The 5 Best Wristbands of 2022

Wristband – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

If you practice any sport that requires the use of your hands or you want to improve an injury, you need to have some wristbands that help you avoid and prevent frequent pain that occurs in this area of ​​the body, product of the impact by the force generated to make serves, passes, throws or lifts. There are many manufacturers that incorporate designs and models, and even if they are of quality, it is appropriate to contrast the available options to get a suitable one. Within the number of prototypes, a few stand out and two are frequently recommended by users. The first is the Sportvitae Heavy Duty model, resistant and elastic wristbands, but soft on contact with the skin, which are available in a wide variety of colors, being recommended for crossfit and other disciplines. Next up is the RDX Black model, a supportive gym lifting strap that protects the wrists and is available in black with bold accents.



The 5 Best Wristbands – Opinions 2022

For those who play tennis, paddle tennis, practice crossfit or any other discipline that requires the force supported by the wrists, they must have lifting straps that reduce the impact on this area. If you have decided to buy one of these, it is convenient that you establish a comparison between the number of options. For this reason, we present a list with the properties of the five wristbands that lead the preferences of the users.

1. Sportvitae Heavy Duty Professional Sports Wristbands

If you are looking for the best wristband on the market, you may want to review the attributes of this model from the manufacturer Sportvitae. This sports wristband is available in several colors, so its style is unisex and you can select the one that best suits your taste.

In addition, it is made of resistant and elastic material, which provides a balance between support and mobility, to protect the joint and allow proper blood flow. It has a closure system through large velcros that provide firmness, along with reinforced seams that extend the durability of the product.

Due to the level of support, it prevents metacarpal injuries and is suitable for disciplines such as crossfit or weightlifting in the gym. Its mechanism of use is simple and its design is practical. Its measurement is 45 cm long, this being enough for muscle tension and allowing easy storage.

Not all models are cataloged as the best wristband of the moment, only some have the characteristics of quality, resistance and support that these products must have. Hence, it is appropriate that you know the pros and cons of the Sportvitae Heavy Duty.


Design: The wristband has a practical design to be used in crossfit, weightlifting and other disciplines that involve sudden turns.

Stability: Thanks to the materials, with this wrist brace you can improve your technique and strengthen your muscles through a balance between stability and flexibility.

Closure: The support is a quality present in this model, since it has a wide velcro closure system that allows adjustment.

Colours: According to your tastes, you will be able to select from a wide variety of colours, ranging from dark tones for men, to more striking ones and pastels for women.


Thickness: The materials used and the double seams give a wide thickness, which can be uncomfortable during the first uses.

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2. RDX Lifting Straps

If you want to make your selection among the best wristbands of 2022, it would be appropriate that you consider this model from the manufacturer RDX as one of your options. It has a design that protects the wrist through the wrist wrap, counterbalancing the thumb, to balance the heavy load and provide greater support.

The wristbands are available in predominantly black, with the details varying in tone between orange, yellow, green and pink. These straps are made of elastic cotton, so they are recommended for weight lifting and bodybuilding, as well as for crossfit training and other disciplines in the gym.

Its design provides a high degree of support and stability, with a wide velcro closure to provide greater stability in case of sudden turns. Its way of use is simple, they have a thumb loop that is quickly placed. Its dimensions are 7.62 cm wide and 20 cm long.

RDX is a manufacturer that is usually cataloged as the best brand of wristbands that can be obtained in the market, because it has resistant materials that give its products elasticity and durability for adequate support. Here we present the disadvantages and attributes of its design.


Closure: A closure system through a thick and wide velcro is the one that will maintain the correct fastening of the wristband.

Design: This model has been designed with a practical style, which wraps around the wrist and counterbalances the thumb.

Color: According to your tastes, you can select between a couple of colors, with black being the predominant tone.

Support: This wrist brace is made of elastic and resistant materials, which provide suitable support for weight lifting.


Size: In the opinion of some users, this wristband has a length dimension that may be a bit short.

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3. Nike Wristband

If you are looking for the best price-quality wristband, this may be the appropriate model that meets your requirements, because this design by the American manufacturer Nike is one of the cheapest options on the market and the lowest cost. of our selection of products.

The wrist brace is recommended to be used as a protective accessory that stabilizes the joint, preventing tendinitis and providing a balance between fit and looseness. It is made of high-strength materials, in elastic cotton.

Due to its properties, it is usually suitable for training and games of tennis, paddle tennis and other disciplines that involve sudden and strong turns of the wrists. It has a width of between 12 and 13 cm and is available in white, with the brand’s characteristic logo embroidered in black. The package includes two wristbands of less than 6 grams.

The NN 04 101 model from the manufacturer Nike is a competitively priced design, with attributes of quality and support, being in addition to the cheapest wristbands currently that provide an adequate fit. Here its positive and negative characteristics.


Design: The model is presented in white, with the brand’s logo embroidered in black, being a design suitable for drying sweat.

Functionality: Due to its attributes, it is a versatile wristband, being suitable for tennis, paddle tennis or other activities.

Size: The wristbands are made with a width between 12 and 13 cm, being suitable for wrists with this circumference.

Protection: Joint protection is guaranteed with this design, which incorporates stretch cotton to provide a balance between mobility and stability.


Support: The level of adjustment and pressure on the wrist is lost after several uses and washes.

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4. Actesso Advanced Wrist Orthosis Splint

Available in various sizes and being possible to select whether it is for the right or left hand, this model from the English manufacturer Actesso is usually the recommended option for those who wonder which is the best wristband.

This design is an advanced medical wrist brace that immobilizes the hand and functions as a splint to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, fractures, and other injuries or conditions such as wrist pain and arthritis.

The wrist brace is designed to provide a support effect, through a metal bar that relieves tension on the tendons. Likewise, it is made of soft neoprene, being suitable for ventilation, it also has antibacterial properties.

Thanks to its design, this wrist brace can be used for daily activities and kept for sleeping. It is available in black. According to the circumference of the wrist, a size that fits can be selected.

It can be difficult for users to know which wristband to buy, and it is appropriate that they consider standards of quality and functionality before purchasing a model. Therefore, reviewing the pros and cons of the Actesso splint can help you with the selection.


Design: The wristband is available in black and has a metal bar at the bottom, which keeps the hand immobilized to heal tendons.

Functionality: It is a wrist brace with medical characteristics that helps heal injuries, treat carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, fractures and wrist pain.

Properties: It is made of neoprene, which allows proper ventilation, but also has antibacterial properties.

Size: According to the circumference of the wrist, the user can select a size that fits and provides greater support and support.


Plate: The metal plate at the bottom can tear the neoprene if not used correctly.

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5. Babolat One Size Babolat Protection

This model is one of the most recommended by users, as it is a wristband with a versatile design and a unisex style. It is available in blue and is a one-size-fits-all for adults, so it fits many wrists, but fits correctly to provide a level of stability and support that protects the joints, preventing injuries.

It is recommended as a wristband for those who play paddle tennis, tennis or sports that involve the use of the hands and sudden movements of the wrist that involve turns and force, being appropriate to avoid conditions such as tennis elbow, because it helps release muscle pressure.

Even players who have suffered from wrist tendonitis can get back on the court and recover from the injury by wearing these wrist wraps. Due to their design, they are hooked with the thumb and are made of neoprene that allows adequate perspiration. They adjust through various velcro.

Babolat Unisex is a wristband that offers high standards of quality, protection and support to prevent injuries, improve them and allow a proper grip on the racket or racket. Here the basic elements that favor and disfavor this product.


Versatility: With this design you will have a wristband to prevent injuries and reduce pain during recovery games.

Design: The wristband has a unisex style and adjusts to different circumferences, being available in blue.

Closure: The adjustment to improve stability is arranged through strong and wide velcro that will hold the wrist in place.

Materials: The manufacturer has made the wristband in breathable neoprene, to provide a level of balance between comfort and support to prevent injuries.


Velcro: Although the velcro is of quality, care must be taken with the pressure and adjustment because it can hurt.

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