The 6 Best Hunting Boots of 2022

Hunting Boots – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If there is something that every good hunter knows, it is that just as important as aiming is the ability to move over any terrain without any problem. A bad support, an inadequate support or a slip can represent difficulties not only to collect a piece, but even to end up having a serious accident. Therefore, wearing the best is not a whim but a necessity. In this aspect, luckily, we have products such as the Chiruca Cocker boots, which could be considered the best on the market. These boots offer us pleasant comfort and correct protection against cold and humidity, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Also attractive are the Chiruca Labrador boa boots, which offer a membrane with Gore-Tex technology to provide ventilation inside the shoe and good waterproofing, plus its easy-to-use lace adjustment button.

Buying guide – What are the best hunting boots on the market?

If you like to do outdoor activities and go hunting in season with your friends or family, it is very important to have the right footwear for the skills you need to have when doing this type of activity. In this guide to buying the best hunting boots, we explain the elements that you must take into account so that you make a good and economical investment, acquiring a quality product, considering other key aspects in addition to how much the footwear costs.


Purchasing hunting boots should be an investment that will last for many years before you need new footwear. That is why one of the important elements when choosing them is to evaluate the type of material with which they are made. When making a comparison of hunting boots, you can find leather, synthetic leather, textile lining, among others.

It is important to choose a material that is breathable, with a robust design and, above all, comfortable so that it does not cause any type of damage to your feet, especially if you go out for a weekend hunting with your friends.

reed type

Hunting boots are mostly high-top boots to provide good grip and protect the ankle from sprains and falls. However, among the available models you will find mid-cut and low-cut, which, although they do not protect the ankle adequately, are much more comfortable, especially for those who are not used to traditional high-cut boots. Taking safety or comfort into account, it will be up to you to choose the type of rod you want.


Going out hunting means exposing yourself to all kinds of weather conditions, crossing streams and jumping puddles, so it is advisable to choose footwear that has a waterproof coating such as Gore-Tex, an insulated membrane, but which also keeps your feet cool. feet and protects them from cold and wind.

This element makes the product a bit more expensive, however, you also have the option of waterproof split leather boots that, although they are not waterproof, allow your feet to perspire to keep them dry, which is a good option, ideal for those who have a budget a bit tight.


Like trekking shoes and sports shoes, some manufacturers of hunting boots say that it is better to choose a size larger than your regular number. To avoid setbacks and returns, get good advice, check between the specialized pages and read the evaluations of other users to learn about their experience and find out if the boots you want come in a regular size or are larger.

You can also go to a physical store to try on different models and brands and check which size suits you best and then investigate the product and find out the opinion of customers who have already purchased it.


Hunting boots should have anti-slip soles that provide good traction on all types of terrain. The most popular are those that are made of rubber, synthetic materials or polyurethane and that offer excellent grip and support on all types of terrain, so that you have the freedom of movement that you require when hunting, so we recommend you review detail this element and investigate it if you have doubts.

brand and price

Traditionally, there are brands that are pioneers in the manufacture and marketing of this type of footwear, being preferred by those generations of families who practice hunting as a home entertainment activity.

These brands known for their quality boots and great durability usually have high costs. If you have a loose budget to make this purchase, you may well be able to buy one of these boots that last a lifetime. But, if you are starting out in the world of hunting and do not want to make such a large investment, there are other emerging brands with quality models and great features at a much lower price.


Choosing boots with a casual or sporty design is a great advantage because they would work well to go anywhere in the city with your boots and jeans, without looking like you are a farmer walking in the city. Similarly, among the different models available on the market you will find work, trekking and mountain boots that you can easily use as hunting boots and as casual footwear, thanks to its versatile design that adapts to different circumstances. Also, you will find hunting boots that are unisex. In any case, by having this data, you can more easily choose which are the best hunting boots on the market for you.

The 6 Best Hunting Boots – Opinions 2022

If you like hunting or other activities such as hiking and outdoor excursions, you must have the best hunting boots, and here we summarize some recommendations from our users to help you make an intelligent and successful purchase so that you invest your money well.

1. Chiruca Cocker Boot

Main advantage:

These hunting boots stand out mainly for their ergonomic design and the high level of protection they offer for your feet.

Main disadvantage:

Based on the fact that this product has an outstanding score and not having found critical comments on the net, we assume that these boots do not have any disadvantages.

Verdict: 9.9/10

For having the support of a recognized brand and taking into consideration that it is a high quality product, made with durable, light, flexible and comfortable materials, this is footwear considered by users as a successful purchase.

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Firmness and security

Hunting boots, like all trekking style footwear, demand resistance and protection for the feet of the authentic mountaineer. Safety is invaluable when going up or down a glacier or slope, and your feet need not only safety, but comfort. Chiruca, a Spanish brand with experience in hiking, mountain, trekking and hunting footwear, presents its model of hunting boots: the Cocker.

These are hunting boots with a high cane design that offer greater support in the ankle and heel area, avoiding any sprain that could frustrate your hunting plans; Provides added support and stability for riding on steep terrain. They’re lightweight (998g) and flexible, so long walks are effortless and your feet retain their natural walking motion

The Chiruca Cocker are equipped with waterproof leather, a leather that has received special treatment and despite not being completely waterproof, they provide you with a certain degree of protection against humidity. The Nubuck leather that this model of boots has, offers softness to the touch and breathability for your feet.

all terrain sole

These boots, like all Chiruca hiking models, are equipped with a sole made of bi-density polyurethane, a modern sole with a versatile appearance, which integrates a tread stabilizer and two densities of polyurethane.

This sole combines expanded polyurethane on the inside, which provides comfort and lightness to the entire boot. Provides a great capacity to cushion the weight of the person, while absorbing all impacts during walking; preventing them from reaching the ankles, knees and spine.

On the other hand, the outer part of the sole is made of compact polyurethane. This element provides better grip on difficult terrain, offering maximum resistance to abrasion and wear, so you won’t have to run the risk of slipping or accidentally falling. It also integrates a studded design that favors the evacuation of earth and mud.

comfort and protection

When it comes to long walks, whether hiking or hunting, it is essential to have a pair of boots that not only cope with difficult terrain and keep you firm and stable in any situation, but can also offer comfort. and protection to your feet against external agents.

These qualities describe the Chiruca hunting boots, an ergonomic model that has a padded tongue and a lace-up closure system, which provides protection against grit or stones that could cause discomfort. They are designed internally with a Draïtex lining that offers climatic comfort, while keeping your feet free of sweat; avoiding the appearance of fungal infections or blisters due to humidity. They are recommended for long days of walking, without your feet ending up mistreated.

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2. Chiruca Labrador boa Gore-Tex boot

Another of the outstanding models that we can find is the Labrador boa from the Chiruca brand, which is characterized by having Gore-Tex technology, which means that you can use these boots either in dry or wet conditions, helping to maintain the comfort of your feet in each case for being breathable and waterproof.

On the other hand, its high-cut design can provide better protection to the ankle area, which is recommended when you have to face paths with very steep slopes or very irregular floors. These features are combined with a sole with appropriate engravings to provide a good grip on different surfaces.

Another feature that we cannot fail to notice is that it includes the boa lacing system that works through a button, so you can get the shoe fit properly and in a short time, in addition to being very resistant.

If this model has seemed interesting to you, we invite you to get to know it better by reading our list of pros and cons. It may help you determine if they are the best hunting boots on the market for you.


Robust: It is a shoe that, because it is made of resistant leather, can protect your feet properly.

High cuff: This quality helps prevent twisting of the ankles when walking on uneven surfaces.

Adjustment: With a Boa adjustment button for the laces, the boots can be easily put on and taken off.

Sole: Since the sole of the model has good depth reliefs, it can be a suitable model to get a good grip on different surfaces.


Boa Button: This system, although it is very efficient to adjust, in case the lace is damaged, it can be more complex to change it than in normal lace-up boots.

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3. Free Soldier Military Men’s Hunting Boots

They are boots made of nylon mesh 1.6 to 1.8 mm thick, to provide resistance to wear and scratches. In addition, they are completely breathable, which favors air circulation to keep your feet dry throughout the day.

They have a practical quick fastening system, with metal buckles that help improve support, in this way, you can easily adjust and loosen the laces. Additionally, the outer sole is made of non-slip material and the inner sole is made of EVA rubber that is soft.

For greater comfort, it has the anti-collision system, which protects the toe and heel of the feet from possible blows, in addition, it offers cushioning in the heel area. On the other hand, it is good to know that the boots have a high collar, which helps protect the ankles and prevent tendon injuries.

Quality boots can be used for outdoor activities, walking through difficult terrain and training, so it may be worth analyzing the highlights of this model before deciding.


Protection: These boots have an anti-collision design, which protects both the front area and the heel, which helps prevent injuries caused by incorrect steps or accidental falls.

Cushioning: It incorporates cushioning heels, specifically designed for the protection of the tendons, avoiding damage to the feet when you use the boots for a long time.

Non- slip: The outer soles are made of non-slip material, which guarantees optimal grip on all types of surfaces, whether on the ground or on the pavement.


Impermeability: They do not have a waterproof surface, so they are not indicated to be used in the rain or in places where you can wet them excessively.

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4. Aigle Altavio Mid Gore-Tex for Hunting for Men

The Altavio Mid Gore-Tex boots from Aigle are a quite striking alternative when it comes to putting on our feet safely to go hunting. These are robust leather boots, with a waterproof cover that facilitates breathability, thanks to Gore-Tex technology, designed for walking on different terrains, mainly rough, being considered by many users as the best hunting boots.

These boots have a collar that provides good support and comfort to the ankle, protecting it in case of falls or sprains. Likewise, it incorporates a rubber sole with a deep tread of the Vibram type, with front and rear synthetic protectors that provide a plus of resistance and durability.

Additionally, they include an insole with Ortholite technology that absorbs shocks efficiently, cushioning each step firmly, while providing comfort to the walker. For its part, it has a fastening system with laces and carabiners that are easily adjusted.

If you don’t know which hunting boots to buy, we recommend this Aigle model, because it is comfortable, resistant and durable. So check its pros and cons:


Gore-Tex membrane: Thanks to this protective membrane, this shoe has a high degree of impermeability and breathability.

Leather: Its split leather upper cover is appropriate to repel water, with front and rear synthetic protectors, which provides greater resistance.

Cushioning: These boots have a good ability to absorb shock when walking, thanks to the Ortholite insoles that provide cushioning in the midsole.

Sole: Its Vibram rubber sole offers appropriate traction for different terrains.


Width: The last of these boots could be a little wider for some users, so check the measurements of your feet before buying this model.

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5. Notton 755 Hiking Boots 

Leather is one of the most chosen materials for making hunting boots, because it offers enough protection so that the foot does not suffer chafing when exploring in nature. At the same time, it is a material that offers great flexibility. For these reasons, Notton has designed these ergonomic low-cut boots with said material, so you can walk between dry branches, rocks and more, without worrying.

Added to this quality is the engraving of its sole, with deep reliefs that provide greater grip on uneven surfaces and, thanks to the fact that it is a piece of rubber, it can have good flexibility and traction on various types of surfaces.

This is not all, we must also mention the inner fabric lining, which absorbs the moisture generated in the feet, keeping it away from the skin, and the lace closure, which allows you to properly adjust the boot, to adapt it to the natural shape. of the foot

There are more aspects that can be commented in relation to this model. We invite you to read them in the summary of pros and cons.


Comfort: The design it offers adapts to the anatomy of the foot and its flexibility provides comfort when walking, so you can use the boots on long walks.

Breathability: The composition material allows an adequate exchange of the humidity generated in the feet, to send it to the outside and keep them dry.

Versatility: They are boots that you can use both in hot weather and in moderate cold. 


Waterproof: The boots do not have a water treatment, so they will not keep you dry if you use them in swamps or in the rain.

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6. Timberland Chocorua Trail GTX 1 Hiking Boots

Among the best hunting boots of 2022, the Timberland Chocorua Trail Gtx 1 boots are second, a men’s shoe designed for hiking, made of leather and with an internal Gore-Tex mesh lining that guarantees a high level of impermeability and breathability, ideal to withstand all kinds of conditions when you go hunting and above all so that your feet always stay cool.

Users highly recommend these boots because, in addition to being very comfortable, they are so versatile that you can wear them daily in the city, to go to work or on a casual outing because they combine very well with jeans. It is worth mentioning that the heel is two centimeters high and is flat.

The finish of the clamps and the lacing system have an excellent finish that is evidence of the high quality of Timberland hunting boots.

To find very good quality boots, we must also take into account their manufacture. In this sense, we present the pros and cons of the model that is part of the best brand of hunting boots according to customers.


Exterior: This boot has been made of leather material, to guarantee high performance and above all, a long useful life.

Interior: Inside the shoe it has Gore-Tex mesh to offer greater breathability and waterproofing.

Versatility: Its design offers great versatility, as you can wear it with different pants for a wide variety of occasions.

Clamps: It has clamps that allow the laces to be intertwined and tightened at the top to achieve a closure without damaging the design of the boots.

Heel: The heel of this hunting boot is two centimeters high, which indicates that you will have great stability and a lot of durability for a long useful life.

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Chiruca Cocker Boot

From the renowned Spanish brand Chiruca we present the best hunting boots, labeled like this by our clients thanks to their fine finishes and verifiable quality, which, although they are not waterproof, respond efficiently to the conditions in the mountains so that nothing stops you on your hunts and excursions..

This footwear is unisex, ideal for the spring-summer season, it has a weight of 998gr and is available from size 36 to 47, it is characterized by having a high-cut design that guarantees greater protection and firm ankle support.

Chiruca’s Cocker boots are covered in water-repellent split leather, and inside they have a Draïtex lining that allows the foot to perspire to keep it always fresh, even after hours of use.

As far as traction is concerned, the bi-density polyurethane floor provides stability on any terrain, and users also report that they are comfortable.

Hunting boots are very important among the implements you need when going to the mountains or hunting. For this reason, we will describe the most outstanding aspects of this model of boots considered to be the best hunting boots of the moment.


Exterior: The exterior part of these boots has been made of waterproof split leather, which provides excellent durability and resistance for you to wear on hunting days.

Interior: Inside the boot it has a Draitex lining, which helps keep the foot cool even when you use it for an extended period.

Cane: This model has been designed with a cane to offer greater protection to the ankles, for those moments when you move on terrain that is difficult to access.

Traction: Thanks to the fact that the sole is made of bi-density polyurethane, you will have greater traction so that you can move more safely.

Weight: Its weight of 998 grams is easy to carry adjusted to the feet. This allows comfortable walking or running on any type of terrain.

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How to wear a hunting boot

Now that you have bought your hunting boots, you must be clear about how you should use them. To do this, we have prepared this small guide where we will tell you how to put on hunting boots and how to tie them correctly to protect your feet in difficult terrain and climates.

Put your foot in the boot

Take the boot and proceed to widen the shaft a little to place the foot. Then proceed to introduce the foot into the boot and make sure that the heel is fixed and firm in the shoe.   

Tie the laces correctly

Start by placing the laces in the first loops and make the normal crossing between the following ones. Make a double knot at the base of the ankle. Continue to lock the laces in this way, to secure the heel and block pressure from the toe of the boot, allowing the foot more mobility. Place the laces above the buckles on the shaft. Make a final double knot so that it is very firm and a little tight, thus ensuring that the knot does not come loose and cause the boot to loosen. You’re ready to hit any terrain the boot can handle.

Check the mooring during the walk

It is important to check and make the lacing of the boot to readjust it while you walk. On climbs, it is important to tighten the boot more, while on descents, you can loosen a little so that the foot does not suffer damage.

Clean your boots

After having walked the mountain, you will have passed many puddles of water and mud that could have dirty your boots considerably. Once you have returned home, proceed to remove the insoles from the hunting boots and allow them to dry in the air.

Open your boots as wide as possible and in case they are wet

Allow your boots to air dry naturally. Never place them near the stove, fireplace or in clothes dryers because they can damage the water-repellent material. If they are very wet, place balls of newspaper inside the boots until completely covered so that the paper helps absorb moisture. Let the boots dry for at least 24 hours.

Remove excess powder with a brush

Once the boots are completely dry, use a brush on your face and proceed to brush the boot to remove any leftover dust from the mud. You can rub the entire outside of the boot and the sole with the brush.

Clean the outside of the boot with a damp cloth

Take a damp cloth, put a few drops of neutral soap and proceed to clean the sole and the outside of the boots. Then rinse the cloth with plenty of warm water until the soap is completely removed. Allow the boots to dry naturally.

Place the dry insoles in the boot

Once the boots are dry, proceed to place the insoles again and your boots will be ready to be used again .

The most popular brands

Protecting the feet of those who enjoy outdoor activities should not be taken lightly. That is why we show you the three best brands of hunting boots that will protect your legs and provide comfort to your steps.

Dunlop Protective Footwear, commonly known as Dunlop, is the leading brand in the manufacture of protective footwear. The Dunlop team designs, manufactures and develops high quality waterproof footwear. The history of it goes back to the year 1888 when the veterinarian John Boyd Dunlop, a Scottish man with a lot of initiative, had a revolutionary idea for his time that would change the world, to manufacture a waterproof product using a special material.

This brand has specialized footwear for worker protection in areas such as agriculture, food processing, fishing, gas, oil and mineral industries. Their hunting boots protect and take care of the user’s well-being, so they are ideal for trips in the forest, ensuring protection against rain, mud and other environments. Their rubber soles provide comfort when using them.

Continuous innovation together with meticulous manufacturing make the brand the best in the market for protective boots. They distribute their products in more than 50 countries, offering the best quality to people. Its different subsidiaries established in Portugal, the United States and the Netherlands make the company one of the best at an international level.

Inaugurated in New Hampshire, United States, it is a footwear, accessories, sports or mountain clothing company in which approximately 5,500 people work worldwide. This brand is characterized by using only recycled materials for the creation of all its products. This is reflected in the company logo, the icon of a tree, recalling the brand’s commitment to caring for the environment.

Timberland hunting boots are men’s footwear designed for hiking or mountain, completely made of strong leather with mesh lining on the inside that guarantees a high level of breathability and waterproofing. They are ideal to withstand any type of weather when hunting, keeping your feet cool. Likewise, the lace closure system and the finish of the clamps show the excellent quality offered by the brand. Customers highly recommend their boots, since in addition to being very comfortable, they are versatile, so you can use them on a day-to-day basis, as they combine pleasantly with jeans.

It was founded in 1965 in Arnedo, Spain. It is a recommended brand as a leader in the invention and marketing of footwear of all kinds worldwide. All its products are made with the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to provide comfort and well-being to the user. It currently has an extensive work team of 130 people, experts in the area who are always taking into account the needs of the population for footwear innovation.

Among the main characteristics of their boots, the firmness and security that provide greater support in the heel and ankle area stands out, avoiding any twisting of the foot that gets in the way of hunting. In addition, they are light and flexible thanks to their waterproof fabric coating, they have all-terrain soles that cushion the weight of the person and at the same time absorb the shocks of possible impacts.

For all these reasons, buyers evaluate the brand with outstanding scores without obtaining negative comments, stating that its products do not present any disadvantages.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Jack Pyke Tundra Camuflaje Botas

Si entre tus planes has considerado realizar una excursión a un lugar bastante frío, seguramente necesitarás unas botas que te ayuden a mantener la temperatura de tus pies y esto es parte de lo que el modelo de la marca Jack Pyke te puede ofrecer en su modelo Tundra.

Estas botas de caña alta tienen un cómodo acolchado interior conocido como THINSULATE ofrece una densidad de 200g/M2, esto les permite abrigar adecuadamente protegiendo de las bajas temperaturas.

Por otra parte, su exterior está conformado por una lona de 900 Deniers, que se considera apropiada para proteger contra roces con la maleza. Mientras que también, ofrece un tratamiento impermeable y transpirable. De este modo, la humedad normal logra salir del calzado para mantener tus pies secos, al mismo tiempo que evita que la nieve o humedad logre filtrarse.

Además, ofrecen un diseño atractivo con puntera de goma y área de refuerzo, que les proporciona además de resistencia

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