The 5 Best Tennis Rackets of 2022

Tennis Racket – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

There are sports that require only skill to be able to practice them, but the vast majority need implements for the development of their activities. In the case of tennis, a racket is necessary. Before selecting a model it is convenient that you can compare the available options. In addition, it is opportune to know the opinion of other users to choose a design. In the market, there are many brands that present tennis racket models, but there are two that are frequently recommended. The first model is the Wilson STEAM 105 S, a racket with a weight of 289 grams unstrung, which has a design in black and yellow colors, with extra length and an open 16×15 string pattern, indicated for players of intermediate level and expert for its stability and turning force. The next model isBabolat Pure Drive Junior 27, a short grip racket that is designed for children from 9 years old.



The 5 Best Tennis Rackets – Opinions 2022

Whether you train professionally or as a hobby, you need a racket that helps you improve your skills, in order to achieve more points. If you want to buy one of these and among the number of available designs the selection has become complex, we present a list with the five models that lead the preferences of buyers, in which we expose the properties of each of the options.

1. Wilson Steam 105S Tennis Racket

The sports manufacturer Wilson presents this model to the market, which may be the one for those who are looking for the best tennis racket. It features a 16 x 15 pattern design for increased spin and is equipped with Basalt Fiber BLX technology for stability and precision.

The string tension of the model is between 22 and 26 kilos, it has a weight of 289 grams unstrung and 800 grams with string. It is a tennis racket that stands out for being versatile, suitable for intermediate and professional level players, because it provides speed and power to hits.

It is made of light and at the same time resistant materials, while the surface of the frame is wide, 677cm², for a greater impact space. It is equipped with an L3 handle and the total length is 69.8 cm.

Wilson’s Steam 105 S model enjoys a reputation as the best tennis racket of the moment, since it has a light weight with a cross-string pattern, providing precise and powerful hits.


Versatility: It has adequate versatility for accurate shots, making it suitable for both mid-level and professional tennis players.

Grip: It is a size 3 racket, with a grip that allows a better wrist game for controlled shots.

Weight: It has a light weight of less than 300 grams without string, so that it provides greater agility and speed.

Design: This model is equipped with a wide rebound surface that provides greater rotation of the ball due to its design with spin effect technology.


Modality: Although its design is versatile, it is a racket for medium and high level training and competition, not for amateurs.

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2. Babolat Pure Drive Junior 25

It is likely that to feel safe when making your purchase you want to make the choice between the best tennis rackets of 2022. Thus, you should pay attention to the characteristics of this Babolat model. In this opportunity, Babolat offers a lightweight model, only 250 grams.

This racket has a simple and practical design. It is of good appearance, because in it the colors white, black and pink are mixed. In addition, it is suitable to provide maximum power in each blow. It is usually recommended for young people who are starting out in the world of tennis or for children aged 11 and over.

Within its technical aspects, it has a surface area of ​​245 cm 2 and a length of 66 cm. Likewise, it has a stiffness of 68 Ra, which produces less deformation of the racket after contact with the ball and provides high power.

Babolat is probably the best brand of tennis rackets, not in vain does the French firm sponsor world-renowned tennis players such as Rafael Nadal. Their models are characterized by providing precision shots with high power.


Versatility: The racket offers the right structure for different situations and court angles, from shots to spikes.

Rigidity: This is a model with a high degree of rigidity in the strings, preventing the racket from deforming, a characteristic that may be appropriate according to the way of playing.

Weight: This is a model that allows maximum performance and agility on the court, because it is light and easy to grip.

Design: Its design offers a high level of versatility in movements. In addition, it is recommended for children who are starting out in the world of tennis.


Size: Although it is a super light racket and suitable for its power, the user must be aware that it is a special model for children.

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3. HEAD Ti S6 Original Tennis Racket

If you are wondering which is the best tennis racket, the characteristics of this model from the manufacturer Head may help you answer the question. It is a racket with a conventional design in black. This model is available in several sizes, so you can select the thickness of the grip or width of the handle, depending on which one suits your requirements.

It’s light and easy to handle, weighing just 225 grams unstrung. In addition, it has a 16 x 19 pattern and the tension of the strings can vary between 24 and 26 kilograms, which offers a high degree of power and balance. It is made of robust materials, since graphite and titanium are some of those that make up its composition, so it has a high level of resistance and according to the demands of the game. This model includes a storage case.

The tennis market offers a wide variety of models. Given this, you may not know which tennis racket to buy. Therefore, we invite you to learn about the main advantages and disadvantages of the Head 231088-G2.


Handle: People with different hand sizes will be able to use this model, since its grip is soft to the touch and it is available in various sizes.

Weight: You will not have to worry about additional weights that reduce speed and agility, since this model has a weight without strings of less than 300 grams.

Resistance: The manufacturing materials such as graphite and titanium, which have been incorporated into the structure of the racket, give it a high degree of robustness and resistance.

Protection: You will be able to carry the racket comfortably and safely from one place to another without having to spend additional money, since the model includes a protective cover.


String: After a day of intense play with many hits and rebounds, the strings loosen and lose their shape.

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4. Wilson Burn Pink RKT

If you are looking for the best value for money tennis racket, this model from the manufacturer Wilson may be the one for you, because it is one of the cheapest rackets in our selection of products. Roger Federer, one of the tennis stars, is an ambassador of the brand, so when you start with it, you will follow in the footsteps of one of the greats.

It has a design in white, black and pink colors. It is recommended for baseline defensive play and based on size, as a beginner racket for ages 5-6. Its weight without string is 195 grams, with a 16 x 16 pattern, while the string has dimensions of 580 cm 2, characteristics that increase the power of the shot and extend the rotation. In addition, the racket is equipped with Forgiving Feel technology that dampens the effect of vibration on hands and arms.

This model for children from the manufacturer Wilson can be considered a suitable option and is one of the cheapest rackets you will find on our list of options.


Weight: Due to its light weight, it has a simple and easy to handle grip that improves the level of movement on the court and speed of response in attacks.

Technology: It is a racket made of resistant materials that, in addition to durability, provide a reduction in vibration due to impact on hands and arms.

Design: Pastel and delicate colors, together with a suitable size for children between 5 and 6 years old, make this model one of the favorites to start in this sport.

Control: The racket has a 16×16 pattern and the string dimensions are 580 cm 2, thus increasing power and providing a greater degree of control.


Modality: This racket has been designed to get the most out of children, but if it will be used by adults, another model should be selected.

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5. Prince Thunder Cloud 110

This model from the manufacturer Prince is one of the most recommended by users because it is a racket for adults with several convenient features. The Thunder Cloud 110 model has a light unstrung weight of 255 grams, while its nylon string pattern is 14 x 17.

It has a rebound area of ​​709.6 cm 2, so it is spacious and offers power. It is made with materials of a high degree of quality and resistance, as it is incorporated in the manufacture of the titanium carbon braid frame.

In addition, this model is equipped with DuraPro+ technology that improves grip, as well as a full-length cover on the G1 size grip. Thanks to the Morph beam design, stability and energy are gained to control the blows. Due to its qualities, it is recommended for beginner or intermediate level tennis players.

This model of the sports brand Thunder has a competitive price with high quality standards. It is a versatile racket suitable for improving the game of beginner and intermediate tennis players.


Pattern: The strings of this model of racket have a 14 x 17 string pattern, with a wide rebound area.

Materials: It is made with quality, solid and robust materials that improve the dexterity of hits and serves to provide power.

Technology: A technology applied in the design has been developed to provide greater stability and control of the blows.

Handle: This racket has a DuraPro+ handle that allows a proper grip that does not hurt the hands.


Hardness: In the opinion of some users, this model can be a bit hard, but this depends on the game mode and the player’s familiarity with his sports equipment.

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Shopping guide

For those who train tennis and want to have all the equipment to practice the discipline, they need a racket that meets the sports demand and has the necessary attributes. There are many designs and models, but before buying just for aesthetics, there are a number of properties that these sports accessories must have. To help you with the selection, we have prepared a guide to buy the best tennis racket on the market, in which we detail some of these characteristics.

design and colors

Tennis is an individual sport that requires sporting ability and a racket. There are different designs, adjusting to different users. Therefore, when making a comparison of tennis rackets, you should include the design and colors within the characteristics.

The appropriate thing is to select a simple, but practical and functional racket that fits the user. You can get racket models with long handles, but others have short features. The same happens with the central structure, which must be adapted to the tennis player’s way of playing. Depending on the design, you can also choose a female, male or unisex style racket.

Some manufacturers incorporate various colors, being possible to select between pastel, neutral or striking tones. Although this feature does not affect quality, there are many who choose colors that go with the rest of the clothing.

sport level

If it is about children in the amateur or initiation modality, it will be necessary to acquire a type of racket that adjusts to their height, hitting force and capacity, in relation to weight and string pattern. Other models are made for medium levels of training or youth modality.

These rackets are usually patterned for power and the string tension varies, resulting in swinging shots and serves that can be easily executed by teenagers or non-professionals.

Similarly, there is a different design for competition and pro level rackets. These rackets usually provide a long swing, with a tension, balance and weight of the vertical and horizontal strings that make up the appropriate sieve for this level.


The same manufacturer can bring to the market different types of rackets, each with specific materials that make them of greater or lesser quality. So if you wonder how much a tennis racket costs, you need to analyze the materials that have been used to make the product.

You can get low-end rackets, the structure of this model being made of aluminum. Next, we find mid-range designs that are made of graphite or fiberglass, their value is a little higher, but also their quality.

Finally, there are professional-range rackets on the market, which incorporate higher-quality and more resistant materials in the structure, such as graphite, titanium or carbon braids, in addition to the fact that large manufacturers add sports technologies that increase the tennis player’s potential on the court. The cost of the latter is much higher.


Rackets typically have two weights, one for the frame and one for the string pattern. According to the type of game and the texture, a specific weight should be selected. In the market there are some light and easy to handle models with an unstrung weight of between 220 and 250 grams. Once the braids are added the weight increases, but they are still light rackets for short swings and require little force to move.

The heavier models tend to be difficult to control and provide more powerful shots for long strokes and serves, as they provide a high level of control with reduced vibration. They are recommended for professional players or those with enough strength to handle them.

Pattern and stiffness

When selecting a tennis racket, there are many characteristics that must be analyzed and that depend largely on the type of player that is going to use the equipment, so before looking to choose one for being good and economical, you should study properties such as the pattern and stiffness. If you play tennis you should know that the rackets are made up of a pattern of strings that form the sieve and these in turn have a degree of rigidity. There are open and closed patterns.

The former are large and have fewer strings, they are used for power plays and provide comfort to the user. The seconds leave less space between one string and another, the amount used being greater. This type of pattern provides controlled shots and are stronger and more durable than closed pattern rackets. In the case of rigidity, it is the property that contributes or reduces control and vibrations. Some players prefer to opt for flexible designs that, although less powerful, give less vibration.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to grip the tennis racket?

The first thing you should know is that all tennis racket handles have 8 sides and recognizing each one will help you identify the shots that can be made in tennis. There are three basic grips: the serve grip made in position 1 of the handle and with the frame of the racket aligned with the knuckle of your hand. The second grip is used for backhand shots, where you place your hand in position 2 on the handle. And the last one is the drai, executed by aligning the knuckle of the index finger of the right hand with position 3 of the handle.

Q2: How to paint a tennis racket?

If you follow these recommendations you can have a completely new racket. At first, use a metal putty knife to remove the material from the handle. Cover the grip of the racket with masking tape and trace the inside of the rim with a pencil on a piece of card, so that you can then cut it out with scissors. Repeat the process on the opposite side of the racket. Place it on a piece of cardboard and spray on a coat of primer. Let it dry for an hour and spread spray. Lastly, remove the tape and paper.

Q3: Where do you repair tennis rackets?

One of the most common failures in tennis rackets is that the strings loosen and are not as tempered, which creates difficulty when practicing. In these cases, it is recommended to go to a sports store with a tennis racket repair and repair service.

Q4: Are tennis and racquetball rackets the same?

There are three basic differences that allow you to recognize them. In the case of the rackets used for racquetball, they are less heavy, because the ball is lighter than the tennis ball. Racket frames weigh up to 270 grams and tennis rackets weigh more than 300 grams. Also, the head of racquetball rackets is wider with a diameter greater than 110 square inches, while the diameter of tennis rackets ranges between 90 and 100 inches. In racquetball, the strings are more elastic and weigh between 16 and 18 kilograms. In tennis, around 24 kilograms. The frames of racquetball rackets are more elastic to give the ball speed. In tennis, they are more rigid because they seek control of the ball.

Q5: How to string a tennis racket by hand?

If you are a fan of this sport, you will know that when the strings of your racket are loose, it is necessary to take them to restring. You can do this task on your own. However, it is recommended that you go to a professional, since the process requires the use of a stringing machine to ensure that each string is completely aligned and without any damage. A good professional can take 10 to 15 minutes to change the strings by hand, a process that is carried out while the stringing machine holds the racket rigidly. Remember that if you hire the service of a professional, you can have completely new strings on your racket.

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