The 5 Best Vans Backpacks of 2022

Vans Backpack – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

In a backpack you can comfortably store different objects to take to school, go on a short trip or to the gym. Vans is a manufacturer with several designs that fit various styles, so if you are going to buy a backpack from that brand for the properties it offers, it would be wise for you to contrast the options that are attractive to you. Every year the manufacturer introduces several models to the market, but not all of them are recommended by users and there are two that lead the preferences. The first is Vans Old SKOOL II, a backpack with a classic, casual and unisex style, available in various colors and patterns, with a volumetric capacity of 22 liters, which has been made with light but resistant materials to support the weight, being suitable for carrying books, clothes, among others. Next, we find the Vans Realm model, a modern style backpack, available in various colors such as black, pink or gray, also with a 22-liter capacity.



The 5 Best Vans Backpacks – Opinions 2022

If you have decided to buy a Vans backpack for its capacity, quality and designs, you should know that there are many prototypes with different properties that suit different tastes. For this reason, before purchasing the first model, you can consider the opinions of other users and read the following section, in which we present the main attributes of the five Vans backpack models that lead the preferences.

1.Vans Old School II

The Old SKOOL II is a backpack with a casual style and a light weight of just over 600 grams, being practical to carry on different occasions, attributes that are worth it to be cataloged by many users as the best Vans backpack on the market.

This model has a soft structure and is made of polyester with reinforced seams. The backpack has a large main compartment, with an internal organizer to carry smaller items and a pocket on the front, both with a zipper closure system.

Due to its style, number of colors and patterns, it can be appropriate for a boy or girl, athletes, musicians and young people in general. Despite being lightweight, this bag has a volumetric capacity of 22 liters, with dimensions of 32.5 cm in length by 12 cm in width. It can be carried on the shoulders via the soft, adjustable handles or carried by hand.

The Old SKOOL II backpack has a classic and casual design, combined with attributes of quality and functionality that make it, in the opinion of many, the best Vans backpack of the moment. Therefore, it would be convenient for you to read its pros and cons.


Design: The model is integrated by a pair of pockets in a classic and casual style structure, suitable for young people.  

Colors: Depending on your personal style, you can select from various shades and patterns to match the rest of your outfit.

Compartments: The manufacturer has equipped this model with two compartments, a large main one and a small front one, both with zippers.

Capacity: The model has a light weight of 680 grams, but with a volumetric capacity of 22 liters, being possible to carry from books to clothes.


Flimsy: Being made of a soft polyester structure, it gives the impression of not supporting a large amount of weight.

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2. Vans Realm Backpack

There are few models that are among the best Vans backpacks of 2022. If you want to make your choice among these designs, it would be appropriate for you to pay attention to the Realm. The backpack has a versatile and modern style that is available in various colors such as pink, blue, gray, black, among others.

It is made with materials of a high degree of quality and resistance, and its structure is made of polyester, with reinforced seams to better support the weight and resist wear.

Its structure consists of two compartments: a main one with a zipper closure system and a smaller pocket on the front, with an organization panel for documents.

The backpack is equipped with a capacity of 22 liters, weighing only 340 grams and measuring 42.5 cm high by 12.5 cm wide. It can be worn hanging from the shoulders, through the adjustable and padded straps that it has.

There are many manufacturers that introduce models with outstanding properties on the market, but this may represent the best brand of Vans backpacks, for endowing their designs with quality materials. Here you can read the attributes and disadvantages of the Realm design.


Weight: The model has a light but solid structure, since its weight is 340 grams with a capacity of 22 liters.

Materials: The design is made of high-density polyester, with reinforced seams and a debossed lining to provide resistance.

Design: This model is modern and functional due to its versatility and is available in various colours, with a unisex style.

Pockets: The structure is made up of two pockets, one main and large and the other small on the front, with a panel for documents and small objects.


Colour: The model tends to fade and the colors lose their initial hue, even without washing.

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3. Vans Realm Abstract Horizon

If until now you have not been able to determine which is the best Vans backpack of the moment, you should consider this model that the brand introduced to the market in 2017, especially if you are attracted to striking designs.

The backpack has a modern and urban style suitable for men, women or children, with versatile prints with the embroidered model’s logo. It is recommended for schooling, since it has dimensions of 42.5 cm high, by 12.5 cm wide, with a volumetric capacity of 22 litres, being suitable for supporting the weight of books and notebooks.

The structure of this model is made with highly resistant materials, since polyester has been used. In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the backpack with a pair of zippered compartments, a main and spacious one and a front one with an organizer, to keep personal items in order. It has a handle and adjustable straps.

For those who don’t know which Vans backpack to buy, it will be convenient to look for some indicators that denote quality, such as materials, versatility, as well as ample capacity. These attributes are in the Realm Abstract Horizon model. Here you will find its pros and cons.


Versatility: You can use it for school, work, a short trip or the gym, because it is made up of two compartments: a large main one and a smaller one.

Capacity: The backpack is made to support a maximum weight of 22 liters, whether in books, clothes, among others.

Materials: The structure of this backpack is made of reinforced polyester, but of low weight, being a light model.

Style: This model has an urban and modern design that is recommended for men, women or children, since its colors are varied and striking.


Resistance: The model can be a bit flimsy and delicate, so it can be easily torn.

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4. Vans VA2WNXBA5

This design is one of the most recommended by users, as it is a striking, modern, versatile and functional model belonging to the 2022 season. This black backpack is also available in camouflage and checkered prints, both with dark background tones..

The model has light properties, since its weight is only 454 grams, it is capable of supporting a volumetric capacity of 32 liters. The design stands out for having a solid and quality structure, made of polyester with reinforced seams and a padded panel on the back.

In addition, it is made up of several compartments that allow you to carry objects such as laptops. It has a large main space with a divider, another smaller pocket, a smaller one on the front and another on the side, all of them with zipper closure to provide greater security. Its dimensions are 49.5 cm high by 14.5 cm wide.

Vans VA2WNXBA5 is a model that has features that distinguish it from other designs of the same brand, being resistant and high capacity. Therefore, you need to review its main positive and negative aspects.


Weight: It is a backpack with light properties, while remaining resistant. Its weight is less than 500 grams, facilitating its load.

Capacity: You can carry from a laptop, to books, notebooks or clothes, since the backpack has a volumetric capacity of 32 liters.

Compartments: Organizing your objects will not be a problem with this backpack, since it has four pockets: two large and two small, all with zippers.

Materials: The model is made with a polyester structure that has been reinforced, in addition to having a padded back panel for greater comfort.


Colours: The model is only available in colors and prints with a dark or black background, making it unsuitable for those who prefer light tones.

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5. Vans Girls Eley Kishimoto

This model is the recommended option for those users who are looking for the best value for money Vans backpack, because it is one of the cheapest alternatives on the market and the lowest cost of our selection of products.

The backpack has a modern and feminine design, suitable for women, corresponding to a collection in collaboration with the Eley Kishimoto fashion house that combines fashion, creativity and styling.

Its structure is made with a cotton outer material and a lining made of robust polyester, which provides durability to the piece. The model is of compact but functional dimensions.

It has a main compartment and a smaller front compartment, with an organizer for small objects, both with zipper closure. Its volumetric capacity is less than that of other brand designs, being appropriate for low loads, as its measurements are 42 cm high by 32 cm wide.

In the models it is necessary to look for quality indicators. If a competitive price is added to this, it will be more attractive. This is why Vans Eley Kishimoto is considered to be one of the cheapest backpacks today.


Style: This backpack has a modern urban style, full of creativity, as it has a graphic print and design in collaboration with the Eley Kishimoto fashion house.

Materials: The backpack is made with materials that guarantee its durability with a cotton exterior and an internal polyester lining.

Compartments: It is a functional backpack because it has two compartments, a large main one and a smaller front one, to carry personal items.

Closure: The backpack has several pockets and all of them have a high-quality zipper closure system.


Size: Although it is functional for many activities, this is a model with compact and reduced dimensions, so it may not be used to carry a lot of weight.

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