The 7 best-known helmet brands worldwide

The purchase of a good full-face helmet suitable to keep you always protected while riding your motorcycle will depend on each of the characteristics that it possesses, starting first with the brand that manufactures it, since there are countless of them on the market with suitable models for each type. of motorcyclist.

For years, many brands have been in charge of manufacturing countless models of special helmets for all types of motorcyclists, some are better known than others for the quality they offer in each product and in this article you will be able to learn a little more about their history. We invite you to read the information described below.


Let’s start with the AIROH brand, which was founded in 1986 by Antonio Locatelli in Bergamo, Italy. Its history began from a humble warehouse where the first motorcycle helmet models were manufactured. In principle, this company was called Locatelli in honor of its founder, however, in 1997 the name changed and became Airoh, just as it is called today. It should be noted that over time the company gained experience in the production of the best helmets until it finally began to distribute its products not only in Italy, but globally, earning the respect of each user who chose them as a brand. leader, to stay always protected.


Suomy begins its history in 1997 with the production of its first helmets, however three years later it signed an important agreement with the Ducati brand, the same one that quickly made it famous, since many riders began to use their helmets recommending them as some of the best on the market. In this way, over time they not only took on the task of manufacturing competition helmets, but also those for daily use, especially for use in the city, gaining great acceptance in the market by customers.


Who does not know the brand Ls2? This is one of the companies with the largest production of motorcycle helmets worldwide available on the market. It was founded in 1990 by Arthut Liao in China, being a very small factory that only had one worker.

In this way, four years later after its foundation, it became a recognized brand, so much so that the number of workers rose to a total of 100 of them. It should be noted that since then Ls2 not only manufactured helmets to distribute in China, but little by little began a massive distribution worldwide, offering quality products. According to the comments of many users, this company has managed to revolutionize the world of motorcycling, since it has always been in charge of using the best technology in each product, to provide the user with the level of quality and protection that they need before each use..

Due to its great progress in the market, this brand is a symbol of evolution and quality for maintaining a range of products made with the best materials, and available at very affordable prices for everyone’s pocket.


Schuberth is a German brand that was founded in 1940. It began producing special protection systems for the head, however it was in 1954 when the first helmets were released by different motorcyclists in Germany.

This brand stands out among many for offering a wide variety of products. It is also responsible for the production of helmets to cover all kinds of needs, therefore, there are special models for police officers, Formula 1 drivers, even for firefighters.

For its part, it distributes helmets to more than 55 countries around the world, being able to meet the needs of many users who need to stay properly protected every day while riding their motorcycles.


Among so many quality brands, SHARK is available, a company of French origin founded more than 25 years ago with headquarters in Marseille. It stands out for manufacturing helmets capable of providing a high level of safety. Likewise, it has factories in Portugal and Thailand, with the help of more than 600 employees duly trained to manufacture helmets that are then distributed throughout the world, in order to satisfy the needs of each client.

To mention a significant advance of this brand, it is important to highlight the fact that it was the first company to incorporate high-quality carbon fiber into the manufacture of helmets. Likewise, Shark was in charge of producing the first modular helmets with double homologation.

Dainese – AGV

We could not forget a great brand such as Dainese, a company founded in 1972 by Lino Dainese and responsible for manufacturing sportswear, as well as special protective clothing for the practice of different sports such as cycling, horse riding and motorcycling. It should be noted that in 2007 it acquired the AGV brand, one of the pioneering factories in the production of the best full-face helmets available on the market. Well, these are products that maintain a good level of aerodynamics, comfort, safety and design at the same time.


When we talk about HJC we refer to a brand recognized for the high quality that each of its products entails and that is also a sponsor of Moto GP. This same was founded in 1971 and since then it has focused on the manufacture of special motorcycle helmets to guarantee each user the appropriate level of safety to stay properly protected in the event of any incident.

The same has its headquarters in Seoul, while the manufacture of the helmets is carried out in Vietnam and South Korea. It should be noted that they produce more than a million helmets annually there, the mimes are made by hand and are distributed worldwide, since HJC has warehouses located in the United States and Europe.

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