The 5 Best Inflatable Pools of 2022

Inflatable pool – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When summer and heat approach, there is no better alternative to cool off than inflatable pools. The easy assembly of these products, with a simple inflation by means of a pump, allows the product to be available at the moment with hardly any effort, also including more than enough space for the little ones and even some adults to cool off. However, it is advisable to bet on quality models that avoid accidents and accidental breakage. As a sample of these products we find the Bestway 54005 model, the most recommended at the moment, which measures 270 x 170 centimeters and is 51 centimeters high, where a wide sheet of water is offered for young and old to enjoy. For the little ones, the Intex 57454 pool is designed, the silver medal of this comparison, which offers its own design of a water park with slide, indoor mini pool and other accessories that help provide a fun and safe environment for your little ones.

Buying guide – What is the best inflatable pool on the market?

When it comes to choosing a good and cheap inflatable pool, sometimes we are tempted to get carried away by the image or the design, leaving aside other aspects such as the safety or resistance of the product. To avoid this type of problem, all you have to do is follow the advice in our guide to buying the best inflatable pool on the market, with the advice and ideas you need for greater safety for you and your loved ones.

Measurements and dimensions

To start looking for an inflatable pool, it is convenient to take a look at the measurements and dimensions of the product, which must adapt both to the space available in our home, but also to what our little ones need. Because, at the end of the day, looking for a large and deep pool for a baby may not be the best decision.

Thus, within any comparison of inflatable pools that we wish to buy, it is necessary to take into account the specific measurements of both the users of the same and that available space. The good news is that the current offer is so wide that, today, it is easy to find all kinds of products adapted to the space and format that suit us best.

As a last important aspect, we must not forget to check the real dimensions of the product, beyond the measurements of the equipment itself, as well as the dimension of the working space that often does not coincide with the interior space of the pool. And don’t forget to also look at the thickness of the walls, which although they are an extra for safety, they also mean a difference in interior and exterior space when assessing the measurements of the pool.

Security and resistance

Although it is something that we have already outlined, a good and cheap pool should always be safe. Something that helps us adjust its measurements to the age of the users, according to the recommended age of the product. But we must also consider other important elements of the product, which are what we are going to see next.

For the pool to be safe, its materials must be. Some materials that must have the necessary resistance to prevent, for example, that it is punctured and suddenly empties of air. To avoid this, it is important to choose products that have a double safety chamber system, so that if one is punctured, the other maintains its shape and does not cause the pool to collapse.

On the other hand, it is also important that this material is safe against friction, so that it does not cause problems such as chafing and the like during the process of using the pool. And of course, the material must be resistant, so that it can withstand the possible bumps and scratches that it takes during use, thus prolonging the useful life of the product. In short, a question to be evaluated in depth, beyond what the product recommendations tell us.

pool accessories

To finish our process of selecting an inflatable pool, we are going to talk about something more fun such as the shapes and accessories of the pool that we are evaluating. Every day we find more advanced models in terms of format, so we are no longer talking about the traditional donut for the little ones, but rather include elements of a fun water park.

Among these elements we can find slides, palm trees and other elements, which inflate while the main structure of the pool inflates. The good news is that these elements have the same quality as the main structure of the product, so fun and safety are guaranteed. In this category we also find elements such as showers or sprinklers that, simply by connecting them with a hose, allow us to go one step further in this conversion from swimming pool to water park.

The last line that we are seeing in the market are the accessories that are accompanied independently of the product. Accessories among which we can find plastic balls, which help us convert the inflatable pool into a conventional play pool when summer ends. We also find inflatable accessories, especially in themed models, and other additional elements such as watering cans, for example, to make the game fun. An extra that although it is not the main issue and does not influence how much the product costs, it is worth taking a look at.

The 5 Best Inflatable Pools – Opinions 2022

Choosing an inflatable pool is not an easy task because several factors must be taken into consideration, such as size, quality, shape, required maintenance, the surface on which it is going to be installed and the accompanying accessories. To help you make a smart investment, we recommend these popular models.

1. Bestway Children’s Inflatable Pool

Another example of the best rectangular inflatable pool is the 54005 model from the Splash & Play range of the Bestway brand, a company founded in 1994 and specialized in supplying inflatable aquatic and sports products and other items for outdoor entertainment.

This inflatable pool model, suitable for children over 6 years old, has dimensions of 269 cm long, 175 cm wide and 51 cm high, and provides a safe and comfortable space for children to splash and have fun in the water..

It is a rectangular design pool, made of resistant PVC in sky blue and white colors, with extra wide walls to prevent water from leaking out when the little ones get in and out of the pool. It is robustly built in a double ring shape to increase its stability and firmness.

The Bestway 54005 stands out among the recommendations of users as the best brand of inflatable pools, so below we provide you with its pros and cons.


Size: In case you have several children at home or the parents want to share with the child, they can do so without problems, since it supports up to four people.

Drainage: It has its respective drainage plug that allows the pool to be emptied in less time, once it has been used.

Speed: The inflation and filling process can be completed quickly, with the help of an inflator, because otherwise it would be very laborious.

Design: The design is simple but at the same time attractive to the eye in a combination of blue and white colors, ideal to be used by girls and boys.


Filling: Although it has a capacity for 400 liters of water, it is recommended to fill it between 300 and 350 liters, as a safety measure, but it is not a great limitation for its proper functioning.

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2. Intex 57454NP Inflatable Playground Slide

Inflatable pools are a valued alternative for their practicality and the Intex brand offers the security of acquiring a durable, high-quality product, so when we look for the best inflatable pool for children, it is reasonable to have Intex support.

The Intex 57454 model occupies the first option in our selection as the best quality-price inflatable pool for children over 3 years of age because it is 2 pools in one and includes several inflatable accessories for the safe fun of the little ones. It is made of resistant plastic, with a rectangular and completely colorful design, it measures 254 x 196 cm and includes a slide, a palm tree and a line of holes on the upper edge through which water jets come out.

For the safety of the little ones, and your peace of mind, both areas have a drainage hole to prevent the water level from exceeding 11 cm.

Investing correctly in the best inflatable pool for 50 euros is possible. Users claim that the Intex 57454 is one of the best options, so here are its pros and cons.


Design: It has an attractive design, with the colors red, blue and yellow, adding an inflatable palm tree and a slide that add eye-catching to the pool.

Slide: Includes a simple slide that gives you a better level of entertainment, beyond being a conventional pool.

Control: It has its respective control valve that helps regulate the flow of water, for a better experience when using it, especially if it houses small children.

Patch: In case of breakages in the pool, a repair patch is included that will be very useful to repair it and continue using it without problems.

Drainage: To prevent the water from exceeding the pool’s capacity, it has a drainage hole that allows better water circulation and prevents inconveniences.

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3. Fridola Wehncke 12450 My First Pool

Model 12450, My first pool  from Wehncke is a 4-in-1 baby pool that can be used in addition to a pool, as a bathtub, bed or playpen for your baby. This children’s inflatable pool measures 136 cm long and 96 cm wide, has a rectangular design in the shape of 2 rings, in white and sky blue with fun cartoons on the outside and is recommended by the manufacturer to be used by children. older than 1 year.

This option of the best inflatable pool for children is made of high-resistance plastic, with a lower outlet valve, and has an inflatable floor for the comfort of your little one.

The walls are thick and 38 cm high enough for the child to not get out, and for total safety, they do not deform if the child leans on them.

Described by users as the best inflatable pool of the moment, this Wehncke model represents a very good alternative. Here are more details:


Multipurpose: Not only does it work as a swimming pool, but you can also use it as a bath, a bed or a walker, without having to purchase these pieces of furniture separately.

Nozzles: In order to make the inflation process run quickly, it has two nozzles for this task, so you won’t have to wait long for the child to start using it.

Design: It has an attractive design that is very eye-catching and will make children not want to take it off.

Valve: To achieve a good level of drainage, it has its respective outlet valve, which is very useful when emptying the pool.

Age of use: It can be used by children in a wide age range, which can reach up to 6 years old, so that the child can use it for a long time while growing up.

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4. Intex 56483NP rectangular inflatable pool

Another of the best inflatable pools of 2022 is the Intex 56483EP model that is 262 cm long, 175 cm wide and 56 cm high, with a capacity for 198 gallons of water, and is suitable for use by children aged 6 years onwards.

This pool is made of double caliber vinyl, in white and transparent apple green, resistant enough to ensure its durability year after year.

It has a rectangular design with two ring-shaped air chambers, and for greater comfort it has 2 double safety valves and a quick emptying valve with a drain plug for quick assembly and disassembly.

It has an indicative line of the maximum level so as not to exceed the filling of the pool. For proper maintenance, it is easily washable with soapy water, it also includes patches and a repair kit.

If you don’t know which inflatable pool to buy, the Intex 56483EP may be a good option, according to what users say. Take a look at its advantages and disadvantages:


Patches: It incorporates a simple repair kit with its respective patches, in order to prolong its useful life in case of any breakage.

Drain: When you finish using the pool, you can easily drain the water, because it includes its respective drain plug.

Speed: Includes two filling valves so that this is done more quickly and at the same time facilitates deflation in less time.

Capacity: It has a good level of capacity and admits approximately four people inside, with an age range that goes from six years old and up.


Resistance: Some users question the level of resistance because it has been broken in some areas, but this will also depend on the degree of protection when placing it on a certain surface.

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5. Intex 57412NP Inflatable pool 3 rings Sunset

Another good Intex option among the best cheap inflatable pools is the 57412 model. It is a pool for children, with a striking and multicolored circular design in the form of 3 rings with a diameter of 114 cm, a height of 25 cm and a capacity for 136 liters of water., considered for the safe fun of children over 3 years of age and the tranquility of adults.

This children’s pool, with a traditional circular shape, is made of resistant 0.20 mm thick vinyl to offer greater durability.

The floor is inflatable to provide soft comfort for little ones, even if it has to be placed on hard surfaces or difficult terrain, and the 3 individually inflatable air chambers add stability to the structure.

It can be installed in just 15 minutes, easy to clean and maintain, and includes a patch and repair kit.

This model is rated by users among the cheapest inflatable pools. Check here its benefits and disadvantages:


Padded: The floor of the pool is padded and inflatable, so that children are more comfortable and a little more protected from falls and slips.

Repair: Includes its respective repair patch in case of any breakage.

Resistant: It is made of vinyl, so it has a good level of resistance and will not need to be replaced in a long time, especially if you use it with caution.

Lightweight: It weighs less than 1 kg, so you can store it and carry it comfortably, in order to guarantee the entertainment of the children wherever you go.


Drainage: According to some users, draining after using the pool is a bit complicated, but this will depend on each person.

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How to use an inflatable pool

Children, during their free time, need to be able to discharge their overdose of energy. Quite by the way, inflatable pools are a great and refreshing option for entertainment and physical activity in the open air, which facilitates the possibility of spending quality time with the family, sharing games with the little ones.

always under supervision

The first consideration to take into account when preparing your family to use an inflatable pool is that at all times, without exception, children bathe under the direct and close supervision of a responsible adult. In this particular case, various experts in recreational activities agree that no adult should be in charge of a group larger than four infants.

Although the generality of inflatable pools do not exceed half a meter in depth, the adult must remain attentive to the entrance and exit of the minor in the pool, in order to avoid slips and falls. Even the most pertinent thing is that one of the parents enters first and, already inside the pool, the other parent catches up with the youngest child.

Use of accessories

The infant, in those first years of life, will always feel much safer in the company of his father, enjoying the pool with greater confidence. Inside, your children will be able to star in their first attempts at swimming and, in fact, there will never be too many accessories such as life preservers, sleeves and even goggles, not to mention water-resistant sun creams.

Location and installation of the inflatable pool

It is evident that one of the first things to take into account is the area where you plan to install your inflatable pool. It has to be a rectilinear surface that supports humidity: somewhere in the garden or a suitable area of ​​the terrace fulfills this purpose. Now it’s up to you, then, to arm yourself with all your available arsenal of patience to undertake the tedious process of installation and swelling that implies a good investment of time. Also consider the proximity of a water intake to fill the pool, using, for example, a hose.

Maintenance and cleaning of the inflatable pool

Once playtime is over, you are faced with the grueling process of emptying the pool through its drainage system, cleaning it, deflating it, removing all traces of moisture, folding it up and putting it away properly until its next use over the next weekend or two. next vacations.

If, on the other hand, you plan to use it again tomorrow and so on for successive days, in principle you must be very careful to remove any trace of dirt such as tree leaves, and cover it from the elements. A dilemma that veteran users face is the relevance of partially or completely draining the inflatable pool and refilling it the next day in order to guarantee clean water at all times. Around this, the common sense of each person and the availability of water will allow you to make the best decision.

The most popular brands

To make your summer cooler, especially for the little ones in the house, there is nothing better than buying an inflatable pool that you can take out and store when you need it. Obviously it is necessary to opt for safe, reliable products that are easy to assemble. To find this type of product, we have analyzed the market and in this article we have highlighted three of the main brands on the market, so that you know where you can start looking.

With a presence in more than 100 countries, the Intex company is one of the largest companies in the sector dedicated to swimming pools and other inflatable products, which are sold practically anywhere. A presence that makes the company the market leader thanks to its commitment to design, which leads it to offer high-quality products that guarantee both fun, safety and peace of mind for all its users.

All this in addition to having a social commitment in a sector as theoretically polluting as plastic, so that part of its products are made with recycled material, being the first Chinese company certified for it. This commitment is also present in the rest of its operations, to obtain maximum energy and resource savings in its processes.

As for its pools, the range is so wide that it goes from the small traditional ring pool to family inflatable pools, even equipped with a ladder and filter, so that any user finds a pool to suit their needs and preference.

The Best Way company was founded in 1994 to create all kinds of inflatable pools and related accessories for consumers. A company that despite its relative youth has grown spectacularly to currently account for 25% of the market, with more than 750,000 square meters of manufacturing area, as well as more than 7,000 employees and a presence in nearly 80 countries.

A rapid but stable growth, based on the quality of its designs, among which the Lazy Spa stands out: a large-capacity, large-walled inflatable pool that has the same design as traditional Jacuzzis with the advantage that it can be deflated and stored when time gets complicated. To guarantee the quality of all its products, the company has the certifications of the German organization TUR, complying with them in a comfortable way to guarantee the high level of its products.

The range of inflatable pools range from the simplest and simplest to complex pools, with large capacity, high water capacity and that include both ladders and a filter, for those looking for a complete pool but that they can save at the end of the season.

Looking closer, we find the company Color Baby. This company emerged in Ibi in 1985, mainly as a commercial company dedicated to toy distribution. With the passage of time they would expand their offer to products such as stationery, home and those related to leisure and free time, where the inflatable pools that we are analyzing here are located.

Within this process, the company has become the official distributor of the manufacturer Intex, which we have already talked about previously, also counting on the distribution of other manufacturers, mainly Asian, although with a high quality level in order to guarantee users the peace of mind that these types of products require. Therefore, the quality and high level of demand of this distributor guarantees us both a high quality in the inflatable pools that they sell and in the subsequent post-sale support in order to be able to manage the possible incidents that arise.

It should also be noted that this Spanish company has a broad commitment to environmental quality, both in terms of waste treatment and in the company’s own distribution processes.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Intex 57109NP

Ventaja principal:

La ventaja principal de la piscina hinchable Intex 57109NP es su entretenido diseño de pez con parasol para proteger a los niños de los fuertes rayos UV, este modelo es el más apreciado por los más pequeños de la casa ya que su diseño animal en brillantes colores naranja y amarillo los hace sentir más cómodos y juguetones.

Desventaja principal:

Su tamaño es apenas de 124cm de largo y 109cm de ancho por lo que si buscas una piscina más profunda puede que este modelo no cumpla con tus necesidades ya que solo tiene una capacidad de 50 L.

Veredicto: 9/10

La piscina hinchable Intex 57109NP está diseñada para niños entre 1 y 3 años de edad, su pequeño espacio y diseño en forma de pez es más que adecuado para estos bebes, sus materiales son muy resistentes por lo que es un artículo de larga duración, la recomendamos como una excelente opción entre las piscinas hinchables para niños.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Las piscinas hinchables vienen en diferentes tamaños, diseños y formas y es justamente eso lo que destaca más del modelo Intex 57109NP: su diseño en forma de pez. Puede que esta piscina sea muy aburrida para un niño mayor de 3 años ya que estos empiezan a moverse fluidamente y a nadar por lo que su reducido tamaño especial para un bebé no les resultará nada cómodo.

Sus materiales son muy duraderos, está elaborada en vinilo súper resistente en colores amarillo y naranja, en los que al diseño se refiere está construida con un parasol en la parte superior para proteger la delicada piel del bebé de los rayos del sol. Esta piscina se logra inflar a través de las 5 boquillas distribuidas en cada zona de la piscina y pensada para el uso doméstico siempre bajo la supervisión de los padres.

El suelo de la piscina es hinchable también por lo que será muy cómodo para el bebé sentarse en ella mientras juega y también cuenta con una malla transpirable en la parte trasera formando un diseño estilo iglú y al ser transpirable al momento de exponerse al sol no será inconveniente alguno en lo que al calor se refiere.


Este modelo dispone de un tapón de desagüe especificado para vaciar la piscina fácilmente una vez se haya terminado de usar, este pequeño tapón nos facilita mucho este proceso ya que tratar de levantar la piscina cuando está llena no es una tarea muy sencilla a pesar de su pequeño tamaño. Esta piscina incluye un kit de reparación en caso de tener algún accidente y la piscina presenta un roto o deshilachamiento de alguna costura.


No solo podrás usarla en la temporada de verano cuando tu bebé podrá disfrutar del sol y el agua refrescante, también podrás meterla dentro de tu casa en la época de invierno y usarla como una piscina de pelotas, su pequeño tamaño es perfecto para que el bebé juegue dentro de ella, hasta podrás meterla en el baño y pasar un tiempo diferente y divertido con tu hijo.

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