The 5 Best Touring Skis of 2022

Cross Country Skis – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

During winter and snowfall there are countless sports activities to practice and enjoy. One of the most popular is skiing, but to do it you need equipment. Part of this equipment is the skis, so if you are going to buy some you should know that each one has properties to adjust to different requirements. Although many manufacturers introduce alternatives to the market, few options stand out. First of all, there is the Dinayfit Tour 82 model. A product that uses the classic 3D technology of the brand to offer greater turning capacity and better penetration in the snow, which reduces effort on the route. Also interesting is the Rossignol Experience 76 Ci, which joins poplar wood with a carbon reinforcement. The result is a flexible piece, which provides precision on hard snow and improved control when the snow is softer.

The 5 Best Touring Skis – Opinions 2022

If you have decided to buy touring skis, you should know that every season manufacturers present designs with features that can be attractive, but they must also be functional. So before making a hasty purchase, it would be convenient for you to review the following section with the attributes of the five touring ski models that lead the current market.

1. Dinayfit Tour 82

The Dinayfit Tour 82 skis are currently among the best touring skis of the moment. This product represents the latest renewal of the brand within its product line, offering a high-quality system when it comes to skiing and controlling the route.

For this, the product includes the usual 3D technology in the different designs of the brand, to which is added a profiled design with which it is possible to adjust the performance to what is necessary at all times. Something to which a structure reinforced with carbon fiber and aluminum contributes.

The result is a product that is among the best current touring skis, with a turning radius of 16 m in 171 centimeters and an approximate weight of 1.3 kilos for each piece, which always helps to move better.

We leave you a summary of the most outstanding aspects of this product, belonging to a firm candidate to be the best current touring ski brand.


Design: The profiled design offers the right mix of flexibility and stiffness in all phases of the ski, depending on what you require.

Technology : Its 3D Tech system, the brand’s classic, has been improved in this model to achieve less weight on the tip and make ski turns easier.

Construction : The ski has a poplar and paulownia wood core, whose characteristics are ideal for this type of product.

Reinforcements : To give the structure more strength, it incorporates carbon fiber and aluminum reinforcements, which do not affect its weight or the mobility of the ski.

Weight : The weight is 1.3 kilos per ski, which facilitates all kinds of movements on the snow.


Level: The technical level required by skiing is somewhat high, not being the most recommended option for newcomers to the world of snow.

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2. Rossignol Experience 76 Ci W Xpress W 10

Among the best touring skis of 2022, the Rossignol Experience 76 Ci could not be missing. These skis have the best of both worlds, natural and synthetic, with a poplar wood interior reinforced with an efficient layer of carbon.

These two elements give the piece high resistance and good efficiency when it comes to moving on all types of terrain, regardless of the state of the snow. Its 76-millimeter waist facilitates learning and the execution of turns, reinforced with a competition design, which gives you that stability that should never be lacking when skiing.

As an extra, the progressive edge generates a more fluid glide, also improved by the Air Tip VAS technology. An extra that is responsible for cushioning the snow and avoiding the usual blows due to variations in its density or hardness.

If you are still not sure if these are the best touring skis for you, we will summarize their main characteristics for you.


Construction: The ski features a high-quality poplar wood core, reinforced with a high-grade carbon exterior.

LCT: This system represents an improvement in driving, reducing the level of rigidity and the usual against bending.

Edges: The progressive edges create a very practical way to move and make all kinds of crossings, regardless of the conditions.

Versatility: Thanks to its approach, this is an ideal product to move on all types of terrain and any variety of snow.


Approach: This model is suitable for women up to 170 centimeters tall, although if you need another size you will have no problem finding it in the brand’s catalogue.

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3. Make SWAD14 Fell a Drive

This model marketed by Hagan can help you answer the question of which are the best touring skis, because it has properties that allow better performance, with a wide and controlled turning radius.

The skis are designed for the mountain mode, weighing approximately 1.08 kg and turning between 15 and 18 meters. They are recommended for being versatile and adapting to various snow conditions, which will allow the user to slide better with greater fluidity.

These skis are equipped with a sandwich structure, with sides made of ABS and a lightweight paulownia wood core, which has been covered with carbon fiber, so that they provide strength for transmission and stability. They have advanced technology to offer the user greater torque and precision while driving. In addition, they have double rocker, one elliptical front and one rear.  

Before buying you should identify some quality indicators, as this could help you decide which touring skis to buy. Therefore, we invite you to learn about the attributes and disadvantages of the Hagan SWAD14.


Rocker: The model has a double rocker, both in the front and rear, so both provide greater driving control and ease in turns.

Turning: Regardless of the type of terrain, you should not worry as the model is manufactured to provide a turning radius of between 15 and 18 meters.

Structure: The model has a lightweight sandwich-type structure made with a wood core, ABS sides and a double carbon fiber coating.

Technology: The skis incorporate advanced technology in their structure that provides better performance through longitudinal torsion and precision in movements.


Weight: The model can be very light, a feature that few skiers know how to control.

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4. Dynafit Touring 82156

Surely, you want to buy quality touring skis that are recognized among the user community for offering high performance standards, so you cannot miss a detail of this Dynafit model.

The model is recommended for beginners or advanced professionals in the free or off-road mode. Its weight is 1.12 kg, being relatively light, which provides simple transitions with stable and controlled handling, reducing the force on the descents.

They have a design that mixes performance and weight with an aluminum tip and 3D construction. The model’s frame is made from durable poplar wood, providing a balance of stiffness and flexibility for classic terrain.

With this model you can enjoy a turning radius of 14 meters. The rocker structure and sidecut are tailored to the length of the ski, making them effective on snow.

Dynafit Touring 82 156 are classic style skis that are made with resistant materials, providing adequate glide at a competitive cost. Therefore, they appear among the preferences of the users.


Materials: This model is made with solid and resistant materials, as a poplar wood core has been incorporated into its design, providing a balance between flexibility and rigidity.

3D: The model has a construction that combines performance with weight, therefore it has a lightweight aluminum tip, with a 3D design to reduce volumetric density and provide swing.

Modality: These are classic touring skis in the beginner or expert mode, suitable for descents and long trips.

Weight: The model is light, since its weight is 1.12 kg, allowing simple but controlled movements on the snow.


Portability: This model is not equipped with a bag or carrying case to protect the skis.

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5. Atomic Backland 85

If you are looking for a competitive price to decide on a model, then you should know that this Atomic design is one of the cheapest skis on the market, which is why they are usually recognized as the best quality-price touring skis.

They are versatile and dynamic skis recommended for compact or loose snow, since their handling is suitable for all terrains. The model is built as a Step Down Sidewall, with an ultralight wood core and carbon fiber inserts, offering agility and lightness for ascents and speed on descents.

It is equipped to provide a turning radius of 15 meters and a medium flexibility that provides level of torque, being precise and stable. In addition, it incorporates All Mountain Rocker technology with elevation in the tip, resulting in permissive skis for changes and easy turns with little effort.

Atomic Backland 85 is a model that offers multiple possibilities to improve performance, equipped with resistant materials and state-of-the-art technology, being one of the cheapest touring skis.


Construction: The model has been built with a light wood core and carbon fiber aggregates, providing agility and energy savings.

Versatility: Due to its properties, it is suitable for sliding on all types of terrain, from hard and compact snow to loose, allowing a level of buoyancy for dynamic movements.

Giro: The model has medium flexibility, so the movements are simple, precise and stable, with a turning radius of about 15 meters.

Weight: The weight varies according to the size you choose, but in general the skis are designed to be ultralight, suitable for advanced levels or beginners.


Displacement: The model can have a fluid and fast movement on descents, which can be difficult to control.

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