The 5 Best Three Wheel Scooters in 2022

Three Wheel Scooter – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The purchase of three-wheel scooters must be done considering a series of fundamental aspects: among them the level of safety of the scooters, the resistance of the manufacturing materials, the design and the structure in general. But, in addition, it implies reviewing the largest number of options to choose from, which is why we did a search for the various models that exist on the market and found that there are two that are always recommended by users. The first is the Outcamer Blue, made with an aluminum frame and where details such as the gravity turning system, the ABEC-7 bearings of its wheels or its LED lighting system, among other details, are not lacking. Similar is the IMMEK Folding, which can be placed from 77 to 87 centimeters high and has wheels with LED lights ideal for the safety of our children.

The 5 Best Three Wheel Scooters – Opinions 2022

Three-wheel scooters are practical toys for children with which they will have the opportunity to have fun and exercise at the same time, leaving aside sedentary lifestyle and entering a world of recreational and outdoor activities. With these toys they can have fun sliding from one place to another, but learning about coordination and balance. If you are looking for the best model but do not know which one to select, here is a list of what may be the best three-wheel scooters of 2022, according to users.

1. Outcamer Boy Girl Scooter 3 to 14 Years

When looking for the best three-wheel scooter, it is important to know who is going to use it. If you need a model designed for the little ones, you can use the Outcamer Blue. An improved version of the classic three-wheel design and with which it is easy to move comfortably.

To do this, the scooter has a format with two wheels in front and one behind, which is controlled by tilting the body during rolling. The rear wheel incorporates an easy-to-activate brake, to always maintain control of the vehicle.

Regarding its approach, the scooter is suitable for use by girls and boys from 3 to 14 years of age. For this, the handlebar has an adjustable height from 75 to 84 centimeters, as well as a resistance that reaches 50 kilos of weight. An ideal proposal for the product to evolve as your rider needs it.

For your little one to have fun and you do not have to worry, nothing better than betting on a quality scooter.


Stability: The approach of the scooter has good stability, which helps your little one to move safely.

Brake: The rear brake helps maintain control during rolling, allowing the scooter to stop if necessary.

Bearings: ABEC 8 bearings offer smooth operation and safe rolling, without jerks or discomfort.

LED lights: The included LED lights give the scooter a different touch, while making it easier to see at night.

Folding: As usual, the model is foldable and hardly takes up space in this state. Ideal to carry in your hand without being too annoying.


Control system: The gravity control system is very interesting, but requires some learning to avoid accidents.

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2. Immek Folding Scooter with 4 PU Wheels with LED

If you are looking for a three-wheel scooter model that is completely foldable, we recommend this model that can reach from 77 to 87 cm, so it may be suitable for your child, depending on their height. In addition, it has wheels equipped with colored LED lights that flash when in motion, which helps keep your children in sight when they go for a walk.

In addition, you can fold this model for easy storage, which makes it very easy to transport. It is an ideal model for children from 3 to 12 years old.

The material with which it is made guarantees high quality, since it is made of high-resistance aluminum material and with a high and reinforced footrest so that your children do not slip or loosen the handlebar unintentionally.

Getting the best three-wheel scooter involves an exhaustive analysis of the positive and negative aspects of each model.


Height : The height of this scooter is fully adjustable, so you can adjust it from 77cm to 87cm.

Folding : You can store this three-wheel scooter with ease thanks to its folding function.

Materials : This model is made of highly durable aluminum, which guarantees good durability.

Gift : If you are looking for a three-wheel scooter that you can give as a gift, we recommend this model.


Control : Although it has two wheels at the front, making jumps or other movements can be a little more difficult to do with this model.

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3. Peppa Pig Mondo 28181 3 Wheel Scooter

This model is recommended for children up to six years of age, because it has a resistance of up to 20 kilograms. It is made of high-quality materials such as aluminum and plastic, which makes it a lightweight toy weighing only 2.4 kilograms, although its weight does not detract from its resistance to continuous use.

One of its main features are the wheels made of silicone rubber that provide a uniform and smooth movement, while it can reach a certain speed without breaking down and with less wear.

The model has one wheel at the front and two at the back, so it is quite stable. It is suitable for girls, because it has a design that combines pastel pink and blue with the famous “Peppa Pig” cartoon.

In addition, it is provided with a small bag in the front part of the handlebar where you can carry your belongings without fear of losing them while playing.

This model has a striking design of the famous Peppa Pig, which is why it is included in the list of the most requested scooters by users.


Weight: As it is made of aluminum and plastic, it only weighs 2.4 kilograms, which makes it very easy to move anywhere.

Speed: It has wheels made of silicone rubber that are favorable for moving without imbalance. In addition, they are suitable for going at considerable speed levels, without wearing out.

Accessories: In the front part of the handlebar it has a small bag where you can carry various belongings and other toys.

Stability: The model is made up of a front wheel and two rear wheels; this provides a good level of balance when moving.


Resistance: This specimen is designed exclusively for children up to six years of age, because it has a resistance of up to 20 kilograms.

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4. Paw Patrol OPAW110 3-Wheel Scooter for boys

With striking and varied colors in its design, this three-wheel scooter is unisex and has a model with one wheel in front and two in back, which provides stability and safety to children during movement.

The design of the print is one of the favorites of the little ones today: “Paw patrol la patrol canina”, so your child will have fun with this article from the animated series. It is made of robust materials that will make it durable, as long as it is maintained with the necessary care.

It supports a weight of up to 20 kilograms, being recommended for children from two years old, so if there are several children of similar ages at home, they can use the same toy without any problem.

Transporting it will not be uncomfortable, since although it is not foldable, it only weighs 2 kilograms, so it can be moved without much effort. Its price is one of the cheapest, so it is recommended for those looking for the best price-quality three-wheel scooter.

The layout and size of its wheels are the secret of the balance that this model provides. This, added to its comfort and design, make it one of the favorite models. Users prefer it because, in addition to being good, it is considered the best possible three-wheel scooter for 30 euros, as it is one of the cheapest.


Design: It has a colorful and varied design of one of the children’s favorite cartoons “Paw patrol la patrol canina”, which gives it a special appeal.

Materials: It is made with various quality materials that allow greater durability and resistance, guaranteeing a pleasant experience for your children for a long time.

Resistance: It can support up to 50 kilograms of weight, so it can be used by children of various ages that correspond to said support capacity.

Light: It weighs only 2 kilograms, so it is very comfortable to move.


Storage: Some users report that, although it is very light in weight, it has the disadvantage of not being foldable and takes up some additional space in homes.

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5. Keland Three Wheel Scooter for Kids

With the Keland three-wheel scooter we change the approach compared to conventional scooters. This product has a three-wheel movement system located in a triangular shape, which modifies the way your little one moves.

The result is a scooter that is not propelled with the foot, in the traditional way. Slides are achieved by moving the legs and hips from side to side. As the feet are on the structure of the scooter, these movements generate the necessary force to move forward, in an active approach and much more fun than the classic one.

Otherwise, this design is suitable for use from 4 years old, being safe once its operation is controlled. It includes a brake on the front wheel, which gives it more security and, in addition, it is foldable. Therefore, it hardly takes up space when you have to store it or carry it with you.

If you want an active scooter that helps your little ones to do physical exercise, this version interests you.


Format: The format is ideal for sliding comfortably, without the need to push with your foot. Just move your legs to gain speed.

Turn: In addition to the forward slide, it is also possible to perform turns of up to 180 degrees with just your feet. Something that makes it very fun to change direction.

Height: The height of the handlebar is adjustable to three different levels, so that your little one always has the grip at the height they want.


Recommended age: The recommended age of the scooter is from four years old, for safety reasons and the required skill of the user.

Protection: Due to the characteristics of the scooter, it is highly recommended that the rider wear a helmet and adequate protection for elbows and knees.

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Buying guide – What is the best three-wheel scooter on the market?

If you want to buy a three-wheel scooter for your child and you don’t know what parameters to take into account when choosing, you should know that there are certain characteristics to consider in order to acquire the most practical and suitable model so that the smallest of the house is satisfied.

That is why we have prepared a guide to buy the best three-wheel scooter where we describe that beyond how much it costs or being cheap, there are other specifications to assess to determine if a model is ideal for you.


The designs of these toys are simple, but they bring great fun to the little ones. In general, they consist of a handlebar to drive it, a surface to support the feet and a system of wheels arranged in a triangle with which the device can be moved.

The models are varied, with different figures, drawings, animated cartoons, letters and many colors. Choosing one depends on the tastes of each person, but there are an infinity of colorful and fun designs for children.

In this case it is advisable to choose it from some traditional figure or colors, but not from caricatures of the season; In this way, it will not be discarded or go out of style, but will last and children will continue to use the toy for a couple more seasons or until their size and growth allow it.


There are at least two systems of three wheel scooters. There are electric three-wheel scooters that work with a small motor that drives the device so that it moves without having to use the legs, using only balance.

There are also scooters with three manual wheels that move with the impulse and strength of one of the legs while the arms rest on the handlebars. For children, the electric motor is usually more fun; however, these are more expensive than manual ones.

One of the advantages of electric three-wheel scooters is that if the mechanism breaks down, it can be used as a manual scooter without any problem. When selecting any of them, it is important to know the tastes of the children and the security they feel to move around in any model of these devices.

types and sizes

Three-wheel scooters come in various sizes, which are larger or smaller, depending on the age and weight of each child. It is convenient to select a model that is according to the age of your child, since if the device is smaller than the child, it will be uncomfortable for him to use it.

It could even break when supporting a weight greater than that for which it was manufactured; while if it is very large, it can cause fear when using it, in addition to accidents if they do not have the necessary height to reach the handlebars and be able to see where they are going.

Similarly, it is necessary to review the types of scooters, since there are structures with two wheels in front and one in the back, as well as other models with one in front and two in the back. There are also models that have a fixed surface to support the feet, and another removable. For small children, for safety reasons, the fixed surface with two wheels at the back is recommended, since it provides more stability.

Manufacturing materials

When selecting a three-wheel scooter model, the materials with which the product is made should be evaluated, since the durability of the toy will depend on this.

Most are made of aluminum, a resistant metal, but at the same time light, which will give the toy greater mobility and speed when it is being used. It is important to select one that is lightweight and has quality finishes so that it remains scratch-free, even after falls, and that supports continuous use.

Similarly, the tire manufacturing material should be considered, knowing that there are silicone and plastic. In general, silicone ones are usually recommended, because they give a more uniform displacement and wear less.

Additional functions

In the comparison of three-wheel scooters, it is made clear that the basic function of these toys is to move; however, some come with additional features that make them more appealing to children.

Certain models have built-in speakers; similarly, others have lights on the wheels that turn on when you move, making them look more striking and serving to locate the child, or they come with lanterns and a backpack to store belongings, which is convenient, since it allows a better experience of product use.

Likewise, it is necessary to select a model that is practical to transport; In this case, there are models that are foldable and can be stored comfortably to take to the park, garden or wherever you want comfortably and without taking up much space.

How to use a three wheel scooter

Three-wheel scooters are essential toys for children to have fun and ride. These can be safer than skateboards, since they have three wheels for greater stability. In this section, we will show you the proper way to use a scooter.

Place the pieces on a surface

All three wheel scooters come stored in a compressed package. It is important that, before beginning its assembly, you place each of the pieces individually on a flat surface, to quickly locate each piece. Likewise, you can verify that all the assembly elements are present and call the supplier if they are not.

Fit the wheels on the bases

Currently, there are two standard models of scooters: with two front wheels and one rear wheel or with two rear wheels and one front wheel. In any case, the wheels must be placed between the lower bases. Insert each wheel between the rod and use the special screws to adjust each wheel. Remember to use a screwdriver.

Install the handlebar on the main tube

The main part of the scooter is the handlebar. With it you can direct your scooter as required just by turning it. Likewise, there are the handbrakes that will slow down. Insert the handlebar into the main tube and adjust it to the most comfortable height for the child. Then fix it with the screws to prevent it from moving.

adjust the brakes

A very important aspect to check before starting to use the scooter is to verify that the handbrakes work correctly. The clamps are on the handlebars, attached to cables that connect to the wheels. Perform a test by pressing the calipers and observing that the wheels lock up; If so, the brakes work fine.

take momentum

A great advantage of this toy is how easy it is to use, since you don’t need practice or prior knowledge to do so. Just step on top of the base with one foot and push off with the other and start moving forward. Take as much momentum as you need to move. Next, grab the handlebars tightly and steer the scooter.

Store it in a cool and isolated place

Generally, scooters have a folding structure that allows the handlebar to be folded for greater comfort. You must store it in a dry and isolated place, because contact with sunlight can oxidize the bases and humidity generates bad odors and stains on the design.

Perform maintenance frequently

Scooters, like any toy and means of transportation, need frequent care to maintain their useful life and have greater durability. If you notice that the wheels do not slide properly, disassemble them and clean them using alcohol to remove impurities.

In the case of the structure, you need to add oil to prevent oxidation of the metal that makes it up. Similarly, if the wheels are very worn, replace them with new ones to continue enjoying this ingenious transport.

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