The 5 Best Pool Tables of 2022

Pool table – Buying guide, Opinions and Comparison

Billiards is a precision sport. Although not everyone practices it professionally, there are many who have fun hanging out with friends with one of these tables. So if you are thinking of buying one, it is convenient that you can make a comparison between the available options, because you will have a better chance of getting an efficient model. There are several prototypes that have the endorsement of buyers, but two are frequently recommended. The first is the Professional Billiards 2, a table with an elegant design, with blue upholstery, wood-colored details and chromed steel corners that make it look high-end. In addition, this is a table with resistant materials and solid properties. The next model is the Aqua Leisure PL0384, a folding table, with a light weight of 36 kilos and with a surface lined in green.



The 5 Best Pool Tables – Opinions 2022

Having a pool table among your belongings is a convenient option to enjoy and share with friends, in addition to improving game techniques. If you are thinking of buying one and among the variety of designs you feel confused, we offer you a list with the five designs that lead the preferences of users, in which we explain the main attributes of each model.

1. Professional Billiards 2

The vast majority of people want to buy a quality item, so you probably want to buy the best pool table on the market. Thus, it is likely that you will be interested in knowing the attributes of this model that is qualified as professional, but due to its versatility it can be used for hobby or entertainment. It is a mid-range table, with an elegant and sophisticated design.

In addition, it has a blue polyester-lined surface and is made with high-quality and robust materials. This table has chromed steel corners and PVC bags, being solid and stable. Its weight is about 112 kilograms, so once assembled, it is recommended to leave it in the same place. It also has a practical system that allows the automatic return of the balls. The model has one with adjustable base in a height of 13 cm.

The Billiards Professional 2 is considered by many to be the best pool table of the moment, because it has a professional, elegant and resistant design to enjoy the game and improve techniques. Therefore, we invite you to read its pros and cons.


Design: This model is designed with an elegant and sophisticated style, suitable for professional games. It has chrome corners and wood details.

Resistance: For the manufacture of the table, quality and robust materials were incorporated, which provide stability and resistance.

Technology: This table model is equipped with a system that allows automatic ball return.

Accessories: The table includes all the accessories to play once assembled, such as two cues and a set of balls.


Weight: It has a high weight, so it is difficult to move from one side to another, because to do so requires strength and help.

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2. Aqua Leisure PL0384 Folding Pool Table

There are many models, but few are considered among the best pool tables of 2022. If you want one with this label, you may want to pay attention to the properties of the Aqua Leisure PL0384 model. It is a conventional style table, which has a weight of 34.5 kilograms. The playing surface is lined with green fabric that makes the balls slide and has rubber bumpers to improve rebound.

This model stands out for having a simple assembly and a folding base that reduces its dimensions for storage. In addition, wheels and a leveler have been incorporated into the bases with a non-slip surface, for greater stability. Its measurements are 152 cm long, 76 cm wide and 78 cm high. The table is equipped with drop pockets, two cues, chalk, a brush, a set of balls and a triangle, which optimize the gaming experience. 

Aqua Leisure PL0384 is a candidate model to become the representative of the best pool table brand, due to its attributes that mix game and storage functionality. Therefore, we present you the benefits and disadvantages it has.


Surface: This table has a surface lined with green textile, which provides an adequate sliding of the balls.

Accessories: The model is equipped with all the accessories required to start a game, from the game of balls, to the chalk, the cues and the triangle.

Assembly: The table has a simple assembly process, only the base needs to be added. This action is quick and requires no additional help.

Weight: Unlike other models, this table has lightweight properties, since it only weighs 34.5 kilograms, which makes it easy to handle.


Instructions: The model lacks a guided instruction that allows the user to know a description to activate the folding system.

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3. Leomark Wood Pool Table

This model is usually recommended for those who are looking for the best value for money pool table, because it is one of the cheapest on our list of selected products. This table is made of light and resistant materials such as wood. Its weight is only two kilograms, so it is portable. It has a classic design, with a game surface in green textile material.

It is recommended as a table for the smallest of the house, since it is suitable for children from three years of age. It has dimensions of 92 cm long, 51 cm wide and 20 cm high. Its style is conventional, but with delicate finishes that denote quality. The table includes all the accessories to play without problems, such as two wooden cues, two sets of balls, one for American pool and the other for snooker.

There are many models suitable for their technical details, but the table manufactured by Leomark is considered one of the cheapest. Therefore, we present its pros and cons.


Weight: This is a model that has a light weight of only two kilograms, which allows it to be taken anywhere.

Level: Due to its attributes and technical aspects, it is recommended for young people who are starting out in this precision sport.

Versatility: The model incorporates various accessories that allow the user to become familiar with various styles of play, such as American pool and snooker.

Design: The classic and conventional style of this table makes it suitable for placing in any room. In addition, it has a green textile surface.


Size: Being a model designed for beginners and children, the length of its bases is suitable for them, but uncomfortable for taller people.

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4. HLC 4 in 1 Folding Multigame Table

If you want to know which is the best pool table that can be found on the market, then it may be convenient for you to pay attention to the characteristics of this model from the manufacturer HLC. This is a versatile table, with multiple game options and a convertible style. In addition to being foldable, this table is 4 in 1, so that with it you will have the option to play billiards, ping pong, hockey or foosball.

It has a simple design with a folding base, a system that allows it to be reduced in size for storage when not in use. It is made of solid and robust materials that combine MDF with PVC and PB. Each board has dimensions of 121.5 cm long, 61 cm wide and 81.3 cm high. This design stands out because each game mode incorporates its respective accessories, such as pucks, mallets, rackets, balls, nets, cues, ball sets and chalk.

Selecting a suitable design is not an easy task, as many offer attributes that can improve playing skills, so if you do not know which pool table to buy, we offer you a count of the positives and negatives of the HLC SCOO62BKES.


Versatility: With this table you will have the opportunity to enjoy four game modes: billiards, hockey, ping pong and table football.

Materials: This design is resistant and solid, since quality materials such as MDF, PVC and BP have been incorporated into its structure.

Design: If you are concerned about space, this table has a folding system, making it suitable for storage in a closet or under the bed when not in use.

Accessories: With the diversity of games that it has, you need to have the accessories to enjoy them and this table includes them all.


Leveling: It is necessary for the user to level the base of the structure, since in some cases instability works against it.

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5. GRAFICA MA.RO Pool Table 7ft

If you are looking for quality for a professional level of play, this may be the right model for you. This time a versatile design is presented, suitable for classic and American billiards. This table has a blue upholstered surface and elegant details with chrome corners and a dark brown base, with non-slip rubber.

It is recommended for the professional modality, because it has the official measurements of the game, 213 cm long, 121 cm wide and 80 high, with 10 cm diameter pockets. It is made of solid and robust wood, so it is resistant and its weight is 145 kilograms.

It also has an automatic ball return system. In addition, it is a pool table that is equipped with all the basic accessories of the modality, a set of numbered balls, two cues, a triangle, a brush and a kit to facilitate assembly.

To get a suitable model you must evaluate several factors. So we offer you the basic elements that favor and disfavor the GRAFICA MA.RO SRL Blue model.


Modality: With this pool table you can choose from various game modes, conventional billiards and American billiards or pool.  

Level: Experienced players will be pleased with this table, because it has the official dimensions for a professional level of play.

Design: This is a table with an elegant style and has been designed to look high-end, hence in its manufacture the finishes were taken care of and solid materials were incorporated.

Weight: It is made of wood, so if you are looking for a solid and robust table, this may be the right model.


Tacos: Due to the price of the product, some users state that the tacos lack quality.

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