The 5 Best Sports Bags of 2022

Sports bag – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

No matter what sport you practice, a storage bag is the most recommended accessory to carry all your personal items with you in an organized way. But never forget that there are many models on the market and this can complicate the selection a bit, so you should check them until you find the one that best suits your needs. In this way, you will make the purchase totally successful. A model that has generated a lot of positive comments is the Nike Club Team Swoosh, with a unisex design in black polyester fiber, as well as a resistant and spacious structure to store everything you need for your workouts safely. In addition, it incorporates a breathable area so you can wear the shoe comfortably. For its part, there are also the FoolsGold Dark Blue sports bags, which have a robust and waterproof format provided with a pair of side pockets and interior compartments.



The 5 Best Sports Bags – Opinions 2022

Having a sports bag is a good idea for those who go to the gym, the pool or do any other type of training every day, in order to comfortably carry their personal items. If you are one of these people and you are looking for equipment like this, then you should review the following section in which we leave you the specifications of five sports bags that lead the market.

1. NIKE Club Team Swoosh Duff M

It is not surprising that this model manages to position itself as the best sports bag, since it belongs to the purchase catalog of the famous Nike manufacturer. It is a product that can be used by men or women, made with black polyester textile fiber to offer resistance and impermeability, reinforced seams, metal zippers and quality finishes.

The design has height, depth, and width measurements of 37 x 53 x 27 centimeters and a storage volume of up to 52 liters, designed for you to distribute everything you need for your workouts in an orderly manner. It also has a breathable mesh separator for footwear and some pockets.

As for the fastening system, you can carry it as a handbag or crossbody bag, since it incorporates a pair of short handles and an adjustable strap with a padded shoulder strap, so that it adapts to your shoulder without causing discomfort.

There are those who comment that this model is the best sports bag of the moment, because it has a spacious, discreet and highly resistant design.


Fastening: The manufacturer incorporated a pair of padded handles and an adjustable rope, so you can carry the bag according to your taste.

Format: The bag has been made in a compact format of 37 x 53 x 27 centimeters and a spacious storage volume of 52 liters.

Impermeability: Due to its elaboration in polyester textile material you will be able to enjoy an adequate level of impermeability, keeping your personal items protected from humidity.

Design: The bag model has a unisex design in black and the brand’s logo embroidered in white thread stands out on the front area.


Flimsy: The bag has been rated as flimsy due to the low rigidity offered by the textile. However, it is a variable impression.

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2. FoolsGold Sports Bag 60 cm

Under the FoolsGold house patent you will find this model for men or boys, positioned among the best sports bags of 2022. Its design measures 60 x 30 x 28 centimeters with a capacity of up to 50 litres.

It is a spacious product where you can carry everything you need for training, gym, camping outings, among others. The structure has a large compartment with several interior dividers, a couple of side pockets and another front pocket with mesh so you can carry any wet garment.

Waterproof polyester textile fiber in dark blue, black and gray was used for its preparation, the zippers are made of robust plastic, the seams have been reinforced and bordered, thus offering a quality finish with greater resistance. As for the fastening system, a pair of short handles and a removable strap with side hooks stand out, whose size you can adjust to adapt it to your anatomy.

The FoolsGold house has a great presence in the world market, so it would not be surprising that this time it is valued as the best brand of sports bags. Know the general aspects about your model.


Fastening: Due to the incorporation of an adjustable rope, you can use the bag as a shoulder strap, as well as hold it with the pair of short built-in handles.

Dimensions: This is a fairly roomy bag at 60 x 30 x 28 centimeters, capable of holding a maximum of 50 litres.

Textile: The textile chosen for the manufacture of the bag offers great support and impermeability, since it is a robust, high-end polyester.

Design: The design of the bag is aimed at the male target, its appearance is robust and the finishes denote high quality.


Hooks: The plastic of the side hook pieces is a bit flimsy, so there are those who have chosen to replace them with more resistant ones.

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3. Yesay Premium Gym Bag

If you have doubts about which is the best sports bag, we invite you to review this model made by Yesay, suitable for the gym, other training sessions or short trips. It is a design for women made with 600D nylon fiber in pink, being a material with a robust and rigid body that offers great resistance.

The interior incorporates a polyester textile lining and the cotton thread seams have been reinforced for greater durability. The product format has compact dimensions of 43 x 25 x 25 centimetres, internal capacity for at least 27 liters and a wet-dry compartment system.

In this way, you can confidently store towels, sweat-soaked clothes or swimsuits, without them coming into contact with your other items. In addition, a pair of short fastening handles are incorporated together with a removable strap.

After reviewing several models, you may still be wondering which sports bag to buy and another wise recommendation is this spacious model with a feminine design. Here are its pros and cons.


Textile: The raw material selected for its manufacture has been nylon on the outside and polyester for the inner cover, both being waterproof and highly resistant materials.

Capacity: The interior of the product offers a maximum containment capacity of 27 liters, making it a spacious bag.

Fastening: The bag has been provided with a pair of short handles and a size-adjustable carrying strap. In this way, you can use it according to your style.

Compartments: The design has been designed so that you can carry wet garments separately from dry ones, since it incorporates a separator with an independent closure.


Size: The only disadvantage found is the compactness of its dimensions, but ultimately it will depend on the storage needs of each person.

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4. Adidas TIRO TB Sports Bag

Adidas is a brand dedicated to the production of sports products capable of satisfying the needs of a wide target. So it doesn’t matter if you are a man, woman or child, because its catalog always has a model for you.

In the case of sports bags, we want to introduce you to this equipment made of 100% polyester textile fiber. Its 30 x 63 x 10 centimeter design is suitable for storing a volume of up to 35 liters in total comfort, thus offering a central compartment and a large side pocket. Both spaces provided with robust zippers.

Also, it is important to mention the incorporation of a system of plastic studs at the base of the structure, short handles with exterior reinforcements and an adjustable carrying strap with a padded protector, in which the manufacturer’s logo stands out in white, at the same as on the front face of the bag.

Adidas TIRO TB is a model of unisex sports bags with an attractive design, spacious pockets and quality finishes. Check out its specs below.


Fastening: The bag has been provided with a comfortable carrying strap that you can carry on your shoulder and a pair of short handles to carry it by hand.

Dimensions: Its 30 x 63 x 10 centimeter format is easy to handle, both when transporting the bag and when placing it in the gym locker.

Textile: This model was made with two different shades of polyester textile, which provide resistance, rigidity and durability to the design.  

Compartments: The design is made up of a central compartment and a pocket located on one side, offering a general containment capacity of 35 litres.


Protector: The quality of the padded protection piece arranged on the carrying rope of the bag has been negatively valued, since it deteriorates easily.

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5. Artitex Paw Patrol PW11431

On this occasion, Artitex has decided to incorporate a children’s model into the market, which, in the opinion of many parents, is the best value for money sports bag. In addition, it is one of the cheapest on this list.

Its design has been made with purple polyester textile fiber, highlighting on the front an image alluding to the characters of the “Paw Patrol”. The material of the structure is of low density, offers an adequate level of rigidity and soft touch. Likewise, the seams have an internal reinforcement to prevent them from deteriorating with constant use.

Among other specifications, a large 23 x 38 x 20 centimeter pocket with a top zipper stands out, arranged for the storage of the girl’s daily use items, as well as a practical fastening system made up of a pair of short handles and a shoulder strap. adjustable transport.

If your little girl is a fan of the animated series “Paw Patrol”, then this model is the one for her. Its spacious structure offers an adequate method of fastening and, in addition, it is one of the cheapest.


Dimensions: The bag has a spacious format with measurements of 23 x 38 x 20 centimeters, corresponding to its height, length, width.

Design: The bag model is aimed at children, with a purple design and images of the characters from the animated series “Paw Patrol”.

Fastening: The girl can hang the bag on her shoulder with the help of the carrying strap or hold it with the pair of short built-in handles.

Textile: The textile material used to make the bag is a type of low-density polyester, which offers stability and resistance.


Flimsy: The bag lacks stability, since it does not incorporate an interior support. However, it is a situation that you can solve by incorporating a cardboard to the base.

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