The 6 Best GPS Cycle Computers of 2022

GPS Cycle Computer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When it comes to riding a bike, cycling computers take a step forward when it comes to monitoring your performance. Compared to conventional speedometers, these products improve control options, among other things, thanks to having integrated GPS, larger screens and much more advanced functions than these conventional models. Among the most outstanding options, we have the Xoss G GPS, equipped with a good screen, adequate connectivity and the ability to measure speeds, altitudes or even the degree of slope of your route. For its part, the CooSpo Panda M2 cycling computer has triple satellite connectivity and is capable of measuring more than 70 parameters of your cycling routes.

Buying Guide – What is the best GPS cycling computer on the market?

Despite the advances of mobile phones, when it comes to measuring the performance of your cycling stages, the best solution is still a specific product. Models that, thanks to GPS technology, adequately measure your performance and even allow you to follow routes or know height or effort data when riding. It is what you will be able to do with the models present in any comparison of GPS cycle computers, which we analyze efficiently with the advice of our guide to buying the best GPS cycle computer, adapted to your needs and preferences.

Signal strength and management

Since we are talking about products that have an integrated GPS chip, the first aspect to assess is precisely that section. Something key, since if the GPS fails or is not of sufficient quality, surely the product will only serve to make a bulk on the handlebar of our bicycle. For this reason, the first advice is to resort to quality brands and verify the comments regarding that signal reception power.

However, power is not everything. So it is also important to have products that offer us the data efficiently when shooting. In this case, the main difference has to do with the models that include a map or not. This map can be useful to know where we are and what we are going to face, for example, when seeing the profile of the stage or the route. In any case, since it is not essential, we can find cheaper models if we leave this option aside.

Finally, do not forget to see the time necessary for the signal to adequately reach the device. If this time is excessive, more than a couple of minutes, surely we are not talking about a suitable model. Also do not forget to see if the model has a tendency to lose the signal or, on the contrary, maintains it adequately.

Cycle computer display

The main communication element of the cycle computer with the user is the screen. So this is another section worth mentioning when evaluating a product, whether economic or first class, both for size and for its more specific characteristics.

This screen should be of an appropriate size, depending on the functions offered by the product. The larger it is, the more features it will include and the larger the data we will see. This is what happens in models with a map, to cite an example. It is also convenient to assess if the screen is in color or black and white. Something that influences how much the product costs, but that adds an extra quality when viewing maps, graphs and other data.

Finally, some models have the possibility of offering even more control over the screen, so that you can choose the parameters that we want to see and configure the presentation of that screen to our liking. An interesting option if you are one of those users who wants to always have what you need in view.

Connectivity and data analysis

We have reserved for the end the most analytical part of the product. A key aspect in these models, which precisely help you analyze your routes, control your performance and see every detail efficiently.

In this work, it is necessary to have good connectivity with which it is easy for the product to transfer that data to your PC. Something that is usually done using a USB cable and a specific program that is included with the device. It is also possible to do it through a web interface, according to the different proposals of each manufacturer. In any case, it is key that this transfer is easy and compatible with all types of equipment, as well as other applications that use the storage system by segments.

The other key to this section is the richness of these data. The more data the device can capture, the more data we have to analyze. Obviously, not all users need to know everything, but at least check that the data included in the equipment is what you need. And if, in addition, the manufacturer’s app allows you to carry out this analysis directly, you will save time and complications in the process.

The 6 Best GPS Cycle Computers – Opinions 2022

1. Xoss G GPS Cycling Wireless Bike Computer 

Within the offer of current GPS cycle computers, we have simple models at an interesting price, for those who do not need the latest of the latest. This is what happens with the XOSS G GPS.

We are talking about a device equipped with an efficient location, based on four different positioning systems. This helps to always be well located on the route and not lose the signal at any time. This technology ensures that the 9 parameters measured by the device are always available and accurate. Among them, we have the most classic and other newer ones, such as the degree of ascent, the accumulated altitude or the temperature.

All this data is displayed on its large screen and transferred to your mobile via Bluetooth connectivity. The app and bike computer are also compatible with Strava, so it’s easy to monitor your performance and conveniently export that data.

If you are still not sure which GPS cycle computer to buy, we will give you some more details about this model and everything it offers you.


Location: The device has four different positioning systems, achieving greater efficiency when locating you.

Screen : The screen has a good size and makes it easy to see clearly the different parameters during your route, with large and well visible numbers.

Adjustable backlight: The adjustable backlight makes it easy to see data clearly at any time of day, while reducing unnecessary battery consumption.

Waterproof : Its IPX7 protection makes the computer adequately withstand rain and humidity, without deteriorating.

Compatibility : Its Bluetooth connectivity and its included app make the device compatible with Strava and other similar tools.


Parameters: This model measures only 9 parameters, somewhat more modest than other products on the market.

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2. CooSpo GPS Bike Computer

The CooSpo cycle computer is the best friend of lovers of data and statistics. And it is that this product is capable of measuring no less than 78 different parameters of your routes. A very complete proposal and with which you will not miss anything.

To achieve this, the device has a highly sensitive GPS system based on three satellite systems, achieving fast and accurate positioning at all times. It also has an adequate battery, with the capacity to work for 36 hours continuously without problems.

All this data is displayed on its 2.4-inch LCD screen, which you can configure to your liking. However, the cycle computer also has Bluetooth connectivity and its own app, where you can calmly analyze all this data. Something that is also helped by its compatibility with Strava, so you can comfortably load your favorite sections.

If you are not sure what this device offers you, we leave you a summary of everything you can find among its features.


Parameters: It is one of the models that has a greater capacity to measure parameters, with up to 78 different data when managing your routes.

Storage : The storage capacity of the device stores the data of your routes without losing them, until you have a moment to dump them on your PC or on your mobile.

Connectivity : Includes ANT+ and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, making it easy to transfer data to the Xoss app or Strava.

Battery : The 1,200 mAh battery that incorporates the cycle computer offers you a battery autonomy of up to 365 hours.


Humidity: Protection against humidity remains at an IP67 level, so it is key to correctly place the protective cover to avoid water damage.

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3. Sigma Sport 03200 Cycle Computer

Riding comfortably and controlling the parameters of your route is a simple task with the Sigma Sport 03200 cycle computer. This model offers you a system with integrated GPS, which controls your trips and easily guides you wherever you go, also measuring the different parameters of that training. 

A procedure in which the product includes all kinds of sensors, to measure the route and altimetry more efficiently. This data is presented on a good-sized screen that, despite not being in color, does have an efficient and easy-to-read design. It also incorporates good connectivity, so it is easy to download the data to both your mobile and your PC, in order to analyze all the data of your route on a large screen. 

A task for which the product has up to 110 hours of memory storage, while its battery has an autonomy of around 10 to 15 hours, depending on the quality of the available GPS signal.

Control your routes and keep an eye on important data with this efficient cycle computer from Sigma.


GPS: Built-in GPS technology allows you to see every turn on your route and not miss a single step in your workouts.

Simplicity : The interface is very simple when it comes to informing you, giving you only the data you want to see at any given time.

Barometric Measurement : Barometric Measurement more accurately and precisely measures changes in elevation of your location as you drive.

Connectivity : Thanks to its connectivity, you will be able to consult your routes both on your mobile, tablet or on your PC, with total comfort.


Screen: The screen is black and white and not in color, although it offers a good size and considerable display quality.

Speed : Some comments indicate that when losing speed it is possible to lose the GPS signal, although the product’s correction solves these possible “holes”.

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4. IGPSport iGS50E Wireless Bike GPS Cycling Computers

If you want to practice your favorite sport safely and confident that you will not get lost on the road, regardless of how far you drive and the terrain where you are; you need to get an efficient and resistant cycle computer like this model. It is a device equipped with advanced technology that offers you high-end functions; so it has up to 13 measurement parameters, GPS, memory for 200 hours of driving and more.

It includes a 3.6 x 4.9 cm screen, with anti-glare qualities, with high contrast and large icons, so you can easily view the data at any time. It also has waterproof properties, allowing you to drive in the rain without the risk of damaging equipment. In addition, its modern and portable design offers a size of 8.6 x 5.4 x 1.8 cm, which favors its easy installation on the bicycle handlebar.

In the same way, it is a device with great features that provide you with valuable information and an affordable cost, if we compare it with other similar devices, so this cycle computer could meet all your expectations. Learn more about this team.


Connection : Support Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection via iGPSport app; which allows you to download and synchronize data in real time, from the equipment to your Smartphone.

Compatibility: It is compatible with ANT, a network technology that uses various wireless sensors that measure parameters related to training.

Battery: It is equipped with a resistant and durable 1200 mAh lithium ion battery, so it is capable of providing autonomy of up to 40 hours of use.

Waterproof: Thanks to its IPX7 certificate, it is a waterproof device; so you won’t have a problem carrying it on your bike when it rains.


User manual: The user manual in Spanish is missing.

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5. iGPSport iGS20E Bike GPS Cycle Computer

The iGPSPORT iGS20E model is an interesting novelty with a good reputation among users, despite not belonging to a particularly well-known brand. A cycle computer with which to have up to five parameters on the screen with which to control your routes and your performance.

A simplified model that avoids the configuration problems of other models, so that you only worry about what is important. A model that includes high-class details, such as its screen with an anti-glare and high-contrast system, its 25 hours of use with a simple battery charge or IPX6 protection, which prevents rain from damaging the equipment.

And when you have to load data, by using the FIT format you will be able to see the same with the most common applications in the sector. An interesting proposal for a model that is close to being the best value for money GPS cycle computer, at least in our selection.

If for you the best GPS cycling computer of the moment is among the cheap models, this iGPSORT product has a lot to offer you.


Smart display: The smart display lights up based on ambient light conditions, so you see everything more clearly.

Data analysis: The product is compatible with the FIT format, so you will be able to see your routes in programs such as Endomondo, Strava and many others.

Protection: By having IPX6 protection, this model can be used without risk of deterioration due to rain or environmental humidity.


Use of the device: Some users indicate that the use is not as intuitive as it should be, being necessary to be patient until the equipment is measured.

Connection: The connection of the GPS to the satellite signal can be somewhat slow, especially in complex environments such as forests or cities.

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6. Garmin Edge 520 Cycle Computer Pack

This magnificent device will be your great ally in the practice of your favorite sport. It is the first GPS cycling computer that includes a 3-month trial for the Strava Premium app. It gives you segments in real time and automatically syncs your featured segments from Strava. It gives you information about your position in the leaderboard and when a segment starts and ends.

The Garmin Edge 520 when used with the heart rate sensor and power sensor, gives you data about the maximum oxygen consumption and also the recovery time for a cyclist. In the same way you will be able to obtain information with the online functions: smart notifications, weather reports, use of social networks, real-time monitoring, sending and receiving of routes.

If you have ANT+ compatible trainers, you will be able to achieve goals that previously seemed unattainable. With this GPS cycle computer you will have functions linked to this type of rollers, granting the adjustment or resistance automatically to help you with the goal set, while you observe the statistical results.

This model of GPS cycle computer has a 2.3-inch high-resolution color screen. You will have a clear vision in different light conditions. Its design is light, compact and resistant. It weighs 59 grams and measures 7.4 x 2 x 4.8 cm. Its lithium ion battery (included) provides up to 15 hours of autonomy. You will have enough time for all your adventures on new roads.

Garmin is for many the best brand of gps cycling computers today and its Edge 520 model has enough advantages to interest anyone:


Strava Premium: With the purchase of this Garmin gps cycle computer you will get a free trial period of the Strava Premium application, with which you can obtain real-time segments of your performance. In addition, it will indicate what position you occupy in the classification.

Sensors – The Edge 520 is equipped with a variety of sensors to analyze your vital functions. Among them a cardiac sensor to measure heart rate and a power sensor that is responsible for obtaining data about oxygen consumption and recovery time.

Information: through its screen, you will be able to obtain complete information about your performance as a cyclist. It will show you the total training time, the speed of each lap, the distance traveled and even if someone calls you on your cell phone as long as you have it paired.

Screen: you can see all this through a large 2.3” color screen. It is of a good size and with a high contrast so that you can easily read the information even when you are outdoors and in sunlight.

Batteries: and finally, this gps cycle computer is equipped with a lithium ion battery capable of offering you a maximum of 15 hours of autonomy. Thanks to this, you will be able to go out with peace of mind to take long tours and intense workouts.

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How to use a GPS bike computer

Obtaining relevant information regarding your cycling training can be obtained very easily through GPS cycle computers; a small but versatile device that will keep you up to date with everything you need to know in real time. If you have one and still have doubts about its use, in our guide we will try to dispel them.

Charge the device and mount on your bike

The first step you should take upon receiving your device is to ensure that you provide a full charge to the battery. Follow your model’s directions for this part. Subsequently, proceed to mount the cycle computer on your bicycle. It is generally located on the handlebar unless otherwise indicated.

For this you must use the appropriate supports, since it is of the utmost importance that it remains firmly in place while you are on the track. Also, it should be at an angle from which you can easily observe without having to change your posture while pedaling. In case it includes speed sensors, you must also mount them in their appropriate place.

Make the initial settings

Because these devices currently establish communication with other devices, such as your mobile, you must link them. This activity will allow you to obtain all the benefits provided by having them connected to each other.

This procedure is generally simple and you will only have to follow the instructions of your model, which normally only consists of placing the devices in search mode, so that they can connect to each other to exchange information.

Create an account for your workouts

Now, a cycle computer is not only attractive for the information it shows you at the time of training, such as speed and distance traveled.

There is a lot of other data that is not visible, but is stored for later analysis. Among this information are the routes for example. Computer manufacturers offer on their websites or through applications, a detailed tracking of the workouts that have been stored on your device. To access this, you will be required to set up an account.

Each manufacturer provides its own methodology and you must know it to use it. Follow its instructions to download the data so that it can be shown to you in drawings and other types of practical means to evaluate your progress.


Because it is normal for the continuous movement of the bicycle, or exposure to the weather to affect the firmness of the computer supports, you should check every certain period of time that they are correctly placed, in case you use screws you should check that they are always well tightened.

It is also highly recommended that you clean the ports of the device before making connections to the computer or charger, with this you can avoid corrosion and possible connection problems due to poor contact between the computer and the cable.

The most popular brands

To make bicycle routes, be informed of the most important data and routes and even be able to later review the statistics of this interesting physical activity, there are a large number of GPS cycle computers that promise to become the allies of professional and amateur cycling. Among the leading manufacturers in this sports market we have: Polar, Garmin and Sigma Sport.

It is a leading company founded in 1977 near the city of Oulu, in Finland. Likewise, it is a brand that combines specialization in sports, physiology and advanced electronic technology in a very balanced way and seeks to delve into the highest needs of athletes.

They seek to cover the sports market with a wide range of products and excellent technical assistance. From improving the sports performance of a high performance athlete to offering motivation for amateur or less experienced athletes, allowing them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

He registered his first patent in 1979 with a wireless device that measured heart rate. Later, in 1982, he launched his first portable heart rate monitor on the market. From its beginnings to today, Polar continues to offer innovative products ranging from entry-level models to complete training systems.

The GPS cycling computers of this brand have a new OpenStreetMap system, which allows you to see the location of the person in real time on the previously downloaded map of the area. You can also sync your favorite routes or view those of any of the other 2 billion registered users worldwide.

Garmin Ltd is a company dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-quality GPS devices primarily for terrestrial use and other fields. It was founded by Gary Burrell and Min Kao (Gar-Min) in 1989, with its headquarters in Kansas, United States. Its largest operating subsidiary is Garmin (Asia) Corp., located in Taiwan.

Since its creation, they have focused on positioning themselves in the market as a company responsible for creating high-quality products with designs that facilitate your geographical location in your country or abroad. With this, they allow their clients to dedicate themselves to continuous improvement and pursue their most ambitious goals.

The company has some 11,500 associates distributed in 60 offices around the world. They feature state-of-the-art GPS navigation technology to meet needs in the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets. All products feature attractive designs, superior quality and the best value.

Garmin bike computers feature GPS, turn-by-turn navigation, bike-specific routing, cool general cycling accessories, and much more. They will allow you to obtain detailed data on your performance or simply help plan your next exercise route.   

The SIGMA-ELEKTRO GmbH company was created in 1981 in Germany, where they have their main headquarters located in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. In 1982, the German Klaus-Peter Schendel, a pioneer in electronics, introduced the first Sigma cycle computer to the market, called Cyclecoach.

Currently, the use of bicycles is not limited to a simple means of transportation, but is considered an item for outdoor sports. Faced with these new requirements, Sigma Sport is committed to adapting and satisfying these and all the needs that arise from cycling lovers.

They are constantly revolutionizing the market with innovative products that always stand out for the technology that makes them up, adding functions that allow them to be competitive, attractive and at affordable prices. His philosophy encompasses not only bicycle shops, but has come to be included in sports shops in general and gyms.

Like the brand itself, the GPS bike computers they manufacture have undergone interesting changes in their lighting system (headlights) and GPS route navigation. On the other hand, Sigma Sport has advanced in altitude measurement with a barometer, connectivity and data exchange and many more functions that make these instruments the ideal companion for your bicycle.  

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¿Cuál es el mejor ciclocomputador GPS del mercado?

Para los amantes del ciclismo, competidores, aficionados o inexpertos, un ciclocomputador GPS es el compañero fantástico para los entrenamientos y salir a pedalear por senderos o carreteras. Este invento magnífico combina la navegación guiada con útiles comentarios acerca de tu rendimiento que te ayudan a registrar y valorar tu desempeño. Un ordenador para bicicleta con GPS, te permite conocer y archivar tu ruta, distancia y velocidad.

Este dispositivo te permite entrenar de un modo más inteligente. Es el preferido por los ciclistas profesionales. El mercado te ofrece un amplio abanico de opciones, sin embargo debes tener claro tus necesidades y en base a esto, buscar las funciones de rendimiento importantes en un ciclocomputador, como lo son: ver mapas, compartir los datos con tu móvil inteligente, monitoreo del ritmo cardíaco, función de altímetro, consumo de calorías, cadencia, precisión de la distancia recorrida, cronómetro y análisis de la velocidad.

A la hora de comprar un ciclocomputador debes tomar en cuenta algunas características del diseño que son esenciales. En primer lugar el tamaño y la resolución de la pantalla; debe suponer un equilibrio entre la conducción cómoda y las dimensiones y en cuanto a la resolución, el estándar es de 160 x 240 píxeles. La autonomía es un aspecto fundamental, te permite libertad de acción; usualmente la batería de estos dispositivos es de iones de litio y te brinda hasta 15 horas aproximadamente. Es importante que sea resistente al agua, los modelos actuales cuentan con impermeabilidad a nivel 7 (hasta 1 metro x 30 minutos).

La compatibilidad es otro aspecto importante, el ciclocomputador debe permitir la descarga de más funciones a través de tarjetas de memoria. Debe contar con una pantalla digital y a color, que te facilite la visualización bajo la luz del sol o en la oscuridad. Y por último, que el dispositivo cuente con un montaje sencillo y seguro.

Si estás pensando en comprar un ciclocomputador GPS y estás haciendo tu comparativa, sabemos que no es sencillo elegir uno en particular. Presta atención a los siguientes modelos, cualquiera de ellos es de gran calidad y podría ser una excelente opción de compra.

Garmin Edge 520

Ventaja principal:

Este equipo cuenta con una amplia variedad de funciones, por eso al utilizarlo podrás conocer diferentes datos relacionados con cada una de las prácticas que estás llevando a cab como el nivel de consumo que realizas. También muestra otras notificaciones de redes sociales e informes meteorológicos en tiempo real, por eso mientras lo utilices estarás completamente informado.

Desventaja principal:

Algunos de los usuarios lamentan que la pantalla de este modelo de ciclocomputadores no sea táctil, porque ello permitiría manejarlo con más facilidad mientras van en la vía. Sin embargo, hay quienes consideran que la programación del aparato se puede efectuar de manera sencilla, empleando para ello los botones dispuestos a los lados del dispositivo.

Veredicto 9.8/10

Aparte de proporcionarte una amplia variedad de información relacionada con tu entrenamiento al andar en bicicleta, este modelo posee un diseño compacto y una pantalla de un tamaño adecuado donde lograrás apreciar sin inconvenientes los datos ofrecidos. Además, el equipo se puede conectar con tu Smartphone a través de la aplicación dispuesta por la marca fabricante.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Este modelo es un aparato versátil con el cual podrás conocer toda una diversidad de datos que te serán de utilidad al momento de evaluar los alcances logrados durante tu entrenamiento y también al realizar cada una de las prácticas deportivas que te hayas propuesto.

Cuenta con la capacidad de mostrar datos como el consumo de oxígeno y

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