The 5 Best Tennis Balls of 2022

Tennis Ball – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Tennis is one of the most practiced sports worldwide and every day there are more people who are passionate about this fascinating discipline but, to be able to train, you must have the essential accessories, of which the balls cannot be missing. These have special characteristics that include materials, weight, rebound and even the exact dimensions, to be used in this sport. To simplify your choice, we have made a review between the best-selling balls and those with the best comments, and we managed to recommend 2 models. The first is the Head 570714, a model made up of four yellow tennis balls. In addition, each of these balls has been treated with technologies that increase their performance, durability and visibility on the court. Second, we have  the Dunlop Tour Brillance, which is a very durable model and comes in 3 units in one purchase.

Buying Guide – What is the best tennis ball on the market?

If you are a tennis professional or you want to get started in this fascinating world, you must have the main elements to play. In this discipline, the main thing is the balls; they must meet certain basic characteristics, such as weight and size.

Acquiring one that is of good quality is essential for your practices or tournaments; That is why we will always want to know which is the best tennis ball on the market to be able to buy it.   

However, we cannot easily answer this question, as there are many brands and models that rank among the best. However, each one has its own characteristics that adjust to the needs of each user, so determining which one is the best will only depend on you.

These are made of materials that are very resistant as they are articles of direct contact, both with the ground and with the racket, so they must be durable and not wear out easily.

When making a comparison of the tennis balls that are in the commercial world, we can start by telling you what you should analyze before buying yours: its size, its materials and the weight, as they all influence the effectiveness of rebound.

Why buy a tennis ball?

The balls play an important role, since the speed of each of the rebounds and the effectiveness of the serves to knock down your opponent depend on them.

They have materials that are very resistant to contact, which vary depending on the model and brand, since the balls not only bounce off the ground, but also off the racket with each hit, so they must be durable.

Rarely will you find a tennis ball manufacturer that sells you just one ball. They usually come as a set: in pairs or more than 3 units, to always have a replacement.

There are certain parameters that you must take into account before buying the model of balls that you want for your practice, and we could summarize them in weight, materials and rebound quality, all closely linked to the effectiveness that you will have in the game.

Another fundamental factor, which you should not forget before making your purchase, is the budget you have, since the model you can acquire will depend on it, so it is always important to know how much a product costs.

Next, we are going to present you a guide to buy the best tennis ball on the market; so you can make a good choice. Here we are going to give you an idea of ​​the characteristics that the model you choose must comply with in order not to be disappointed.


The construction materials in tennis balls represent a main and fundamental characteristic, which you should analyze before choosing your model. In all brands you will find rubber, felt or wool, as primary materials.  

They are made up of two very strong rubber shells, which have pressurized air inside, which is what guarantees that they have rebound quality and can be used both professionally and for practice.

Weight and size

In this type of product the weight is varied; there are those that are extra-light and weigh approximately 60 grams, being faster for the game, but a little more difficult to control, while the heaviest ones could have 100 grams, being more manageable in the blow.  

As for the size, it is almost always standard, because for this discipline you have to comply with basic standards and characteristics. These can have a diameter in inches between 2 and a half and 2.5 eighths.  


As we had anticipated in our guide to buying the best tennis ball on the market, the number of units per model is important; you will have a game without interruptions despite the fact that you can lose one of them in practice or simply one is damaged by contact.


The price is decisive in each of the acquisitions we make, and in the tennis ball models on the market we can tell you that it is relatively low; we have from the good and economical, to the most resistant and expensive.

To give you a range of the investment that you are going to have to make, we analyze the prices of our recommended store and the costs can range from 2 euros onwards. The most expensive are almost always determined by the number of balls that come with the purchase.      

However, you may be able to get a low-priced model that meets all your needs.

The 5 Best Tennis Balls – Opinions 2022

One of the fundamental elements that a tennis player cannot miss is the ball that he will use in each of his practices or tournaments, that is why you will always find a set of them among his game implements.

There are many brands that will offer you this product, but there are certain characteristics that you must take into account before making your choice and one of them is the number of units that the model comes with, since you will always want to have more than one ball to be able to play.

You must also be clear about what type of tennis you want to practice, as there are two types: table tennis and professional court tennis. Both are widely practiced worldwide and there are many renowned athletes in these disciplines.          

Determining which is the best tennis ball on the market is not an easy task; It depends on the tastes of the user and what he is looking for: if it is a professional one or one to practice or perfect techniques.

As we mentioned in the buying guide, the balls can be varied in weight and size, but they almost always meet international game standards, so you can find some that are used only for training and others that are professional.

But since our task is to help you choose the model that suits your gaming needs, then among the best tennis balls of 2022 you will be able to find these 5 that we will detail, so that you can determine if it is what you are looking for.    

1. Head 4 Ball Tennis Tube 

Main advantage: 

This model has been made by its manufacturer with high quality standards. For this reason, it has been in charge of developing sports technologies that increase the durability, performance and visibility of the ball to make the game more competitive and controlled.

Main disadvantage: 

There are those who have been confused by the number of units it presents, so it must be clarified that it is a single tube with 4 balls, not two cylinders.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The model is positioned as one of the favorites in its category because it is made up of 4 one-size-fits-all yellow balls, equipped with innovations and developments that improve the game.

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Tennis balls can be found in different presentations, but the most common is that the different brands offer them in more than one unit, as they are convenient to reduce the time in matches and training. This Head model follows this marketing pattern, since this proposal is made up of a total of 4 tennis balls.

In addition, the alternative is positioned as one of the favorites, because these balls are delivered in a cylinder or tube with a plastic lid, where the units are contained in an organized manner. 

This cylinder facilitates the portability of the balls from one place to another, without losing them, since it can be inserted into the bag and the whole can be easily removed, without having to extract the rest of the content to find the precious balls that will allow Start the game. 

Technologies and construction 

It is no secret to anyone that the big sports brands on the market invest significant sums of money in the development of innovations that provide players with a better experience for good performance. This Head model is no exception, since this alternative has been enabled with sports innovations that improve the user’s game and provide greater competitiveness, as well as control. 

This is because its manufacturer has added the development of technological innovations applied to sports in each of the units that make up this model. For this reason, the balls have Encore technology, which improves the durability of the ball, favoring resistance for a greater amount of time, thus optimizing spin and control in throws. 

Also, this model has the Smartoptik innovation. Thanks to this technology, the visibility of the balls is increased, which in turn provides benefits for spectators and players. 

Design and uses

There is a wide range of tennis ball alternatives on the market today. However, not all of them are accepted and suitable for high-performance competitions, perhaps because they do not meet the standards suggested by the main professional tournament federations. 

In the case of this Head model, each of the balls meets the announced requirements for use in tournaments, according to the rules of the International Tennis Federation. Thus, this proposal is included in the list of official balls approved by the ITF. 

In this way, they can be used by players in high-class competitions, whether in clubs or professional tournaments. Therefore, the design of these balls is visually uniform, in yellow.

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2. Dunlop Tour Brilliance 3 Ball Tennis Balls

They are balls made with materials that are highly resistant to use. Likewise, this model of tennis balls has an HD core, which maximizes the life of each one of them and makes it a quality product.

They come in a practical plastic case where you will be able to store your balls, which are 3 units in total; This way they will always be protected and away from external factors that can cause damage.    

This model is considered by some users as the best value for money tennis ball. It is one of the cheapest tennis balls and despite this, they are very resistant to use and very durable.   

If what you are looking for are balls that allow you to meet all the demands of a great practice, the Dunlop Tour Brillance model will be the best tennis ball for 4 euros, since it is one of the cheapest.


HD core: In addition to having fully resistant materials, this model of Dunlop balls has an HD core that contributes to the extension of its useful life.

Protection: These balls are stored in practical plastic cases that keep the balls protected against external factors and also facilitate their movement.

Hi-Vis technology: This feature helps to make it easier to see the balls when they are in the middle of a game.

Guarantee: This model of tennis ball is endorsed by the FIT as one of the best bounce and displacement.


Durability: These balls should be used exclusively for matches, since their permanent use in practices would generate too much wear and tear.

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3. Wilson US Open XD Tennis Balls

With the purchase of this model you will be able to acquire 3 balls to practice professional tennis or to get started in this sport, as they have their own characteristics in size and weight, to comply with international standards.

They are made of rubber and felt, both very durable in contact with the surface and the rackets. They will not wear out quickly despite continuous use, which is why they are ideal for practicing sports on a daily basis.

The balls are designed to have a high bounce and a good speed, of course, the second depends on the force you apply when hitting them. Some users consider it ideal for sports.

At the moment, it can be considered the best tennis ball, as its quality characterizes it.

The delicacy and precision in the making of Wilson balls has made users rate it as the best brand of tennis balls today. In addition, this firm has proven to be an example of strength and durability.


Constitution: Its structure is made of rubber and felt, materials that guarantee perfect movement on the ground and effective contact with the rackets.

Functionality: Its size and materials contribute to its ability to perform a high bounce and travel at high speeds.

Presentation: This model of Wilson balls is stored in a comfortable case that can hold three balls simultaneously and keep them protected from outside elements.

Weight: Although these balls usually have a standard weight, users point out that at 500 g, this model is one of the lightest on the market.


Weakness: There are buyers who claim that the felt that covers them tends to peel off easily.

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4. Slätsch Tennis Balls

This model from the manufacturer Slätsch is positioned among the best in its category, since it is made up of a total of 4 balls made with a white felt coating, which meet high standards for professional contests. 

This proposal is presented in a cream-colored can, with a black print of the brand and a plastic lid, which is used to transport the four balls inside in an organized and simple way. In this way, being several units, sports dynamics are facilitated during the game. 

On the other hand, these balls have been manufactured with quality materials that increase their durability and are designed for sand, granules, as well as for soils, with adequate performance. For this reason, they are suitable for all spaces and serve to reinforce the game due to their low incidence of deformation.

This model of tennis balls has other interesting qualities that we invite you to discover through a quick analysis of its pros and cons. 


Units: It is made up of a total of four units of tennis balls available in white, for quick replacement in the middle of the game.

Cylinder: The balls are contained in a can cylinder, labeled with the brand name, which favors protection.

Portability: For greater user comfort, the balls can be carried in an organized manner from one place to another, thanks to their case to facilitate and speed up the game dynamics.

Uses: This model can be used both for professional games and for simple matches on different ground surfaces, making it versatile. 


Storage: If the necessary care is not carried out, its surface can lose its properties and become unsuitable for professional-style games.

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5. Babolat Team X4 Tennis Balls

This model of court tennis balls is very popular for being made with materials that are highly resistant to use and continuous friction to which they are subjected to with the floor and rackets.  

There are a total of 4 units, so you won’t have to interrupt your game if any of them are lost on a long serve, or if the outer material simply deteriorates; you will always have a spare to change it whenever you want.   

Its weight is 331 grams in the entire product and each ball has less than 100 grams in total, complying with what is established in international standards. They are yellow and you can use them to train or for your tournaments.

Like the previous one, this is also one of the cheapest tennis ball models on the market. Users give it the highest marks for its quality, tough construction and technology.


Visible colors: Its felt is of a yellow hue, being perfectly suitable for matches, since it can be seen very easily.

Weight: Each ball has less than 100 grams, which makes them extremely light, but does not take them out of what is established in international regulations.

Presentation: They come in a protective package that houses four units. So there will always be a replacement for the loss or damage of any ball.

Versatility: Its material makes it easy to move on any type of terrain.


Speed: Its lightness can make it difficult to serve too quickly.

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Head Radical Tennis Ball

With the purchase of this model of tennis balls you will acquire 12 units with a single investment; You can use them as you wish, either in your practices or tournaments, as they comply with international game parameters.

They are made of resistant and durable materials, which adjust to various surfaces, giving an efficient rebound and good speed in each of the passes you make. The balls are very durable as they are made of rubber and pressurized air.

Some users consider that it is the best model, due to the number of units that you will be able to obtain with a single purchase and also due to the quality of its materials.     

For the correct execution of your tennis game you must have good quality equipment, that is why we present you the pros and cons of this model that for many is the best tennis ball of the moment.


Number of balls: With just the acquisition of this model, you will be getting twelve balls for practically the price of one.

Presentation: This model of Head balls comes in three comfortable plastic tubes that keep them permanently protected against external elements in the environment.

Functionality: Those who have used these balls for both practice and professional matches point out that their surface material allows for a long bounce and efficient travel.

Resistance: Its felt-covered rubber structure guarantees the resistance and durability of this ball model.


Smell: Some users state that when the balls are new, the smell of their materials can become very penetrating and uncomfortable.

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How to use a tennis ball

If you are a beginner or a regular player of the fun and exciting game of tennis, you must have the best accessories to take control of it. The balls become one of the essential elements for the practice of tennis, so they must comply with certain essential standards, among which we can highlight: the weight, the rebound, the materials and the measurements that must be exact for every ball. of tennis

take advantage of the combo

When you play tennis, it is important that the pack of balls has as many balls as possible, so that with a single purchase you get several balls; Thus, the game or practice will be more interesting for you by not having interruptions while looking for a lost ball or having to stop due to the damage of the only ball you have.

take care of your balls

It is important that when you stop practicing or playing tennis, you pick up the balls and put them in their original container or any other container that you have available. In this way you will always have the same number of balls and you will prevent them from lasting less than the expected time due to being exposed to any damage from external agents.

Weight and size

When you play or practice tennis, it is important that you realize that tennis balls are manipulable and travel quickly, since they are designed to have the ideal weight to develop fast speeds and be easy to manipulate. As for the size, it will always be standard between 2 and a half inches and 2.5 eighths, which is what tennis regulations require. If not, the balls you are using are not suitable.

Use them on the right surface

To protect your balls from unnecessary wear and tear, be sure to only use them on the tennis court. If you use them on other surfaces that are not suitable for the purpose for which they were designed, then you run the risk of them being damaged and not working properly during your practices on the court.  

speed and bounce

It may be that when changing the brand of tennis ball, the speed and bounce vary a little. We recommend you not to make a tragedy out of this; it’s just a matter of continuing to practice and you will see that you quickly get used to this small variation. So whatever brand of balls you own now, go practice and you’re good to go.

wash your balls

If you are one of those people who likes to keep everything in total neatness, I tell you that you can wash your balls, so it is possible to take all your accessories and implements perfectly clean to the tennis court. You just have to make sure that the materials with which it is made allow it and, of course, you must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

its smell bothers you

There are users or athletes with a sensitive sense of smell who usually notice that some balls have a fairly strong smell, if this is the case, we advise you to uncover the tube of balls some time before starting the game or practice. If possible, do not put them back in the original container, but in a container that is outdoors; in this way the smell will disappear quickly.

The most popular brands

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. Competitions and championships such as Wimbledon and Roland Garros are so important that they attract personalities from all over the planet, from rulers to celebrities from the entertainment world. Like any sport, playing tennis requires certain equipment, for that reason, it is always necessary to buy the best if you want to improve in this discipline. Dunlop, Wilson and Head are brands that have created some of the best tennis balls to offer athletes the highest quality, always.

Despite not being a brand known for dedicating itself entirely to the creation of sports products, Dunlop is a company that has earned the respect of many people since it first saw the light, in the beautiful capital of the Republic of Ireland, in the year 1889.

John Dunlop was responsible for founding this brand after, trying to make his son’s trips on a tricycle easier, he created the pneumatic rubber wheel, pioneering what is today a car tire. He immediately patented his creation and since then the Dunlop company has known nothing but success.

Although the most famous products of this company are work boots, Dunlop has ventured into various areas where it has stood out from the start; this is the case of the sports market.

Tennis has had a place in this company since 1917, when the first Dunlop tennis rackets were manufactured. Currently, its tennis balls continue to be talked about due to their consistency and long durability, ideal for professional athletes.

Today there are few brands as well known in the world of sports as Wilson. Although it offers products for different sports disciplines, tennis has always been one of the most important areas for this brand, which has caused it to join athletes of the stature of Roger Federer and the Williams sisters to offer them the best products at all times. to optimize your game.

Wilson’s history dates back to the early 1900s, specifically in 1913, when the company was founded by Thomas E. Wilson, although it legally used the Wilson Sporting Goods name from 1931. Since its inception it has created quality products and that has made it worthy of distinctions today, such as being the creator of the official ball for the NFL and the UFL.

Wilson tennis balls have earned many positive reviews due to their quality, so much so that they are the official balls of the US Open. For that reason, they are suitable for use by beginners and professionals, with a resistant core and structure against humidity.

This sports brand founded in 1950 is one of the largest in the manufacture of sports products. Snow sports, water sports and tennis are Head’s favorites, as its products are specialized in these areas.

Despite being a company founded in the United States, currently its headquarters are in the Netherlands, exactly in Amsterdam. In this way, Head managed to enter the American and European markets with ease, and the high quality of its products made more and more people choose it.

Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic are just some of the tennis players who have used Head equipment to play big matches, therefore, the quality of their products is completely guaranteed, as this company is capable of creating articles that are totally suitable for professionals.

Head tennis balls are characterized by being suitable for high-level competitions, training or fun, without any problem. In addition, they are made to serve on any surface and have great resistance to avoid being damaged quickly due to constant use.

» Review information from previous years

Head Radical Pelota de tenis

Ventaja principal:

Es un conjunto de pelotas con aprobación por parte de la Federación Internacional de Tenis, por lo que son adecuadas para entrenar este deporte de manera apropiada.

Desventaja principal:

Es posible que algunos usuarios acostumbrados a utilizar pelotas con un bote muy alto noten una diferencia al cambiar a este modelo, sin embargo no es demasiado significativa y cuentan con el estándar establecido para ser eficientes.

Veredicto 9.9/10

Se trata de un set que te permitirá entrenar de una manera adecuada gracias a la aprobación oficial que ofrecen y debido a las 12 pelotas que incluye el paquete puede que no necesites adquirir otro en un corto plazo.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Aprobación oficial y versatilidad

Para que no tengas duda respecto a si se trata de pelotas que cubren los requerimientos oficiales, el modelo de pelotas de tenis que nos trae la marca Head  en esta ocasión tienen la aprobación reglamentaria por parte de la Federación Internacional de Tenis, de manera que puedes entrenar debidamente con estas pelotas, para así mejorar tu técnica y habilidades en este deporte.

Por otra parte, debido a que se trata de un tipo de pelota de tenis muy versátil podrás utilizarla en todo tipo de superficies y los resultados pueden ser los esperados. De este modo podrás llevarla contigo para utilizarla en cancha en tus entrenamientos o bien para torneos o competiciones.

Diseño y cantidad

Cuando vas a entrenar, una de las cosas que no quieres preocuparte demasiado es por tener a mano una pelota. Pensando en esto la marca Head pone a tu disposición este paquete, que puede ayudarte a que te olvides de este aspecto por largo tiempo; ya que este set incluye 12 pelotas. Con esta cantidad es muy probable que en un corto plazo no necesites hacer otra compra.

Por lo que se refiere al diseño de las pelotas de este set, debemos mencionar que cuentan con el diseño tradicional, es decir, con una cubierta de fieltro y lana en color amarillo que las hace fácilm

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