The 5 Best Rooftop Bike Racks of 2022

Roof Bike Rack – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you want to move your bike in a completely safe way, you need to buy a bike rack that is responsible for keeping it firmly attached to the top of the car, preventing it from falling while you move at different speed levels. To achieve this, it is necessary to choose a model that has a good fastening system, which allows the bicycle to be adjusted appropriately. Among the different types that are offered in the current market, some stand out for the characteristics they have, which offer you different advantages. The Thule 591000 has a frame holder arm, which has an exclusive design and adequate support for the wheels, so they always stay in the correct position. Another option is the Thule 532002, a model that adapts to bicycle frames that have a size of up to 80 mm in diameter. Plus, it folds up for easy storage.

The 5 Best Roof Bike Racks – Opinions 2022

The qualities and characteristics of the best bike racks of 2022 are presented in the following section, which will probably serve as a guide when making your purchase. This list is based on the characteristics of each product and the impression of the users who have purchased them, to help you choose a model that suits your needs.

1. Thule 591000 Bike Carrier

Main advantage:

With this Thule bike rack you will have the freedom to choose which bike to take on your trip, since its load capacity is 20 kilograms and the wheel handles are adjustable.

Main disadvantage:

A couple of buyers received the bike rack without a key to the lock, so they had to make claims to get one.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Thanks to the advantages and adaptability of this model, your cycling destinations will be expanded so that you can decide where and when to practice this incredible sport.

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Taking regular bike rides can bring many health benefits, and if you want a change of scenery, taking your bike with you away from the city may be the only drawback. If you want to avoid this, consider a roof bike rack and don’t forget to consider its capacity.

Thule offers you a very practical model that can be more useful than you imagine: the 591000. This bike rack stands out among other models thanks to the fact that it can carry a maximum of 20 kilograms.

Its design will allow you to carry bicycles with frames of a maximum of 100 millimeters so that you have freedom of choice. It has dimensions of 145 x 33 x 9 centimeters and weighs just 4 kilograms, so you could keep it installed in your car without causing any inconvenience and thus be ready to use whenever you want.


The most used models in bike racks are usually installed on the roofs of vehicles, although there are also models for the rear door. Be that as it may, taking a bicycle out of the car can be dangerous, which is why you should carefully study the security system included in the model you want to buy.

In the case of the Thule bike rack, you should know that it is equipped with a double security system: on the bar you will find two rigid plastic handles that will be in charge of keeping the bicycle in place, while a locking system has been fitted on the base. lock with key and padlock that will prevent everything from falling from the roof of the car.

In addition, adapters for 20 x 20 millimeter T-rails are also included, which will help you with the task of mounting the bike rack on the roof bars of your vehicle.


Some models of bike racks can be more complicated than they seem, especially if they require special tools to be installed on the bars of cars. If you don’t want to run into setbacks and headaches, you should analyze the level of difficulty of using the product.

But, it seems, you won’t have to worry too much about this bike rack from Thule. The product is delivered assembled and ready to use and no type of tool is required to install it; You will only have to place the base on the bars and secure them with the padlock.

When mounting your bike, simply secure the wheels with the plastic handles that are also adjustable to be compatible with different sizes and, voila, you can go to your new destination. And if you have doubts about something, the purchase includes an explanatory manual for novice buyers.

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2. Thule 532 FreeRide Bike Carrier

It will not take too long to fix the bicycles to the support that this model has. It has been rated by some users as the best value for money roof bike rack of the moment, because it has a frame that offers a function that is quick to close and speeds up the installation process. All this, without costing too much money.

It can be used with bicycle models that have a considerable size, because this Thule roof bike rack has been designed to load bikes with frames that have dimensions of 80 mm.

As for its installation, you will be able to do it easily because you will not need tools to fix the support to the roof of the car. The manufacturing company offers it pre-assembled, which is a great advantage. In addition, since it is foldable, you will be able to store it in small spaces, without problems.

The Thule 532002 model could be the best roof bike rack of the moment, but we recommend you consider the pros and cons to be sure that it suits your needs:


Capacity: It is a recommended bike rack to support a bike of maximum 17 kilos.

Mechanism: It has the quick release function to fix the bicycle. On the other hand, it includes adjustment straps to firmly hold the wheels.

Installation: This model offers a simple installation, since it comes pre-assembled from the factory. On the other hand, it has a folding structure, so it is easy to handle and can be conveniently stored when not in use.


Deadbolt: A user commented that the rear deadbolt is very thick, so it touches the back of the car. In this sense, it could be difficult for the user to turn the key, since due to the thickness he could trip over it.

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3. Electric Life 0097001 Unisex Bike Carrier

Regardless of what model of bicycle you use, its size and the thickness of the tires, you can use this support to take your bike wherever you go, because this car roof bike rack is compatible with all of them.

It is a versatile piece of equipment that you can use not only to transport the bicycle to each of the trips you make, but it will also be useful if you want to load other elements that you usually use, such as disc brakes and car bars, as long as have dimensions of 80×50 mm.

It also has a built-in quick-lock system, which prevents you from wasting too much time placing the bike on the rack. Installing it on the ceiling will be easy because it has been pre-assembled.

If you are wondering which roof bike rack to buy, this model could give you the answer you need. For this reason, you should know in detail the advantages and disadvantages of this product before making a decision:


Mechanism: It comes pre-installed for easy handling and assembly, so you will not need help installing it in your car. It also offers a quick locking system.

Materials: It is made of ultra-resistant aluminum to offer a long useful life, as it withstands shocks and falls. On the other hand, it is a compact model, a feature that makes it easy to use.

Compatibility: It is compatible with any size of bicycle, so you will not have to worry about the fit. In addition, it has an oscillating system to support any size of wheels.


Instructions: A user thinks that the instructions should be more precise when explaining the adjustment of the wheels. However, it is an easy-to-install device that does not present major complications.

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4. Peruzzo Cicli Bonin-CVP914 Bike Carrier

Works with roof bars up to 70mm. It is a compact model that, when uninstalled, you can store it without problems in small spaces, since it is not too big compared to other similar products.

One of its most positive aspects that makes it worthy of a position in the current market is the wide level of compatibility that it offers to those who use it, because it can be used with all types of bicycles.

Once you have installed it, you will also have the possibility to use the support to place and transport adult bicycles that have disc brakes.

It has a series of safety straps made of nylon, which help to keep the bicycle firmly on the support and prevent it from falling from there while you are driving to any destination you are heading to. Before making the purchase, it is good to keep in mind that its maximum capacity to support a load is 15 kilograms.

You can count on this model of roof bike rack when you need practical and functional equipment, but one that is also one of the cheapest. In this sense, pay attention to the following specifications to then make a decision:


Compatibility: You can adapt it to bikes of any size, even those for adults with disc brakes.

Use: You can transport the bike on rough roads at a speed of 130 to 140 kilometers per hour without presenting stability problems. This model supports bicycles with a maximum weight of 15 kilograms.

Weight: It weighs approximately 1.02 Kg, making it easy and comfortable to use.


Adjustments: According to the opinion of a user, the security system to adjust the front wheel could be opened with some ease. For this reason, you must check all its parts before embarking on the trip.

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5. Summit SUM-603 Roof Rack

If you have a bicycle whose dimensions are not so high, this model may be of interest to you because it has been designed to move those that have a handlebar that measures between 22 and 43 mm in diameter.

You will not have problems when moving your children’s bikes, because, thanks to its design, bicycles with tubular wheels can be installed on this support.

The support includes some trays with clamps, which will allow you to use it on the roofs of different car models, without any problems.

It is one of the cheapest on the list, but that is not why it is of less quality than the other equipment that has been presented on this occasion, thanks to this you will not need to invest a lot of money to have good support.

It has been made of resistant materials, and can support up to 15 kilograms of weight. It is designed for roof bars with a maximum diameter of 55mm.

The features offered by the Summit SUM-603 make it the best roof bike rack for 20 euros. For this reason, we detail its pros and cons to help you choose correctly:


Compatibility: It can be adapted to the frames and wheels of tubular bicycles for children and adults, regardless of their size. In this sense, it can be used between 22 and 43 mm in diameter of the wheel.

Mechanism: Includes adjustable straps to securely hold the bike from the two carrier trays. Also, the screws fit easily for tool-free mounting and dismounting.

Material: It has an attractive design and is made of plastic.


Installation: A user comments that the hooks to adapt the bike rack to the car are not wide enough, so it is important to take this aspect into account before making the purchase.

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Thule 591000 Bike Carrier

Several of the users recommend this model, because, thanks to the features it has, it could be the answer to the question of which is the best roof bike rack on the market.

It is possible to use it to carry bicycles that are of a considerable size, since it is compatible with those models whose frame has dimensions of up to 100 mm.

Likewise, to facilitate the process of installing the bicycles in the bike rack, this model has adapters for T-guides that have a size of 20×20 mm; these are incorporated into the mounting of the bars that go on the roof.

This new equipment, considered by many as the best roof bike rack of the moment, has an arm to hold frames, which has a special design and has a support for wheels that is used to place the bicycles on the roof in the correct way.

If what you need is to have the best roof bike rack brand, we recommend you consider the following positive and negative characteristics of this product before making a decision:


Mechanism: It is possible to adapt this bike rack to the right or left side of the car roof. In addition, it has an exclusive design and adjustment straps to firmly fix wheels of different sizes. On the other hand, its rotary knob allows the final adjustment to be more practical.

Installation: It is a model that does not need tools for its assembly, since it comes pre-assembled from the factory. It also has T-rail adapters for direct mounting.

Compatibility: It is recommended for oval frames up to 100 millimeters and round frames up to 80 millimeters. On the other hand, it complies with the rules of CityCrash.

Capacity: It has a maximum capacity to transport a bicycle of up to 20 kilos.


Accessories: Some users commented that this model does not include the necessary keys to handle the locks, which could cause inconvenience for proper use.

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Buying guide – What is the best roof bike rack on the market?

If you love cycling, it’s only natural that you want to take your bike with you wherever you go on holiday, to explore new routes and continue your training. Different fastening systems are offered on the market, which allow you to keep the bicycle securely fastened to your car, so that you can take it wherever you want in a simple way and without the risk of it falling while driving.

What should I know before buying a roof rack?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that there are several systems, for that reason, before choosing one in particular, you need to know its characteristics, which we present to you in our guide to buying the best roof bike rack.

Apart from the advantages they offer you, you should analyze how much it costs and see if its price is consistent with the budget you have available. As in all cases, although there are cheap models, others are more expensive. The correct thing would be to select an optimal roof bike rack, which is not so expensive, but manages to fully fulfill its function.

To choose a good and economical one, it is recommended that you make a comparison of roof bike racks, which allows you to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the different models.


Not only are roof racks offered, as there are different types. One of them is the tailgate, which, due to its design, must be located in the back of the car.

The latter have straps that fit the frame of the car, being located on the rear door or the bumper. They have arms that are to let the frame of the bicycle rest on them.

One of the advantages of this type is that they can be easily stored. However, they can cause damage to the car body; there is a risk that the straps that adjust the bike will loosen and the rack can cover the license plate.

Another option is trailer bike racks. These are suitable for 4×4 vehicles and allow several bikes to be mounted at the same time. To use them, tow balls must be purchased separately and help may be needed to hook them up.

There are also roof racks, which allow bicycles to be transported properly, they can be used to carry up to four bikes and, depending on their designs, it is possible to use them to carry other sports equipment that you use frequently.


In order to guarantee the highest level of safety while the bicycle is being moved, this equipment has a fastening system that helps keep it stable.

They are attached to the roof with racks and crossbars that adjust to a certain height of the bodywork, in order to prevent it from deteriorating due to the weight or friction of the equipment that you place on top of it.

They also have a kind of mounting foot, gutters, straps or clips, whose function is to hold the bike firmly and ensure that it does not move. These models keep the bicycles fixed, because they hold them by the wheels.

In this sense, it is important that, when making your purchase, you ensure a good level of stability, as well as fixation, so that the bicycle remains fixed even if you move at a certain speed. In this way, you can drive without fear.


As the bicycles are of different sizes and their wheels have different thickness dimensions, you need to look at the level of compatibility of the bike rack model you are going to buy.

Because each design is different, some are only capable of holding bikes that have certain measurements and it is not possible to use them with other models. Some models are also offered that can be used with all types of bicycles, regardless of their dimensions and the size of the wheels.

You can assess its level of compatibility by looking at the frame size that the bike rack you choose will accept. In addition to this, you will find products that can be used to transport several bicycles at the same time. These can be useful if you are part of a cycling team and not everyone has a car.

Another factor to consider is the weight that they can carry, since if you put more than the established level on them, then you will run the risk of the bases deteriorating and damaging the upper part of the car’s body.

The legislation is specific regarding the use of this type of device, so you should check the regulations of your country, to make sure you do not violate any law.

How to use a roof rack

Transporting your bike in a car can be a bit of an awkward procedure if you don’t use the right roof rack, but it’s even more so when you don’t know how to use and install it. For this reason, you must first inform yourself about these two topics, being necessary to read a series of steps and recommendations so that your user experience is the best.

Read the instruction manual

It is recommended that you read the instruction manual of your bike carrier carefully, so that in addition to familiarizing yourself with the parts, you will be able to install them accurately.

Compare the parts included in the package with those shown in the manual

It is of great importance that you make a comparison between the number of pieces that the unpacked model has with respect to the enumeration specified in the manual. Keep in mind that if any part is missing, you must purchase it separately or make a claim to the buyer. In addition, you must manipulate them with the appropriate tools; This way you will be sure that you have done a correct assembly.

Check the bars located on the roof of the car

Before starting the installation you should review the design of the bars located on the roof of your car; they can be rail or smooth. It is important that you identify this before mounting.

Place the adapter

If the model of the bars of your car is smooth, you will need to install a rail-shaped adapter on each of them. Its placement is done under pressure, so you will only have to hold the piece with your hands and press it on the bar. Finally, close the latches located on the bottom side of the adapter.

release the rails

After placing the adapters you will have to release the rails; to do this you just have to release a lever that you will find in each support.

Anchor the bike rack

Hold the lever or bike rack with your hands and slide its base through the rail of the adapters. Next, you need to block your closing system again; in this way the team will be firm.

Prepare the bike for assembly

You must remove all those accessories that your bicycle has, making its structure as light as possible at the time of assembly.

Mount the bike on the lever

First, align the wheels on the longitudinal bars and unlock the clamp located on the top of the rack. The arm needs to be at a 90° angle to the frame. Next, lock the caliper safety; to do this you just have to slide a small lever arranged in this area.

Check the direction of the bike when mounting

When you start assembling the bicycle, you must take into account that the handle is directed towards the front; that is, in the direction of circulation.

Adjust the wheel supports

Carefully slide the wheel brackets to fit the size of the bike you are using.

Adjust the tensioners

You have to secure the wheels so that some unexpected slip does not occur, so place the tensioners between the wheel and the support to finally adjust the micrometric closure on both wheels.

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