The 5 Best Rollerblade Skates of 2022

Rollerblade Skates – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Skating is a sports practice that guarantees you moments of fun, while helping to strengthen muscle tone, burn calories and improve your endurance. If you want to practice it, you should make sure you have good quality skates like the Rollerblade. This brand has extensive experience in the manufacture of products suitable for different disciplines and users. After reviewing several models, we have selected some skates that might interest you. Among them, we have the Rollerblade MacroBlade 90. This proposal is ideal for you to skate as a sport, offering improvements such as an improved lateral reinforcement and greater stability when it comes to propel you. All this in the classic format of four wheels in line of these modern skates. Another option are theRollerblade RB 80 Pro, a Unisex design with a cast boot and a lower, tough aluminum profile. It is completed with 85A hardness wheels, which offer more speed and grip.

The 5 Best Rollerblade Skates – Opinions 2022

To choose the right product, apart from looking at its characteristics, you need to take into consideration the manufacturer that has designed them. Because the Rollerblade brand was the main promoter of inline skates, we want to introduce you to some of its best models.

1. Rollerblade Macroblade 90 Inline Skates

To talk about the Rollerblade Macroblade 90 skates is to talk about a product designed especially for those who use skating as a solution for cardio training. Users who require more advanced features than the usual skates have and who prefer to bet on the best Rollerblade skates of 2022.

For this reason, this model has improvements such as a mounting system that offers greater stability when moving. Its lateral support system helps you to have a better balance and transmits greater force in each impulse, gaining speed.

All this design is reflected in an aluminum frame of the brand and 11 inches long. The four free-turning wheels are distributed in it, mounted on high-quality bearings, which respond adequately to your movements. The necessary complement to get even more out of the skates.

If you are still not sure which are the best Rollerblade skates of the moment, we leave you the most outstanding characteristics of this model, a firm candidate for that honor.


Approach: These skates are not the classic ones that are used for walking, but they are designed to increase performance and move at higher speeds.

Support: Its improved support is made of aluminum and has a lower profile, offering you better control of the slide.

FLEX System: This system helps to better balance the foot during movements, through a more efficient balance.

Closure: The boot’s micrometric closure system makes it easy to adjust its tension to what you need at all times.

Wheels: 90-millimeter wheels offer all the power and control you need when skating.


Sizes: The sizes tend to be small, so it is recommended to choose a number more than what you normally wear.

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2. Rollerblade RB 80 Pro Unisex Adult Skates

These are skates with a Molded Boot type design that offer great versatility, since they are suitable for rolling on the track, in the city and also between obstacles. The molded shell of the RB 80 Pro offers exceptional support for the leg, preventing injury while providing space for breathability and ventilation.

In this sense, the boot has a high-performance fabric inner lining, padding and a shock-absorbing system in the heel, which offers greater cushioning, since it absorbs shocks and vibrations; while improving grip. In addition, it includes a double buckle with lace closure, so that the skate is completely fixed and does not move when skating.

Stability is provided by a lower profile, rigid 243mm extruded aluminum frame that optimizes the skater’s center of gravity and improves speed and maneuverability.

At the same time, the 85A hardness 80mm wheels maximize grip, speed and reduce wear, improving overall performance. On the other hand, SG7 bearings are designed to offer optimal speed.


Design: The Rollerblade RB80 Pro features a cast design, with a low-profile aluminum frame, which improves stability and maneuverability.

Ergonomics: The skates are ergonomic, thanks to the inner lining that improves the ventilation of the boot, prevents perspiration and absorbs shocks.

Wheels: The wheels of the skate have a hardness of 85A, so they improve speed and grip, while reducing wear.


Unisex: These are unisex skates, so they may not be the most suitable for users looking for an adapted design.

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3. Rollerblade RB Cruiser Unisex Adult Skates

The Rollerblade RB Cruiser are specially designed to roll in urban environments. Thanks to the design of their boot, with profile molding, they allow the user to perform a wide variety of maneuvers, whether hard or soft, as well as changes of direction and quick turns. The molding of the boots also makes them more resistant and durable, capable of withstanding the usual bumps and scratches of use.

The boots, due to their design, are very versatile and have an inner lining made of high-performance fabric, which offers better ventilation and helps perspiration. At the same time, it has a special space for the heel, which absorbs vibrations and works as a shock absorber; while offering a better grip to prevent injuries. This design is completed with a double buckle closure and a high performance rear brake.

The 243mm frame is stiff and stable, with a lower design, which improves the center of gravity, increases maneuverability and also speed. On the other hand, the urban profile wheels have a hardness of 85A and are complemented by SG7 bearings.


Support and ventilation: The design of the boot, together with the inner lining, maximize ventilation and breathability, while improving foot grip.

Frame : These skates feature a rigid and stable 243mm frame that lowers the skater’s center of gravity, increasing speed and improving maneuverability.

Wheels : Includes 80mm wheels with a hardness rating of 85A that, together with SG7 bearings, offer greater stability, maximize speed, improve grip and reduce wear.


Closure: The closures of the buckles can fail if the skates are subjected to intensive use, it is recommended to evaluate this section frequently to avoid inconveniences.

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4. Rollerblade Macroblade 80W Women’s Inline Skates

One of the advantages of the Rollerblade range is that it offers practically a skate for every use, as befits the best skate brand today. In this case, the Rollerblade Macroblade 80 W model falls within the balanced and beginner range.

To achieve this, the skate has a quality profiled aluminum base, designed to achieve a good mix between power and control. Something interesting for newcomers to gain confidence before developing their skills and for which the built-in training template also helps.

For the rest, this skate is specially designed for them, which is perceived both in the design of the boot and in the sizes. This boot has the usual micrometric closure system, ideal for adjusting the tension of the piece with precision and giving you greater comfort when skating.

Getting started in the world of skating is easy if you have skates specially designed for this purpose.


Profile: The profile of the skate is mixed, which translates into a structure designed to achieve good speed and efficient slip control.

Coverage: The skate boot has been designed to completely cover the foot, which translates into greater comfort and better rolling control.

Weight: The weight of the product is 750 grams, which means greater comfort compared to other heavier models.


Level: The level of these skates is for occasional users and beginners, so they may fall short for more experienced users.

Measurements: Check the size table that the manufacturer offers you before choosing a specific number, due to the differences between the measurements of the skate and those of the footwear you usually wear.

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5. Rollerblade Fury G Girl Inline Skates

If you need skates for girls, then your model is the Rollerblade Fury G. This product maintains the design of the beginner versions of this manufacturer. Something that helps a design designed to improve grip and reinforce the lateral supports of the foot.

Its structure is based on a frame manufactured by compression molding and includes an adjustable system for sizes. This allows the length of the skate to be adapted as the foot grows, so that each pair of skates covers four different shoe sizes. That is why these skates are cheaper, since they can be used for a longer time.

As for rolling, this is based on 72-millimeter diameter type 80 A wheels mounted on SG3 class bearings. Another element that helps maintain the balance between control and speed that we have been discussing, as corresponds to a set of skates designed for beginners.

If you are still not sure if this model is what suits your little skater, we leave you some additional details about its characteristics.


Bearings: SG3 bearings offer a good balance between speed and control, making it easier to move in all kinds of circumstances.

Brake: The brake helps maintain proper safety during sliding and is pre-assembled at the factory, with the necessary adjustment to obtain good braking performance.

Adjustable: The skates are adjustable at their base according to the different sizes covered by each model. Thus, the skate grows as it is necessary.


Closure: The closure system combines velcro, laces and a micrometric strip, which can be somewhat complicated to manipulate for the smallest.

Resistance: The plastic elements have an improvable resistance, being advisable to treat them with care so that they do not deteriorate.

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Buying Guide – What are the best Rollerblade skates on the market?

If you want to select a product that suits your needs, the first thing you should do is know its characteristics, in this way you will be able to make a correct decision. For this reason, we present the following guide to buying the best Rollerblade skates, through which we explain some aspects that you must take into account when making your choice.


Before making a comparison of Rollerblade skates, it is necessary that you know more about the type of wheels that these equipment usually have, in this way you will have an idea about the style of skating that you can practice with each model, since these pieces usually define their usefulness.

The wheels are the ones that guarantee proper movement on the different types of surfaces, for this reason, when making your choice it is also important that you look for ones that help you feel comfortable on any track.

However, before looking at the number of wheels, it is also important that you take into consideration other factors such as their hardness and size. These two characteristics will tell you if the model you are going to select is suitable for fitness, initiation, advanced or free styles.

On the other hand, if you select a model that has wheels arranged in a line, you will be able to drive them more easily.

Other qualities that you should consider are its bearings, since the efficiency that the wheels maintain when turning depends on them, as well as the level of speed with which they manage to carry out this process.


When buying skates, many users, apart from having doubts about how much a certain model costs, often wonder if models with or without brakes are better for them.

The answer to this question is very personal and will depend on how comfortable you feel wearing this piece, but there are certain factors that you should consider when making your choice. Chief among them is your level of experience.

If you are starting to use them or you do not maintain a good level of balance when moving, the most appropriate thing could be to acquire skates with brakes, because with them you will be able to stop easily at the moment you want.

However, there are certain disciplines in which it is not allowed to use skates with brakes, either because they are speed sports or because of the type of material in which the skating rink is made, since the pressure they exert could damage its surface.

There are models that have fixed brakes, others without them and there are also teams that have removable studs, so that once you have learned to skate or move with confidence, you can simply take them off and apply new tactics to stop.


When you go to buy one of these devices, you should make sure you select a good model, which could be cheap, but the most important thing is that it is your size, in this way you can feel comfortable and safe when using it.

Generally, adult models are one size, making it possible to choose the correct skates taking into account the number you usually wear.

On the other hand, children’s skates are usually extendable, this represents a great advantage, because with the simple press of a button or making a small adjustment it is possible to extend their length or make them smaller.

Thanks to this you will not have to buy skates every time your child grows up, however, to make the right purchase you should pay attention to how much you can increase their size.

On the other hand, it is important that you can adjust the skates properly, because if they are too loose, it is likely that you bend your foot or hurt yourself easily, while if they are too tight then you will feel uncomfortable.

To ensure that you can hold them precisely, skates usually have velcro closures, loop straps or laces, and there are models that combine several of these systems.


If you want to choose the right team you will have to make sure that they have a design that you like.

The brighter colors are usually appropriate for those who like to attract attention, while those that have been made in neutral tones could be liked by modern users.

On the other hand, you also need to make sure you select a model that offers good support to the foot and provides comfort. Likewise, it is necessary that its level of hardness is according to the type of style that you want to practice.

How to use rollerblade skates

Skating is a very entertaining physical activity that helps maintain good body condition, as it stimulates the burning of calories and fat evenly. To execute it, it is essential to have a pair of rollerblade or inline skates of good quality. If this is your first time doing this activity, follow the tips below to do it correctly.

Check if the size is correct

It is important that you verify that the size you purchased is correct, prior to use. In-line skates are characterized by handling the same measurements as the common shoe size. Depending on the country in which you live, consult the list of measurements for each size, since having a bad fit, you will not be able to execute the movements correctly.

wear safety gear

For novice skaters, it is recommended to use safety equipment that will cover some areas of your body in case of an accidental fall. Put on a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves to protect your hands. Remember to keep your safety gear on the whole time you are skating.

put on your skates

Sit in a comfortable place and insert your foot into the boot. For added comfort, you can put on soft socks to prevent irritation of your skin from the internal pads. Once your foot is inside, press the tongue toward the bottom of your foot, then pull the adjustable straps across the front of the boot and thread them through the buckles on the opposite side. If your feet are wobbly, adjust the straps a little more.

Get up

Lean on a firm surface like a nearby wall or chair to get up, if you don’t have something nearby, lift one foot and push off with both hands from the ground and lift the other foot. It is recommended that you practice on a mat, which thanks to its rough texture will keep the wheels stable.

spread your feet

Once you’re moving, assume a posture similar to the one you normally have. Keep your posture straight and avoid bending your ankles to the sides, the tips of your feet should be turned to the front. Separate your feet to the distance of your shoulders, to achieve balance. You must always keep your eyes on the position of the skates.

Start with slow movements

Skating is an action that is achieved with the execution of short and slow movements that allow your feet to adapt to the surface. Begin by taking steps as if you were walking normally near a wall. When you feel confident, walk on smooth, flat ground. Make sure there are no people around you who could be affected in the event of a fall.

practice daily

Becoming a good skater requires time and dedication to improve every day. Practice daily and try new moves and tricks as you keep your balance on the pavement. Remember to use your upper body to guide the movements and control the speed.

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