The 5 Best Ski Helmets of 2022

Ski Helmet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

For lovers of extreme sports such as skiing, it is always necessary to have all the equipment that allows them to do it comfortably. In most sports stores you will be able to find many of these, but to make your choice easier, we have analyzed the best ones and can recommend two. In the first place we will find the Black Crevice BCR143764493, which is made of resistant materials and has 10 different air inlets for greater comfort. Another good purchase option is the Bollé Juliet ski helmet, made with high-end materials to resist impacts and a built-in removable pad system. In addition, it is such a light helmet that you will not feel it on your head.

Buying guide – What is the best ski helmet on the market?

A ski helmet is one of the fundamental elements to be able to practice such a popular sport, since our safety and protection will depend on it when it comes to falls or blows, and also, it will allow us to move with total confidence around the practice or championship terrain.

These usually come in different types and sizes and, as it is a very popular practice today, you are going to get many brands that are going to offer you the equipment, but in order to determine which is the best ski helmet on the market, we must first know the needs of each user, because there is a type of these for each person and taste.

When making a comparison of ski helmets we can give you some basic guidelines that you must follow before making your choice and these are: its weight, because the lighter it is, the more comfortable it is, its adjustment mechanism, so that you do not have unwanted movements while you you move, and the materials, if they are soft to the touch and if they are resistant.

Why buy a ski helmet?

In order to always be protected while skiing, you cannot forget to wear a helmet and nothing better than your own and we can choose the one that fits almost perfectly to your head and faces, giving you total comfort while you move through the snow.

The variety of this protective equipment is very wide; there are those that only cover the head, like others that bring visors to cut the wind and give you greater comfort when practicing or in your professional skiing competitions, so you must be clear about the type of helmet you want.

To help you with your choice, you must first learn more about these characteristics that we have already mentioned, because in this way you will be more sure of what you are looking for. That is why we have prepared a guide to buy the best ski helmet; In this way you can have greater security when buying the model that best suits you.


When we talk about a helmet, we immediately think that they are just a kind of semicircle that will cover our head, giving us protection, but this goes much further; It is not only the security they provide you, but also the comfort.

To begin with, we could say that there are 3 basic types of helmets: the traditional ones, which only cover the head and its back; the semi-integral ones, which are those that cover the face with visors, and the integral ones, which cover the face and head. The latter are not widely used in skiing.


Materials are another of the fundamental elements when buying a ski helmet; The durability and quality of the product will depend on them and, in addition, they can influence the security that you will have.

The material you will find depends on each manufacturer and model. Among them are ABS, which is a very resistant plastic, as well as polycarbonate and expanded polystyrene (EPS), which are the most common.

On the inside it is important that they are padded and covered with a soft and comfortable material to the touch, either only on the ears or when it covers the entire face. There are some that are actually hypoallergenic.  

adjustment mechanism

The most important thing when buying your helmet is that it fits your face well, because if this does not happen, you could be in greater danger when it comes to a fall, since it could fly off or simply compact your head instead. to protect her. Therefore, before making your purchase, we recommend that you be clear about what type you want.

The adjustment mechanism in most of these protective equipment is through elastic bands or tapes that are adjustable; you can tighten them to your face as you feel more comfortable. They usually have chin protectors to avoid discomfort. Some bring brooches for greater firmness.

Design and weight

The lighter the helmets the better, as they do not cause problems on your head or neck while you are wearing them for a long time. Therefore, for you to be more comfortable, they must be light.

Among the best-selling models on the market we have that these do not exceed 1 kilogram in weight and are mostly in the range of 300 grams to 900; Of course, you can always find much heavier models.

As for the design, the most important thing is that it adjusts to your anatomy as we had already explained to you, since the colors and shapes are matters of each user’s taste, since it is a point that varies.    


Although this is practically the end of our list, it does not mean that it is a less important point. Not at all, the budget is always important. That is why knowing how much it costs is paramount.

The ski helmet has a varied cost and if we must give you a range, we can say that there are from the economic model to the expensive one. These range from 20 euros, the cheapest, and can cost up to 300 euros or more.         

The 5 Best Ski Helmets – Opinions 2022

Being able to practice your favorite sport with the greatest comfort in the world and safely is very important, especially if it is extreme or could represent some type of greater risk. That is why protective equipment is paramount and one of these sports is skiing; That is why the helmet is among the main items that you must have.  

Helmets can be varied in their designs, sizes and even in the way they protect our faces, so determining which is the best ski helmet is very difficult. In addition, that depends on the model that best suits each of the users.

As we know that it is not easy to choose just one, we have chosen 5 models that stand out from the rest and are among the best ski helmets of 2022. We will detail their main features below; so you will know if any of them suits what you need.

1. Black Crevice Kitzbühel Ski Helmet

Main advantage:

It is made of foam, propionate and textile material, which are resistant to use and light, so this ski helmet will not weigh you down.

Main disadvantage:

Air enters through the ventilation holes, which could make some people uncomfortable regarding the cold of the mountains.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is an effective helmet that will accompany you on the highest mountains, providing you with safety and comfort, something that many people look for in this type of product.

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Among sports equipment, it is sometimes difficult to find an ergonomic one, so it is difficult to find an optimal ski helmet, however, there are models such as the Black Crevice BCR143764493, which could be a good option.

It is made with foam inside, which provides softness and reduces the pressure of weight on the propionate and other materials on your head.

It also has an adjustable chin strap, with padded material for greater comfort and a closure that provides a strong and secure hold.

Finally, it should be noted that it is very practical to machine wash at 30º C, since the inner cover is antibacterial and can be removed for easier maintenance.


Before choosing a ski helmet, it is important to review the design, since it should not only be a resistant helmet, but also elegant, adjusted to your style and preferences. In this sense, this model provides you with various sizes and colors, so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

On the other hand, it has holes to make the helmet breathable, thus avoiding the accumulation of bad odours.

Finally, it comes with a helmet carry bag, so you can easily move it from one place to another when you’re not using it. In addition, this feature makes it easier to store it, taking care of it from unwanted scratches and dust.


This product is made according to the CE EN 1077 standard for greater user safety, in addition, it comes in its original packaging and its external stamping is manufactured with the In Mold process, known in Spanish as in-mold labeling, which gives it a unique touch. and sporty to this ski helmet.

It is a model that can be adjusted to your head with precision, even when you have gloves on your hands, in addition, it has soft padding so that it does not squeeze you too much despite adjusting it correctly.

Finally, it is 1 cm thick to protect your head from unexpected blows. Of course, it is recommended to ski with caution, so that you do not have any accidents on rocks or ice.

If you are a novice, it is best that you do it with the help of a professional, you should also accompany it with other protective accessories such as knee pads and back protectors.

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2. Bollé Juliet Women’s Ski Helmets

Among the equipment required for skiing are helmets, whose purpose is to provide the necessary protection to the athlete in the event of an unexpected overturn or impact at the level of the skull.

This ski helmet from the Bollé house is aimed at the female target, it has an anatomical design, resistant and with transpiration channels for greater comfort. The exterior is made of ABS polymer, which is a thermoplastic capable of withstanding large impacts without deteriorating.

In addition, it incorporates In-Mold technology, which consists of a thin shell made of polycarbonate and filled with EPS-type foam, which enhances the cushioning and lightness of the helmet.

Among other peculiarities of this product is the system of earmuffs and internal pads, which you can easily remove to wash them when you consider it necessary. In the same way, you will have an adjustment strap with a clip closure that is quite practical to manipulate with one hand.

If you are looking for a women’s helmet that, apart from providing the necessary protection when skiing, also has a modern and highly attractive design, you cannot let this model go unnoticed. Know its pros and cons.


Storage: You can store the helmet safely thanks to the incorporation of a waterproof bag with drawstring closure.

Perspiration: Due to the system of holes in the upper and front part of the helmet, you will be able to enjoy adequate ventilation on your head.

Cleaning: Thanks to the fact that the internal pads and earmuffs are removable, you can wash them whenever you want, to maintain hygiene. 

Shell: To manufacture the shell, a combination of materials capable of offering resistance, cushioning and lightness was used.


Size: It is likely that the interior of the helmet is a bit tight compared to other models, so it is recommended to purchase a size with a few extra centimeters.

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3. Trespass Sky High Ski Helmet

This ski helmet has managed to capture the attention of buyers due to the manufacturing technique used and the combination of high-end raw materials, which offer greater resistance, cushioning and lightness when using the product.

For the construction of the casing, its developers used acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, also known as ABS polymer. This is a synthetic material with a rigid body, resistant to impacts and with a pleasant soft touch. Similarly, they incorporated an EPS or expanded polystyrene foam core, which enhances an adequate level of cushioning in the event of impacts.

For its part, the fastening method is given by an adjustable strap with a practical one-hand closure through a buckle. In addition, the interior of the helmet has a system of removable pads, so you can wash them without inconvenience.

This model has achieved a great position in the market due to its great manufacturing characteristics, but judge it yourself by reviewing its pros and cons.


Exterior: Thanks to the manufacture of the ABS polymer shell, you will achieve a higher level of protection in case of impacts and less deterioration of the surface.

Closure: You will have a strap with a buckle that is easy to open and close with one hand, which improves the handling of the equipment.

Cushioning: An expanded polystyrene core has been incorporated, with the purpose of cushioning the force of the impacts that may arise.

Perspiration: To keep heat out and air in, a pair of grids have been incorporated into the upper part of the helmet.


Design: The format of the helmet may not be suitable for elongated faces, because the structure may be a bit small.

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4. Cébé Fireball Junior Unisex Kids Helmets

Cébé has been present on the market since the 1940s, offering users goggles and helmets for practicing winter sports. Such was its popularity due to the high level of quality of the products, that over time the brand managed to position itself as a benchmark in terms of equipment for snowboarding and skiing.

On this occasion, Cébé presents a ski helmet aimed at the smallest of the house. Its unisex design has quite a nice aesthetic, soft touch, padded interior and a series of slots both on the top and bottom, for proper ventilation.

ABS polymer was used for the casing, which gives the product the necessary resistance in case of impacts, while in some specific areas hollow polycarbonate with a polystyrene interior was incorporated. In this way, shock absorption is possible for greater protection.

By acquiring this helmet you will be providing your little ones with protective equipment for their skiing or snowboarding, whose design is not only attractive, but also comfortable. Next, more details of this model.


Closure: You can open and close the buckle of the fastening strap thanks to its practical magnetic mechanism.

Certification: It is a product with CE EN 1077 certification, which complies with all safety regulations for snowboarding and skiing.

Cleaning: You will not have problems maintaining the hygiene of the helmet, since its inner lining is removable, which makes it easy to wash the pads.

Cushioning: Specific areas are incorporated in polystyrene foam in order to absorb the impacts caused.


Visor: It is possible that the adjustment mechanism of the visor is a bit rigid at first to be manipulated by the child, so you will have to help him.

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5. Cébé Twinny Girl Helmet

This type of children’s ski helmet is light, since it only weighs 349 grams and you will not have discomfort when using it. It easily adjusts to the face and this is thanks to its fastening system, which is easy to use through a clasp that you can adjust to your liking and comfort.

It has integrated glasses, so that when you are practicing or in your tournaments you do not have discomfort from the sun or the wind. These are orange shades for better visibility. Also for greater hygiene you will be able to disassemble it to wash it and always keep it clean and away from bacteria; You will wash it with great ease, which is very important.

It has air inlets, its ventilation system is very good and so the child will not have heat condensation on his head; even if you spend a lot of time with the helmet on, it will not be uncomfortable.  

If you lack details to be able to know which ski helmet to buy, the most notable features and the possible disadvantages of the Cebe 10095254 model could clarify your doubts.


Weight: It is a light helmet of 349 g so that children can use it comfortably.

Ventilation: Thanks to its ventilation holes, it remains well ventilated, avoiding condensation.

Cleaning: Because it has a removable lining, you can wash it in the washing machine without complications.

Visors: With its UV-protected visors you can observe comfortably while wearing the helmet.


Price: The price may be high for some users compared to other helmets; however its advantages justify this price.

Hearing protection: The earmuff pads are not removable, so cleaning can be slightly difficult.

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Black Crevice Ski Helmet Kitzbühel

The Black Crevice ski case is one of the best on the market for its ease and comfort of use, as it has a fairly efficient ventilation system thanks to its 10 holes that makes it more breathable when using it.

Its construction materials are resistant and durable. You can wash them to always have them clean, because the inner lining is removable. The adjustment system to the face is with a strap that you can adjust by pulling it, and for greater security it is padded on the chin.

Although this model does not have visors included in its structure, you can use it as many times as necessary in the different climates where you are going to train, since it has a support for ski goggles.

In addition, you will always have your helmet protected from external factors that can cause damage, because it comes with a bag to always keep it safe. For all this, some users consider it to be the best ski helmet today. 

Being one of the cheapest helmets that we find on the market and with good quality, we want to present the pros and cons of the Black Crevice BCR143764493 model for you to analyze.


Adjustment: It has an adjustable chin strap and an adjustment wheel for a suitable placement on each person.

Ventilation: Thanks to its ventilation system, you can adjust the air intake that is most comfortable for you in each use.

Safety: Due to its manufacture under the CE EN 1077 standard, it is a safe helmet that you can use with confidence.

Transportation: It can be easily transported and protected with its included bag.

Inner lining: The inner lining materials are antibacterial and breathable; In addition, the lining is removable to allow proper cleaning.


Visor: Because it does not have a visor, it may be necessary to purchase it separately.

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How to wear a ski helmet

There are a good number of sports and entertainment activities that require the user to take extra safety measures through the use of specialized equipment, hence the fact that wearing a ski helmet is not an option, but rather an obligation.

But, after you have found the right product for you, you must learn how to use it and keep it in perfect condition, which is why we have created a small guide where we highlight a few key points.

Daily maintenance

If you really want to preserve your ski equipment for longer, daily maintenance will be the key to success. The helmets absorb a large amount of sweat and body oils during use, this effect is cumulative and after a long time it can distill a rather unpleasant aroma.

Our recommendation, after using the helmet, is to soak a towel soaked in warm water and clean as much of the oil and dirt from the inside of your helmet as possible; the case on the other hand is usually much easier to clean so you can use a soft microfiber towel. Once you’re done cleaning, let it air dry.

Preventive Maintenance

We also have a few preventative maintenance tips that will help you keep your helmet clean for much longer; By taking this type of precaution you will also have the possibility of spacing out the washing times and doing them less frequently.

A good trick to protect the outer shell of your helmet is to use quality automotive wax, this simple act will make any dirt much easier to remove in the future.

For interior maintenance it is good to always carry disposable cleaning wipes with you, if you cannot clean the helmet as explained in the step above, this alternative solution will allow you to remove a large part of the dirt; A good trick is to wear a bandana or scarf over your head, this material will absorb most of the sweat so oils don’t get as deep into the lining.

Clean traditional helmets

If your helmet has a traditional design that does not allow removal of the pads, deep cleaning will take a bit more effort, but it can still be done. The first thing you should do is fill your bathroom sink or a large container with a solution of warm water and baby shampoo, if you don’t have shampoo any other mild detergent will do.

You will want to place a folded towel on the counter and put your helmet on it to avoid scratching the shell; take small portions of the solution to spread it inside and let the helmet soak for several minutes, in this way the foam will break up the accumulations of dirt. As a next step we recommend looking for stains on the surface and rubbing firmly with your fingers to try to remove them.

Once the interior is clean, use a shower head to rinse thoroughly, repeat this step several times; finally dry your helmet from the inside out with a totally dry towel, try to squeeze to try to get as much moisture out as possible and then let it rest in the sun.

Cleaning helmets with removable liner

Ski helmets with removable liners are even easier to clean; The first step will be, logically, to remove all the inner lining and fill your container with a solution of warm water or a mild soap.

The removed lining should be immersed in this solution for a few minutes to be able to clean more easily, as in the previous step, rub vigorously those areas that you consider need it most and proceed to rinse all the material several times. To dry you can squeeze on a towel and then place in the sun, never use the wet lining as it could generate a very unpleasant smell.

popular brands

Having special clothing is an essential requirement for the practice of almost any sports discipline, especially in high-risk sports such as mountaineering, hiking, skiing and snowboarding. If you are looking to purchase a product of this type, you should know that, according to users, POC, Bollé and Salomon are considered the leading brands in the market in the manufacture of ski helmets.

It is recognized as a brand of Swedish origin, created by Stefan Ytterborn in 2005, in order to offer winter sports athletes the necessary equipment to maintain their safety during competition, highlighting the manufacture of cycling helmets, snowboard, ski helmets, sunglasses, among others.

Its main objective is to save the lives of athletes, avoiding causing major injuries or irreparable damage to their bodies. Therefore, they work under the highest safety standards in Europe. Their ski helmets are among the best in the industry today, as they are made with anti-impact materials that protect the athlete’s skull.

In addition, they have holes that allow air to circulate evenly, ventilating the head area. They are reinforced with Aramid inserts, which protect the cranial cavity from sharp or sudden impacts with snow. POC makes sure to offer different colors in its implements, giving the user the freedom to select their favorite. The brand has developed a solid reputation in the industry and has won more than 40 international awards for innovation and safety, offering its products in more than 25 countries.

France is the country where this company was founded in 1888, in a small town called Oyonnax, its founder Seraphin Bollé, a beginning inventor with innovative ideas for the time. He began with the sale of hair accessories, such as combs and ornaments; he also modified horns indigenous to the region.

From then on, the brand continued as a family business, creating different products related to protection and clothing for athletes in their city. More than 100 years later, in 1950, Bollé launched its first line of safety glasses and protective masks. In 1960, he established himself in the safety area, by designing the first ski mask, a fact that brought prestige to the brand.

Their ski helmets are made up of three layers of protection, covered with shock-absorbing pads. Its earmuffs are comfortable and can be mounted or removed, depending on the needs of your customers.

In addition, they have a rotating front visor, which protects the user’s eyes from strong sunlight. Bollé is characterized by constantly improving the quality of its articles, with excellent reviews from veteran athletes.

Since 1947, this company has been in operation, dedicated to the creation of safety clothing, for all those athletes and fans of extreme and winter sports. Its constant spirit of innovation has positioned the brand among the most prestigious in the creation of new technologies, for the development of each of its products.

This family business was founded by Georges Salomon, who, together with his family, decided to embark on a journey of creativity, designing all kinds of implements necessary for the practice of winter sports in the French Alps.

Among its most outstanding products are ski helmets, an essential element in the protection of any novice and expert skier. Its inner shell is filled with padded shock absorbers, which stop the intensity of blows to the head.

They are comfortable helmets, since they adapt to the cranial shape of the user, as well as have a ventilation system that allows air to circulate, without suffocating the athlete. In addition, they have structures that can be molded to the user’s glasses, guaranteeing full protection of the head.

» Review information from previous years

Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Bollé Casco de esquí Juliet Visor

Cuenta con dos viseras que se montan en el casco con un mecanismo fácil de aplicar; una sirve para los días soleados con un color plateado que bloquea la luz del sol y otra en tono amarillo es recomendada para vientos, cuando esté nublado u oscuro; así podrás para mantener tus ojos y mejillas protegidas.

Es un modelo muy resistente por sus material de confección, el ABS inyectado, que es un plástico muy duro que no solamente resistirá al uso continuo, sino también a los golpes que puedas tener con caídas. Tiene un sistema de ventilación que es muy efectivo y podrás regularlo como tu desees, pues podrás moverlo a tu gusto.

Para que puedas lavarlo con mayor comodidad y mantenerlo limpio siempre podrás desmontar las almohadillas, que son muy cómodas y también son hipoalergénicas. En sí todo su interior está diseñado para tu mayor comodidad.

Cabe destacar que este es un casco esquí mujer, así que podría servir de obsequio para una amiga o para algún familiar. 

Considerado por muchos como el mejor casco de esquí del momento, te presentamos a continuación su listado de características positivas y posibles desventajas.


Ajuste: Gracias a su ajuste Click-to-fit es fácil de adaptar y muy seguro.

Materiales: Puesto que está fabricado en plástico ABS inyectado otorga buena resistencia a los golpes y es durable.

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