The 6 Best Hunting Cameras of 2022

Hunting Camera – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To take images of nature, without being seen or disturbing the environment we want to photograph, hunting cameras take care of doing the work for us, offering high levels of quality for both photos and video, so that we do not lose a single detail of what is happening. This is what the Digitnow model offers us, for example! ‎BR693-EU, which in addition to having a wide-angle lens that captures 120º shots, has a range of up to 20 meters in night conditions. Another interesting product is the Hapimp PH770 5S camera, since it is capable of recording 4K UHD video and taking 32 MP photos, to provide sharper, more colorful and realistic content. In addition, among its accessories it includes a 32 GB SD memory card, as well as a base with screws to fix the camera and a strap to transport it more safely.

Buying guide – What is the best hunting camera on the market?

Taking pictures of nature in its natural state is not easy, as the simple human presence is enough for this nature to break, due to the presence of a stranger in the ecosystem. To solve this problem we have specific cameras, which, properly camouflaged, allow us to see what is happening in this environment without any concern.

So that you equip yourself with only the best, we have provided for you the advice of our guide to buying the best hunting camera, with which you will know what functions are key so that this image capture always offers its best face and does not scare them away before of time.

Resolution and shooting elements

Since the main purpose of these cameras is to take high-quality images and videos, the first thing to evaluate is the resolution offered by the product, both for video recording and for taking images. These systems are based on high-quality CMOS sensors, which have low power consumption and good performance.

If we take a look at any comparison of hunting cameras on the market, we can find different levels of audio and video resolution. Obviously there are differences in how much one product or another costs, although it is true that the most widespread standard is the one that offers us a resolution of 12 megapixels for photos and the ability to record in 1080P format for video. Even the cheapest models already reach these levels.

That said, and although this level is enough to have good images, it is also true that we can find products with a higher resolution capacity, although it is also true that they are more expensive products, so you should assess whether the expense is worth it..

Shooting and  video functions

One of the advantages of these cameras is that they are autonomous in terms of their operation, so that we do not need to be in front of the camera to take the photos. Among the configuration options we should find different photo and video taking modes depending on what we need and the animals to be observed.

Specifically, among these modes we must have the detection modes, which activate the image capture when movements occur in the product’s reach area. It should also have an interval mode, which takes photo or video images every few minutes or seconds, depending on the chosen configuration. And finally, don’t forget to check the other modes, such as multi-shot or interval recording, so that nothing prevents you from taking the images you want.

By the way, some advanced products today even have a remote control, which not only helps us to properly configure the product, but also allows us to shoot photos from a distance.

Specifically, these models have a range of about five meters, depending on the model, being very useful for taking the exact photo at the right time. It is another additional option that you can include in your request if you need it.

Measurements, dimensions and housing

Hunting cameras are products designed to be in the field and, therefore, must have a series of characteristics suitable for this environment. Among these characteristics we have to talk about the measurements and dimensions of the product and its protective casing.

The measurements must be adjusted, so that the product does not attract too much attention due to its volume, also having an adjusted weight so that it does not cause a nuisance when taking it anywhere. Any camera that weighs more than 500 grams already begins to be heavy, both in its transport and when placing it on a tree or similar.

As for the casing, it is necessary that it has a camouflage-style decoration, which helps us to be able to confuse the camera in the environment. A product that is too conspicuous can be a problem, as it will be detected by animals during use. Do not forget to also check that the casing is resistant and offers us adequate protection against humidity, cold and dust, it being convenient to look for models with a good level of IP protection against these elements.

The 6 Best Hunting Cameras – Opinions 2022

When we are hunting, discretion and good eyesight are as important as good aim. For a better vision of what is happening in our environment and of the pieces that surround us, we can have aids, such as those offered by the best hunting cameras of 2022, which we have extracted from our comparison and which we present to you below.

1. Digitnow! 16MP Hunting Cameras

Prepared to withstand extreme climates, with temperatures ranging from -20º to 60ºC, this is one of the most recommended hunting cameras. Another of its outstanding attributes is its design with 8 CMOS sensors, which allows it to generate sharp, high-quality shots, a quality that is added to its 120º wide-angle lens. Thanks to these features, you can get wide shots and capture more details of the environment.

As for its camouflage, it can also be rated positively. The colors of the case help it to go unnoticed when placed in nature. In addition, its LED light is concealed, which prevents flashes that warn animals of its presence.

In terms of image quality that can be recorded, it is capable of taking photos with a resolution of 16 MP and recording video with HD 1080P. On the other hand, it has an IP66 water resistance, so that the rain does not interfere with your recording projects.

Before making your purchase, you should analyze in detail the pros and cons of each model. Learn more about this camera, below.


Discreet: Its appearance and the concealed LED lights of this model prevent animals from noticing its presence.

Resistance: Not only has it been made with a design with IP66 protection, but also with a rigid case that prevents damage to the device.

Capacity: It is compatible with SD cards up to 32GB, so you can achieve enough hours of recording wildlife or other projects.

PIR sensor: Its firing speed is 0.2s, so you don’t miss any detail.


Batteries: It requires 8 AA batteries, which are not included in the purchase, an expense that you must take into account.

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2. Hapimp Hunting Cameras 32 MP 4K

It is an appropriate camera to use during hunting, since it has a burst mode that allows you to take multiple photographs in a short period of time to capture the best position of the animal. Similarly, it offers image capture of up to 32 MP.

Also, it allows you to record videos with 4K UHD resolution, which offers a level of sharpness to record the scene in great detail. Likewise, it is important to note that it has 45 infrared light LEDs, capable of providing night vision with black and white videos and photographs.

As for its design, it has an IP66 casing that can resist water, dirt and prolonged use outdoors, which guarantees the useful life of the camera. As if that weren’t enough, it comes in dark colors to blend in with its surroundings and is compact enough not to draw too much attention to itself.

If you want the best hunting camera of the moment, it is recommended that before making a decision you review in greater detail the positive and negative aspects of this camera.


Functions: It offers time-lapse mode, loop recording, night vision, burst capture, among other functions.

Resolution: Take photos at 32 MP and record videos at 4K resolution, providing high image quality.

Accessories: Includes iron bracket with screws, strap, wall plugs, instruction manual and an SD card.


Batteries: Additional expense may be required as it requires 8 AA batteries to operate.

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3. Usogood WiFi Hunting Camera 24 MP 

It is a hunting camera that has an innovative WiFi function, which allows you to control its operation remotely using the corresponding application on your mobile phone. In this way, you can view the photos and videos in a simpler and more practical way.

For added functionality, it incorporates 3 PIR sensors, which can accurately detect motion at an angle of 120°. Also, it offers a continuous shooting function, which captures 3 photos in a row to record the most attractive expressions and positions of the animals.

As far as the image is concerned, it offers a video resolution of 1296 pixels, which provides a sufficiently clear and sharp image. Similarly, it has 24 MP to capture high-quality and colorful photos. As if that were not enough, it has IP66 protection for greater durability.

A hunting camera must be resistant and versatile, like the Usogood DL501 model. Let us thoroughly review its positive and negative aspects before making the purchase.


Screen: On the front, it incorporates a 2-inch LCD screen to configure the camera in a more practical way.

Shutter: Offers a 0.2s shutter speed to capture animals while they are in motion.

Night: It has a night mode that works thanks to a system of infrared LEDs to capture images in the dark.


Card: Among its accessories, it does not have an SD card, so it is necessary to make an additional expense.

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4. Ceyomur Hunting Chamber 

This hunting camera has a high shooting speed, suitable for not losing any detail of the action, especially if you want to capture animals in motion, which favors its functionality. In addition, among the accessories, it includes a base to fix the camera and obtain greater stability and precision.

It is important to note that it has infrared LED lights, which help capture black and white night images, so you can continue capturing content even at night. Also, it has a 2-inch LCD screen, to play videos and configure the camera easily.

On the other hand, it has 20 MP and 1080 pixels to capture vivid and detailed videos and photos. As if that were not enough, it has a closed structure that offers IP66 protection, which favors its resistance to water, dust and weather.

If you are looking for an affordable camera, you should know that this is one of the cheapest options on the list, so it is recommended that you know its pros and cons in detail.


Resistance: It offers a closed design that prevents the entry of water and dirt, which increases its resistance to weathering.

Shutter: It has a high shutter speed to capture animals that are in motion.

Support: Includes the necessary accessories to fix the camera to a support, which favors stability and precision.


Image: Its resolution is 1080 pixels, which could be little compared to other models. However, it is enough to capture detailed images.

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5. SecaCam Raptor Full HD 52 Degree Surveillance Camera

The Raptor camera from the manufacturer Secacam has an important level of versatility, since it can be used as a hunting camera, but also as a surveillance camera, located in gardens, buildings, land and houses, in general. It has the useful night vision function, which allows you to capture clear images at night.

Its firing speed is one of the fastest on this list, since it has 0.4 seconds, allowing you to capture the object in the desired position, in combination with an angle of 52 degrees. It also offers various recording options, with the possibility of taking photos and videos in consecutive lapses, programming with the timer, as well as taking multiple shots.

The equipment includes the necessary accessories for its use, such as the eight AA batteries, an 8 GB SD card, a USB cable and a belt to adjust the length of the camera.

In case you have not yet decided which camera you will acquire, consider this model, whose pros and cons we list below.


Accessories: The equipment incorporates various accessories to start using the camera as soon as you receive it, such as batteries, USB cable, adjustment strap or memory card.

Rate of fire: It has a rate of fire of 0.4 seconds, which is quite fast.

Features: It has various features such as the timer, night recording, multiple shots and taking photos and videos of the same object, which significantly improve the user experience.

Robustness: It has a housing with a robust structure that allows the camera to come into contact with the sun, water and dust without deteriorating.


Memory: Users recommend adding a 32 GB memory card, since sometimes the 8 GB memory is insufficient, because the captures become many according to the type of surveillance being carried out.

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6. Coolife H953 2.7K 20MP HD Photo Trapping

The Coolife H953 hunting camera has an updated lens that takes images at 20MP resolution and can record videos in 2.7K and 1520p in HD. You can also capture the sounds of nature in high fidelity thanks to its built-in microphone. On the other hand, it has a continuous shooting mode, which is capable of shooting ten photos in a very short period of time, so you will not miss any movement of wildlife. At the same time, its loop recording mode allows you to record video without stopping, overwriting memory without pausing the recording.

The activation distance of the camera is 35 meters and, thanks to an ultra-sensitive PIR sensor, it is capable of detecting any movement, no matter how small, and it activates in 0.1 seconds. This sensor is also capable of detecting movements in low light conditions, even at night. Likewise, the lens has an infrared sensor and 46 850nm infrared LED lights, capable of illuminating the area to take night images without creating overexposure.

At the same time, the camera has a very solid construction, with IP66 certification that guarantees that it will withstand the harshest weather conditions, such as storms, dust, mud and shock.


Memory Card: The camera includes a 32 GB micro SD memory card and is capable of supporting cards up to 512 GB.

Monitor: To improve the setting of shooting modes, the camera has a 2-inch LCD screen.

Distance: It has an activation distance of 35 m, greater than most hunting cameras.


LEDs: Some users have pointed out that the flash’s LEDs are too powerful and startle targets.

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How to use a hunting camera

Hunting cameras have become very popular among adventurers who want to capture nocturnal animals with a device that can be easily camouflaged. If you bought one and don’t know how to use it, we show you these simple steps that will help you understand how these versatile devices work.

Insert an SD card

The main function of this type of camera is to be able to film and record all the events that happen outdoors or within the space that you want to capture on video. The main thing is to insert the SD card that will be in charge of storing all the photos and videos of the camera; without it, the camera will not even turn on, so it is a very important aspect to take into account.

Put the correct batteries

The vast majority of these cameras use alkaline batteries for their operation. Make sure you have the batteries with the correct polarity for use before installing them; otherwise the camera won’t work for what you want.

Place the camera in the desired place

Each hunting camera comes with a nylon strap ideal for adhering to smooth or rough surfaces. Very accurately position your camera at a height greater than 100 centimeters from the ground. The higher the height, the higher quality of photography and image you will obtain. This will help maximize the function of the motion sensors during the day of use such as the infrared range.

Clear the surrounding branches

If your camera is at a height where many branches or leaves get in the way of the lens, remove them carefully so as not to scratch the focus. The branches will prevent the camera from having a panoramic view of the place, and can lead the camera to capture “fake” photos where there are no animals.

Try motion sensors

Once the camera is installed, it proceeds to carry out some simple tests to verify that the sensors are working. Some cameras have a “test” mode in which a bright red light will turn on every time the camera detects movements, so turn around to test the sensors and make accurate movements to calculate how far they managed to capture movement and images.. The range of the sensors strictly depends on ambient temperatures and humidity conditions.

Check the protection system

The cameras offered on web pages have a protection system against any eventuality of the place such as rain, earth, wind, water, snow, dust, among others. However, it does not mean that you should not give it the necessary care to maintain its useful life. Prevent them from hitting the ground strongly, as they can break. Do not allow a very thick layer of snow to cover it and, above all, do not submerge it in water, since it is not an underwater camera.

add extra energy

A very curious fact about this camera is that you can connect a solar light panel or even a battery to it, giving longer recording time and quality to the captured image.

The most popular brands

The life of hunters is always complemented by a camera that allows you to record unforgettable moments of wildlife. To do this, you will need to acquire an appropriate hunting camera, but if you do not know very well the best brands that offer this product, in the next section of this article we will show you so that you can get to know them a little more closely.

Apeman is a professional company that deals in the production of electronic video products. Within the range of products that Apeman offers are action cameras, road cameras, projectors, dash cameras, DVD, accessories, among others.  

Apeman products are manufactured with the latest technology for a unique experience that places it as a leading company in electronic video devices.

The company has manufactured accessories of the latest mobile technology, being the consumables devices with a solid and reliable manufacturing. This company is always working and striving to continue developing innovative technology products, always looking for ways to expand the range of products that can satisfy your digital lifestyle.

Apeman is a company that goes hand in hand with new emerging technologies so that your life is always in balance with current demands, providing you with the quality and stability you deserve, for a more competitive market price than all other brands. That is why Apeman is positioned as one of the favorite brands that offer hunting cameras today.

Crenova is a registered trademark under Shenzhen 1 Dreamland E-commerce Co., Ltd., which is a Chinese company based in the United States since 2014.

Despite being a young company, Crenova has quickly acquired a place in the global electronic market, because the products offered by this brand are highly demanded by buyers on the web and prices are established without any competition. That is why the Crenova brand allows you to have access to technology at a low price, maintaining quality and a first-rate technological standard of living.

Crenova’s vision is that you can purchase products at a good price so that you can enjoy the stability and comfort of your home, without having to go out, so that you have your own entertainment center.

The growth of the company has not been in vain, since it has expanded to more than 100 countries and today, Crenova products are always satisfying the increasing demand and demand, ranking as one of the best brands of electronic products. Worldwide.

Lixada is also a registered trademark of Shenzhen Tomtop Technology Co., Ltd. on February 7, 2015. Lixada being a Chinese company, it is headquartered in the United States. The Lixada brand focuses on two broad product categories: LED lighting and flashlights and sports and outdoors.

The sports and outdoors category is one of the most outstanding. Since it offers you a complete range of products that allow you to make your life in the open air easier and with all the facilities of current technologies, these products are always in line with the technological advances of the moment and, best of all, is that prices are quite competitive for the global market.

Being Lixada a recognized brand of outdoor life products, it could not fail to be on our list of the best brands that offer a hunting camera, not only because of the quality that this company offers, but also because of the ease of acquiring its products. as they are very accessible to the general public.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to unlock a hunting camera?

After having configured the password to be able to access it and the multimedia content, you must correctly enter the password that you have entered in order to access the system.

In addition, if after a while you forget, you will have to one of the available options to skip the password step, you will have to remove the batteries for 30 minutes and put them back; It should be noted that this process does not work with all models and you will have to try it several times according to the opinions of some users who have had the same experience.

If the previous option does not work for you, you should contact your seller directly and indicate your problem with the key so that he can give you a solution. In some cases you will have to send the product to them to have it unlocked.

Q2: How to program a hunting camera?

So that you can start programming your hunting camera or you may also know it as a photo trap camera, the first step you should take is to insert an SD memory card with enough storage capacity so that you can record videos and photos. Then, you will have to put the alkaline batteries it needs so that it can work; if these are not included in the product you have purchased. Next step, depending on the model you will have to turn on the camera and enter the options or turn it on directly in test mode.

Use the button panel to scroll through the Menu. Press the Menu key and scroll down until you reach the “Language” section and proceed to change the language to Spanish so that you have greater comfort when changing the settings. Then, return to the Menu again and select “Mode”, in this section you have to select what you want the camera to do when activated by movement, either record videos or take photos, press the “Ok” button to finish.

Go back to the Menu and adjust the size and numbers of photos, the format and timing of the videos according to the “Mode” option you previously selected. It should be noted that so that the camera does not download quickly, you will have to adjust the execution interval between each photo or video in 20, 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc. Additionally, some users recommend placing 1 minute or 2 minutes in this section to extend the life of the batteries. After you have finished these settings press “OK” and turn off the camera.

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