The 6 best accessories to improve your tennis results

When it comes to improving our results on the court, there is a world beyond tennis rackets. Having the most recommended accessories for our training is something that will help us, in a short time, to enjoy a more powerful and precise game.

Every sport needs training, even when we practice it for pleasure. Because everyone who plays football likes to score more goals or stop more balls, just as anyone who cycles likes to set better times and develop more power on their bike. So if you want to improve your tennis results, we leave you the 6 best tennis accessories with which to give a new extra to your game with comfort. 

These accessories also have the advantage of being easy to find in online stores, such as, as well as in other large stores, both specialized in tennis and in all kinds of sports. So without further ado, we start with our selection of products with which to improve your tennis results effectively.

1. Cones and delimiters

As in many other sports, both the cones and the delimiters, those small low-rise plastic semicircles, are cheap and very easy to use accessories when it comes to improving our precision when playing tennis. There are many routines that we can use when using these elements, which can become direct targets of our hits or serve as a reference to delimit specific areas of the track, in order to refine our aim or avoid hitting on the balls. themselves. As we can see, the options are multiple. 

In addition, in the case of the delimiters, some of them allow us to insert plastic bars in them, so that a spatial reference at ground level becomes a reference in height, which is very practical when it comes to training serves., for example.

2. Radar serve

One of the keys to many ATP tennis players is their serving power. And although it is true that this power without control is useless, the truth is that it is also interesting to evaluate our level of speed in this phase of the game. To do this, nothing better than resorting to the serve radar, of which we can find various models on the Internet.

The operation of this radar is quite simple. It is enough to place the device in the net area and execute the serve normally. At the moment, we will see the speed value that we have reached on the screen that includes the device. Just like the great players. A tool with which to measure our evolution as we do strength training and others dedicated to improving our serve power.

3. Coordination Circles

Although we could have included these elements with the cones and delimiters that we talked about at the beginning, the truth is that when it comes to tennis, coordination circles are more useful. On the one hand, they are products that can be used for movement, so that the athlete passes from each of these circles to the next at the highest possible speed.

But in the case of tennis, these circles can also be used as a kind of target to measure our precision when serving or responding to certain shots. If placed correctly, these circles leave interior spaces to direct the blow and see how far or close the balls fall from the center of the area that we have delimited. Something ideal to improve the precision of all types of shots and during almost any phase of the game.

4. Weights and dumbbells

Physical strength is one of the keys that determines the performance of a good tennis player. So weights and dumbbells are other elements that should not be missing in the training routines of any player. The current market offers products of all kinds, both regarding the design and the weight of said weights or dumbbells, since we can start with light products from one kilo and increase this weight to 10 or 12.5 kilos. 

It is highly recommended to have several dumbbells of different weight, since each bodybuilding exercise usually requires a different weight. So only by having an adequate variety can we fully cover all those specific needs. An issue in which the complete kits are also helpful, since it is enough to change the discs to have different weights comfortably.

5. Elastic and resistance bands

Within the world of sports, both elastic bands and resistance bands have become an interesting complement with which to develop the strength and even the mobility of the athlete. Applied to the world of tennis, they are products with which we can tone arms and legs or, in the case of resistance bands, increase strength and power when performing movements such as climbing the net. 

The best thing about these products is that more or less what we mentioned with dumbbells happens to them. The variable resistance of these bands allows the intensity of the training to be increased as the body demands it, while at the same time making it easier to adjust the load capacity to the complete exercise that we are going to carry out.

6. Medicine ball

In this list we cannot forget a beloved classic that is also hated by many tennis players and athletes. The medicine ball is a conventional ball, but with an interior design that makes it really heavy. This ball is not kicked or bounced, but is used to be lifted and is essential in trunk strengthening exercises. As with the other strength training elements that we have mentioned, it is a product that comes in different weights and sizes, for men and women. So it is easy to find the most suitable model according to the tennis player’s physical condition and specific needs.

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