The 5 Best Swimming Goggles of 2022

Swimming Goggles – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The reasons why people go to the pool can vary. Some go for fun, others for entertainment, medical therapy or professional dedication, among others. Getting the right glasses for this sport is not an easy task and we want to offer you great help with some models that we have selected after carefully studying the large number of brands on the market, their materials, their prices and the opinions of their customers. Among the main options we find the Arena Swedix Mirror 92399 glasses, featuring UV protection, anti-fog coating and split lens technology; all this to offer great quality, comfort and durability. In addition, its strap can be adjusted to properly fit the contour of your head. We can also point out the Speedo Elite Goggle Mirror model, which is approved by the International Swimming Federation, thanks to its qualities that you can read more carefully in its specifications.




Buying guide – What are the best swimming goggles on the market?

Swimming goggles are part of the essential equipment of every professional or apprentice swimmer, since the protection they provide to the eyes is of the utmost importance for the swimmer to have good visibility in the water.

To guarantee your investment, it is preferable to purchase products from brands specialized in swimming equipment or that at least have a track record and certifications that guarantee the quality of their products, since the goggles must have certain properties to optimize the performance of the swimmer by allowing a excellent visibility.

Below, we summarize the most important aspects to consider in this guide to buying the best swimming goggles, so that you can make an intelligent purchase based on the data that we will provide you.

glasses type

There is a variety of this swimming equipment on the market that fulfills the same function of protecting the eyes and improving visibility in the water, but that adapts to the different aquatic disciplines. Thus we have the classic Swedish goggles that are small, specially designed for competitive swimming. You can also choose the mask type, which are recommended for diving and diving.

The first glasses are available in a wide variety of models and with glasses with special protections or coatings, which prevent condensation. The latter, on the other hand, stand out for having a large visor with a suction cup around the edge to prevent the passage of water. Once you decide what type of glasses you need, according to the activity you are going to carry out, you must make sure that they fit well to your physiognomy to fulfill their mission.


According to the previous section, we know that among so many daily tasks, it is unlikely that you will have the availability to go to a specialized store to try on the glasses to see which one fits you well or which one is your “size”. If you plan to make this important purchase online, to make it good and cheap, you should check the level of adaptability of the product.

In a comparison of swimming goggles, you should focus on checking that they are universal in size and that they have an adjustable strap, so that it adapts to the size of your head. Another adjustment point may be the bridge of the nose, which must also be adjusted to guarantee resistance to the passage of water, considering that each person is different and the distance between the eyes is not the same in each individual.


Swimming is a sport that, like any other exercise, makes you release endorphins and relax every muscle in your body, but if your equipment is not comfortable, we are sure that you will not be able to relieve your tensions.

That is why the design of your swimming goggles, no matter how much they cost, must be ergonomic, that the joints are comfortable and that the adjustment straps can be adjusted without exerting pressure points on your face, ending up leaving marks after swimming training.

To contribute to your comfort, the glasses must be light, that is, they must be made of light materials that do not generate additional weight when you wear them. In this case, we must take into account the manufacturing materials that we will talk about below.


Throughout the evolution of swimming as a sport, goggles have also evolved in the use of increasingly lighter and stronger materials. At first, the glasses were made of plastic with a foam seal, then neoprene ones were marketed. However, they had the problem that after a while they became detached from the crystals, becoming useless.

Currently, glasses that combine polycarbonate frames and lenses with silicone joints and straps prevail in the market, due to the high level of resistance, durability and flexibility that these elements possess, thus allowing a rapid adaptation of the glasses to the physiognomy. of the client, as well as a durable product over time.

It is also true that many claim that polycarbonate lenses tend to scratch easily, but they are currently the most marketed.


Depending on the type of swimming you practice, it is important that the lenses of your goggles have a specific treatment. UV protection is key if you are exposed to the outside, in this way the sunscreen will protect your eyes. The anti-fog coating is of great importance, because with it your lenses will be resistant to fogging common to temperature changes.

You can choose between fully transparent or colored lenses. However, for outdoor sports, green or brown tones are recommended, because they do not distort the color as much when the contrast is increased. Finally, if you have any vision problems or wear prescription lenses, you can go to a specialized store so that your swimming goggles adapt to your daily lenses.

With this information we hope to help you so that you can distinguish which are the best swimming goggles on the market and make an intelligent purchase.

The 5 Best Swimming Goggles – Opinions 2022

Currently there is a variety of models and specialized designs of the well-known goggles that help swimmers improve their visibility in the water. Below we present the products recommended by our customers, to help you choose the best swimming goggles on the market and make a smart purchase.

1. Arena Swedix Mirror Swimming Goggles

Main advantage:

This model modifies the traditional design of swimming goggles through a Swedish-type design, which varies both their main structure and the adjustment system, more comfortable and pleasant than conventional models.

Main disadvantage:

Due to the novelty of the product design, it takes some getting used to, which can make assembly difficult for users who are not used to the Swedish system.

Verdict: 9.8/10

A new goggle design that will give you extra comfort when swimming, without giving up the protection included in your lenses.

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goggle design

The Arena Swedix Mirror 92399 model has a different and much more comfortable design than traditional glasses, based on silicone tube technology. This system makes their adjustment more comfortable than in the strap models, maintaining, as always, the proper protection to prevent water from entering the vision area.

The advantage of this model is that it does not leave as many marks as is often the case with conventional models, being more comfortable and precise in adjusting to each person. Nor does it cause discomfort on the nose area, since the pressure exerted goes directly on the silicone areas, thus reducing discomfort even in prolonged swimming sessions.

lens protection

The lenses of this model have a traditional design that allows a good vision area, suitable for both pool and open sea swimming. In both cases, the lens closure system prevents water from entering and causing discomfort due to the effect of chlorine or salt. In addition, it incorporates protection against fogging to prevent fogging of the lenses during use.

In addition to the aforementioned protection, they also have UV protection, which prevents the sun’s rays from affecting your vision or damaging the surface of the lens. A surface that has also been adequately protected against scratches and other damage from use, thus improving vision even in the long term.

adjustment system

One of the advantages of the Swedish design is precisely the fit of the glasses, which we have already talked about. In this case, it is true that the process of mounting the glasses on the face is somewhat more complex than in conventional models, although with some experience and practice you will be able to master it without any problem.

The final objective of the assembly is to achieve a watertight closure over the eye area, thereby preventing water from entering the interior. For this adjustment, we have some silicone tubes that are hooked with a pin and that are the key to the process; all this through a simple system with adjustable pressure so that it adapts to all types of faces. A simple system, therefore, once you get the hang of it.

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2. Speedo Elite Goggle Mirror Swimming Goggles

International Swimming Federation approval is only given to the best swimming goggles of 2022, and Speedo’s Elite model is definitely one of them.

These glasses with a unisex design fit perfectly to your face, without the need to exert greater tension on the elastic band, since the joints have IQ Fit technology for the contour of the eyes and the face with three adjustable bridges for greater comfort and performance, as these setpoints reduce water infiltration.

The lenses and frame made of polycarbonate are a guarantee of resistance and durability; the elastic band for its part is made of silicone, a material that is equally resistant to different conditions.

The hydroscopic properties of the lenses provide a greater angle of vision to optimize the performance of swimmers by offering a clear and neutral vision in the water without affecting the luminosity.

If you are looking for a versatile model, the Speedo Elite Goggle Mirror are one of the most striking and, in addition, at the moment they are one of the cheapest on the market.


Comfortable: These glasses have an interchangeable nose bridge to make them more comfortable.

Vision: They have technology that will prevent them from fogging up in any situation. In this way, you will not have discomfort when using them. They also prevent water from entering and interrupting your vision.

Adjustable: They also have IQ technology to automatically adjust to any type of face and physiognomy, in addition, they do not allow annoying marks to remain around the eyes if you use them for a long time.


Scratches: Some users who have already bought and used these glasses indicate that they can be easily scratched if not given proper care, an issue that could cause discomfort for some buyers.

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3. Cressi Planet Swim Goggles Swimming Goggles

If you are looking for the best swimming goggles that you can use in any water sport, this Cressi Swim model is an excellent option.

Made in Italy, these mono-face mask design pool goggles feature a stable silicone coating that works like a suction cup to fit all face types.

The strap, also made of silicone, is adjustable to fit one size fits all. The composition of the glasses is 90% silicone and 10% tempered glass for greater resistance and durability.

The lenses for their part are made of polycarbonate with UV protection and an anti-fog treatment, which reduces the fogging of the crystals.

The frame, also made of polycarbonate, is made with a minimum thickness to avoid annoying pressure points on the face. Users express that they are comfortable and quick to adjust, guaranteeing excellent vision at an angle of 180 degrees.

Answering which is the best brand of swimming goggles is something that this model of swimming goggles could do.


Design: These swimming goggles have micro-regulation buckles that make them removable with just one. It is also ensured that the tendency to tarnish is reduced and that they will not turn yellow over time.

Construction: They are made with polycarbonate in their crystals to protect from UV rays and also have a slight curvature on the sides to make them safer.

Adaptable: They can be adapted to all face types and are totally suitable for faces with wide and medium features.


Adjustability: Some people who have already used these glasses assure that, when using them, water has entered them and that made them very uncomfortable. However, these could be isolated opinions, since there is no other negative comment in particular.

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4. Sports Vision’s Adult Prescription Swimming Goggles

For those swimmers who suffer from myopia or other ophthalmic pathology, it is necessary to have prescription swimming goggles like those from Sports Vision World. Made of polycarbonate and silicone, they have a high level of resistance and durability.

They are designed with different graduation levels for myopic patients, ranging from -2.00 to -8.00 and between +2.00 to +8.00 for adults with tired eyesight. To guarantee the perfect fit of your glasses, three nose bridges are included, which will allow you to adapt them to your physiognomy.

The crystals are protected against UV rays, these glasses being recommended for swimming outdoors and in summer.

On the other hand, the anti-fog treatment is effective according to the evaluations of our clients and the manufacturer expressly recommends not cleaning the windows with a microfiber cloth to maintain the effect for longer. These goggles are also the best quality-price rapport swimming goggles on the market for being one of the cheapest.

If you need to decide which swimming goggles to buy, the features of the Sports Vision World 181277414086 may be the answer to your question. These are its characteristics:


Design: This model of swimming goggles is specifically designed for adults. Also, it adjusts to any type of face or physiognomy that the user has.

Safe: They have the CE certificate and the approval of the FDA, which translates into professional quality and makes them very safe, since they have been tested against ultraviolet rays. They also have anti-fog technology.

Color: They come in black.


Material: A person who has already bought this model of glasses indicates that the material of the lenses is plastic, like that of all lenses, and recommends taking care and taking care of them to prevent scratches. There are no more negative comments.

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5. Speedo Swedish Swimming Goggles

Speedo stands out in the swimming market for its traditional Swedish goggles with this model recommended for competitions. With polycarbonate lenses and a double latex strap, these pool goggles are recommended for being one of the best swimming goggles of 2022.

Blue smoked lenses have UV protection and anti-fog properties to enhance your performance outdoors and in waters with fluctuating temperatures.

The Swedish Speedo goggles include a self-assembly kit so that each swimmer can make a personalized fit to their face, because the bridge of the nose is very comfortable.

Users highlight the excellent visibility provided by these glasses, which improves their performance in this sport. In addition, its value for money is totally proportional and affordable for tight budgets.

This product definitely ranks among the good and cheap ones that almost disappeared from the market, so this is a smart buy.

Right now, the Speedo 8706060014 are the best swimming goggles for 9 euros. For that reason, we recommend it in this comparison list.


Design: These swimming goggles are specially designed for competition, so that the competitor’s performance is better and more efficient in any pool or beach.

Construction: They have Swedish construction, which means that they are designed with 50% latex and 50% polycarbonate, which ensures quality, safety and rigidity. They also suit all face types.

Lenses: The lenses of this model of swimming goggles come in smoked blue, to facilitate vision in the water and thus avoid accidents or discomfort in the users who will use them.


Rubber: Some people who have already bought this product indicate that this model of swimming goggles does not come with the silicone rubber included in other models and this detail could cause discomfort to some buyers.

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Arena Swedix Mirror Swimming Goggles

With a Swedish swimming goggle design, the Arena Swedix Mirror optimizes the swimmer’s vision with double angle lens technology, making it the best swimming goggle.

This universal and versatile product can be adjusted to any physiognomy by means of the strap of the silicone tubes that you can adjust according to the circumference of your head and the rubber bridge of the nose to achieve the necessary adjustment, so that water does not enter and be comfortable for the swimmer.

In terms of protection, these Arena glasses have a special coating that provides anti-fog property, that is, it prevents the lenses from fogging up when there are sudden changes in temperature.

In addition, it has ideal UV protection for swimming in the sea or in open-air pools. The aesthetic, compact and lightweight design of the glasses is very attractive, in addition to having excellent finishes and top quality materials.

The Arena Swedix Mirror 92399 may be the best swimming goggles of the moment. Look at this comparison carefully so you know if it suits your needs or not.


Technology: They are made in Sweden and feature split lens technology, which means that you will be able to see very well in and out of the water when wearing them. They also allow frontal vision and with it, improve the position in the water.

Protection: They facilitate protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays and do not come with any additional plastic that may be uncomfortable for some buyers.

Adjustable: They fit perfectly to the frame of the nose, for greater comfort.


Assembly: Some people who have already bought these swimming goggles indicate that you have to do the assembly yourself. However, they report that it is a very simple and fast process that can be done in a short time.

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How to use swimming goggles

If you are one of those who use the pool to enjoy, for medical therapy, to swim or to prepare for the sport of swimming at a professional level, then you must have certain accessories that allow you to be in the water more comfortably. Among the most outstanding implements that you should have are swimming goggles. To use your swimming goggles in the most efficient way, it is convenient that you read the recommendations presented in this article.

give it proper use

If you have the classic Swedish type goggles that are usually small, then you can use them for swimming practice. Now, if you have mask-type goggles, it is best to use them for scuba diving and diving activities.

easy to adjust

Thanks to the fact that most swimming goggles have adjustable elastic straps, it will be extremely easy for you to adjust them in the most appropriate way, so that there are no pressure points on your face, feel comfortable and be able to enjoy and perform in swimming practices. or in any other activity you do in the water.

Use them professionally

Many of the swimming goggles are certified by the International Swimming Federation, so you will have no problem using them for your highly competitive swimming practices and in your participation at a professional level, both nationally and internationally.

They are light

Another interesting aspect that you will find when using your swimming goggles is that you will not feel that you carry an additional weight on your head because they are extremely light, since thanks to technological advances today swimming goggles are made with light and flexible materials that adapt to the user’s physiognomy. Many times they will not even realize they are wearing them.  

Take advantage of your design

Design has climbed position in all areas of life; looking good never hurts. Regardless of the space or area where you operate, it is possible to wear a well-cared look that matches your style.

Nowadays swimming goggles come in modern designs and neutral or vibrant colors that can please all kinds of tastes; It is not necessary to deprive yourself of looking good to practice or dive into the water, since the design of your glasses will make you look good at all times.

Take advantage of the technology of your glasses

Swimming goggles are an essential accessory when practicing this sport and many others where you need to be underwater. The technology gives additional benefits to swimming goggles; this allows to maximize its use; They no longer simply serve to see underwater, protecting your eyes, but instead have UV protection, anti-fog coating, lens division… in short, a series of extra features that improve vision and protect your eyes while you have fun or practice the sport of your choice.

The most popular brands

Finding the right equipment to practice swimming or participate in a competition is necessary, it will largely depend on the brand and price, as well as your needs. But if you do not know which are the best brands that offer this type of product, we invite you to continue reading.

Cressi is a company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of water sports equipment founded in 1946 in Genoa, Italy, by the brothers Egidio and Nanni Cressi. The company is divided into five major departments: swimming, snorkeling, spearfishing, and diving.

The beginnings of the company were when in 1938 they made masks and harpoons by hand with the purpose of supplying the growing community of spearfishing that emerges from the Mediterranean coast.    

In the 1950s, the first swimming goggles were manufactured, which over the years have been one of the favorites for athletes and swimming champions from Europe and other parts of the world, giving the brand immediate credibility and acceptance. in other countries worldwide.

For the year 2005, the company creates the Cressi Swim brand, which is responsible for offering the public a complete line for professional swimmers and for recreation.

Today, the company has a large headquarters of 16 thousand square meters, which incorporates the factory and the design and production departments with the purpose of meeting the needs of the global public.

Arena is a company of Italian origin founded by Horst Dassler in 1972, due to the Olympic Games that were held that same year, in order to create products for professional and recreational swimming.

A year after the Olympics, Arena launches the first line of next-generation competition swimsuits, a swimsuit with an ultra-light material that fits the body.

For the year 1974, Arena hires the Australian swimmer Shane Gould in order to promote these products, since the athlete had won five Olympic medals. In the same year, the company launches the Shane Gould line of women’s swimsuits.

Noting the success that Gould’s sponsorship brought to the company, Dassler followed that same marketing strategy by recruiting more Olympic athletes to sponsor the brand, to the point that most of them used Arena products for Olympic competitions.

Today, Arena is a company that innovates day by day, in order to satisfy users who practice water sports worldwide.

Speedo is an Australian company founded in 1928 on the beaches of Bondi, Sydney by Alexander MacRae and is responsible for manufacturing and selling swimsuits for competitions and recreational use.

In the year 1955, Speedo uses nylon for competition swimwear, especially for men’s competition swimwear.

In the 70s and 80s, Speedo introduces lycra to manufacture Olympic swimsuits, being a very resistant fabric that molds perfectly to the body, where the swimsuits of this brand were very successful.

In the 1990s, the company introduced new lines of swimwear for recreational use, increasing the product range considerably, including swimwear for occasional use, swimming goggles, hats, towels, sandals, life preservers, watches, among others.

Today, Speedo is the largest manufacturer and supplier of everyday and competition swimwear and one of the best aquatics brands in the world.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean swimming goggles

The best way to keep swimming goggle lenses in good condition is to avoid touching them with your fingers and using them carefully. Your fingers could leave traces of fat on your skin and obscure the transparency of the lens. Therefore, it is best to rinse them with fresh, clean water always after swimming.

Tap water helps remove both chlorine and other chemicals present in the pool water, which could cause damage to the goggles over time. If you don’t have tap water, you can submerge the glasses in a container of clean water and rinse them several times.

If you notice that the straps have accumulated dirt, you can use dish soap and prepare soapy water. Then with your fingers you should rub the straps with this mixture, preventing the soapy water from coming into contact with the lenses. There are some models of glasses that allow the straps to be removed, facilitating this cleaning process.

Then, proceed to rinse well and remove all the soap, then hang the glasses in a ventilated area and protected from the sun. It is also advisable to store them inside a cover to avoid scratches.

Q2: How to put on swimming goggles

Although it seems like a simple process, the truth is that putting on swimming goggles requires a certain dexterity and technique. To start, hold the glasses by the edge of the eyeshields so that the insides point toward your face. You should place your thumbs inside the eye covers and your index fingers around the top frame (right index with right frame and left index with left frame).

Then bring the glasses up to your face and position them firmly against your eyes, gently press your fingers around the edge; usually, you should feel a slight suction sensation, in order to form a seal on your skin that prevents the passage of water into your eyes.

The next step is to guide the strap over your head, while holding the glasses to your eyes with one hand. With your free hand, position the strap until it reaches the back of your head, at eye level; the idea is that when seen in profile, the eyes are covered and the strap forms a straight line.

Q3: How to fit swimming goggles

The objective of swimming goggles is to prevent water from entering the eyes and allow the swimmer’s visibility in the water. For this reason, you must adjust them in such a way that they are not too tight to cause pain in your temple or that your face is marked, but it is also not advisable that the glasses are too loose, since in a stroke the

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