The 7 Best Bike GPS Mounts of 2022

GPS bike mount – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When cycling in the city or in the mountains, many people usually carry a GPS, with the purpose of orienting and guiding themselves in a practical and simple way. We have carried out an exhaustive study of different models of GPS support, which has led us to define and clarify which are the most outstanding due to their price, their characteristics and, above all, due to the opinion that their clients have been able to give after having acquired and used each of them. We have considered that the first place should be occupied by the Garmin 010-10454-00, which has a compact, lightweight design that is very easy to install on your bike to take your GPS anywhere and without complications. In addition, it provides ample security, resistance and durability offered by its manufacturing materials. For its part, the second place is very well represented by the GVDV BK0002 model, made of aluminum and can be adjusted to devices of different dimensions, ranging between 3.5 and 6.2 inches diagonally.

The 7 Best GPS Mounts for Bicycles – Opinions 2022

GPS have already arrived on bicycles, and in order to work properly on most of them, they need a support. The purchase of these products is not usually the easiest, so we bring a list of those that, in the opinion of users and buyers, are the best GPS bike mounts of 2022.

If you have wondered which is the best GPS bike mount, it is very possible that in this list you will find the one that best suits you, because criteria requested by many users are used, such as comfort in use, fastening to the bicycle or how cheap they are.

1. Garmin Handlebar Mount Bike GPS Mount

Main advantage:

The special shape of this support allows many Garmin brand models to achieve an adequate and firm hold, so that you have your GPS in sight and you can know your location at all times, among other things.

Main disadvantage:

For bicycles with a 25 to 30 mm handlebar, it will be necessary to purchase the clamp separately, since the one included in the set is smaller and may not hold properly.

Verdict 9.9/10

It is a support that, because it is offered by the Garmin brand, provides adequate support for different types of models, it is easily and firmly mounted.

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Surely if you make long journeys on your bike, the last thing you want is to add too much weight. You already know that these types of details are important, because when going up a hill, every gram on the bike is like an anchor that tries to keep you down.

This is not a big problem if you choose this mount, since its weight is only 68 g, so it is considered a lightweight, but it will allow you to keep an eye on and choose the functions you need on your GPS.

On the other hand, it is designed to be compatible with a wide range of GPS models of the Garmin brand, since both the support and the GPS coincide in certain slots that allow them to be properly assembled with each other. Some of the models that you will be able to place in it without any problems are the Astro and nGPSMAP versions.

As for its size, it is very compact and measuring only 18 x 10 x 1.8 cm you will have no problem finding a space for it on your handlebars, so that it is visible.

Resistance and finishes

As far as its materials are concerned, although it is made mostly of plastic parts, these are robust enough to properly hold the GPS and keep it firmly in place. Likewise, they will be able to withstand the hustle and bustle of the road without slipping.

On the other hand, the weather will not damage it, a feature that could be of interest to you, since surely on some occasion the support will remain on your bicycle in the sun or possibly in the rain.

In addition, it should be noted that the brand has taken special care to offer a quality product, so you can find good manufacturing details in the model. The corners are well defined, as well as the rest of the shapes that make up the support. So it may well be a model that will help you keep your GPS safe for a long time.


The way in which you can place this model on your bicycle is very simple, since it consists of a clamp that must surround the handlebar. You just have to check the diameter of this section of your bike to make sure it is compatible, place it in the position indicated by the manufacturer, so that the base can be properly attached and assemble the parts. This procedure can be done in just a few minutes and you will have the support ready to travel.

On the other hand, it must be added that placing and removing the GPS device from the support will also be a simple task. So when you finish your tour, you can simply take it out to store it.

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2. Gvdv BK0002 Aluminum Bicycle Mobile Support

The first thing that buyers of this GPS bike mount highlight is the comfort of which it is possessed. Its structure is highly adaptable with different types of GPS, and it is mainly focused on keeping both the GPS buttons and its camera free, because the support does not cover them at any time.

In this way, users will be able to manipulate their GPS on the move without the support generating any obstacles. In addition to GPS, this device can support and firmly hold mobile phones such as iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

On the other hand, this product is extremely robust, because it is made entirely of high-quality and resistant aluminium, with anti-corrosive and antioxidant characteristics, which allow it to come into contact with different surfaces without causing damage.


Materials: The product has been made of lightweight aluminium, so that its resistance is even greater than that of models made of plastic or other weaker materials.

Compatibility: We can use it with any browser or terminal with screens from 3.5 inches to 6.2 inches diagonally.

Mounting Diameter: It also has good diameter compatibility, with a range from 23.5 millimeters to 40 millimeters of tube for mounting.

Terminal rotation: We can rotate the terminal 360 degrees, to adjust it as it suits us best on the route.


Protection: The corners of the mount do not have rubber or similar protection, so we must be careful not to damage the computer screen.

Security system: As with other models, this does not include a security system that prevents the terminal from being fired in the event of a poor adjustment.

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3. BlueBeach Garmin GPS Mount 1 Bike Holder

Nowadays, more and more cyclists are changing their old cycle computer for a modern GPS. Something that supposes the need to buy a suitable support for its subjection. If you use a Garmin GPS, the BlueBeach Garmin Mount 1 will surely be interesting for you, since it offers high compatibility with all types of models of the brand, especially the series.

A GPS that also has an easy installation, with which it is enough to choose the position in which we want to place it and tighten the fastening screw located in the lower part. A model that adapts to different types of handlebars thanks to the included accessories, so that your GPS is always fixed and attached. Therefore, you can mount it on 31.8mm, 25.4mm and 22.2mm diameter handlebars just by choosing the specific fixing you need.

And since the product is fully compatible with the brand’s fastening system, there is also no risk of falling or damaging your GPS during use.


Installation: Installation is as simple as placing the bracket, tightening the retaining screw and placing your GPS. really easy.

Compatibility: This mount is compatible with a good part of the Garmin brand GPS, so you will surely have no problem fitting yours.

Visibility adjustment: The bracket allows you to adjust the viewing angle, so that the GPS is more horizontal or more vertical depending on what suits you.


Bracket resistance: Although the bracket can be mounted on mountain bikes, it is true that if the terrain is very rough, the GPS can end up moving.

Adjustment: It is recommended not to over tighten the fastening screw, in order to prevent it from damaging this area of ​​the support.

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4. Sram Quick View Mount 31.8 Road

Just as important as choosing a good GPS is having a support where you can take it safely when cycling. Something easy to solve with products like the SRAM Quickview mount. A model initially designed for the GPS of the Garmin range but which, in practice, is compatible with any cycle computer that mounts a quarter-turn adjustment system.

For this type of product, the support offers a firm and efficient support, which prevents the GPS from slipping from its position, and can also choose the angle at which we want to place the GPS to make it easier to see.

A product that also has good quality materials, where nylon and a high-strength stainless steel nut are combined, with which keeping your GPS in place is no problem.

To make it clearer which GPS mount to buy, we evaluate this SRAM model in detail in order to get to know it in depth.


Manufacturing materials: The bracket has been manufactured with high quality nylon, including a stainless steel Torx screw in the fixing adjustment area.

Assembly: The assembly process is as easy as adjusting the mount to the handlebars, choosing the angle you want on the handlebar and tightening the mounting nut.

Quick Release: The quarter turn system that comes with the mount makes it easy to remove your GPS or bike computer when needed.


Compatibility: The product is only compatible with Garmin models as well as those cycle computers with a quarter-turn fixation, so it is advisable to verify it previously with our team.

Handlebars: This model can only be installed on 31.8-millimeter handlebars, leaving it loose on smaller-sized handlebars.

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5. Ghb Universal Bike Phone Holder

In the world of universal mounts, the GHB SPC-01 is considered by its buyers as a great option. Although its design was not made specifically for GPS, this product has proven to be perfectly compatible with them.

The design has also been very positively valued, because it is clean and elegant and has no major complications. The installation, on the other hand, has been considered very easy to carry out.

Its measurements are 14.5 x 13.5 x 7 cm and its weight is just 181 grams, making it extremely practical for anyone who decides to put it on the handlebar of their bicycle, a favorite place for most buyers.. This product also comes with two rubber bands to fix the device.


Padded base: This support incorporates a “bed” padded with rubberized material, which serves as the main support so that your mobile does not slide.

Assembly: This product has a simple mounting system on the handlebar, so that you can fix it without this involving too much work.

Compatibility: A product capable of supporting both mobile phones and other types of devices ranging from 4 to 6.5 inches diagonally.


Weight: The product increases the weight to 181 grams, which is considerably more weight than the models that we generally find on the market.

Materials: Some comments indicate that the quality of the materials is not as good as it should be, being adequate for sporadic use, but perhaps not so much for a continuous use model.

Hooking system: Once the product is assembled, it is somewhat difficult to mount your mobile inside and secure it securely, it being important to secure the rubber bands well.

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6. AGPtek Mobile Holder Bicycle Motorcycle Universal Smartphone

If what you are looking for is the best value for money bike GPS mount, you may like the AGPtek PS01. This is because it has a good price, and that does not diminish the quality of its finish and purpose.

Its compatibility is restricted to devices with a width between 5.8 and 9 centimeters, and a length between 11.5 and 15.6 centimeters.

In addition, this product is compatible with the vast majority of bicycle handlebars.

Its installation is also very simple, so it is quickly assembled. One of its greatest peculiarities is that it is a 360-degree rotating model.


Rotational system: Thanks to the rotational rod included in the base of the product, it can be rotated 360 degrees on its base, to orient it as you see fit.

Rubberized elements: The rubberized elements of the inner zone facilitate the adjustment on almost any type of bar, within the product’s mounting range, from 1.2 to 3.5 centimeters.

Firmness: Users highlight the way in which the product holds what you place, without vibrations or movement, being the best GPS bike mount for less than 10 euros that we can find with this quality.


Fixing the mobile: Some comments indicate that it is advisable not to exceed the process of tightening the mobile when fixing it, since this can cause the product to end up being difficult to extract when we finish the route.

Materials: The manufacturing materials are typical of cheap products, so they may not be as resistant as they should be when the product is used intensively or on particularly hard terrain.

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7. Grefay Mobile Phone Holder Universal Handlebar Holder

The complexity of the installation is another element that worries users.

For this reason, many prefer the Grefine gfbm001, which, according to the opinions of the majority of users, has an extremely simple installation process, which does not require any tools and can be attached to the bicycle’s handlebars by simply passing a nut.

Also, this GPS bike mount is among the cheapest options on the market. One of the most outstanding elements of this product is that it is anti-vibration, and that its design can also support mobile phones of different sizes.

Security has also been rated as positive, due to the fact that it has supports in all four corners.


Simple format: Unlike other models, it offers a simple design for assembly, which does not complicate placing the terminal or the support.

Rotation: We can rotate our mobile 360 ​​degrees on its base, which makes it easy to place it easily in the position that best suits us.

Quick release button: The support has a quick release button, with which you can release your terminal from the support extremely easily.

Pads: The neoprene pads that the product includes make transport safer, so that your terminal does not deteriorate with friction, thus avoiding unnecessary risks.


Coupling: It is necessary to check the coupling from time to time to verify that it does not loosen or deteriorate with the passage of time or potholes.

Tightening: According to some users, it is necessary to tighten the nuts and other fastening elements on the bar, since it has a tendency to loosen.

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Garmin 010-10454-00

If you are looking for the best GPS bike mount, you should analyze the Garmin 010-10454-00 among your possible purchase options. This support has been acclaimed by a large part of its buyers, who have widely highlighted its robustness and resistance.

With a completely sober gray design, this Garmin GPS bike mount has dimensions of 18 x 10 x 1.8 cm and weighs just 91 grams, making it a lightweight product that can be quickly adapted to the bike.

The Garmin brand provides this product because it is compatible with the different types of GPS that it also offers, including the Astro GPS 60, GPSMAP 60, GPSMAP 60C, GPSMAP 60CS, GPSMAP 60CSx and GPSMAP 60Cx.


Firmness: The model offers remarkable firmness when installing the product, so that during the route it does not move or slide from the support, which is typical of the best GPS bike mount of the moment.

Weight: The weight is just 70 grams, 68 to be specific, which means not applying more weight to your bike once you mount it on the handlebars.

Material: The manufacturing material of this support prevents its premature deterioration, so you won’t have to worry about the sun or humidity when taking care of the support.

Brand: If you don’t know which GPS bike mount to buy, Garmin is considered one of the best, if not the best brand of GPS bike mounts at the moment, which makes it easier to get your purchase right.


Mounting diameter: The diameter of the clamp is not adjustable in excess, so it is convenient to verify the measurements of the tube before proceeding to buy it.

Compatibility: The model is compatible with some specific products, which you must take into account to verify the issue before your purchase.

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Buying Guide – What is the best GPS bike mount on the market?

GPS are here to stay, and there is nothing and no one that is going to take them away. The orientations are now focused thanks to GPS, which have already crossed the world of cars and automobiles in general and have become indispensable even on bicycles.

But when it comes to a bicycle, the vast majority of them do not have a built-in GPS, so if you want to carry one, it is essential to purchase a support. On many occasions, the purchase of the GPS is made at the same time as that of the support, but knowledge about these products is usually scarce. That is why we bring you a guide to buy the best GPS bike mount.

One of the priorities is knowing how to choose well, so you can see which product is best for you through a comparison of GPS bike mounts, using criteria commonly applied by users such as how much it costs and its robustness.

Camera access and buttons

For a GPS support to be appreciated by users, in addition to being cheap, it must be extremely comfortable. A common criticism of many GPS mounts is that the camera and GPS buttons often overlap the mount.

Therefore, it is essential to know if the GPS fits completely in the mount, and the camera and buttons are easily accessible. A bike is going to be in constant motion, so access to GPS shouldn’t be complicated and the mount can’t stop it.

There is a variety of GPS mounts for bicycles on the market that are extremely comfortable and practical, so this feature can be quickly fulfilled and users should not be martyred by these difficulties.


Not all bike GPS mounts work on all GPS. Before buying a support, it is essential to know if the GPS that we previously acquired is compatible with the type of support, so as not to take a fiasco. It is quite important to know that the support fits well with the GPS, so as not to cause discomfort when using it on the move.

There are some mounts that have more universal characteristics, and that can be adapted to a greater number of GPS, although there are also others that can be attached to a smaller number of GPS. There are even GPS brands that offer bike GPS mounts, in order to fully guarantee compatibility and avoid inconvenience to cyclists, especially the most professional and demanding ones.


Cycling is a very demanding sport, which needs components and accessories that are robust enough to withstand all the hustle and bustle. In addition, GPS is used on routes, and on many occasions these have little access and are in difficult geographical conditions.

Robustness is essential when deciding to buy a GPS bike mount, because its strength and durability over time depend on this. Most users appreciate mounts that are strong, with which they can be on rough terrain without endangering either the GPS or their orientation.

When the support fails, the GPS automatically becomes useless and a hindrance, which a cyclist cannot afford. Most bike GPS mounts are extremely robust. Users tend to choose the supports that they consider more resistant, of more solid materials and that do not look flimsy.


In addition to the robustness and resistance, if a GPS bike mount does not hold well on the bike, it will most likely be of no use. For that reason, buyers of these products are constantly looking for GPS mounts that hold well and securely to the bike.

If not, it is most likely not a suitable product for that bike. The fastening must be of a permanent nature, so there must be no room for it to become unbalanced or loose. The fastening, in the opinion of most of the users of these products, must be completely fixed.

In this way, the GPS will be able to work in the best possible way and the cyclist will be able to see clearly and not worry about the GPS status, fully focusing on his sporting goals. In the market there are many GPS mounts for bicycles at a good price with a more than adequate support.

How to use a GPS bike mount

Many times it has happened that when we go on our bicycle on a road or for a walk, we feel that we are a little disoriented because we do not know the way. For this, we can use a location device called GPS, but in order not to stop on the road and take it out of the bag, we can place it on a GPS bike mount and see exactly where we are. But if you have no idea how to use such support, read on.

Check the assembly instructions of the product

GPS mounts for bicycles come in different models and sizes, so you should review the instruction manual so that you know each of the parts and can make the assembly easier. In addition to determining which tools you will use in said process.

Depending on the model of your product, check each part and screws included in the bracket. To do this, you must be guided by the user manual to determine if all the parts are complete to carry out said assembly.

Put the main clamp on the bicycle handlebar

Almost all models of GPS mounts for bicycles have a piece that is placed on the handlebar. This piece is generally adjustable, depending on the thickness of the handlebar. To do this, configure the thickness of the piece and place it on the handlebar, tightening the respective screw and nut to fix it correctly. Some pieces include a rubber that is placed on the handlebar to prevent them from slipping.

Locate the GPS support and graduate it according to the width of the device

GPS bike mounts can be adjusted according to the width of the device. Locate in the instruction manual to perform this process. Once the width of the support has been adjusted, proceed to place it on the appropriate screw to place it on the handlebar part. Tighten it with the respective nuts to fix it well.

In case you are going to bring a GoPro device

Some models of GPS mounts have the option of being able to fix not only GPS or Smartphone, but also cameras or other GoPro devices. To do this, locate the respective adapter for GoPro and place it on the support whose width is already graduated. Then insert the GoPro screw into the adapter and tighten it until it is secure.

Place your GPS or other device on the mount

Once the mount is attached to the bike, you can now place the device on the mount. With a screwdriver tighten well so that the GPS does not come out. Some models include a lock so that the GPS does not come off when the bike is in motion.

Other models allow the support to be adjusted until it is placed at the desired visual angle. To do this, turn it to your liking and press the safety button to fix it in the chosen place. You can also place your device in a horizontal or vertical position, depending on the model of your mount. You can now turn on your GPS and ride your bike while looking at the GPS comfortably and safely.

The most popular brands

Riding a bike is an activity that everyone should do. This means of transport, in addition to being healthy and non-polluting, is also one of the fastest ways to walk down the street, as it is small and light. However, like all means of transport, it is possible to get lost if you do not know an address. Having a good GPS is recommended and, if you have it, it is also imperative to have a support for it on the bicycle. For this type of case, you can review the product catalog of Garmin, TomTom and Lixada, as they are brands that have been given the task of manufacturing this type of product.

If Garmin could be defined in one word, technology would probably be the best definition. Despite the fact that this brand offers its public many products that often seem unrelated to each other, they all have something in common and that is that they are first-class technological products at your fingertips. Garmin is based on this, on making technology something usable in everyday life.

With a presence on 5 continents, 60 offices around the world, and approximately 11,500 partners, many people today have access to Garmin products. With this brand you can choose between cameras, water sports equipment and global positioning systems.

The GPS bike mounts of this company are manufactured to be able to use various GPS models of this same brand. If you own one of these devices, then a Garmin mount is the best option for you. They hold easily and firmly to give you greater comfort.

The Netherlands is a country known for several iconic things, such as the color orange, its great soccer team and international companies such as TomTom, a brand founded in 1991 that has stood out for the creation of different devices with GPS technology.

It started in Amsterdam as a small company, however, by 2015 TomTom had almost 5,000 employees and a presence in more than 50 countries on all continents. Thanks to the quality of its products, this company has managed to expand progressively without rest. It even managed to have a space in Smartphones, since it has also ventured into the world of mobile applications to offer routes, maps and various functions.

As well as offering various GPS gadgets, TomTom also provides bike and car mounts for

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