you can use only water and a traditional sponge, then let it dry completely before deflating it and storing it.


If you use it in specific periods such as summer vacations, you should take into account certain precautions when storing it for a long time.

Our recommendation is that you store the boat after having cleaned it properly, try to deflate it completely and fold it gently; if you get a large box or bag for storage it will be even better since rodents and other animals can be attracted to it and damage it; Make sure that the area where you store it is free of moisture and that it does not receive direct sunlight.


With the purchase of an inflatable boat it is a good idea to buy a series of accessories that make the experience more fun and safe. In this sense you can find accessories for use and maintenance such as an air pump and a good cleaning product; but you can also buy safety accessories such as life jackets for all family members.

The most popular brands

Outdoor water activities are great for fun time with family and friends. For this you need to have a good inflatable boat that gives you security and stability during the ride on the water. According to users, the best brands of these inflatable products are: Intex, Bestway and Sevylor.

It is one of the leading brands in the inflatable products industry, which has achieved great fame over the years, through digital platforms and internet pages. It specializes in the creation and design of all kinds of inflatable items such as loungers, pools, mattresses and boats. It stands out in the market due to its spirit of leadership and commitment to deliver the best quality to its customers.

Among the variety of products offered by its extensive inventory, the inflatable boats stand out, which, thanks to their dimensions, allow users to sit comfortably on them. In addition, they are made with quality materials that provide greater stability and durability to the boat. They have a set of oars that customers need to be able to direct the boats during the tour.

It is the number one group worldwide in the manufacture of these products, therefore, it has good reviews from expert buyers in the use of inflatable products. Furthermore, Intex offers its products at reasonable prices in relation to their quality.

Bestway is an internationally renowned company that supplies the market with a wide variety of inflatable items for the fun and leisure of its customers. Since 1994, it has developed different product lines, using innovative designs and high technology, meeting the most demanding demands of buyers. Its official website shows a wide inventory that includes recreational pools, hydromassage mattresses, inflatable boats, among others.

Thanks to its hard work on innovation, it currently has nine subsidiaries around the world, distributed on five continents. The main ones are located in Hong Kong, Italy, Australia and the United States. Also, Bestway has an ecological spirit by consuming little energy to manufacture the products and recycling the materials to be used by other companies.

Among its various lines of inflatable items, the most outstanding is CoolerZ, as it is an exclusive selection of avant-garde aquatic items that offer customers fun, comfort and relaxation during the sunniest days of the year. The manufacturing materials are highly resistant, providing an optimal experience for users. The boats contain two holes to insert the oars, providing stability during the ride.

This renowned company was born more than 60 years ago, in a small town in France, in 1949, when its founders decided to develop their ideas by manufacturing electrical products and accessories to meet the demands of the population after the Second World War. Over the years, the brand evolved towards other industries such as PVC plastic, by manufacturing the first plastic bathtub that launched Sevylor to popularity.

Currently, Sevylor is dedicated to the creation and manufacture of all kinds of aquatic inflatable implements and articles for use in sports such as kayaking, as well as paddle boards, sun loungers, boats, among many others.

Each of their designs is manufactured with the best European technology, which guarantees their high quality and durability. The brand is characterized by seeking comfort and easy movement of articles through the waters. Their boats include two oars and an individual air pump, to solve any eventuality instantly.

Today, Sevylor is established as the European market leader in inflatable items, with different factories around the world, being a reliable and high-end brand.

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