The 5 Best Real Madrid Kits of 2022

Real Madrid Kit – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

A fan of football and Real Madrid should have all the club’s kit to use it in matches, training sessions or a casual outing, combining the garments with jeans. If among your plans is to acquire one of these pieces of clothing, it is convenient that you can make a comparison between the available options. There are many models and designs on the market, but there are a few that stand out from the rest. The first is the Adidas BR3543, a kit that includes a men’s shirt in black, with turquoise details, corresponding to the 2017-2022 season and is available in various sizes. In addition, it is made of materials that favor freshness but at the same time are resistant, such is the case of polyester. The next option is the modelReal Madrid CF 1st kit, a replica design of the official model for the 2017-2018 season, made up of three pieces and with special sizing for children.



The 5 Best Real Madrid Kits – Opinions 2022

If you need the kit of the Real Madrid football team to look like a professional both on and off the pitch, the best thing is that you can select between models that stand out for their quality. For this reason, we offer you a list with the five designs that usually lead the recommendations of users, in which we explain the main characteristics of each of the options.

1. Adidas JSY 2nd Kit Real Madrid 2017-2018

If you are looking for the best Real Madrid kit, then you may want to pay attention to the attributes of this model from the manufacturer Adidas. In this opportunity, a t-shirt corresponding to the 2017/2018 spring-summer season is presented. The garment has the sporty design for the visitor modality, which has black as the predominant color, with turquoise details.

The t-shirt is recommended for men. It has a high degree of quality and resistance because it is made with high-density materials, with the polyester textile making up 100% of its structure. The model stands out for being breathable and suitable for training, games or even to wear with jeans.

It is available in several sizes, so that the user can select the one that best fits their body, being possible to choose between a small size XS, up to a large 2XL, for larger textures.

Quality and durability are attributes that cannot be ignored when it comes to sportswear. Both qualities are present in the Adidas JSY 2nd BR3543 model, which is why it is considered the best Real Madrid kit at the moment. Here are its pros and cons.


Design: The model is designed to be a breathable and comfortable sports-style shirt, being recommended for games or casual outings.

Materials: The t-shirt is carefully crafted from 100% polyester.

Size: Regardless of the texture, each user will be able to select the size that best fits their body because it is available in all sizes.

Season: If you want to be up to date with the kit, this model corresponds to the 2017/2018 spring-summer season.


Body Fit: For very slim builds, the smallest size of this model may be a bit loose.

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2. Real Madrid CF kit 1 2017-2018

For those who are looking for the best quality-price ratio Real Madrid kit, this may be the right model, as it is one of the cheapest kits on the market and the one with the lowest cost in our selection of products. It is a set made up of three pieces: t-shirt, shorts and base flannel.

The set is recommended for children, since its size is adjusted to the smallest of the house, being possible to select between sizes for children of 10, 12 or 14 years. Although it is a replica, the clothing has a high degree of quality and resistance.

The design of this kit is based on the official uniform of the merengue club’s junior first kit modality, being an authorized replica for the official 2017-2022 season of Real Madrid. The kit also includes a case, paper, sticker to complement the game and make it more attractive.

Real Madrid CF kit 1ª is a kit that offers high standards of quality and sports performance for the children’s modality. In addition, it has a competitive cost, being one of the cheapest on the current market. Here its pros and cons.


Modality: This design corresponds to the 2017 / 2022 season of the Real Madrid children’s first kit.

Quality: This design is an authorized replica as an official article of the merengue club, being of high quality.  

Pieces: The kit is made up of a set of three pieces that make up the uniform, including a labeled shirt, official flannel and shorts.

Added: In addition to clothing, this model is equipped with a case, sticker and paper alluding to the team.


Size: This uniform can be a bit tight, so it is recommended to order a size larger than you wear regularly.

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3.Adidas DH3372-PRS

If you are wondering what the best Real Madrid kit is, then it may be appropriate for you to know the characteristics of this model from the manufacturer Adidas. It is an official Madrid first kit shirt for the 2022/2022 league football season.

The design is predominantly white with black details, being the shirt that the players wear when playing as hosts. This is a customizable model with name and number, it has the embroidery of the League, UCL patch, embroidered merengue club shield on the chest and others. It is made with high quality materials, incorporating recycled polyester.

In addition, the shirt is equipped with climalite textile technology that absorbs sweat and maintains temperature. It is recommended as a versatile version, being comfortable to wear with jeans, as it has a wide cut through the shoulders and torso, so that it is also suitable for the court.

There are many manufacturers, but few are positioned among the best, as it is necessary that they provide maximum performance. For this reason, Adidas is usually recognized as the best brand of Real Madrid kits. Here are the pros and cons of your DH3372-PRS model.


Fit: With this model you will have a garment that fits the body and provides comfort, thanks to its wide cut on the shoulders and torso.

Technology: The shirt offers a pleasant sensation of freshness and sweat absorption, thanks to the fact that it is equipped with climalite textile technology.

Materials: To make this model, the brand has incorporated recycled polyester and each of the patches and shields that identify the merengue club.

Versatility: It can be a shirt that can be used in matches, practices and games or to wear with a pair of jeans.


Size: Although it is available in several sizes, these may not correspond to the conventional ones.

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4. Real Madrid FC Children’s Kit Second Kit 2018/2019

This model is usually one of the most recommended by users because it is a complete and versatile garment. It is a children’s away kit for the new 2022/2022 season. The kit is made up of two pieces: shirt and pants, both with the respective Real Madrid club logos.

The design of this model is the classic sporty V-neck shirt in petrol blue, with a plain back. Although it is a replica, it is an official product licensed by the team.

The model is recommended for the children’s modality, for children between 10 and 12 years old, as its measurements are 43.5 cm chest, 16 cm sleeve length and 59 cm total length. The kit is made with high-quality materials, incorporating polyester, a material that allows free perspiration.

For a model to be recommended, it must have a set of characteristics, including quality, price, comfort and design. The Real Madrid FC 2022-2019 2nd kit has several of these attributes. To draw your conclusions you must review its advantages and disadvantages.


Pieces: The kit is equipped with two pieces that complete the sports attire, being a uniform with a t-shirt and shorts.

Design: If you want to look like a professional, this kit has all the elements. It has a V-neck jersey design and the team logos.

Season: This is the new shirt for the 2022/2022 season, available in petrol blue, being an updated version.

Modality: It is recommended for the children’s modality, which due to its dimensions can be suitable for children between 10 and 12 years old.


Size: As indicated by the manufacturer, it is appropriate to consider the dimensions of the kit, since the size varies.

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5. Real Madrid FC Children’s Third Kit Shirt 2018/2019

If you are going to buy a model, the convenient thing is that you can make your selection among the best Real Madrid kits of 2022, hence it would be appropriate to consider the model

Real Madrid FC 3ª as one of your options. This is the third kit for the 2022/2022 season.

The t-shirt is suitable for the children’s modality, being possible to select among several sizes, from 4 to 14 years old, the one that best adjusts to the shape of the body. It is made of high-density textile material, such as polyester, that provides freshness and comfort against perspiration.

The model of this shirt has a V-neck, with all the logos and shields that identify the team, in addition to being available in coral. Although it is not an original garment, it is an official replica licensed by the merengue team.

The market offers a wide range of designs and models, so it is recommended that you consider the quality standards and if you do not know which Real Madrid kit to buy, you could know the attributes and disadvantages of the Real Madrid FC 3rd 2022/2019.


Color: With this model you will get out of the conventional and casual, because the club shirt is presented in an original coral color.

Design: The shirt has a V-neck design that allows air to enter and a cut that fits the shape of the body.

Season: If you want to wear the latest uniforms from this team, you should know that the model corresponds to the new 2022/2022 season.

Materials: Quality is guaranteed in this model, since polyester has been incorporated into its construction, a material that provides comfort.


Category: It is a model intended only for children’s categories, that is, it does not offer sizes for adults.

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