The 5 Best Kayaks of 2022

Kayak – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

A kayak is equipment that, depending on its design, can be used in open water, rivers or lakes, so before selecting a specific model you will have to define the use you want to give it. For this, it is necessary that you initially compare the format and preparation material of some of the purchase options. In addition, you can poll the opinions of other users and use them as a reference. A highly recommended first option is the Intex 68307NP, a kayak made of high-end robust vinyl, to offer an adequate level of resistance and stability. The structure incorporates a couple of inflatable chairs, being possible to remove one and adjust the rest in the middle, to balance the weight in case you go sailing alone. Also, it incorporates aluminum oars and some accessories. Another good alternative is the Sevylor Adventure, which offers you resistance, stability and great safety when inflating or deflating, since it incorporates a pressure gauge so that you are aware of the level of air pressure.



The 5 Best Kayaks – Opinions 2022

In order to help you make a purchase that provides you with benefits, we have selected five models of kayaks that have high quality standards, attractive designs and the acceptance of thousands of buyers worldwide. But finally, you are the only person who can make the decision, so we invite you to read and analyze the section that we leave you below.

1. Intex Explorer K2 68307NP Inflatable Kayak

If you want inflatable equipment, with a resistant design that allows you to navigate rivers or lakes with peace of mind and safety, then this model developed by Intex may be the best purchase option for you, since it has been rated by critics as the best kayak.

The structure made of vinyl polymer 0.75 millimeters thick, has a format of 312 x 91 x 51 centimeters, being suitable to support up to 180 kilograms of weight. At the ends it incorporates grab handles to facilitate the mobilization process, the floor is inflatable as well as the pair of removable seats and can be adjusted.

In addition, the kayak has been provided with a double air filling chamber, to which two independent valves are added, to carry out the inflation or deflation quickly. Finally, two 218-centimeter oars in chromed aluminum are attached, as well as a set with patches and pump.

This model may be for some people the best kayak of the moment, since it combines a pleasant design with a robust, resistant structure that is easy to inflate.


Dimensions: This kayak has a length, width, height of 312 x 91 x 51 centimeters, offering a structure with great stability to be used by up to two people.

Seats: The pair of seats incorporated in this model is of the inflatable type and these can be removed or adjusted according to your needs.

Transport: In each of the external ones you will find a handle with an ergonomic design, incorporated to facilitate the process of handling and moving the kayak.

Accessories: By purchasing this kayak you will also be able to enjoy a pair of oars, a manual type inflator and a practical set with repair patches.


Floats: A commented disadvantage is about the lateral floats, since their ends do not have a good finish and when paddling they can hurt the arms.

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2. Sevylor Adventure Inflatable Kayak Canoe

This model belonging to the Sevylor house is considered one of the best kayaks of 2022, suitable for days of fishing, tours in lagoons or rivers. Its blue and gray design is visually appealing, the 314 x 88 centimeter frame with room for two people is spacious, and its weight of 12 kilograms is quite light.

Attachment handles are incorporated at the ends to facilitate handling, while the pair of seats are inflatable and you can remove or adjust them, according to your needs of use. In addition, they have a quick-drying waterproof polyester cover. The best thing is that they do not adhere to the skin, offering greater comfort.

The equipment has been provided with three air chambers made of polyvinyl chloride, distributed on the sides and floor of the kayak. Likewise, you will have a double valve for inflation – deflation, transport bag, pressure gauge and a kit with repair patches.

Sevylor is a renowned manufacturer that has managed to position itself as the best kayak brand, as each of its models incorporates top-of-the-range materials and attractive designs, as is the case with the Adventure model.


Seats: The seats incorporated by the manufacturer are of the inflatable type and have a waterproof polyester cover for greater comfort.

Dimensions: The structure of this kayak measures 314 x 88 centimeters, being a spacious dimension with room for a couple of people.

Pressure gauge: The equipment has been provided with a pressure gauge, which is a pressure measurement instrument, which you can use when inflating or deflating the kayak.

Accessories: In the purchase package, you will find a practical set made up of some patches for repairing the structure, as well as a carrying bag.


Oars: The equipment does not incorporate the pair of oars necessary to start sailing, so you will need to make an extra investment to acquire them.

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3. COR Board Racks 1-0999 Kayak

To get the best price-quality kayak, you should consider this model as one of your options, because according to what buyers have said, it is one of the cheapest products.

The structure is made of high-end rigid polymer, which offers you a support of no more than 100 kilograms, resistance to small impacts against rocks or branches and adequate stability to navigate in open waters, as well as to go fishing in a lagoon. or river.

The team in red color is aesthetically striking and pleasing. In addition, its design with room for one person has great ergonomics and comfort both when standing on your chair and when adjusting the paddles to row.

For storage, you have a system of straps with anchors of three screws that you can fix to the wall. In this way, you can cover the kayak and mount it on it, saving space in the garage.

This kayak model offers you a resistant, spacious, easy to store and transport design, which, in addition to everything, has managed to stand out among its competitors as one of the cheapest.


Cover: You will be able to store and transport the kayak safely, since it has a practical waterproof cover that will keep the structure protected.

Storage: The equipment incorporates a system of straps with wall anchors, which will allow you to fix them to hang the kayak safely and without taking up much space.

Design: The model of this kayak has a rigid and spacious structure. In addition, it is attractive and showy due to the finishes and the red tone used.

Capacity: This kayak has capacity for a single person, supporting up to 100 kilograms.


Straps: There are those who comment that the quality of the fastening straps is a bit low, since after a couple of days of use they have begun to unravel.

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4. Advanced Elements Lagoon1 Kayak

After searching for the best kayak, you should review the specifications of one of the star models of the Advanced Elements house. Its orange design has some black and gray details, quality finishes and a soft touch, thus offering great visual appeal.

The equipment provides great strength and stability due to its construction, incorporating a couple of rigid sections in both the bow and stern areas, as well as a soft-coated inner tube to prevent chafing when paddling.

The seat has a high back, which will provide you with greater comfort on long journeys and the inflatable structure incorporates Twistlok and spring-type valves, being mechanisms with a high level for air inlet and outlet. We cannot fail to refer to the spacious format of this sea kayak, which measures 50.8 x 38.1 x 38.1 centimeters and weighs approximately 10 kilograms.

In a market with so many buying options, selecting which kayak to buy can become a complicated and time-consuming task. That is why, below, we leave you the pros and cons of a model with great attributes.


Dimensions: This kayak has a structure with measurements corresponding to 50.8 x 38.1 x 38.1 centimeters and an approximate weight of 10 kilograms.

Seat: To provide maximum comfort, the design offered by the seat is with a high back, being suitable for long journeys.

Valves: The manufacturer incorporated a pair of valves with a safe mechanism, being arranged for the air inlet and outlet.

Design: The design of the kayak is strong and streamlined, thanks to the incorporation of a couple of rigid sections at the stern and bow.


Accessories: The absence of accessories for repair, in case of any breakage, has been missed, according to comments found on the web.

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5. Self-Emptying Fishing Kayak Mega Pools

On this occasion, MegaPiscinas presents us with a fishing kayak with a design that combines two quite striking fluorescent tones, such as yellow and green. The structure is rigid, spacious, light and stable.

Its format is 295 x 78 x 35 centimeters, its weight is 19 kilograms and it has several fastening points, so you can transport the equipment with total comfort. Its load capacity is for a maximum of 150 kilograms, the seat is padded and has a small support for the lower back.

A feature praised by buyers about this model has been its self-emptying system, as the manufacturer incorporated some plugs to release stagnant water quickly, safely and easily. In addition, with the purchase you can enjoy a paddle with an aerodynamic design in chromed aluminum, a black blade and a practical waterproof storage cover.

If you are looking for a kayak that stands out for its striking, safe and comfortable design, then you will not be able to let this model patented by MegaPiscinas go unnoticed.


Dimensions: The structure has been made in a format of 295 x 78 x 35 centimeters and weighs 19 kilograms, being quite light and spacious for one person.

Self-emptying: The equipment has been provided with a self-emptying system made up of some easy-release plugs, avoiding water stagnation after long journeys.

Seat: The design of the seat incorporated into this kayak is fixed, has padding and a small support for the lower back.

Accessories: Among the built-in accessories, you will find a paddle made of chromed aluminum and a carrying case.


Cost: The cost of this kayak has been considered a bit high. However, it is an appreciation that is subject to variations, depending on the person who wishes to acquire it.

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