The 5 Best Skateboards of 2022

Skateboard – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Getting around on a board and four wheels is a great idea, both for fun and to move around the city agilely. Although to do it with the comfort and safety that we deserve, it is necessary to have quality models in all its parts, as well as with the resistance required so that these trips do not affect the structure of the product that we have chosen. One of the most attractive proposals of the moment is the ColorBaby Bigfoot skateboard. This is a special skateboard for children, with a very stable top board, very light aluminum trucks and high-strength polyurethane wheels. But if you prefer an off-road model, the WeSkate 3108It is a perfect option for all types of tracks and uses, thanks to its 7-layer board and ABEC-7 bearings that allow faster rolling and better grip.

The 5 Best Skateboards – Opinions 2022

The skateboard relives its second youth. Partly because of the novelty of its new designs, but above all because it has a new proposal based on advanced technology models that make a difference. In any case, if you want to know some of the best skateboards of 2022, here we present our selection. Diverse and quality products with which you can surely answer which is the best skateboard based on what suits you best.

1. ColorBaby Skateboard wood and aluminum axis

The ColorBaby skateboard has a top deck made of combined wood and fiberglass sheets, and a size of 79 x 20 cm that is suitable for children and teenagers, but also for adults.

Thanks to its construction of combined sheets, it offers great stability and greater safety to users. While the top of the board is covered with a non-slip sandpaper type material to improve friction.

On the other hand, it has four aluminum axles and 4 white PVC wheels, with a PUI 88A hardness, indicated for urban and walking rides. All in all, it is a team suitable for children and adolescents who are starting to skate with a skateboard.

The lower part is decorated with a fun Big Foot, a very eye-catching animation character thanks to its white and blue colors, all on a sticker that covers the lower part.


Table: The top table is very stable and has a suitable size for children, as well as for teenagers and adults, which makes it very versatile.

Axles: The axles of the skateboard are made of aluminium, stable and light, designed so that they are not heavy when moving.

Design: The design of the bottom sticker of the skateboard is very colorful and suitable for the little ones.


Stickers: The stickers on the bottom of the skateboard may peel off from use.

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2. WeSkate Complete Skateboard for Beginners 7 Layers

The WeSkate skateboard offers ample maneuverability to skaters, thanks to its “double kick” top plate design, with a non-slip surface to optimize handling. It is, therefore, a suitable equipment for street, urban, ramp, pool skating and even on irregular surfaces and offtrail.

On the other hand, it is a very stable and safe piece of equipment, thanks to the fact that the board is made of seven layers of maple wood pressed at once. This means that the result will be more compact, more durable and that it will always have the correct shape, without bending or deforming due to weight or use. Likewise, a light table is achieved and capable of supporting up to 100 kg of weight.

As for the movement system, the skateboard has four polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 50 mm and a hardness of 85A, together with ABEC-7 steel bearings, very silent and with superior grip and shock absorption.


Design: The design is very striking and colorful, and the printing is of a high quality, which ensures that it will last a long time.

Wheels: The polyurethane wheels are of high resistance, with a hardness of 85A, which allow the use of the board for walking and also for doing pirouettes.

Bearings: These are very quiet ABEC-7 steel and chrome bearings, capable of improving grip and shock absorption.


Wood: Maple wood plies are very thin, which can be a problem for users looking for thicker boards.

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3. Casulo H2S Electric skateboard mini skateboard with remote control for adult

In line with the new urban electric vehicles, this skateboard, with a 2.4Ghz remote control, is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour on flat surfaces. The motor uses a Samsung lithium battery, which is known in the market for its high stability and durability. In addition, the motor has 3 speeds, adaptable to beginners and experts.

The board is 14mm thick and is designed with a combination of 7 layers of maple wood that offers great strength and flexibility. It is capable of supporting up to 80 kg of weight and is very light, since it weighs 3.7 kg, so you can take it everywhere.

On the other hand, the skateboard offers a very stable ride, thanks to its high quality urethane wheels, with a low eccentricity concentric bearing, which means less wheel wear, optimal momentum and improved speed over time. any type of terrain, even on rough or irregular surfaces.


Motor: The electric motor offers high stability, with a maximum speed of 20 km/h, suitable for driving around the city.

Remote control: The remote control works at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and allows you to select between forward and reverse.

Board: With a Kicktail design and a size of 25.4 inches, it offers great stability and rigidity, very suitable for beginners.


Price: This skateboard has a slightly higher price than other boards, since it incorporates the electric motor and the remote control.

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4. Paw Patrol Skateboard wooden mini skateboard

If your child likes “Paw Patrol” with this mini skateboard you can enjoy the characters of the animated series. In this sense, the top of the board has a sandpaper-type anti-slip surface, with the series logo serigraphed. In its lower part, it has a sticker in which all the main characters of the series appear.

On the other hand, the size of the board is the most suitable for children from 2 years old, since it is designed for their initiation in skateboarding. The upper board measures 12 x 10 x 43 cm and weighs 480 grams, so it will be very easy for them to handle it and learn to move on it.

In addition, it is a model made of resistant wood; while the wheels are made of high hardness urethane, so that the ride is stable and controlled.


Design: The design of the skateboard, with the Paw Patrol logo on the top and the bottom sticker with all the characters, is very attractive to children.

Board: The top board is made of resistant wood and is 43 cm long, making it very suitable for the little ones.

Axles : The axles and wheels offer a controlled roll, which is beneficial to favor the stability of small users.


Non- slip cover: It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use, to prevent the non-slip cover on the top of the skateboard from coming off.

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5. ColorBaby 75831 Skateboard 55 cm

Traditionally, the penny skateboard has been one of the cheapest on the market, which also makes them, along with their design, ideal for the little ones in the house. A product line that follows the Colorbaby 75830 model.

A model 55 centimeters wide and a high-quality PVC base that supports up to 80 kilos of weight. This material is also present in the wheels, which provide adequate resistance to use during the tours.

A traditional cut model, ideal for the smallest of the house to take their first steps on wheels and begin to experience these pleasant sensations.

The 75831 is a model for children considered to be perhaps the best skateboard for 20 euros, and is also one of the cheapest equipment on this list:


Colors : the Colorbaby can be purchased in three different versions: blue with red wheels, red with blue wheels and green with light blue wheels.

Size : It has a compact size and is very easy to carry to go to the park or wherever you want.

Traction : The upper has a diamond pattern that helps improve traction for balance and stability.


Axles : a detail to consider is that the axles are made of plastic, causing the board to not be as robust.

Capacity : despite the fact that the manufacturer indicates that it supports 80 kilograms, the buyers have carried out tests and affirm that this is false and, according to their criteria, it does not exceed 60 kilograms of capacity.

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Buying Guide – What is the best skateboard on the market?

If we look back and see any comparison of skates from yesteryear, compared to those we have today we will see that the products presented in them have changed a lot. Something that today has meant a notable change, partly due to the evolution of materials, as well as the application of technology in each model. Therefore, the advice in our guide to buying the best skateboard is more than necessary to make the most of everything these products have to offer.

skateboard type

As we have said, the offer of skateboards that we find on the market today is very wide. So wide as to be able to have all kinds of products, both in terms of their technology and their resistance. With this approach it is easy to find a good and cheap skateboard, suitable for what you may need.

Most of these models follow the traditional line, so they have a table with variable dimensions and good resistance depending on the different models, to give you the best sensations during your rides. In this section we find traditional skateboards, penny skateboards and other similar models. Although there are others such as long boards, we will talk about these in more detail on another occasion.

If we turn to electronic models, we distinguish between mixed models and pure models. In the mixed models we will find traditional skateboards, but they incorporate LED light for better visibility. In the pure models we talk directly about electric skateboards with battery and motor that will take us wherever we want, without having to worry about anything else.

User measurements and dimensions

When buying a skateboard, the product must adapt to the measurements and characteristics of the user, so that its use is safe and of quality. An issue that also has to do with the measurements and characteristics of the table, as well as its support or endurance capacity. Question that is worth evaluating even beyond how much the chosen product costs.

In the case of the measurements of the table, it is convenient to assess the width and length of the support table, so that it adjusts to your characteristics. For the smallest users, a measure of 18 to 22 inches in length is enough with which to move comfortably. For adult users, we find models up to 70 centimeters long or a little more, to be able to move comfortably. The same happens with the weight, which we must consider so that it does not exceed the maximum load of the product.

This aspect is even more important within pure electronic models. In this case, the safety and proper use of the product depends on the weight being adapted to the maximum that the model supports. Also review the measurements of the support area, following what we have previously stated, in order to give you greater security in your movements.

Manufacturing materials

When evaluating a skateboard, whatever type it may be, it is advisable to evaluate the materials used to make it in order to verify that they adapt to what we need. Materials present both in the board and in the bearings and wheels, which is ultimately what keeps us glued to the ground.

In the tables, always speaking from the traditional models, we find products made of wood or high-resistance resin, which must have the necessary mix of flexibility and comfort to be able to move with lightness. The same happens with the axes, which should be cushioned, also having resistant fastening elements to offer us better operating results.

As for the wheels and bearings, the latter are key to the safety of sliding. Poor quality bearings prevent moving comfortably. On the other hand, the wheels must have high resistance and durability materials with which to move in a pleasant way. In any case, the good news is that if the wheels fail you can always change them for others with a simple key.

How to use a skateboard

After having acquired your new product, you must learn to use it correctly, but for that you have to determine certain aspects, such as whether it is a traditional or electric skateboard, since the use will vary a little with respect to this characteristic. If you just bought your skateboard and still don’t know how to use it, we invite you to review this article below.

In the case of an electric skateboard

The first thing to do, after unboxing your product, is to locate the battery charging source, connect the charging cable to the port on the skateboard, and plug it into the wall to fully charge the skateboard’s internal battery. A solid green LED should be displayed on the device to indicate that it is already charged.

Turn on the skateboard and get on it

Some models of skateboards have the power button on the back of the device. Press it to turn it on and you will see a solid green or blue LED light, then place the skateboard on the ground so that both pedals are facing up.

Next, you should make sure that the skateboard is well aligned so that when you ride it it does not turn. Then place your more dominant foot on one of the pedals straight and firm and immediately place your second foot on the other pedal so that both feet are balanced. Several models have a central indicator that shows if the position of the feet is correct, indicated by a green LED circle.

Move forward and backward with your skateboard

Place both feet on the skateboard and move your body slightly forward until the skateboard starts up and begins to roll across the floor. It is very important that the ground where you are going to move is smooth and without any kind of holes or depressions that can affect the performance of the device.

To go backwards, you just need to slightly rock your body backwards until the skateboard rolls in the opposite direction. Then move your body slightly forward to stop it. Now, if you’re moving forward and you lean back, your skateboard still stops.

Make simple turns with your skateboard

To make turns, you just have to slightly tilt your foot and body, to the right or left, to choose the side where you want to turn and then regain the right foot position to continue forward.

How to get off your skateboard

The process to get off your skateboard is the same to get on. First of all, you should be stationary with your feet balanced, lower the first foot to the ground and then the other. Next, press the power button on your skateboard and turn it off.

In the case of traditional skateboards

In this case, the manipulation of a traditional skateboard is a little more difficult for people who do not yet know how to use it. Most of the users who acquire this product already have prior knowledge, since to use it they require certain skills and abilities that are not learned quickly.

In these cases, it is recommended to practice with a friend or in institutions where they teach you how to use a traditional scooter, where they will provide you with the appropriate tools and techniques to use it with caution.

The most popular brands

For lovers of the world of skateboarding, the presence of a good skateboard designed to move comfortably through the streets of the city while maintaining an unconditional level of safety is necessary. In this sense, brands such as Element, Plan B and Santa Cruz have for you a variety of skateboards with charming designs so that you can choose the one that best suits your style.

Founded in 1992 in Atlanta – Georgia, the Element brand is based on the manufacture of skateboards for use during the practice and competition of this famous sport. Its creators, Andy Hoell and Johnny Schillereff, were in charge of making this brand part of Billabong International for the year 2001, gaining enviable fame in the market.

The logo of this brand is based on the shape of a tree surrounded by a circle where words are often written that describe the basic elements of life such as water, fire, earth and wind.

It should be noted that since the 90s, this brand has been classified as one of the most important in the world of skateboarding, thanks to the variety of boards it manufactures to meet the needs of each practitioner of said sport.

Also, over time, Element Footwear emerged, a line based on the production of special footwear for the Skaters of the Element team, giving its best results for the year 2006, since Mike Vallely and Tosh Townend, who were part of said team, began to design their own shoe models inspired by the motto of the 4 basic elements of life mentioned above.

The Plan B brand has been available on the market since 1991, being the same founded by Mike Ternasky, Jackson Kontzer and Brian Johnson and based in Costa Mesa, California, United States.

It is important to note that Plan B not only manufactures and sells skateboard decks and wheels, but also designs soft goods such as Jeans, jackets and hooded jumpers to dress athletes with style and innovation.

It should be noted that the founders of this brand have been working in the world of skateboarding for a long time and, therefore, have a much more complete and appropriate vision of each of the needs that this sport deserves. In this sense, they are responsible for providing different consumers with products that are worthwhile and suitable for performing even with professional Skaters.

Santa Cruz is of great value when it comes to remembering Skate history as well as preserving it, since Richard Novak, who was a co-founder of the brand, was in charge of setting up the Skate industry in order to avoid its disappearance, since for that then people were taking everything as a simple fad that would later be forgotten.

Thus, Santa Cruz not only focused on the possibility of manufacturing boards, but also began to carry out studies that would guarantee new ideal technologies to provide more security to each skater. In this sense, the brand has not only focused on producing and selling, but since its inception it has been committed to preserving the integrity of each of its users.

Mentioning the brief history of this brand, it has to do with 3 young people who worked hard every day in the manufacture of surfboards until they finally joined the market and managed to be part of the Skateboards community, remaining as one of the most important and well-known brand for so long.

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