The 7 Best Floors for Camping of 2022

Camping flooring – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Regardless of whether you have one of the best tents, to spend your stay without inconvenience in nature and protect the base of what will be your dwelling, it is essential to have a camping floor at hand. However, you can find them of various types and designs. If you want a couple of quick recommendations, we invite you to know the Mp Brands Supreme floor that is characterized by its resistance, breathability and tolerance to UV rays, as well as humidity. But if you want something versatile and cheap, the GardenMate 4260313265275_FBA tarpaulin is made of polypropylene and is waterproof. Being also useful to control weeds in your garden.

The 7 Best Floors for Camping – Opinions 2022

To have good protection against soil moisture and ecologically control some weeds, a camping floor is an option that can be purchased in various types. So that you can choose the right model for your project, we have selected, among many, some that have obtained good ratings for their value for money. We invite you to know its qualities.

Soil for camping plot

1. MP Essentials Breathable and waterproof mat

If you want to forget about buying mats to place under your tent, because they tear in a short time, we invite you to review the aspects of this product, which may be the best price-quality camping ground.

To describe this flooring for a camping plot, we will begin by saying that it is made of raffia-type fabric, in such a way that it manages to provide protection against reliefs, due to its density. It also maintains its qualities despite being exposed to UV rays and humidity does not deteriorate its materials. It also creates an effective barrier against insects that are usually on the ground and could put your health at risk.

In case you are worried about not finding the measurements that correspond to your store, you should know that the manufacturer, depending on its availability, offers you 11 different sizes. In addition, to further enhance the experience, you can purchase this floor in 3 colours.

If you want to take home the best camping flooring of the moment, you should review each model of our selection, to determine which one could be the right one.


UV resistant: Not only can you use this model for the floor, you can also cover yourself from the sun and it does not deteriorate in such conditions.

Effectiveness: Its closed and robust fabric does not allow insects to pass through, being an effective barrier.

Storage bag: To comfortably transport this floor you can use the bag included in the package. 


Eyelets: The metal rings that protect the eyelet perforations could be more rigid. So you have to be careful not to bend them.

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2. Benimeli Camping Floor 130 gr

One of the best materials to protect from moisture is polypropylene. In addition, it is one of the cheapest, which is why the Benimeli brand uses it to make this mat, which may well be among the best camping floors in 2022.

It is a very easy to use model, which in a short time you will have assembled to place your tent. In the same way, you can store this camping plot floor in a short time when setting up your camp.

Another outstanding aspect is that, due to the type of fabric, made from flat fibers, it is easy to clean. That is why dust and weed debris will not enter, facilitating this inevitable process at the end of your stay in nature. In addition, it is quite resistant due to its density of 130 gr.

Regarding its appearance, it is a dark green color, which does not contrast too much with nature, so as not to ruin the experience of being in the field.

To make sure you buy the best option on the market, we recommend that you do not make hasty choices. Better review other aspects that this model can offer you in our pros and cons section.


Measurements: The size of this camping floor is 5 x 6 meters, being compatible with various sizes of tents.

Fray Resistance: Thanks to its heat-cut edge and added trim, it’s unlikely to fray with use.

Breathability: Its material has a resistance of 20 l/m2 allowing the passage of air to prevent the formation of mold, for example. 


Transport: Compared to other models on the list, this one does not include a transport bag, something that would be convenient.

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Anti-weed flooring for camping

3. GardenMate Polypropylene Weed Control Fabric

Controlling weed growth in your garden doesn’t have to be a difficult problem to solve. In fact, an anti-weed camping floor can be an ecological, effective and simple solution. You just have to lay it on the place where you want to eliminate the weeds and in a few days it will be gone.

In addition, if you go out for a walk in nature and need to protect the base of your tent, this model also works as a tarpaulin for camping ground, preventing the edges of rocks and insects from penetrating.

In relation to its durability, because it has a UV stabilizing treatment, it can tolerate direct exposure to sunlight; and you can buy it in three sizes, to cover an area of ​​10, 20 or 50 m2 respectively, adapting to your gardening or camping projects.

GardenMate could be the best brand of camping flooring, so it is worth taking a closer look at the qualities of this product.


Resistance: Since this floor is made of polypropylene, it is resistant to use, it also has a stabilizing treatment for UV rays.

Permeable: Due to its textile structure of strips, it allows the passage of water and air.

Presentation: The product is offered in roll format, so you can quickly lay it out on the site you want. In the same way it can be removed and saved.


Width: This model has a small width compared to other camping floors, but even so, it will be very useful to cover the plot effectively.

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4. Amagard Geotextile Anti-Weed Mesh Roll for the garden

Another product that stands out in this selection, due to its effectiveness as an anti-weed flooring for camping, is the one presented by Amagard. With it you will be able to control the growth of weeds in areas of your garden, in your landscaping projects and, likewise, have adequate insulation if you are going to go camping, because it provides protection against soil insects and worms.

Its use is very simple and it is fixed through staples that the same manufacturer can offer. Furthermore, its density of 100g/m2 makes it strong enough for the mentioned purposes.

As for its dimensions, you can buy it in two sizes, to cover surfaces of 105 m2, either 1.05 x 100m or 2.10 x 50m. For this reason, you will be able to select the one that best fits the space for which you have it destined. 

If weeds are out of control in your garden and you still don’t know which camping ground to buy, learn more about this Amagard brand geotextile.


Breathable: Because it allows the passage of air and water, you avoid puddles on the fabric in case of rain.

Assembly: Fixing this product is very simple, only a few staples are needed to keep it firmly in place.

Format: The manufacturer offers this product in roll form, so you can quickly spread it over a large surface.


Mounting staples: You will have to purchase the staples to fix the floor separately, but it is an affordable and easy-to-find accessory.

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Camping floor for advance

5. Tidyard Camping Mat Ground Tent Mat

Continuing with the search for the best flooring for camping, we have found this model, which among other things has the advantage of being very spacious, being suitable for placing under large capacity tents. Its size is 2.5 x 6 meters, but you could also buy it in 6 other sizes, to better adapt it to your purposes.

Another quality that users appreciate in this advance camping flooring is that, in case you need to cut it, it does not fray, so you will not have to resort to sewing to make a trim either.

In addition, it should be noted that due to its soft foam coating it offers greater comfort, as it cushions the floor, and its holes allow good breathability, allowing the passage of water and air, so that puddles do not form on it.

The best camping flooring of the moment should effectively protect your tent from deterioration and humidity. Let’s discuss more salient features of this model.


Materials: Thanks to its design made of polyester and PVC foam coating, it is resistant to use.

Colour: Being a green rug, it offers an experience more in keeping with nature.

Maintenance: You will not have too many inconveniences to keep this floor always clean, as it is easily washed with water.


Protection: Unlike other meshes with a more closed format, this one can allow some small insects to penetrate to the surface.

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Plastic flooring for camping

6. Arisol 4269760 Carpet for Tent

Having a good plastic camping floor, in a closed format, on hand will allow you to have good insulation against irregularities, protecting your tent. At the same time, it helps to step more comfortably when being inside it.

This is what the Arisol 4269760 model offers you, among other things, since it is a robust and reinforced mat, which is also breathable, so the water will be able to pass through, preventing uncomfortable puddles from forming. It is very easy to clean and will not allow insects to get to the surface, so you will be safe.

As for its size, it has dimensions of 2.5 x 6 m, being an appropriate option for various tents and you will be pleased to know that your purchase includes a transport bag. For all these features, if you are wondering which is the best camping floor to protect your tent, the answer could be in this model.

Below we invite you to read more about this product, which may be what you are looking for for your next day of camping.


Format: The density of its fabric offers comfort and cushioning, for a pleasant use.

Durability: Thanks to the reinforcement sections, the material is prevented from unraveling, being more resistant to use.

Color: The manufacturer offers this product in a gray tone that can hide dust and match the environment.


Available sizes: No other measurements are offered for the model, but perhaps this size can be considered versatile due to its size.

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Floor for camping easy

7. Easy Floor Floor Tent 4 Pieces 1 m² Camping

If flexible floors are not an option for your projects, then do not hesitate to analyze this product, as it is an easy camping floor, which is robust, resistant to low temperatures and non-slip.

Its design is multipurpose, being suitable for use under your tent, as a floor for a garden party and any other project that your imagination wants to add to the list.

On the other hand, each piece of this floor has a size of 50 x 50 x 5 cm and its assembly is very simple, because it has edges that allow it to be hooked like a puzzle, until it reaches the size you choose.

On the other hand, it is very easy to clean and, in case of rain, the water filters through its upper holes, so that it flows smoothly towards the base, leaving the surface dry.

This product may not be one of the cheapest on the list, but it combines quality, resistance and versatility. Learn more below.


Design: This floor can be easily adapted to any space, acquiring the dimensions you need.

Maintenance: Due to its rigid format it is very easy to clean.

Breathable: Its holes allow air to pass through, therefore, if placed on grass, it will not damage it too much.


Number of pieces: Each package includes 4 pieces, covering a total of one square meter, which could be little. But you can buy as many as you need.

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Camping ground accessories

camping floor mesh

100gr anti-weed mesh

If you lack options to control weed growth, this camping ground mesh can be a very useful addition.

You will only have to place it under gravel areas, or simply as a pre-planting treatment. 

It comes in a roll format that allows you to cover 50m2 and has a density of 100gr, so it duly fulfills its purpose of not allowing weeds to pass through, but without preventing water from draining into the ground. In addition, you should know that it resists UV rays.

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Camping pegs for hard ground

Wokkol Pegs Staples for Garden Camping

A flexible type camping floor cannot be complete if you do not have the corresponding pegs, which help you to fix it efficiently on the ground.

For this reason, the Wokkol brand offers you a practical set of 50 pegs, each one with a protection disk to prevent the textile from deteriorating.

In addition, they are characterized by being camping pegs for hard ground, so you will not have to worry if you notice that the substrate is too compact, they will be able to resist anchoring due to their 2.5 mm thickness.

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Shopping guide

Visiting nature can be a great experience. However, those who take these types of walks often know how important it is to have effective insulation against ground moisture. This piece helps that when resting at night you do not feel too cold. In addition, this basic accessory will prevent your tent from suffering breaks in its base, through which water could leak; which, in case of rain, could ruin many of your belongings. To make you the most appropriate option, here is a guide to buying the best camping ground.


We will begin by exposing the main types of floors that currently lead the preferences of campers. Thus, you will have a starting point to choose models for your comparison of camping floors.

Tiles or rigid floors are one of the most used alternatives and are also called tile floors. They are generally made of polypropylene, although in recent years rubber or foam have become fashionable. In addition, its assembly is fast and the sections are held together firmly, like a puzzle.

Their main characteristic is that they are more robust floors than a camping tarp; therefore, they cushion better. Another advantage is that in case of rain, the currents will move very easily below, avoiding puddles. As for its appearance, there is a wide variety on the market. Thus, you could have a model in black, imitation of natural wood, grass and more.

Other widely used camping mats are canvas ones. In case you need a cheap option, this could be the most effective and affordable. Therefore, if you are worried about how much it costs to acquire this accessory, because your budget is limited, you can look at those that have been made of this material.

Among its advantages we can mention that it is very light and flexible floors. They are quick to put on and versatile too. Being useful, even, to cover your belongings at a certain time. That is the reason why campers consider it essential to carry some raffia canvas, even if it is not precisely to place it on the ground under the tent.

As a disadvantage, this type will form puddles under the tent in case of heavy rain. That is why professionals do not recommend them as the best floors.

Finally, and very similar to canvas, we have padded and PVC floors. They also have the format of a mat, they are flexible and insulate very well from the cold, insects and gravel. In cost they are not as cheap as raffia tarpaulins, but they protect better.

material strength

When buying a camping floor you should also ask yourself about the density and durability of the model. Taking this point into account, especially when it comes to very large stores, is essential. For a canvas you can see this trait expressed in g/m2, the greater the quantity, the more resistant it will be. For example, a 100g/m2 canvas can be considered fine. In the case of rigid tiles, you can see their resistance expressed in kg/m2 or some variant.

Assembly and maintenance

For a camping floor to do its job, it must also be firmly attached to the ground. That is why we invite you to review what type of assembly it requires. In the case of canvas or mesh, you will generally have small holes where the anchor pegs are placed. In the case of tiles, they usually have some teeth or figures that provide them with adherence to the ground.

At this point, we also want to mention that, depending on the type of floor, its maintenance will be easier. For example, banners tend to trap dust within their fabric and may require a more tedious cleaning process.

surface to cover

Finally, we want to mention that you should pay close attention to the surface to be covered with each model. At this point check the dimensions of the canvas, if this is the case. Analyze its length and width, compare it with that of your tent and determine if it will be enough so that no section is left unprotected. This option can be purchased in multiple sizes and often the same manufacturer provides several measures.

In rigid floors, you will usually be able to know how many pieces are included in the package and the surface they can cover. With this you can calculate how many pieces you would have to acquire in total.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a camping floor?

The way a camping floor is used is actually very intuitive. Depending on the type you have purchased, you must carry out the corresponding assembly. If it is a puzzle, check that the assemblies are firm. In this way the floor will not move and it will be able to fulfill its purpose. In the case of tarpaulins, you should have the pegs at hand to anchor them to the ground. These are chosen according to the type of plot, if it is hard soil, rocky, clay, etc.

On the other hand, we recommend that you take care to give the corresponding maintenance to the camping floor, to prevent moisture, dirt and mold from accumulating. The ideal is to carry out the cleaning process every time the floor is vacated.

Q2: How to fix a camping floor?

Some experts in the art of camping mention that the first thing to fix this important piece is to choose the right place. Check the slope of the place, the composition of the soil and the irregularities. The most advisable thing is that the ground has a gentle slope, especially if rain threatens. In this way the water will run and flooding will be avoided during your stay in nature.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a canvas, you should lay it on the ground. Having previously removed any sharp rock that could rip it. Then, you should slightly pull it to avoid creases. Next, place the pegs in the corners, and then reinforce with more pegs in the center. In order to give it more stability. The longer the tarp, the more pegs you’ll need to use.

Q3: Can the camping ground be cut?

It is possible to cut it. However, it is best to choose the correct dimensions from the moment you make the purchase. Otherwise, you must make a reinforcement seam on the side that you have removed, to prevent the fabric from unraveling and moving under the tent during the camp.

In addition, you also have to verify that the thread to be used for the seams is resistant to humidity, so that it can tolerate this element and does not rot. It is best to choose a nylon one. Now, we want to clarify that there are exceptions to this, because, due to its composition, some floors could be cut without having to resort to subsequent seams.

If your floor is a tile, then you will be less likely to have to cut it as the sections are smaller. Thus, you only have to choose how many pieces to place.

Q4: What is the anti-weed camping floor for?

Plants, both ornamental and herbs, need sunlight to develop. If this supply is cut off by laying down a weed-proof soil, then the heat will cause the seed to sprout, but later, due to lack of fresh air, it will die. That’s why those looking for an environmentally friendly way to control weeds turn to this solution; So avoid using herbicides.

Q5: How to save a camping floor?

It is recommended that before thinking about saving the floor, you spend a few minutes checking it out. You will have to analyze if it is in good condition and there are no tears. Next, and this is very important, you will need to make sure that the moisture has been removed from the soil; Well, despite the fact that many have anti-mold treatment, they can accumulate unpleasant aromas if this step is not carried out.

After getting rid of the moisture, we recommend proceeding to roll the canvas on itself until it forms a compact and firm roll. This way it will take up less space among your belongings. If it is tiles, you must disassemble them taking care not to damage the joints.

Q6: How to clean a camping floor?

Once you are at home, the ideal is that you spend some time washing the camping ground to have it ready for your next adventure. This process must be carried out according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The most common is that it is brushed a little with water and a mild detergent, and then the floor is left to dry in the shade, if possible.

Q7: What camping flooring is best to avoid the cold?

Campers visiting snowy places turn to floors with insulating padding. But it will depend on the lowest temperature the camp will be exposed to. In some cases, tile floors are the most suitable, due to their material, which is naturally insulating.

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