The 5 Best Weight Benches of 2022

Weight bench – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

Doing exercises at home and increasing the muscles of the extremities of the body is possible if you have a weight bench that allows you to develop different routines. If you are interested in one of these, you should know that there are many designs, each one with specific properties, and it is appropriate that before purchasing you can establish a comparison between the various models. Currently, some designs are often recommended by users, since they have quality attributes. Of this group, two lead the preferences. First we have the Gorilla Sports model 10000118, a bench with adjustable and foldable properties, being possible to reduce its size to store, designed to be suitable for different routines, both weights and abdominals, so it is versatile, having a resistant structure that supports 200 kilos. Secondly, there is the Sportstech BRT500, with a modern style and ergonomic properties, suitable for weight exercises and other routines. 



The 5 Best Weight Benches – Opinions 2022

To strengthen and develop muscles it is necessary to practice exercises on a regular basis. If you have decided to acquire a machine to achieve your goals, you should know the available options and their properties, which is why we offer you a list of the five most popular weight benches on the market.

1. Gorilla Sports Weight Bench with Adjustable Barbell Rack

For those who are looking for the best weight bench on the market, it is convenient to know the various attributes offered by this model from the manufacturer Gorilla Sports. It is recognized for being versatile both for training the middle zone and for working with weights.

The bench has adjustable and folding properties, being able to reduce its size to store and save space. Its structure is made of steel and the dumbbell support is adjustable in height between 78 and 99 cm, according to the user’s needs.

In addition, the device is light, its weight is less than 20 kilos, being able to support 200 kilos. Its dimensions are 125 cm long by 57 cm wide and it has a padded and ergonomic back.

Gorilla Sports Hantelbank mit Ablage is suitable for weight training with dumbbells or body strength, being recognized by many users as the best weight bench of the moment.


Folding: Space will not be a problem, since it is a folding model, being able to reduce its size to store.

Capacity: With a weight of 18 kilograms, this model has a capacity to support 200 kilos.

Versatility: You can use this bench for abdominal routines or weight lifting, as it is possible to adjust the height.

Ergonomics: The model is equipped with a padded and ergonomic backrest that has a soft and comfortable upholstery to the touch.


Level: This model is not suitable for high intensity or advanced training and routines that involve heavy loads.

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2. Sportstech BRT500 Innovative 8-in-1 Weight Bench

If you want a model that is positioned among the best weight benches of 2022, you should include this Sportstech design as one of your options. The bench is equipped with more than 17 exercise modes.

It has a folding structure with an innovative and fast system, so that its size can be compacted to reduce space, ensuring its closure. In addition, it has an ergonomic design integrated by a mat with a backrest in resistant EVA material, together with comfortable footrests.

It can be installed in any space, thanks to its wide and non-slip base, with rubber that prevents scratches on surfaces. The bench is adjustable, the backrest can be controlled in five levels, while the cushion is flexible with 8 adjustment options for height.

Sportstech is a popular and renowned manufacturer in the sports world, because it offers versatile and functional products, it is even considered as the best weight bench brand. Read the pros and cons of this model.


Comfort: The bench is equipped with a comfortable backrest and seat, covered with soft-touch upholstery, being padded and ergonomic.

Adjustments: This equipment adapts to the needs of the user, its height is adjustable and its backrest has five levels.

Folding: The model has an intelligent locking folding system, reducing its size for storage.

Design: This bench has a modern design with a non-slip base to prevent damage to the surface.


Lower bar: The bar to support the thighs is a bit loose, being necessary to hold it.

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3. Ultrasport All In One Training Bench

Those who are wondering which is the best weight bench on the market can review the characteristics of this design from the manufacturer Ultrasport. Weighing less than 15 kilos, this all-in-one bench is capable of supporting 100 kilos. In addition, it is recommended for training different muscle groups for both beginners and experts.

The bench is of adjustable and folding properties. On the one hand, its dimensions are quickly reduced for storage, while on the other it can be adjusted in eight positions on the backrest, as well as on the seat, with levels according to the user’s needs.

It is made of resistant steel, but it is still comfortable because it has padded areas. The device includes assembly instructions.

It is possible that with the number of models you do not know which weight bench to buy, so you can review the pros and cons of the Ultrasport All In One model.


Versatility: The bench is suitable for training different muscle groups of the upper body, as well as for strengthening abdominals, legs and buttocks.

Capacity: Although its structure is light, this device has a capacity to support 100 kilos of weight.

Glued: If you do not have space, you should not worry, because the bench has a fast folding system that reduces its size.

Construction: The model is made with a steel structure, with a backrest and seat with padded and comfortable foam.


Stability: Due to the narrow dimensions of this weight bench, it can create a feeling of instability.

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4. JX FITNESS 503B Multifunction Weight Bench

If you want a versatile model that has quality properties, the JX FITNESS 503B model is usually one of the ones that leads user preferences. This bench is recognized as a multifunctional trainer for different areas of the body, since its solid steel frame adjusts to five positions, starting from 45 degrees, flat, decline and squats.

Likewise, the device is equipped with a shock absorber and thick sponge for the feet, comfortable and padded backrest and seat, with a wear-resistant poly-leather upholstery.

Thanks to its folding system, its size can be reduced to save space. The model is suitable for muscle strength or dumbbell training. Its light structure supports a load of almost 200 kilos.

The JX FITNESS 503B model has everything necessary to be considered multifunctional, its structure is resistant and with an ergonomic design. Know its pros and cons.


Capacity: Although this model made of steel is relatively light, it has a load capacity of 200 kilos.

Design: The model has a practical, ergonomic and comfortable design, with adjustable and padded seat and backrest.

Structure: The structure of this model is solid and stable, with a folding system that reduces its size for storage.

Multifunction: According to the needs of the user, with this bench different muscles of the body can be exercised in the upper and lower extremities.


Assembly: The device must be assembled, this being complex because it does not have guided instructions to achieve it.

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5. HOMCOM ESA91-0080731 Folding Weight Bench

With a weight of 18 kilograms, this model has attractive properties, being recognized by many as the best value for money weight bench, because it is one of the cheapest on the market.

The bench is built with a strong and stable frame in solid steel, with a padded surface covered in synthetic leather. It has a black design, being simple but functional, because it is used to train with dumbbells.

It has adjustable properties, it can be adjusted to five height levels, according to needs, and it has a folding system, so its size is reduced for storage. Despite being a lightweight model, the bench has a load capacity of 150 kilos, while the capacity of the bars is 100 kilos.

There are several attributes that converge for a model to be recommended, some are quality and a good price. HOMCOM ESA91-0080731 is recognized as one of the cheapest weight benches.


Capacity: It has a load capacity of 150 kilos on the bench and 100 kilos on the bar, with a weight of 18 kilos.

Design: The bench is designed with a simple but functional style, with adjustable and folding properties according to needs.

Ergonomics: This bench has a comfortable and padded seat and backrest, with an anti-wear synthetic leather cover.

Materials: The structure of this model is built with solid materials such as steel, being stable and resistant.


Assembly: Assembling this device can be complicated, as it has many gears and screws that are not identified.

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