The 5 Best Walkie Talkies for Kids of 2022

Walkie-talkie for children – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When we are looking for a way to communicate with our little ones on an excursion or walk, or we are simply looking to give them a gift, walkie talkies are an excellent option. Not only can you be sure that your little one will find a way to have fun with them, but they will also be useful for both boys and girls of the most varied ages and tastes. When acquiring these devices, it is important to observe three key characteristics, such as the range they have, their autonomy time and their aesthetic design. Among the models that have gained the most popularity, due to the satisfaction they have given to so many children, and therefore to those who gave them to them, is the Wishouse M8 that offers a large capacity battery and comes in a set of 3. The Retevis RT 32It is also not far behind, due to its backlit LCD screen and its VOX function, which allows you to communicate without having to hold down any button.

Buying Guide – What is the best children’s walkie-talkie on the market?

Walkie-talkies are one of the best ways to monitor children and keep in touch with them when they go for a walk in the park and even offer them fun times when playing with their friends. In this sense, before purchasing a model, it is necessary to know its characteristics by consulting the following guide to buy the best walkie-talkies for children.


Walkie-talkies are wireless communication devices that can be quite fun for children, allowing them to feel like adults when role-playing with their friends. In addition, some models allow you to connect not only with your pair, but with two or more compatible devices, in this way you can increase the level of fun for the little ones in the house.

In this sense, they do not need licenses or for their operation, so you can stay connected in different environments, whether at home, in the neighborhood, on outdoor walks, as well as in parks and shopping centers. This is thanks to the fact that they have a high sensitivity for the transmission and reception of the voice, in a clear and sharp way.

They also offer different ranges of signal range, for which you must take into account the place of use, since in an open field you will have a greater reception than in a populated place or with many buildings. However, being children’s walkie-talkies, their maximum range could be around 3 km in some cases.

Likewise, we must take into account the number of channels and subchannels available for communication, as well as the privacy codes and subcodes, and the type of configuration required depending on the model and the recommended age.


The design is another point to take into account when making a comparison of walkie-talkies for children, since compared to adult equipment, these must have much smaller dimensions and are suitable for small hands. In this sense, they are usually light and have ergonomic shapes to be able to hold them comfortably and firmly.

Its different models are adapted to the age at which they are aimed, so it is possible to find them in bright colors and even in shapes alluding to some cartoon character. Likewise, they are made with robust, resistant and non-slip materials so that they can withstand the rough treatment that children’s toys usually suffer, such as falls and bumps.

Generally, walkie-talkies have a small backlit LCD screen for clearer reading in sunlight or low light conditions. This panel shows the main functions available, such as the channel and sub channel tuned, the volume, the signal and the remaining battery level.

The buttons to control its functions may also vary according to age and model, however, in most cases they include the basic ones for power on and off, menu, monitoring button, volume adjustment, call, scan. and light, as well as a speaker, flashlight and even a headphone jack.


The features available could influence their value, so if you want to know how much one of these devices costs or buy the cheapest pair, you should know beforehand what they offer. For example, its output power, which can be in the range of 0.5 W, and the frequency used, which could be between UHF 446.00625 and 446.09375 MHz.

Some models offer the VOX function, which when activated allows the signal to be transmitted without the need to press the PTT button, which is very useful when children do not have enough strength to hold it down. It’s also great for monitoring babies or older children when you’re not around.

On the other hand, there are walkie-talkies that include the CTCSS or DCS function to choose which signals you want to hear and which ones you don’t, in this way you avoid annoying noises and listen to other people’s conversations. There are also those that include key lock functions, to prevent device malfunction or inadvertent change of settings.

The 5 Best Walkie Talkies for Kids – Opinions 2022

1. Wishouse M8 Walkie Talkie Kids 3 x 3000 mAh

Wishouse M8 is a set of walkie talkies that includes a total of 3 units capable of communicating with each other, so that little ones can carry out all kinds of games and activities with their friends.

The walkie talkie model of the set offered by the Wishouse brand has an ergonomic, compact and durable design. It has a backlit screen where important information about the device is displayed, as well as a couple of buttons to set the channel, adjust the volume, among other options.

Reviewing the range, it stands out that the devices can establish a connection at a distance of up to 3 kilometers in open spaces and work with rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 3,000 mAh. This provides more than enough autonomy to enjoy them during a gaming session.

In addition, they have a striking aesthetic for children as each one is in a fun and different color, and includes a practical cord to wear them around the neck and not lose them.

Now we invite you to review the most relevant pros and cons regarding this product, to help you decide whether to buy it or not:


Eye- catching: The walkie talkies have a colorful design that is attractive to little ones and, in addition, they are robust.

Scope: They can be enjoyed in large areas taking advantage of the kilometric range of the emitted and received signal.

Autonomy: Each walkie talkie has its own set of rechargeable batteries, so you don’t have to replace them every time.

Accessories: The purchase of the set includes cords for each of the walkie talkies with which you can wear them hanging from your neck.


Manual: They are accompanied by an instruction book that is not very helpful, since it is written in German.

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2. Retevis RT32 Walkie Talkie Kids PMR 446

The Retevis RT 32 model offers all the functions of a professional walkie talkie but in a model adapted for children, both in its size and in the smiling face that decorates it.

Among these functions are the eight reception channels with a scanning function that is responsible for pairing both terminals autonomously.

It also includes a VOX function that does not require you to press the button to be able to speak and listen. To avoid inconvenience, the walkie has a configuration lock that prevents data from being accidentally lost.

The backlit LCD screen has such power that they can be used as lamps, with a resistant design for any situation. And thanks to the power supply using AAA batteries you can always keep the walkies active by simply changing the batteries for new ones.

For some users, Retevis is the best brand of walkie talkies for children, so we have decided to identify the pros and cons of another of its models:


Range: Like another of the mentioned walkie talkies, this Retevis model is also capable of reaching a maximum connectivity range of 2 kilometers long as long as there is not too much interference.

Lock – Your kids will be able to safely store it in their bag or pocket without fear of unsetting or turning it off as it has a panel lock that will disable the buttons function until they want it to.

Straps: and in case they don’t want to keep it, but you’re afraid they might lose it, the RT 32s have a strap so they can hang it around their neck and thus have it more at hand for when they are contacted.

Vox: finally, if you don’t even want them to bother to take them, the RT 32 has a Vox function, which works by activating a speaker built into the equipment so you can always listen without having to press anything.


Instructions: this model of walkie talkies does not include instructions in Spanish but in English, which could make handling difficult. However, one of its buyers indicated that they can be received in Spanish by email.

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3. Sigdio T-388 Walkie Talkie Kids PMR 446

These can be considered by many to be the best walkie-talkies of 2022, as they have great sensitivity to receive and transmit a clear voice, so children can enjoy playing connect in the distance with their friends. Also, parents will be able to communicate with them for their peace of mind, thanks to the fact that they have a range of up to 3 km in an open field.

They have the VOX function, which allows you to transmit the signal and talk without having to press the PTT button. On the other hand, the scanning function scans the active channels quickly, while the power saving function is capable of switching to economy mode after 6 seconds of inactivity on the equipment.

On the other hand, this model includes as accessories 2 belt adjustment clips, an external universal charger, 8 rechargeable AAA batteries and an instruction manual to facilitate its use. In addition, it incorporates a flashlight and LCD screen with backlight and buttons to control its different functions.

In this sense, if you are wondering which walkie-talkie for children to buy and you need them to have quality and great range, then we invite you to previously review the pros and cons of this model:


VOX: This function facilitates the use of the equipment by children, since it allows communication, speaking and transmitting the signal, without the need to press the PTT button.

Accessories: Includes 2 retaining clips, universal external charger and 8 rechargeable AAA batteries to avoid spending on disposable batteries.

Accessories: It has a backlit LCD screen, front buttons to control the functions and a flashlight on the top edge, near the antenna.


Duration: A user thinks that the batteries could discharge faster than expected, however, this package includes a universal charger.

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4. Jaybest Walkie Talkie for Kids Children’s Walky Talky

Walkie-talkies are toys that, in addition to being fun, can be quite functional, which is why they remain highly sought after. This pair of walkie-talkies may be just the thing for adventurous kids who always want to stay connected with their friends or parents; because these devices have a long range and, despite the distance, provide a clear and sharp connection.

With a small size and a weight of approximately 200 grams, children will feel comfortable carrying these walkie-talkies with them, as they are ergonomic. Their measurements make them suitable for children from 3 years old. In addition to that, it is only enough to press a button so that the voice can be recorded, so its operation is quite simple.

The children’s design not only brings a cute bear to attract the attention of the little ones, but also a rope to hang the artifacts around the neck to avoid losing them. So the fun could be assured.

With these walkie-talkies, children can easily communicate while playing. Plus, they’ll be comfortable wearing them, so your fun won’t be interrupted.


Design: Its children’s bear design will capture the attention of children, as it gives it an eye-catching appearance. On top of that, these radios come with lanyards to wear around your neck to prevent loss.

Ergonomics: Its lightness and small dimensions make its structure comfortable for children from 3 years old.

Scope: These devices have been manufactured to have a clear and sharp communication, even at somewhat distant distances.

Adjustment: With these devices it will not be necessary to carry out any pairing process, since they are already automatically linked. All that is required is to turn them on and press the record button.


Batteries: In order to use the pair of walkie-talkies, you will need 4 AAA batteries, which are not included in the purchase and will incur an extra cost.

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5. Paw Patrol-Set of 2 Walkie talkies Cefa Toys 00434

Although it is not the Paw Pad that Rayden uses in Paw Patrol, these themed walkie talkies are sure to become the favorite toy of the most fans of the series.

Its design has been specially designed to offer no risk, with rounded surfaces and a flexible antenna that prevents accidents. Its design is designed for the smallest hands and can be used from the age of three.

It does not have controls, being fully configured to start using it directly and although it is true that its range is limited, within its range they offer acceptable quality for both emission and reception of audio.

A simple product that, thanks to its two 9-volt batteries, one per receiver, you can use at all times without the risk of them stopping as long as you have spare batteries.

If you are the thrifty type, you may be interested in knowing what could be the best walkie talkie for children for 20 euros:


Design – If your little one is a fan of this amazing children’s series, they will most likely love these walkie talkies as they are designed with the colors and images of the PAW Patrol characters.

Simple: they are one of the easiest walkie talkies to use since they are pre-configured to connect with their pair as soon as they are turned on.

Batteries: In addition, they only require a 9 V battery each to work, which indicates that you will not spend too much to replace them.


Range – They have a short range of only about 50 meters, but since they are for small children, this should not be too much of a problem.

Channels: It is not possible to change the connection frequency or the channels, which limits the use of the walkie talkies to their purchased pair.

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Retevis RT388 Kids Walkie Talkie PMR446

With a design identical to that of a walkie for adults, except for the striking bubble gum pink color of its casing, the Retevis RT 388 model offers a quality product but designed for the little ones.

Among other things, the walkie has a range of 2 kilometers in optimal conditions, with ten ring tones to identify when a message is received.

No configuration required as they come pre-tuned to start working on the fly. Its power is based on two conventional AAA batteries and very easy to change if necessary, so that the game does not stop.

It also incorporates an energy saving system to extend the life of these batteries. Its LCD screen makes it easy to see its operation, while the included alert button allows you to quickly connect with the other unit in case of urgent need.

If you want to invest in the best walkie talkie for children of the moment, you should take a look at the advantages of the RT – 388:


Design: one of the strengths of this option among children’s walkie talkies is that it has a look that is quite close to that of professional equipment without neglecting the fun of being painted in a bright pink color, which could make it the favorite of your princesses.

Channels: the internal system of the RT – 388 allows you to connect to a maximum of 8 channels, which can be configured in both devices to always maintain communication and even connect to others.

Screen: your little ones can have a lot of fun and operate the walkie talkies with ease by being able to see the connection and volume information on a good size and high contrast LCD screen. The buttons that surround the screen are made of rubber and are clearly identified for ease of use.

Range: the communication antenna of the RT – 388 allows you to obtain a maximum range of 2 kilometers in optimal conditions between one device and another, which can allow your girl to communicate with a friend or neighbor to be able to talk whenever she wants.

Extras: They also have a radio function that will allow you to listen to your favorite stations in your city for maximum enjoyment. It also has a built-in flashlight to have fun playing even at night.

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How to use a walkie talkie for kids

Kids walkie talkies do double duty. On the one hand, they represent entertainment for the little ones in the house, since they can pretend they are spies or detectives and communicate at a certain distance.

On the other hand, they can also be a reassuring element for parents, who can use them to ensure that their child is safe at all times. Depending on the model, the range may vary, but is usually around 2 km. In this article we are going to detail how to use a walkie talkie for children.

insert the batteries

Walkie talkies are usually powered by conventional batteries, although some models include rechargeable batteries. If they are the normal ones, it will be enough for you to insert them in the corresponding compartment. If they are rechargeable, charge them for at least 12 hours.

Turn on the walkie talkie

The menu of children’s walkie talkies is usually very simple and intuitive. On most models, they feature a highly visible power button. To start using the product, then, all you have to do is press it. As soon as you turn it on, the little one will be ready to start communicating with his interlocutor.

Push the button to talk

A walkie talkie looks very similar to a mobile phone, but it has the peculiarity that both parties cannot talk at the same time. To start a conversation, all you have to do is press the button and keep it that way until you decide to give way to the other person.

To let it know you’re done, say something like “Over” when finished and release the button. Remember to stop pressing the button a second after you finish speaking so that the message arrives in its entirety.

learn the codes

To properly use a walkie talkie you need to know the language codes. In this way, the conversation will be more fluid and those who are communicating will know perfectly when they have to speak and when not. In this sense, “Change” is used when the person has finished his message and wishes to give way to his interlocutor.

“Short” is used to make the other understand that you do not want to continue the conversation, while “Change and short” is used to allow the interlocutor to give his reply and, after it, end the communication.

change the channel

To have a clearer conversation without background noise, use the channel search buttons. Keep in mind that, depending on the chosen band, it may be congested because it is the one used by taxi services and other companies. For this reason, it is best to take the time to find a channel that is free of interference.

Discover the extra features

Depending on the model of children’s walkie talkie, it could include a series of extras that would be worth discovering, such as a radio, alarm clock, stopwatch, emergency alert or LCD screen with light. Take your time to peruse the menu.

The most popular brands

If there is a traditional toy for the little ones in the house, it is the walkie talkies for children. A toy that can also give them a game directly or add an extra to any activity you do.

That is why it is convenient to go a little further than the usual basic products and opt for quality models that offer a good range and good communication, without forgetting, of course, ease of use. As a sample of what the market offers, we have highlighted a couple of very interesting brands so that your little ones are always properly communicated.

This company of Chinese origin was founded in 2007, with the aim of offering all kinds of communications solutions, both for large and small, having a complete range of products in which it is easy to choose, even at the professional.

It is one of the advantages of this brand, when buying a walkie talkie for children, since the products it offers do not have much to envy their older brothers in terms of connection capacity. Obviously in these children’s models we have tried to offer different designs that are easier to use than in the professional models offered by the brand, also having models that imitate the originals and help them enjoy their game more.

By the way, if you have an incident, the brand has a very efficient support service, so you have the peace of mind of not being stuck with a useless product if things get difficult.

The British firm Proster is a multidisciplinary company that offers a wide range of products of all kinds but always related to the world of electronics. A good part of its products are designed for the professional world, as is the case with some pieces such as its multimeters, high-quality laser meters or radio communications equipment.

In this case we find a company that shares with Retevis the approach to offer radio and walkie talkies products also for the smallest of the house, since once again this technology for “elders” is adapted in pleasant and comfortable models. easy use for the little ones.

An adaptation in which the company also has the presence of some well-known licenses from the world of cinema and television today, as is the case with the Walkies launched under Transformers designs. Thus, if in addition to communicating you want your little ones to look modern, these models can be a good option.

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What is the best walkie talkie for children on the market?

Los más pequeños siempre han querido usar los “juguetes” de los adultos y los walkie talkies para niños son uno de los más habituales. Estos modelos, hoy día, están pensados para resistir el uso de los más pequeños manteniendo diseños atractivos, bien a la manera de los de los mayores incluyendo con frecuencia también licencias de personajes infantiles de moda. Si quieres sorprender y acertar te ofrecemos algunos consejos para tu futura compra junto a una comparativa de walkie talkies para niños con algunos productos seleccionados por su calidad y valoración de los usuarios.

Para que unos walkies sean adecuados para niños, lo hemos dicho ya, es clave que el producto sea resistente y capaz de soportar el ritmo de exigencia que le van a causar al producto. En este aspecto los materiales deben ser convenientes, evitando riesgos en caso de rotura o que puedan aparecer fragmentos pequeños. El diseño también debe estar exento de aristas y piezas móviles que puedan causar problemas durante su uso y funcionamiento.

Un segundo aspecto de importancia tiene que ver con el modo de uso. Es cierto que los walkie talkies suelen tener un funcionamiento sencillo, pero dado que los usuarios son niños es necesario apostar por modelos que simplifiquen este funcionamiento.

Para ello es necesario que los productos no precisen de una configuración compleja o que puedan usarse sin necesidad de estar pulsando el botón como ocurre con los modelos de adultos, ofreciendo una comunicación bidireccional directa, por citar algún ejemplo.

Por último, puesto que sabemos lo que puede suponer para nuestros pequeños quedarse sin su juguete favorito, es importante que apostemos por modelos que se alimenten mediante pilas tradicionales que podamos reemplazar de forma sencilla, de manera que en caso de gastarse baste con cambiarlas para seguir funcionando.

Aunque existe algún modelo de batería recargable, el tiempo de recarga puede suponer inconvenientes si no tenemos batería de respaldo. Obviamente también podemos unir las dos cuestiones usando pilas convencionales recargables.

Biblt Walkie Talkie T-388 Niños al Aire Libre Radio

Ofrecen la posibilidad de comunicar de manera inalámbrica a una distancia de hasta 5 km aproximadamente, sin perder la calidad y nitidez del sonido. En este sentido, incluyen la función de supresión para el sonido ambiente, de esta forma facilitan la comunicación en lugares concurridos y permiten ajustar el volumen.

Es un par ligero y compacto, cada uno con unas dimensiones aproximadas de 15 x 6 x 4 cm. Además, tienen una pantalla retroiluminada que facilita su visión bajo el sol o en total oscuridad, asimismo, muestran permanentemente el nivel de batería, los canales, subcanales y la intensidad de la señal.

Por otro lado, incluyen la función VOX, para el monitoreo de bebés y permiten participar en una comunicación grupal si todos están en el mismo canal. También incluyen linterna para jugar de noche y dos correas para el cuello, por lo que son considerados como los mejores walkie-talkies para niños de relación calidad precio del momento, según algunos usuarios.

En este sentido, si quieres adquirir unos de los walkie-talkies más baratos es importante que revises con anterioridad las características positivas y negativas más destacadas de este modelo:


Sonido: Cuentan con la función de supresión del sonido ambiente para disfrutar de un audio claro y fuerte, incluso en lugares muy concurridos y, por si fuera poco, te permiten controlar el volumen.

Diseño: Son de fácil sujeción y tienen una pantalla retro iluminada que permite tener al alcance la información más relevante, incluso bajo el sol. Además, incluyen correas para el cuello.

Funciones: La función VOX permite el uso de este dispositivo para monitorear el bebé. Además, puedes comunicarte con un grupo si todos están en el mismo canal.


Alcance: Uno de los usuarios opina que es posible que el alcance de estos dispositivos sea menor de lo esperado, por lo que recomienda su uso en espacios abiertos.

Pilas: Según la opinión de un usuario, las pilas desechables se consumen rápidamente, por lo que se recomienda el uso de pilas recargables.

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