The 5 Best Spirulina of 2022

Spirulina – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Water is a source of life and has provided us with food since time immemorial, and algae, in particular, began to form part of the food of several ancient human settlements. In fact, they were valued as a source of nutritional benefits and now, with technological advances, we have been able to confirm these qualities in a more concrete way, with spirulina algae being identified in particular as one of the highest sources of protein and essential amino acids that can be found. found in nature. However, its benefits do not end there, as it can also have an antiviral effect. If you have decided to include this food in your diet, we can recommend Aldous Bio Aldous-Esp, whose extract comes from algae cultivated from ecological practices, with a concentration of 500 mg. But also the N2 Natural Nutrition 1122 mg formulation could be a good alternative if you want a combination product, since each tablet offers 187 mg of spirulina and the same concentration of chlorella.

The 5 Best Spirulina – Opinions 2022

After having analyzed some information, you might be interested in learning about some of the proposals that are available on the market, and below we present the ones that have obtained good ratings and their quality could meet your expectations, so that you can include them in your spirulina comparison.

1. Aldous Labs Premium Organic Spirulina for 18 Months

The quality parameters of a supplement cover more and more aspects. However, brands like Aldous Bio adapt to current needs, creating quality formulas like this one, which could well be the best spirulina. This claim is based on the fact that their product is free of additives and preservatives, so that you get only the benefit of the extract that you need.

In addition, this formulation is the result of an ecological process, it is free of plastic remains and, being organic, you can also be sure that it does not have traces of pesticides or toxic substances for your body.

As for its concentration, each tablet includes 500 mg of spirulina algae, so you won’t have to take too many throughout the day. Likewise, it is interesting to know that its 600-piece bottle is enough for 10 months of treatment, a quality that places it as the best value for money spirulina in this selection.

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2. N2 Natural Nutrition Chlorella Spirulina

Those who do not have a very demanding level of physical activity, such as an athlete, for example, do not need a very high daily dose of spirulina algae. In such a context, a dose of 750 mg, throughout the day, is enough to add the energy and protein that this superfood can offer to the diet.

This is precisely what you get with the N2 Natural Nutrition formula, since each tablet has a concentration of 187 mg of spirulina. But this is not all; To enhance its benefits, it is combined with Chlorella which, due to its high chlorophyll content, is very useful in detoxification processes. Thus, you will not have to purchase another supplement to increase your energy, eliminate toxins and add nutrients to your diet.

On the other hand, its presentation in chlorophyll capsules makes it a suitable supplement for vegans, which also reduces intestinal irritation.

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3. Aavalabs Spirulina and Chlorella Capsules 1800 mg

With a container of 200 capsules, where each one has a concentration of 300 mg of spirulina algae and 300 of chlorella, this supplement can be an important contribution of proteins, minerals and vitamins. But, in addition, due to its presentation, it is very convenient for those who prefer to add the powder to their drinks or food in an exact way, so that it can be ingested by children, for example.

Following the manufacturer’s recommendation of consuming 3 capsules per day, each bottle can last around 2 months, so in this period of time you will not have to make any more purchases.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this brand, of Finnish origin, is very strict in its quality policies and, in this case, offers vegan, gluten-free and preservative-free product certificates. Therefore, it is a supplement that is considered safe.

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4. NaturaleBio Organic Spirulina Algae in 500mg Tablets

If you are looking for cheap spirulina options on the market, you should analyze this proposal from NaturaleBio, since its presentation, in addition to having an affordable price, includes 500 tablets with a concentration of 500 mg each. Therefore, with a single purchase, you will have enough product for more than 5 months if you take 3 capsules a day, which is the minimum recommended dose.

In relation to its composition, it is a presentation in tablets, which do not have other additives or additional excipients. For this reason, it does not generate other alternative effects, other than those attributed to the natural minerals, proteins and vitamins that characterize the food from which it is obtained.

If you’re interested in how this supplement is made, you don’t have to worry. It is a completely natural formulation, coming from organic plantations regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture of India. In this sense, it offers safety and quality.

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5. Vegavero Organic Spirulina Highest Dose 1000 mg

The Vegavero brand is one of the favorites when it comes to choosing supplements. That is why it is not surprising that this product is considered among the best spirulina of 2022. To get to know it better, we can mention that it comes in the form of scored tablets, so if they are too large for you, you can break them up for intake. more comfortable.

Something that stands out, compared to other brands, is its high concentration, since each tablet offers 1000 mg of spirulina. Thanks to this quality, you will not have to take too many tablets to achieve the recommended dose. Depending on your requirements and daily activity, it could range from 750 mg to 3,000 mg. As a consequence, its 270-piece pot could be enough for more than half a year.

As for other characteristics, it is a certified organic spirulina, which will prevent substances such as herbicides and pesticides from accumulating in your body.

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Shopping guide

When we want to add vitamins to our diet, we are usually faced with some doubts that make it difficult for us to make a decision when making a product comparison. Next, we offer you a guide to buying the best spirulina, with which we want you to have enough elements to identify the one that could be best for you.


Today the way we get food from nature has changed considerably from what it used to be a couple of centuries ago. To mention a few examples, vegetables take less time to grow, and the same thing happens with animals that are raised for human consumption, which have a much shorter lifespan, which leads scholars in nutrition to suppose that the assimilation of nutrients is less than what they used to have in the past.

This leads to our diet being diminished in terms of nutrients and it is increasingly important to look for other sources of protein and essential amino acids. A good alternative is spirulina algae, because it represents an important contribution of these elements, necessary for the healthy maintenance of the body, so it can help avoid deficiencies.


Each person has different nutritional needs, but it is approximately recommended that an adult person could ingest around 2,000 mg per day, this can give you an idea of ​​how many tablets you will have to take depending on the presentation you purchase.

Thus, you will be able to make an approximate calculation regarding the duration that the container you acquire will have, and if it will fully cover the treatment you plan to follow or it will be necessary to acquire more than one container. Surely you will find a good and economical option that suits your expectations.


The algae extraction process generally involves pressing, dehydrating and compressing the powder finally obtained, but for many people taking a tablet is not the same as taking a capsule.

Some may argue that they prefer the capsules, because their outer shell prevents the green hue of the algae from staining a garment or the place where you accidentally place it. In addition, they prevent those people who find the taste of the algae unpleasant, from having to perceive it when they consume them. On the other hand, they can be easy to swallow.

But as in everything, others prefer the presentation of tablets. Because if it is not easy for them to swallow them, they can be crushed and added to a drink. So in this case, all you have to do is select the one that seems best to you in your particular situation.

type of agriculture

Although we might think that all spirulina algae come from some body of water, such as a lake, the truth is that there are currently so-called spirulina farms, which in controlled and contaminant-free environments encourage the reproduction of this algae, in order to offer a product that has an improved quality, and it is even possible to obtain an organic seal in many cases.

This could be of interest to those who especially avoid consuming products that do not have this type of added value. This trait will probably go a long way toward how much one brand costs compared to another, but you’ll probably be willing to cover the difference for the quality of the product.

Added Ingredients

Although it is true that in a tablet, what we will find most in its formulation is a spirulina powder concentrate, it is also worth analyzing the rest of the ingredients that make it up, these are generally added to give the tablet its shape and characteristics that make it easily digestible, however some substances can have a laxative effect and for certain people it could mainly result in changes in their digestive system, which are not entirely pleasant or cause other reactions.

Among the spirulina tablet formulas, you could find silicon dioxide, corn starch, magnesium carbonate or cellulose, among others. Our recommendation is that if you know that any of these ingredients is not entirely compatible with your body, look for an alternative.

special diets

It is common today for people to adopt specific lifestyles, especially in relation to the food they eat. If you are vegan, then you will want to carefully analyze the ingredients of the dietary supplements that you add to your diet, to ensure that there are no traces of dairy or any other substance of animal origin in them. Thus, you can be calmer because they meet your expectations in this regard.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is spirulina good for?

Spirulina is a type of algae rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, good quality proteins, chlorophyll, fatty acids and immunostimulants, which allow this product to be good for treating and preventing some diseases, such as anemia, hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, allergic rhinitis or metabolic syndrome. In addition to these properties, spirulina is also good for its anti-inflammatory effect, with antitumor and antioxidant benefits. Many even consider it to be an appropriate supplement for weight loss and has a high nutritional value.

Q2: Where is spirulina found?

Spirulina is a microorganism scientifically known as prokaryotic cyanobacteria, with a system capable of carrying out the process of photosynthesis and has a nucleus. In addition, its color is greenish blue, being associated many times as coming from the family of blue-green algae. However, its genus is Arthrospira or Spirulina and, genetically, the existence of two species has been proven: Spirulina maxima found in Mexico and Spirulina platensis from Chad. Thus we see that spirulina grows in tropical and subtropical regions, as this species needs sunlight and warm water to grow. Although it can also be cultivated in a sustained way in special farms for its production.

Q3: How to take spirulina to lose weight?

Thanks to the property of spirulina to control appetite and speed up metabolism, it is highly used to lose weight. To do this, you should know that to be more effective, you have to take a dose that ranges between 3 and 5 grams, according to the individual’s weight. Remember that spirulina can come in 500 mg tablets or powder. So, if the presentation you want to use is a powder, a small spoonful of spirulina is recommended and if they are tablets, then you should take between 6 and 10 tablets a day. It is also important that these doses are taken half an hour before meals, to help reduce appetite.

Q4: When are the effects of spirulina noticeable?

According to some studies, the effects of spirulina begin to be noticed with the intake of 800 milligrams of the product, however, this food supplement must be taken with caution and respecting the recommended dose, it being essential that you start with a small dose and increase gradually. Gradually take the shots, to avoid possible adverse effects that could occur while the body adapts to spirulina, as well as drinking plenty of water with this product.

Q5: What is the best brand of spirulina?

If you opt for tablets, we recommend the organic spirulina from Aldous Labs, a 100% natural and high quality product, with a presentation of 500 500 mg tablets that lasts about 165 days. Another interesting option is the spirulina produced by Now Foods, because it is organic and of a quality certified by the USDA.

In addition, it also comes in a presentation of 500 tablets of 500 mg and with a very affordable price. You can also buy the powdered spirulina offered by Nutri Superfoods (500 grams), because it is a special supplement for vegans, rich in nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. You can get all these products on Amazon without problems, at prices that adapt to any budget.

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