The 5 Best Sports Bras of 2022

Sports Bra – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

Sports bras are a type of garment designed to offer adequate support to the woman’s chest area, allowing her to move freely when practicing any high, medium or low impact sport. As expected, it is a product in great demand, made by different manufacturers and with design features that differ from each other. That is why you should analyze the options that the market has for you, in order to acquire the one that best suits your anatomy. Nike Sport-BH Pro Victory CompressionIt is a bra that combines polyester and elastane fibers to offer a quick-drying textile piece with a soft touch that fits correctly without generating pressure on the chest. This model also offers support, lightness and a pleasant aesthetic in black. Another alternative is SYROKAN High Impact, which incorporates a soft rubber inner lining in the cup area and metal rings.



The 5 Best Sports Bras – Opinions 2022

We know that your time is limited and to select a sports bra you must take into account some quality indicators, since not all models are suitable to provide you with the same level of support and comfort. So we have made a selection of five products, which we invite you to review below.

1. Nike Sport-BH Pro Victory Compression

The Nike women’s sportswear catalog is a good alternative for all those who are looking for the best sports bra. So if that’s your case, you can’t help but check out this model made with a textile material made up of polyester fiber and approximately 12% elastane.

It is a hypoallergenic, breathable raw material capable of offering an adequate level of support, which will allow you to carry out high-impact activities in total comfort.

The weight of the product is 200 grams, the seams are double and the finishes are of quality. Aesthetically, the model is black and in the middle of the chest area it incorporates the logo of the emblematic brand in white. On this occasion, the manufacturer opted for a minimalist and discreet design, which you can use during your workouts in the gym or outdoors.

If you want to take with you the best sports bra of the moment, do not hesitate to consult the specifications of this model. It is a light, breathable garment with a correct level of support.


Weight: This textile piece has a weight of approximately 200 grams, resulting in a fairly light bra when wearing it.

Textile: The raw material used to make this sports bra offers resistance, softness and breathability.

Elasticity: The manufacturer incorporated 12% elastin fiber, with the purpose of providing greater comfort and grip when dressing the garment.

Seams: The seams of this sports bra have been made with cotton thread, the stitch design is double and the finishes are of quality.


Size: Some of the buyers recommend that you buy a larger size when selecting the bra, since the cut of the garment is a bit tight.

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2. SYROKAN High Impact Sports Bra

SYROKAN is a manufacturer of sportswear that buyers often use as a benchmark of quality, since each of its products offers well-crafted finishes, durable and breathable materials. That is why this model is positioned as one of the best sports bras of 2022.

This is a plus size padded bra. Its design has a pair of easily adjustable straps, in the cup area it incorporates a thin layer of rubber and metal rings. All these details have been designed to offer you adequate chest support, which will allow you to perform high-impact sports comfortably.

A particularity to highlight is the use of polyamide textile. It is a synthetic material that provides the right degree of rigidity, great stability and sweat absorption. Likewise, it combines 18% elastane fiber, which provides the necessary flexibility when putting on the garment.

SYROKAN is a renowned manufacturer stamp, commented positively in the different purchase portals. Its designs combine the quality and visual appeal necessary for today to be considered the best brand of sports bras. Read the characteristics of one of their models.


Padding: The manufacturer added a layer of soft rubber to the cup area, which is quite convenient to help balance the weight of the breast.

Textile: The textile used has been polyamide fiber, which, thanks to its synthetic properties, offers greater rigidity and an adequate level of stability.

Straps: This model of bras incorporates a pair of straps with adjustable adjustment, which will allow you to adapt the garment quickly and easily to your liking.

Elasticity: The combination of elastane fiber allows you greater comfort when putting on the bra, since it does not have any closure method.


Hot: For some of the people this model is a bit hot. In the same way, it is an opinion that varies according to the buyer.

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3. Adidas Drst Ask SPR Women’s Sports Bra

Adidas has a long history in the world market, considered by experts as an iconic brand in the sports world, which has been in charge of offering cutting-edge technology in each of its products, so that you have a better training experience. The model that we will talk about next is part of its catalog of women’s clothing. It is a product made with high-quality raw materials and finishes, which is why it could clear up your doubts about which is the best sports bra.

The design is in an intense blue color and incorporates the logo that identifies the manufacturer in white on the left side. It is a simple model, but with adequate support, which will allow you to move comfortably when exercising.

For its preparation, a combination of polyester and elastane textile fabric was used in a proportion of 83% and 17% respectively, with the aim of providing resistance, fit and breathability.

Making a decision about which sports bra to buy is a time-consuming task, since there is a wide variety of models with distinctive characteristics. Next, we present the pros and cons of a design that is both pleasant and comfortable.


Design: Aesthetically, the design of the bra is simple, minimalist and the blue color of the textile is pleasing to the eye.

Material: The combination of the textile fiber used for this bra will allow you to enjoy a garment with a long useful life, resistant and with a soft touch.  

Adjustment: The incorporation of elastane fabric allows the bra to fit correctly to your anatomy, without limiting your movements.

Finishes: This is a bra that stands out among its competitors due to the quality present in each of its finishes.


Support: A commented complaint is the low level of support of the garment. However, we must not forget that this depends on the type of sports activity performed.

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4. LAPASA Running L08 Seamless Sports Bra

Buyer reviews are the best indicator you can have to select a product. This garment developed by LAPASA is widely accepted by those who have purchased it, due to the adaptability of its design and the long useful life of the textile. That is why it has quickly positioned itself as the best value for money sports bra. Also, it is one of the cheapest.

This women’s sports bra has no seams, so you will experience a greater sense of comfort and fit to your anatomy. Breathable textile bands are incorporated in the chest area, designed to increase the level of support.

Plus, you won’t have any issues with the bouncy feel when running or jumping, as the strap system provides stability. We cannot fail to mention the textile composition used, being nylon fiber together with elastane.

According to the opinion of buyers, this model of sports bras stands out among the cheapest. In addition, its design offers an anatomical design with adequate support for the chest.


Seams: This is a seamless sports bra model, which gives you a better and more comfortable fit to the body.

Textile: This textile piece is made up of elastane and polyester fiber, so you will have a resistant, absorbent, breathable and comfortable garment.

Support: The design incorporates a pair of bands on the inside of the chest, in charge of offering the adequate support to move freely.

Straps: The cut and width of the straps have been designed to reduce the impact of the rebound of the chest, caused by running or jumping.


Size: Buyers recommend purchasing a size larger than usual as the bra cut is a bit small.

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5. DEBAIJIA Women Running Sports Bra

The DEBAIJIA house, on this occasion, incorporates into the market a model of sports bras for women, which has great positioning. Every day buyers value the product positively, praising its anatomical design, quality of finishes, resistance of the textile material, among many other attributes.

Among the main specifications to verify is the fabric used for its construction, which provides rigidity, elasticity, breathability and comfort. It is approximately 90% polyamide, a synthetic material that gives an adequate level of support to the chest area. Also, a remaining 10% belonging to the elastane fiber, thinking of offering you a correct fit to the body.

In this way you will be able to move freely when stretching, running, jumping, executing your routines in the gym or yoga class. Also, it is necessary to mention that this push-up type model is black, has no seams and incorporates a couple of removable rubber bands in the cup.

With an anatomical design made of black textile, removable padding rubbers and a high level of support and adjustment, you will find this model of DEBAIJIA sports bras.


Seams: This model d does not incorporate seams, so it will fit more precisely to the body with an adequate fit and without discomfort.

Padding: A couple of removable rubber bands were incorporated in the chest area, which offer you greater support to prevent rebound when you move.

Textile: The fibers selected by the manufacturer were polyamide and elastane. These are two materials that provide the support and adjustment necessary to train comfortably.

Design: The cut of this bra is vest type, its black appearance is attractive and the anatomical design.


Size: Customers have agreed when commenting that the bra does not meet the standard measurements, being necessary to purchase a larger size to avoid setbacks.

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