The 5 Best Padel Rackets of 2022

Padel racket – Buying guide, Opinions and Comparison

To train paddle tennis, it is key to have a complete team. In this team, the rackets are essential, because without them it would be impossible to play. Therefore, if you are going to buy one of these, it is necessary that you compare the available options. This will help you select a design that suits your needs. Since there are many existing options, we have opted for two of the most outstanding. The first one is the Dunlop Titan 2.0 shovel. A model with a wide area and Power Bar technology, which adds extra power and control depending on the phase of the game you are in. The next model is the Adidas Carbon Ctrl 1.7, a padel racket with a traditional blue design, with black and orange details, which weighs less than 400 grams.



The 5 Best Padel Racquets – Opinions 2022

If you enjoy padel, you need to have a suitable racket that allows you to develop skills and improve performance, to obtain optimized results. If within your plans is to buy one of these, but with the number of designs you have not been able to select one, we present a list with the five models of padel rackets that lead the recommendations of the buyers, in which we expose the characteristics of each of the options.

1. Dunlop Titan 2.0 Paddle Racquet

The Dunlop Titan 2.0 model is an interesting padel racket for those users who have a medium or advanced level when it comes to playing. For them, the product offers an exclusive mold with oversize technology, which means expanding the hitting area. 

It also includes the new Power Bar technology, which incorporates a gel bar inside the core of the racket. This perk helps you enjoy more momentum or better control, depending on what stage of the game you are in. The carbon bridge is not missing, with which to achieve greater stability during the game, as well as a handle that is also up to the task when it comes to supporting the weight and the hardest hits. 

An integral design that your game will surely appreciate, as long as it is at the level required by the racket. As a finishing touch, the model is accompanied by the corresponding cover, to store it when necessary.

Play like the greats thanks to the high-level technology that this Dunlop racket puts in your hands.


Oversize: The enlarged design of the racket effectively increases the hitting area.

Power Bar: This gel-based technology increases the power and control of the product, depending on what the game requires.

Carbon System: This carbon construction increases the strength and durability of the racket.

Handle: The handle gives you the comfort you need to apply your game the way that suits you, every time.

Cover: As usual, the shovel is accompanied by the storage cover.


Level: As we have been commenting, it is not the most suitable model for those who are starting out in this sport.

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2.Adidas Carbon Ctrl 1.7

Everyone wants to make an efficient purchase. If you want this to be possible, you need to be able to make your choice between the best paddle tennis rackets of 2022. That being the case, you need to consider the properties of the Carbon Ctrl 1.7 model from the sports manufacturer Adidas. In this opportunity, a one-size-fits-all, lightweight shovel is presented.

This model has a round-shaped design, with centered balance, available in blue, with details in black, orange and a white handle. It is recommended for players of various levels who wish to add precision to power shots. It stands out for having Exoskeleton technology, a resistant component on the sides of the blade bridge that provides stability. In addition, it incorporates roughness in the faces to provide cut effects. The model includes a cover and a can of balls.

Adidas is present in almost all sports disciplines, this manufacturer being one of the candidates for the best paddle tennis racket brand, due to its characteristics and designs.


Stability: It is endowed with a light weight and  has a balanced balance that provides stability in the game.

Speed: Because it is made of lightweight materials, this is a padel racket that allows greater handling and a quick exit of the ball.

Control : It is a padel racket with technology development, designed for the control and power of hitting the ball.

Design: This model has a round design and is available in blue with details in orange, black and white.


Size: Its dimensions are smaller than those of other conventional models, so it takes time for the player to get used to the size.

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3. Head Shovel Padel Ultimate Power 2 

Since newcomers to this world also have the right to have rackets designed for them, we have included the Head Ultimate Power 2 model in our selection. 

This product has a design based on the Comfort Foam system, with which high power is obtained when the ball comes out, which, however, does not compromise its control when hitting. Therefore, its sweet spot is especially wide and becomes a very interesting proposal for low or medium level players. 

As for its materials, the racket has a construction with a frame made entirely of 38-millimeter carbon, which embraces that layer of foam that we have been commenting on. The result is a racket weighing between 360 and 375 grams, reinforced with a protector and the classic carbon frame, which increase its resistance.

Let’s know more about this Head shovel and learn about its most outstanding features.


Comfort Foam: This system combines a powerful ball output with a format in which control of the ball is barely lost.

Frame: The carbon frame gives the racket a high resistance when it comes to supporting your game, even if you start hitting it hard.

Cover: In addition to the shovel, the essential cover is also included, to store it when you do not use it.


Level: As we have been commenting, the product may fall somewhat short for higher level players.

Weight: We are talking about a rather light padel racket, which may not be to the taste of those who prefer heavier options.

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4. Sioux Pegasus Padel Rackets

If you are wondering which is the best paddle tennis racket that can be found on the market, the properties of this model from the Sioux manufacturer may help you answer the question. It is a versatile Spanish-made model, considered one of the most powerful rackets.

It has an inverted teardrop design, weighing between 360 and 380 grams, making it a suitable padel racket for professional level players. It is manufactured with high standards of quality and resistance, including a double layer of carbon and graphene on its sides, with a carbon fiber frame.

It also has a soft, laminated EVA rubber core, which provides effectiveness in outputs and powerful hits. The sports properties and technological developments in the racket make it a model with a bridge that absorbs vibrations and increases performance.

There are many models and designs on the market, but to determine which padel racket to buy, we recommend knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the Sioux Pegasus.


Shape: The model has an inverted teardrop shape and a wide bridge; both are characteristics that improve the performance and versatility of the shovel.

Materials: Quality and resistance are advantages that do not go unnoticed in this model, which is made of carbon and graphene, as well as laminated rubber that provides balance and equilibrium.

Weight: With a weight between 360 and 380 grams, this is a versatile padel racket for different sports levels, but recommended for professionals.

Power: With this model you will have a model that absorbs vibrations and intensifies the power of the blows.


Price: The price of this model is one of the highest, but it is compensated by the features and properties that improve performance.

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5. Varlion Avant H Race Diffuser

This model of the Varlion brand is one of the most recommended by buyers, for having a conventional tear-shaped structure. It is a model that has a low weight, between 350 and 375 grams, with a bidirectional tubular profile of 3.8 cm, a property that provides greater speed and speed to the player.

This shovel has a double-sided rough design, each one with a color, the predominant being black. It is recommended as a padel racket for intermediate and advanced level players or for those who wish to increase their potential, since it is equipped with sports technology that increases the speed and precision of each hit, without reducing the power and effectiveness of the shots.

It is manufactured with high standards, since materials such as carbon fiber and EVA have been used for its elaboration, with a soft rubber core. In addition, it incorporates a cover to guarantee protection.

Varlion Avant H Diffuser offers high standards of quality and versatility for different game levels, since it has materials that intensify its quality and resistance for the game. Therefore, we invite you to read its pros and cons.


Design: The racket offers versatility in serves and spikes, thanks to its tear-shaped design.

Level: Due to its materials and shape, it is a versatile padel racket for various sports levels, from medium to professional.

Speed: It is equipped with a light weight of between 350 and 375 grams with a bidirectional tubular profile, which guarantees the player greater speed.

Accessories: It is a shovel that has a cover to achieve the safe transport of the equipment, so that dents and bumps are avoided.


Manageability: Being a padel racket for medium and professional levels, it takes some time to adapt to its design and handle.

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Head Delta Pro Pala de Padel Unisex

La marca austriaca deportiva Head presenta al mercado el modelo Delta Pro, un diseño que puede ser conveniente para quienes están en busca de la mejor pala de pádel del mercado. Se trata de una pala de cabeza grande, similar a la forma de un diamante, que es adecuada para diferentes estilos de juego porque proporciona control a los movimientos y absorción en los golpes de la pelota, para así mejorar los ataques con reducción de fuerza.

Está recomendada como una pala para jugadores de niveles avanzados y profesionales. Resalta por estar elaborada con materiales livianos, pero resistentes. En su estructura se mezclan el marco y la cara de carbono y grafeno XT, con un núcleo de goma ultra suave que proporciona golpes delicados y potentes a la pelota. Dispone de un diseño clásico, con colores en negro y naranja, por lo que es unisex. Tiene un peso de 450 gramos y cuenta con forro.

Si deseas la mejor pala de pádel del momento, debes saber que la Head Delta Pro es considerada como la indicada, ya que dispone de buenos materiales para golpes controlados a nivel profesional.


Centro: La goma ultra suave está presente en el núcleo de esta pala, característica que brinda golpes funcionales con poca intensidad de fuerza.

Diseño: Cuenta con un estilo de cabeza grande en forma de diamante, un diseño que sirve para distintos tipos de ataque de nivel profesional.

Control: Con este modelo, el control está garantizado por la absorción del impacto sobre la pelota, lo que proporciona mayor control de la dirección y respuesta del golpe.

Materiales: La calidad es uno de los fuertes de este modelo de pala, pues está elaborada con materiales resistentes y ligeros como el carbono y grafeno XT.


Dureza: Se recomienda para jugadores de nivel profesional y avanzados porque es dura, de modo que lleva tiempo acostumbrarse a su forma de agarre y potencia en los golpes.

Bullpadel X-Compact LTD

Para quienes desean hacer su selección basados en el precio más bajo, esta puede ser la opción indicada porque es la mejor pala de pádel de relación calidad precio, al estar entre las más baratas de nuestra selección de productos recomendados. La Bullpadel X-Compact LTD es una pala con diseño llamativo de forma redonda en color negro, con detalles en verde neón y plata.

Este modelo dispone de un peso entre los 360 y los 370 gramos, con un perfil de 3,8 cm, medidas que proporcionan al jugador potencia y control sobre cada uno de los golpes que emite. La pala está fabricada en fibra de carbono entrelazado de forma bidireccional con tecnología TPFCT.

Además, dispone de un núcleo en EVA y goma suave, mientras que sus caras están elaboradas con fibra de vidrio que brindan flexibilidad y equilibrio. Es una pala para jugadores entre nivel medio y profesional, porque es densa y elástica al mismo tiempo.

La Bullpadel X-Compact LTD dispone de un precio competitivo en el mercado, llegando a posicionarse entre las más baratas que podrás conseguir.


Resistencia: Es una pala de características densas y composición fuerte, por lo que su eficacia y rendimiento no desmejoran con el paso del tiempo.

Peso: La velocidad y rapidez de los golpes están definidas por el peso de la pala. Este modelo cuenta con un peso de entre 360 y 370 gramos, que lo hacen liviano.

Materiales: Para proporcionar un mejor desarrollo y rendimiento de los saques y remates, este modelo ha incorporado en su estructura goma EVA, fibra de vidrio y de carbono.

Forma: La pala cuenta con un diseño de forma redonda, siendo adecuada para jugadores de nivel medio y avanzado.


Funda: Se trata de un modelo que no dispone de funda para cubrir la pala, por lo que hay mayor riesgo de golpes y abolladuras en su traslado.

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