The 5 Best Ping Pong Tables of 2022

Ping pong table – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

If you enjoy table tennis and want to have the game available at all times, whether it’s relaxing with friends or training, then you need a table. Therefore, if you are going to buy one of these, you need to be able to compare the available options. This will help you select a design according to the features you are looking for. Although there are several brands recommended by buyers, there are two models that lead the preferences. The first model is the Cornilleau Sport 100S Crossover, a table designed to be placed outdoors, weighing 48 kilos that is available in blue and one size, made of high-density wood, providing strength and solidity. The next model is the Garlando Challenge Indoor, a folding design, which is available in blue and made of high quality wood, weighing just over 65 kilos.



The 5 Best Ping Pong Tables – Opinions 2022

To play ping pong you need to have a table where you can practice the sport with friends and family, challenging them to games and testing your skills. So if buying one of these is within your plans, but you have not been able to make a selection because there are many models available, we invite you to discover the five ping pong table designs that buyers frequently recommend.

1. Cornilleau Sport One Outdoor

With a weight of 48 kilograms, this model is recommended for those who are looking for the best ping pong table on the market, because it is a table that, in addition to being solid, is certified by the French Table Tennis Federation. for use for entertainment purposes. It has a classic design in blue, suitable for placing outdoors, as it has been treated through an anti-corrosion process.

It is made of wood and covered with stratified resin, a quality that improves rebounds. It has regulatory measures of 152.5 cm wide by 275 cm long. Its frame is 4 cm and the bases are 2.5 cm, with an adjustable foot of 5 cm. It also has a laminated board and 15 cm wheels that allow it to be moved. It is foldable and has automatic closure. The assembly of this table is simple and it is equipped with a fixed net.

If you want the best ping pong table around today, consider the Cornilleau Sport 100S Crossover as the one for you, as it’s outdoor tough, practical and FFTT endorsed.


Closing system: The table is equipped with a Push ‘N Lock closing system, with eight automatic points that facilitate the folding mechanism.

Resistance: This table is suitable for outdoors, because despite being made of wood, it has been treated with an anti-corrosion process and a resin surface.

Assembly: It has a quick and simple assembly, recommended for both exteriors and interiors.

Portability: The table has a portability system with the addition of a pair of wheels that allow it to be moved and handled.


Closure: Although it is foldable, for some this system is weak because the guides are made of ABS plastic.

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2. Garlando Challenge Indoor with Ruote

To get a model that stands out, it is convenient that you can make your selection among the best ping pong tables of 2022. Thus, you cannot ignore the characteristics of this Garlando brand design. It is a folding table, which weighs just over 66 kilos, with an ergonomic closing system and a safety mechanism.

It is a large model that has the official measurements of 156 x 140 x 10 cm. It is equipped with a net and posts, as well as a storage area for balls and rackets. It has a structure of 2.5 cm diameter varnished metal tubes. In addition, it has 1.6 cm thick high-density wood panels, covered with melamine and anti-glare paint for a better finish. It has a classic design with a blue surface and has four double wheels that make it easy to move around.

Garlando is a strong competitor to be crowned the best ping pong table brand, because it provides its prototypes with high-level features, details, and designs that improve sports performance.


Movement: This table is equipped with four double wheels of 12.5 cm in diameter, which rotate 360 ​​degrees to provide better movement.

Design: This is a large and striking model, with a conventional structure and a blue surface design, with an anti-glare effect.

Blocking: The table has an automatic closing system that compacts its size, turning it into a folding table.

Measurements: This is a model that has the official dimensions for competitions and professional games, but it is suitable for entertainment and leisure.


Assembly: The product requires to be assembled and although it has illustrated instructions, assembling the table can require between 30 and 90 minutes, if the task is carried out by two people.

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3. Homcom ESA90-1210731 Folding 

If you still haven’t decided on the best ping pong table, the features of this Homcom design may help you decide. This is a table with a light structure, made with a high-density and resistance steel base and an MDF chipboard, which provides stability to the table. Both materials are integrated to offer a solid, yet lightweight product that only weighs 52.5 kilograms.

The table is recommended for use both indoors and in open spaces, be it gardens or terraces. In addition, it stands out for being foldable, so that its size is reduced, being practical to store, save space or move from one place to another. The table is equipped with a 14 cm high net and its respective support. In addition, it is a large model, since the board has a size of 76 cm.

Ping pong is an activity that is increasing in popularity, which is why the market offers many options and you should consider the quality indicators in each model. If you still don’t know which ping pong table to buy, we invite you to read the pros and cons of the Homcom ESA90-1210731.


Weight: This model stands out for being light, but at the same time solid and resistant, which allows versatility when moving it from one place to another.

Installation: Its assembly mechanism is simple. In addition, it is convenient to place in spaces inside or outside the home.

Manufacturing: Steel and MDF are part of the structure of this table, hence both materials provide durability and stability.

Mesh: This table has a support and net, so it will not be necessary to look for a mesh that adapts to the dimensions.


Accessories: This is a table that lacks accessories such as rackets and balls to play.

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4. Klarfit King Pong Folding Table Tennis Table

This is one of the models that is usually among the most recommended by buyers, because it is of high quality and has a shock-proof coating on the board. The King Pong table from the manufacturer Klarfit has a conventional design with the surface of the board in green. It stands out for being foldable, so that storage space is saved, its transfer is facilitated and it does not require a cumbersome assembly process.

It has dimensions of 75 cm wide, 72 cm high and 153 cm long, while its weight is only 16 kilograms, making it light and portable. It is a suitable table both for outdoors on terraces and gardens and for rooms inside the house. This ping pong table model includes all the accessories to start the game, such as a net, two paddles or rackets and three balls.

The Klarfit King Pong table offers high quality standards and is made of resistant and lightweight materials, making it practical for different spaces. Therefore, we invite you to read its advantages and disadvantages.


Design: This table model has a conventional but at the same time practical design, with a green structure and a shock-proof coating.

Weight: It is made of solid but light materials, so that its weight is only 16 kilograms and it can be carried from one place to another.

Accessories: The table includes all the necessary accessories to start the game, from the net of the board, to the paddles and the balls.

Portability: The table incorporates a folding system that facilitates its transfer and storage, since its size is reduced by having the shape of a large suitcase.


Instructions: Since the user and installation manual is only available in English and German, you will have to use a translator or be guided by intuition.

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5. Homcom ESA90-0830731 Folding Ping Pong Table

With a weight of 20 kilograms, this is the recommended model for those who are looking for the best value for money ping pong table, because it is one of the cheapest in our selection of products. On this occasion, the manufacturer Homcom presents a folding table with a blue surface and integrated net. It stands out for having measures of 153 cm long, 76.5 cm wide and 67 cm high.

This model has a conventional folding non-slip base design, with handles and a lock system that facilitate its portability, so that once closed it can be carried like a briefcase and stored, taking up little space. It is recommended to install outdoors or indoors. The top is made of MDF, while the rest of the structure is made of steel, both resistant materials that provide stability and durability to the table.

The Homcom ESA90-0830731 model has a competitive price with high quality standards that offers the user versatility, which is why it is considered among the cheapest ping pong tables.


Weight: It is a light table of only 20 kilograms, so it is portable and can be carried from one place to another with ease.

Base: It has a structure made of steel, a material that provides stability to the table. In turn, the bases have a non-slip cover.

Resistance: This is a table made with solid and quality materials that give it greater durability and resistance.

Mechanism: It is equipped with a folding mechanism structure and a lock system that makes it a kind of briefcase.


Wheels: Unlike other similar models, this is a ping pong table that does not have wheels on its base.

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