The 5 Best Real Madrid Backpacks of 2022

Real Madrid Backpack – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

A Real Madrid fan always wants to have all the clothing and accessories associated with this first division team, with backpacks being one of the most sought-after and functional items. There are many options and designs available, so to choose one that is suitable it is necessary to establish a comparison contrasting the benefits and disadvantages of each model. Although there are many designs today, a few are among the favorites of users and two are frequently recommended. The first is the Adidas Real BP, a unisex-style backpack, available in black with the team’s shield and the brand’s logo in white. The model is made of polyester, being strong and resistant, it has several compartments and a capacity of 27 litres. Next, there is the Safta 611554640, a backpack with compact dimensions, but with a relatively high volumetric capacity, being available in gray.



The 5 Best Real Madrid Backpacks – Opinions 2022

Real Madrid is one of the most popular teams in the world, so it is not surprising that there is an infinity of merchandise that bears its shield; such is the case of backpacks. If you have already decided to acquire one of these to organize your personal belongings, you should know that there are many alternatives. Therefore, if you want to choose a quality Real Madrid backpack, it may be convenient for you to read the following section with the five models that lead user preferences.

1.Adidas Royal BP

If you are looking for the best quality-price Real Madrid backpack, this option from the German manufacturer Adidas may be the right one, since it is one of the cheapest on the market and the lowest cost of our selection.

The backpack corresponds to the 2016-2017 season, being part of the official merchandise of the merengue team. It has a volumetric capacity of 27 liters, so it can be used to carry everything from books to school, to clothes on a short trip.

It has a sporty casual style design and is available in black, with the details of the brand and team logo in white. It has a resistant structure of polyester and synthetic material, being integrated by a large main compartment. In addition, it is equipped with a double zipper closure system. It can be carried by hand via the top handle or on the shoulders with adjustable straps.

Adidas Real BP is recognized as one of the cheapest backpacks on the market considering its quality, capacity and functionality properties. Therefore, you can review its main attributes and disadvantages.


Capacity: The manufacturer has provided this model with a volumetric capacity of 27 liters, so it supports everything from books to clothes, being suitable for children and adults.

Design: The model was designed for the 2016-2017 season with a sporty and casual style in black, with a handle and adjustable straps.

Structure: This backpack has a solid and functional structure that has been made of synthetic material and soft polyester, with a main compartment.

Closure: The model is equipped with a closure system through resistant and double zippers, providing greater security.


Compartment: The backpack has a single large and large compartment, making it difficult to access the objects at the bottom.

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2. Safta Real Madrid 611554640

With a light weight of 399 grams, this Safta design is one of the recommended options for those who are looking for the best Real Madrid backpack on the market. The model has a casual design, being available in grey, with some apple green details and with the team’s shield in the central part.

Due to its compact design it is recommended as a model for children. Its structure is made up of a large main compartment and a second smaller pocket in the front area, both with zipper closure, as well as two mesh pockets on each side, with dimensions of 38 cm high by 32 cm wide. width.

The backpack is equipped for a volumetric capacity of 20 liters and has been made of resistant textile, with reinforced seams. It can be carried on the back through the adjustable and ergonomic straps or carried by hand.  

Safta 611554640 is a backpack with a high quality standard that incorporates resistant materials and a functional but lightweight design, which is why it is recognized by many as the best Real Madrid backpack at the moment.


Capacity: In this model you can carry from books to clothes, because its capacity is about 20 liters.

Design: The model has a compact and casual sports-style design, available in gray with green details.

Structure: The design is made up of a structure made up of two zippered pockets and two mesh pockets on each side of the backpack.

Portability: This backpack can be carried in the hand via the top handle or on the back via the adjustable straps.


Color: The model is available in gray, in a light tone that tends to get dirty easily, being impractical for those who will use it intensely.

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3. Real Madrid Best Life

Few models are among the best Real Madrid backpacks of 2022, but if you want one of these, it would be appropriate for you to consider this official casual style design.

The Spanish design backpack is available in gray and blue with a merengue shield background, it is suitable for different climates and activities, being able to carry all kinds of objects inside.

In addition, the model is resistant and solid, it is made of light but firm polyester, incorporating textile technology to improve ergonomics. Its structure is made up of several pockets, for a total of four and two on the sides, all of them with zipper closure. The main one is wide and the secondary ones allow a greater organization.

The backpack has been designed to hold a capacity of 28 liters, with a weight of less than 100 grams. It can be carried by the handle or on the back, since the straps are padded and adjustable.

There are many manufacturers, models and designs that can be found on the market, so it is possible that you are confused and do not know which Real Madrid backpack to buy, so you can know the attributes and disadvantages of this model.


Capacity: The backpack is suitable for taking to school or carrying clothes, since it has a volumetric capacity of 28 liters.

Compartments: Keeping your belongings organized will be possible because the model has four front pockets and two side pockets.

Closure: The backpack is equipped with strong zipper closures that move smoothly and provide added security.

Materials: The model is made of high quality soft polyester, with reinforced seams and padding for greater ergonomics.


Size: Although the model is light, it is large and large, not suitable for small children and recommended for people over 16 years of age.

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4. Safta Real Madrid 2 Casual Backpack

The Spanish manufacturer presents a model that can help answer the question of which is the best Real Madrid backpack on the market, since it has high-end features that position it as the users’ favorite backpack.

The design is versatile and functional, being possible to adapt it. Its 42 cm structure is made up of two large compartments and a smaller front pocket, all of them with a zipper closure system, as well as a side mesh pocket to carry water bottles.

The style of this backpack is modern and corresponds to the design of the merengue team’s second kit, available in blue, with the Real Madrid shield. This backpack is made of nylon and has a rubber base on each side that minimizes wear. It can be carried by the top handle or on the back, as it is equipped with two adjustable straps.

Safta is a Spanish manufacturer that equips its products with high-end materials, meeting all the requirements that denote quality, offering versatile and functional designs. For this reason, it is a strong competitor to become the best brand of Real Madrid backpacks. Know the pros and cons of one of its models.


Structure: The model has been designed with a 42 cm resistant and solid nylon structure and it is possible to adapt it to your build.

Compartments: This backpack is equipped with several compartments, two of them large and a smaller front pocket to keep belongings organized.

Design: The model has a modern and functional design, being available in blue with the merengue team shield.

Closures: Each of the compartments of this model is equipped with a high-quality zipper closure system.


Color: The model is only available in blue, reducing the options for users and limiting the possibilities to combine.

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5. Real Madrid Mixed Roulette

This model is usually one of the most recommended Real Madrid backpacks among the user community, thanks to its structure of versatile functionality and resistance. The backpack has an appropriate design for school-age children who are fans of Real Madrid, since it not only incorporates the team’s shield in its print, but also an image of the Santiago Bernabéu.

One of the properties that make this model more attractive is that it is equipped with wheels, which makes it easy to move. The backpack with trolley weighs just under a kilo, but it is functional and spacious, since its structure has a size of 47 cm.

In addition, the manufacturer has provided the backpack with reflective bands, a retractable rod to facilitate movement and two large compartments with a zipper closure system. Although it can slide, the model includes adjustable straps to carry on the back.

Real Madrid Roulette is a versatile and functional model, due to its structure that differs from other designs and, furthermore, it has a competitive price. Here you can read its pros and cons.


Gliding: The model is versatile and comfortable, as it has been equipped with wheels that make it easy to slide across surfaces without hurting your back.

Structure: The model has a 47 cm structure that includes a retractable rod, reflective bands, adjustable straps and a handle to carry in the hand.

Compartments: To keep belongings organized, the model has been equipped with two large and spacious compartments.

Design: A Real Madrid fan will be pleased with the print on this model, since in addition to the merengue shield it has an image of the emblematic Santiago Bernabéu stadium.


Ages: Due to its design and structure, the model is only recommended for children, since it will be impractical for adults.

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