The 5 Best Pull Up Bars of 2022

Pull Up Bar – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

One of the easiest ways to do physical activity is to train at home and today there are many implements on the market for this practice. Such is the case with pull-up bars. Among the various proposals, we find the Magnoos Matador model, which offers you a high resistance structure and with which to better hold your weight, being able to support up to 130 kilos of weight. Also interesting is the BeMaxx BM-PU1 model, a bar made of steel that provides good stability. Due to its specifications, this element can be installed in the frame of any door quickly and easily, without drilling or screws.

Buying Guide –  What is the best pull-up bar on the market?

Within the equipment available to turn our house into a gym, pull-up bars are one of the most comfortable and economical options. Ideal products to train the upper part of your body without taking up space and safely. Some benefits that you can make the most of if you review our guide to buying the best pull-up bar, according to your preferences and specific needs.

pull up bar type

If we take a look at any comparison of pull up bars, we may find different models or types, which are adapted to different uses. Simple products that simplify the assembly and installation process, giving you the security of use you need to avoid risks and help you maximize your training performance depending on what you need.

One of the most outstanding models on the market are the products designed for wall installation. In this case, the bar is placed directly on the wall or on the ceiling, depending on the available space. Something that helps us make better use of the space when placing the bar, so that we have greater comfort when working and organizing the space.

Another option available is door pull up bars. These bars have the advantage of not requiring installation and are placed directly on the frame of any door, without the need for plugs or holes. This assembly is versatile, so that we can remove it when we are not using it and store it anywhere without taking up space. They are a good alternative for small-sized homes and where there is no space for other types of assemblies.

Security and resistance

One of the elements to consider when buying one of these bars, in addition to how much it costs, is to assess the safety and resistance of these products. Since we are talking about equipment in which we are going to work suspended from the ceiling or a wall, it is necessary that the product offers you the greatest safety at work to avoid accidents and other problems.

Part of this security depends on the resistance of the bar and the materials used in its manufacture. A good and cheap pull-up bar should be made of steel or any other high-quality material that supports the weight adequately. A weight that appears among the characteristics of the product and that must be at the level of the user’s weight. In general, these products have a resistance of around 100 kilos, although there are models with greater resistance capacity.

In any case, this security also depends on the product’s mounting system. This is important both when keeping the product mounted on wall models and installed models. In this case, you must verify that the supports are of good quality and allow the secure fixation you need, to avoid accidents when training. Be sure to check these aspects to have maximum security when working.

workout comfort

As with safety, it is also necessary to have good comfort during training. In this case, we have to look at details such as the shape and material with which the clamping elements of the bar are made, or other interesting elements such as the shape and particular design of the bar itself.

On the fastening side, it is necessary to take a look at the different elements that allow us to hold onto the bar. Elements that must be made of rubber or any type of plastic that helps us maintain adequate comfort during training. To do this, this support must be well placed, have a safe and soft material for our hands and allow us to exert the force we need when training.

As for the design of the bar, in this case, the question may seem simple, but it is true that the format of some of them can harm or help the training process. In this case, straight bars are preferable to curved ones, which can push your weight out. Bars that, in addition, must be well separated, either from the wall or from the space of the door, to have enough space to train without many complications.

The 5 Best Pull Up Bars – Opinions 2022

Most of us know that one of the best exercises to tone and increase the muscle mass of the upper body of our body are the pull-ups and this applies to both men and women. But there is not always time to go to the gym or the park, so it is very useful to have a pull-up bar at home, whether we want to start doing pull-ups or we are already a celebrity in the Street Workout world of our city. So if you are thinking of buying a pull-up bar with excellent value for money, this comparison may be very helpful to choose the best pull-up bar on the market today.

1. Magnoos Chin-up Bar ”Matador” 

Main advantage:

This bar has a double fastening system with which to gain safety and stability, also having more space to work thanks to its increased width.

Main disadvantage:

It is key that the door frame has good resistance, since this product loads the weight with special hardness on it.

Verdict: 9.7/10

A bar with which to have even more space to train without the usual risks of lower quality products.

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main design

One of the most interesting aspects of this bar is its design, with which you gain space and also safety during training. To do this, the product has a 102-centimetre-wide work area, wider than that of other similar models and with which you have a better capacity to train.

On the other hand, the product has a double support fastening system. These bars are located 70 centimeters away from each other and properly centered on the piece, making it possible to place the bar on doors from 70 to 92 centimeters wide. 

To complete the approach, we just have to be careful that our frame is not higher than 9 centimeters in its upper element, so that the assembly is stable.

Manufacturing materials

The design that we have just discussed offers greater stability and safety to the product during use. However, this would be of no use if it is not accompanied by quality materials such as those included in this product. Among these materials is steel, which makes up the main element of the entire structure of the bar.

The result of this structure is a product capable of supporting up to 130 kilos of weight, so if you are a corpulent user you should not worry about anything. In addition, the padding of the bar also has adequate resistance so that you do not have to worry when it comes to managing your workouts and avoiding chafing and blisters.

comfort and safety

Thanks to this union of good design and quality materials, the product offers you pleasant comfort when training. The quality of the padding that we have mentioned prevents the appearance of friction and blisters, which generally appear when we work with bars of poorer quality.

For its part, the additional security that this product gives to the stability of the bar makes it easier to carry out your workouts without risk. The only precaution you should take is to place this product on a door frame that is resistant and of quality, so that it can support the weight during the exercise. 

By the way, the installation of the product is very simple, in a process that will not take you more than a couple of minutes, without the need for tools or complications.

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2. BeMaxx Doorframe Pull Up Bar

If you are interested in acquiring a pull-up bar, it would be appropriate for you to review the specifications that are present in this BeMaxx model, which can be placed in the door frame without the need for drilling or installing screws, which makes it easy to use. 

In addition, this alternative has a state-of-the-art design, with professional traction, and incorporates padded handles that prevent lacerations in the palms of the hands, so the grip is soft and ergonomic. 

To install, just unfold and place in the desired place. When the training is finished, it can be removed and stored without difficulty, so it is suitable for doors with frame depth dimensions of 12 to 21 cm, with a width of between 70 and 92 cm, with a crossbar height of 9 cm or less. In addition, it has an adequate load capacity of 130 kilos. 

This pull-up bar model has pros and cons that you should take into account to make an appropriate decision tailored to your needs. 


Capacity: The pull-up bar has a convenient load capacity, estimated for approximately 130 kilos. 

Grip: To improve grip, the bar incorporates padded handles that protect the hands and prevent slipping due to sweat. 

Accessories : The model includes a training guide that is sent by mail, with 50 pages of exercises that can be done on the bar to develop muscles. 

Construction: The pull-up bar has a solid and resistant construction, thanks to the fact that it has been made of steel, so it is stable and provides security. 


Dimensions: It is necessary that, before buying, the measurements of the door where it will be placed be known, because it may not fit and not be efficient for the requirements.

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3. Faultier Doorway Pull Up Bar

The Faultier CoolGuy Pull Up Bar features a traditional cutaway design, which is attached by rotating the bar once it is positioned on the frame. This allows us to install the bar on doors from 72 to 105 centimeters wide. 

Thanks to its high quality construction, the bar is capable of supporting up to 300 kilos of weight on its surface, as long as it is properly placed. A task that you can carry out without the need to use tools, for which special rubber bands are included, which protect the wood and give the bar more stability once assembled, by means of the classic rotating system. 

As a final element, the bar includes rubber inserts that cover it and with which to achieve greater comfort when training.

If you prefer a traditional cutter bar, you can take a look at what this product offers you.


Adjustable: The bar is adjustable to door width measurements ranging from 71 to 105 centimeters.

Pads : The pads located in the central part of the bar give more comfort to your training.

Resistance: This model supports a maximum load of 300 kilos, so resistance is not a problem.


Assembly: It is key that the assembly is firm on the wall frame, because if you do not do it you can have an accident.

Instructions: The product instructions are not in Spanish, which can complicate its installation a bit.

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4. Wulizzyb Pull-up, Chin-up and Sit-up bar

The Wulizzyb Pull-up model is a very versatile bar with which you can train even more than you would with a simple pull-up bar. And it is that this model incorporates two hooks, located on the sides of the bar, as well as some rubber extenders and the corresponding handles. This allows you to perform even more exercises and exercise more areas of the body than just the arms.  

For the rest, the bar does not need tools for its installation, it is enough to put the lateral assembly elements and turn it until it fits well. A technology with which to place the bar on doors with a width from 72 to 98 centimeters. 

And to make training comfortable, the bar incorporates foam inserts in the grip area, which are also present in the pull-up handles. Ideal for avoiding problems such as blisters or chafing.

Expand your home gym thanks to the approach of this complete pull-up bar with extenders.


Measurements: The bar has adjustable measurements from 72 to 98 centimeters wide, suitable for almost all types of doors.

Versatile: This bar incorporates additional rubber bands and their tensors, with which to train even more body groups.

Easy to assemble: Once you choose the location, you just have to turn the bar until it is fixed in place.


Load: This model has a resistance of about 100 kilos, which should be taken into account by larger users.

Frame resistance: As with this type of product, it is key that the frame has adequate resistance for this use.

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5. Kettler Türreck Pull Up Bar

Within the sporting goods market, Kettler is one of the most recognized manufacturers. So in our selection we could not miss a bar of this brand. The chosen product is its model 07371-500, which has a traditional cut design and weighs just 1 kilo. 

For its assembly, the bar offers a width that goes from 77 to 85 centimeters. A somewhat smaller measure than usual, although also suitable for many assembly conditions. The only necessary precaution is to make a proper installation, tightening the bar well in the frame. A process in which you do not need any tools and for which the design of the bar offers you good comfort. 

The same one you have when training. For this purpose, the product includes integral padding, compared to the partial padding of other models, as well as a thickness of 10 centimeters on the outside, in order to sit better on the frame.

We leave you some more details about what this pull-up bar puts at your fingertips when it comes to training.


Tool-free mounting: This bar is installed using the most classic tool-free threading system.

Fully padded: The product is fully padded, so you don’t have to worry about searching for the comfortable area of ​​the bar.

Diameter: The thickness of the support area is 10 centimeters in diameter, giving the bar more stability once installed.


Total width: This model is somewhat narrower than other similar models, being suitable only for doors from 77 to 85 centimeters.

Weight : The bar supports a maximum weight of 80 kilos, which should also be considered by users.

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How to use a pull up bar

We do sports for two reasons, to keep fit or to achieve good muscle development. To achieve this, there are some exercises that give better results than others. To help develop your back muscles, pull-up bars are very practical to do at home.

How to install a pull up bar

Depending on the type of pull-up bar you have bought, you will install it. If you decided on a bar for the door frame, you must attach the support point on the upper part of the frame, moving the bar so that it fits well. When you feel it well supported, lower it until the side bar is resting on the side door frames, which will give it support to support your weight when exercising. If you preferred a straight door bar, you just have to fit it between the side frames of the door by fixing the stops; and it will be enough for you to start doing pull-ups.

Instead, to install the roof rack you will need a drill with bits and bolts. You must start by choosing the place where you are going to install the bar; It should leave you room so you have freedom of movement. Next, mark the points where the bolts go and make the necessary holes with the drill. Attach the bar to the wall and screw in the bolts.

Execute the pull-ups correctly

To obtain a good result with pull-ups, it is necessary to perform the movements properly so that you can work the muscles of the back, which is the objective of the exercise. To do this you must start with the correct grip. Take the bar with your palms facing up; the thumb should also be included in the grip. Hands should be more than shoulder width apart. You must bend your knees while you relax your body, which must be supported, but straight, and begin the exercise.

When not to perform pull-ups

If you have any physical condition that limits your body to perform this type of exercise, it is best that you do not put it into practice. Especially if you have back problems, since the muscular demand in this part of the body when doing pull-ups is almost extreme.

You should not perform pull-ups if you have any injury to the lower trapezius, latissimus dorsi, teres major, rhomboids of the back. The muscles of the arms also have a certain demand as in the biceps. The most important thing is that you do not aggravate any physical condition you have.

what not to do

There are some movements that you should not do when performing pull-ups, as you will not achieve the same effectiveness in the exercise as if you do it correctly. In principle, you should not push yourself with your knees. When raising and lowering you should use only the muscles of the back.

Don’t drop your body quickly or heavily, as you risk injury. Nor should you rock the body; that must be kept relaxed, but with the necessary firmness to control the movements without completely stretching the arms.

The most popular brands

Training at home with the same comfort as in the gym is a good alternative for when time and worries do not allow you to move. But to maintain the most adequate results, it is advisable to choose equipment that offers you everything you need to be able to work as you would there, since if you don’t make your effort, you probably won’t have resistance. So that you don’t worry about the quality of your pull-up bar, you can opt for the three major brands in the sector that we have chosen for you, due to their quality and high level of demand. Brands that we analyze below so you know what to expect from them.

Within the broad conglomerate of brands of the German company Chal Tec, the Klarfit brand is the one dedicated to offering sports equipment. This conglomerate follows the usual model of many companies born in the shelter of new technology that, instead of manufacturing their products, prefer to focus on distribution. However, its greatest merit is precisely to apply its knowledge and its quality controls to guarantee that they meet the requirements that its clients establish at a high level.

With this idea, the group today has 18 brands and a catalog of some 800 different products, among which Klarfit products focus on the sports world. In this catalog we find a variety that ranges from weight benches, domestic trampolines, or the pull-up bars that we are talking about.

All of the brand’s products offer convenient quality and a control system that guarantees that the product will accompany you for a long time, offering you the best performance.

Ultrasport is another of the great German manufacturers of sports equipment. A recently created company that manufactures and sells sports products at all levels, including machines and minor parts for sports, as well as other fashion accessories that you need in your activity. The company completes its offer with products for camping and free time, as well as some toys.  

Everything in the end is summed up in an idea in which the user does not need more than a store to be able to equip himself with all the sports equipment he needs. Following the traditional German standard, the company maintains a high level of demand in its products, setting itself the goal of meeting its real needs, today and in the future.

An approach that leads these products to be subject to continuous improvement to cover what their customers really need. Something that is reflected in products like those pull-up bars, which currently have the latest in quality, comfort and resistance.

Finally, we are talking about yet another German company, founded in 2006. A company that lives by and for sport, with the mantra of offering products that improve the performance and work of its users without them having to worry about them not responding as they should. In this approach, it is not surprising that the brand establishes strict quality controls on all its products, in order to guarantee this peace of mind to its users. However, it is not only quality that counts, but also evolution and development, which aims to continue improving its product offering.

In this context, it is not surprising that their pull-up bars are at the forefront of the market, as practical, comprehensive and really easy-to-use tools with which users can make the most of their training without having to worry about anything other than giving maximum performance during each session and each effort.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Ultrasport Pull-Up Bar

Ventaja principal

Es un producto que te da la posibilidad de realizar una gran variedad de ejercicios, lo cual será beneficioso para la salud y para fortalecer el estado físico. Su versatilidad permitirá trabajar hombros, espalda, abdomen, etc.

Desventaja principal

Como principal desventaja podemos mencionar que no podrás instalar directamente al techo si éste no es de hormigón. En tal caso necesitas hacer un gasto extra para adquirir unos tacos de goma que le brinden el soporte que necesita.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Es un producto que es realmente económico, por su gran calidad, resistencia, durabilidad y versatilidad. Sus clientes están satisfechos, pues esta barra les permite mejorar su salud y su forma física desde la comodidad del hogar.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Cuando piensas en llevar a casa un equipo deportivo es necesario tener muy claro cuáles son sus dimensiones para así determinar si se ajusta a las medidas de las diferentes estancias que tengamos disponibles para su instalación.

Las medidas de esta barra de dominadas son de 98 x 45 x 22 cm y un peso de 5 Kg para que lo puedas instalar con gran facilidad donde te parezca más conveniente y adecuada para los distintos ejercicios que te ayudarán a fortalecer gran cantidad de músculos de la espalda, hombros, entre otros.

La distancia que tendrás disponible entre el techo y la barra es de 33 cm, la cual debes considerar si se ajusta a tus necesidades, antes de decidirte a llevar este producto a casa. Además, el diámetro del agarre es de 3 cm, lo que puede ser considerado cómodo para cualquier complexión física.


La instalación de este modelo de barras de dominadas Ultra Sport Pull – up Bar debe realizarse en el techo, por lo que debes estar seguro de que éste es de hormigón. De lo contrario debes adquirir unos tacos de goma que te den la posibilidad de disfrutar de este equipo por mucho tiempo.

Debes saber que este equipo deportivo incluye los tornillos y herramientas que necesitas para que hagas una instalación adecuada, sin que tengas que ir a la tienda en busca de otros materiales que te ayuden con este proceso.

Además, incluye un manual de instrucciones que te servirá de guía para lograr una instalación correcta y así poder ejercitarte en casa sin correr riesgos de accidentes que te provoquen lesiones.

Materiales y capacidad

En cuanto a los materiales, te podemos indicar que ha sido fabricada en metal para ofrecer mayor resistencia y durabilidad, puesto que el tipo de ejercicios a realizar requieren de un buen soporte y gran estabilidad.

En los agarres de esta barra de dominadas, dispone de unas gomas que te darán algo de comodidad al momento de realizar cada uno de tus ejercicios bien sea para la espalda, los abdominales, el pecho o los hombros.

El diseño, los materiales y el montaje de esta barra, le permiten ser capaz de soportar hasta un máximo de 100 Kg. Esto nos señala que una gran cantidad de hombres y mujeres se pueden ver beneficiados con la versatilidad de un equipo, con el cual no necesitarás ir al gimnasio.

JX Fitness Barras de Dominadas Pared

Ventaja principal:

Frente a los modelos sencillos, de una simple barra y poco más, este producto incrementa el grosor y la longitud de los diferentes elementos, añadiendo además una segunda barra trasera, para dar más estabilidad al conjunto.

Desventaja principal:

Debido al uso y sus características, es fundamental tomar todas las precauciones durante el montaje, verificando la resistencia de la pared, siendo recomendable que te ayude alguien durante el proceso.

Veredicto: 9.9/10

Una barra de dominadas mejorada, con una estructura más completa y una fabricación de alta resistencia, para darte más seguridad al entrenar.


Materiales de construcción

Para que tu entrenamiento sea más seguro, la barra de dominadas de JX FITNESS nos ofrece una construcción de alto nivel, elaborada íntegramente con tubo de acero de alta calidad. Un material que soporta adecuadamente tanto el peso como el esfuerzo que vamos a realizar a la hora de entrenar sobre la barra.

Un planteamiento en el que el material también incrementa el grosor, tanto de la tubería de sujeción de cada elemento como del propio material, dando así mayor resistencia al conjunto y evitando problemas. Tanto como para soportar en torno a los 100 kilos de carga sin problemas, según indican algunos comentarios relativos al producto.

Estructura mejorada

Darte una mayor comodidad es aún más fácil, gracias a la estructura reforzada del producto. No hablamos de la típica barra en U, con dos laterales y una barra de base, sino de una base en forma rectangular, a través de la que se distribuyen mejor las fuerzas del producto entre la propia barra y la pared donde se sustenta.

En concreto, tenemos una barra delantera y una trasera, unidas entre sí por las barras laterales, que sobresalen adecuadamente para darte más opciones para hacer ejercicio. Algo que se combina con un soporte triangular, que sustenta aún más el peso y lo distribuye eficazmente sobre la pared, incrementando así la seguridad durante el uso.

Otros aspectos interesantes

Para complementar tus entrenamientos, este producto incluye dos salientes en las barras, tanto por los laterales como respecto de la zona que viene de la pared, para que tengas más opciones a la hora de agarrarte y entrenar. Lo mismo ocurre con sus soportes adicionales, sobre las que puedes colgar sacos, peras de boxeo o anillas, facilitando así cualquier entrenamiento que quieras realizar. Algo que también hacen fácil los recubrimientos de espuma en algunas de las zonas de agarre.

En cuanto a su instalación, la misma también resulta sencilla, al incluir todos los elementos necesarios para ejecutarla con seguridad. Lo único que deberás verificar previamente es que la pared tenga las características necesarias para soportar tanto el peso como la tensión correspondiente durante el proceso, siendo preferible el hormigón, aunque también puede montarse sobre paredes de ladrillo, gracias a los tornillos de expansión que incorpora el lote.

Ultrasport Pull-Up Bar

Abrimos esta lista con una que es considerada por muchos usuarios como la mejor barra de dominadas del 2022. La Ultrasport Pull-Up Bar es un modelo de barra para fijar en el techo y es apta tanto para principiantes como para profesionales al ser muy robusta.

Las dimensiones de esta barra de dominadas son 98 x 45 x 22 cm y tiene un peso de 5 kg, muy práctica para fijar en cualquier parte de la casa.  Asimismo, es capaz de soportar hasta 100 kg de carga. El diámetro del agarre es de 3 cm, ni muy fino ni muy grueso, lo que redunda en más comodidad y tiene una distancia al techo de 33 cm. Además, incluye tornillos de fijación, herramientas, instrucciones de montaje y pro

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