The 7 Best MTB Bikes of 2022

MTB Bicycle – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Cycling has different modalities and can be enjoyed either recreationally or competitively. In the case of mountain or country routes, it will be necessary to have an MTB bike that has the size and speeds necessary to travel the most complex roads. In the case of the NCM Moscow model, it is an electric bicycle equipped with 250 watts of power to increase strength and achieve a maximum assisted speed of 25 km/h. If you want a classic model, you could consider the Moma Bikes Mtb29 Peak XL with an aluminum frame, Shimano 27 speed gears and a light weight to gain speed.

The 7 Best MTB Bikes – Opinions 2022

Enjoying pedaling in the mountains is an activity that serves to relax, exercise and at the same time to get some fresh air. However, to ensure strength on the slopes, you must have a mountain bike. As MTB is one of the most frequent modalities, many models have appeared, but not all of them are suitable. So you can review our list with 7 of the best MTB bikes on the market.

MTB electric bike

1. NCM Moscow Electric Mountain Bike 250W

There are those who want to acquire the best MTB bike and, although there are many models available, this NCM alternative meets high standards, so it would be appropriate for you to know its most relevant characteristics.

It is an electric MTB bike that is equipped with a 250-watt rear-wheel drive motor, which allows more torque to increase power and ensure a maximum assisted speed of 25 km/h.

Likewise, its construction is robust but light, made with an aluminum alloy frame and fork, with components that have been tested and that provide better performance during pedalling, as well as disc brakes and 21 speeds.

In addition, this proposal is technological and within its structure there is a screen where you can see some indicators of the activity and from which it is possible to regulate the power of the motor and the battery, with six levels of assistance.

This option has been rated as the possible best MTB bike of the moment, so its pros and cons will help you analyze its quality.


Construction: Its construction is resistant, made with an aluminum alloy frame and fork and precise brakes.

Design: It is available in two colors, black and white, with blue details and a mountain style.

Battery: It has a removable 48-volt lithium battery, which provides autonomy for 120 km of assisted pedaling.

Port: It has a USB port from where it is possible to charge other devices.


Sound: After a while of use, annoying sounds may begin to be generated during pedaling.

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2. Macwheel 27.5″/28″ Electric Bicycle

Those interested in acquiring an MTB electric bicycle can consider this model for its adequate performance, since it has an aluminum alloy frame, as well as a lightweight chassis that allows continuous pedaling on complex roads.

It has been equipped with state-of-the-art components, with Shimano gears, disc brakes and Kenda tires. In addition, being electric, it has a 250-watt brushless motor that provides a speed in assisted mode of about 29 km/h and has a 36-volt battery, for an estimated range of between 40 and 50 km. Its charge is complete after 6 – 8 hours of connection, a suitable period.

It is also equipped with five electric driving modes and a 7-speed transmission system, as well as a fork transmission. Its design is modern, black, with an adjustable and ergonomic saddle. For this reason, it appears as one of the best MTB bicycles of 2022.

This model has additional properties that will help you understand why Macwheel could be the best MTB bike brand.


Modes: It has 5 driving modes and a transmission system with a suspension fork and 7 speeds.

Performance: Ensures adequate performance due to its aluminum chassis, disc brakes and adherent wheels.

Motor: Its electrical function is generated by a powerful 250-watt motor and a 36 V battery, with autonomy for 50 km in assisted mode.

Design: It has a unisex sports design available in black, with an adjustable and ergonomic saddle.


Assembly: Comes half assembled and may require considerable time to assemble.

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MTB bike 29

3. Moma Bikes Mtb29 Peak XL Mountain Bike

In the mountain mode, several brands compete to position themselves as the favorite of users and this 29-inch MTB bike from Moma Bikes is one of them, because it is built with an aluminum frame, so it is light, gains great speed on the descents and has been equipped with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes that ensure precision.

Due to these attributes, as well as its 27-speed Shimano gearing system, together with a front fork with a suspension lockout and actuators of the same type, the model may be the right answer to those who are wondering which is the best MTB bike on the market.

In addition, it has a sporty, unisex-adult style design that is available in a professional fluorescent finish and is available in sizes M, L and XL, to select according to the person’s height. Being off-road, all mountain areas can be covered.

Suggesting which MTB bike to buy is bold, but the analysis of the pros and cons of this model could be useful in making a decision.


Size and fit: It is available in three sizes, each of them adjustable in height according to the user.

Design: It has a sporty design, with an ergonomic saddle and soft handlebars, available in fluorine colour.

Construction: Its construction consists of Shimano components that provide better performance.

Speeds: It is off-road and is equipped with a 27-speed gear system.


Brakes: After a period of use, your brakes could lose precision and your driving could present constant vibrations.

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Women’s MTB Bike

4. Gotty CRS Women’s MTB Mountain Bike

Within its extensive catalog, the manufacturer Gotty presents an MTB bike for women that stands out for its feminine design, but bold and with good performance to overcome difficult sections on mountain routes, since it has been equipped with a 21 gearbox. speeds, which will make pedaling easier.

In addition, this is a nationally manufactured model, in which all the details have been taken care of, so that its design is elegant, with an ergonomic and adjustable saddle, as well as a frame made of aluminum, so it is light, with a structure painted purple with some white details.

For added strength on mountain trails, this offering has been enabled with a Shimano gearing system. Among its additional properties, it has controls of the same EF-51 type, disc brakes, double-walled tires and aluminum connecting rods that enhance the general operation.

If you want to know more about this model, then you should pay attention to its pros and cons.


Construction: The bicycle has a construction designed for better performance in the mountains, with an aluminum frame.

Speeds: Being an off-road model, it includes a Shimano system with 21 speeds.

Brakes: This Spanish-made bike has precise front and rear disc brakes.

Design: It is 26 inches and has a feminine design, available in purple.


Assembly: The bike comes from the factory partially assembled, so it is necessary to finish the assembly to use it.

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MTB 27.5 bike

5. AFX Mixed MTB Bike 27.5″ Lyon

Designed to pedal on complex mountain routes, this model from the manufacturer AFX is one of the most recommended for those who want to buy a 27.5 MTB bike, because it is equipped with a front suspension that absorbs shocks on irregular sections.

Due to its characteristics, it is a mixed alternative that has a unisex design for adults and adolescents, available in light blue, with a height-adjustable saddle and a soft and ergonomic handlebar that improves driving.

Several of its components are Shimano, including the derailleur, the gear lever, its disc brakes and the integrated 7-speed gear system, which allows you to change the force according to the type of terrain for more controlled pedaling.

In addition, it has an aluminum MTB frame, so it is low in weight and provides greater speed on descents, without reducing stability. Its assembly is simple.

Before selecting this model, it would be convenient for you to review its pros and cons.


Speeds: For greater control and strength in the sections, it has a box with 7 speeds.

Frame: It has a frame made of aluminum, so it is resistant, but light.

Components: This bike has a front suspension that cushions pedaling, as well as Shimano components that provide better performance.

Design: It has a unisex design that is available in light blue, with a youthful style and 27.5″ double-wall tires.


Front wheel: The front wheel may be a little out of adjustment, which would generate vibrations during pedaling.

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mtb bike 26

6. MuGuang 26 Inch 21 Speed ​​MTB Bike

A gear system made up of 21 speeds is part of the attributes that lead this 26-inch MTB bicycle model from the manufacturer MuGuang to appear as one of the most sought after, due to its good performance and off-road properties.

The model is made with a steel frame and a high percentage of carbon, so it is durable, but at the same time light and will not lose speed during the sections of the route. It is also equipped with rubber tires that adhere to surfaces and precise brakes that provide a safe ride.

Its design is unisex for adults, because it integrates different colors and has a height-adjustable seat, which is also comfortable, since it incorporates soft foam to avoid discomfort. Due to the properties of its structure, this bicycle has a capacity of about 150 kilos and must be assembled to be able to use it.

Knowing the pros and cons of this alternative could be a convenient way to make a purchase decision.


Structure: It has a structure that has been made of steel and carbon, so it is resistant.

Capacity: Thanks to its construction, it has a capacity of about 150 kilos.

Design: Its design is unisex for adults, since it is 26 inches, with details in black, green, red and yellow.

Saddle: The bicycle incorporates a height-adjustable saddle with soft properties, which makes it comfortable to ride.


Assembly: Although many models come half-assembled, this one does not include instructions.

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24 inch MTB bike

7. AFX Junior MTB Bike 24″

Another option that you can analyze as part of your alternatives is this 24-inch MTB bike from the manufacturer AFK, because it has a structure with quality Shimano components, as well as a front suspension that cushions falls on uneven terrain for a more comfortable ride and safe.

The model has been manufactured with a steel frame, so it is resistant, but its construction is light, so it is used to travel slopes at speed. Thanks to the fact that it is equipped with V-brake type aluminum brakes, stopping will be precise and progressive.

It has a modern and sporty design, with matte finish paint, available in blue or gray. Thanks to the reduction in its manufacturing costs, it is positioned as the best value for money MTB bike, being one of the cheapest ones and it has a 7-speed sprocket, as well as a front shock absorber.

This MTB bike stands out among the cheapest, but you could corroborate its performance by knowing its pros and cons.


Components: The vast majority of the components of this model are Shimano and of adequate quality.

Speeds: The model has been equipped with 7 speeds to improve pedaling on complex routes.

Suspension: In order to reduce impacts, it has been equipped with a front suspension that cushions in irregular sections.

Construction: It has a steel frame construction for a sporty and eventually unisex design.


Assembly: Does not include accessories, such as a key, to help complete the assembly in a satisfactory manner.

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MTB bike accessories

MTB bike grips

BV Bicycle Handle Bars

To make the handlebar more comfortable, you can use MTB bike grips and this model from the manufacturer BV has a suitable construction, which allows it to fit any proposal, because its size is standard.

Its design is based on a pattern inspired by mesh, so that it ensures a better grip to provide stability and adherence, even if the hands are sweaty.

This is because it has been made of TPR material, capable of cushioning shocks and reducing stress, so that driving becomes easier.

It is easy to install and is available in 4 colors.

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MTB bike saddle

Asvert Antiprostatic Bicycle Saddle

If you want an MTB bicycle saddle in order to replace the original one and make the riding experience more comfortable, then you could be interested in this model presented by the manufacturer Asvert, since its properties are special to reduce fatigue, with dimensions 27 by 14 cm.

It has an anti-prostatic design that reduces cramps and ensures perspiration in the area, so there is no discomfort from sweat.

In addition, its construction is ergonomic and resistant, with gel and carbon steel support.

It can be easily adjusted and the material is washable as well as waterproof.

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MTB bike pedals

ProHomer Bicycle Pedals

Having MTB bike pedals is a way to ensure better foot grip and with this ProHomer model you also get a durable proposal, with non-slip sealing and waterproof properties, so that there is greater stability and safety when pedaling.

Due to their 9/16 shaft diameter dimensions, they are suitable for mountain and trekking bike models.

They are made of aluminum and are resistant to corrosion.

In addition, these pedals weigh only 185 grams, but are able to withstand force with a low degree of friction, saving 30% in physical effort.

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MTB bike handlebar

Wake Mountain Bike Handlebar

Available in the colors: red, blue, black and yellow, this MTB bicycle handlebar from the manufacturer Wake Mountain is one of the most recommended, since it is stable and large, which provides greater control when pedaling on complex sections.

The handlebar is made of aluminum alloy, hence it is resistant and light, weighing 483 grams. Likewise, its structure is ergonomic, with a size of 31.8 cm.

In addition, it is shockproof and provides greater support due to its anti-slip properties.

It is compatible with most models of mountain bikes.

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MTB bike frame

Mosso MTB 2932TB Frame

Mosso is a brand of cycling accessories that has been identified for being of quality and presenting proposals that stand out for their adequate performance.

Among the number of alternatives in its catalog, it has an MTB bicycle frame that serves to replace the original because it has been made of aluminum resistant to corrosion and rust.

Due to its dimensions, it is 29 inches, weighs 1.91 kg and has disc brake support, machined dropouts and a design with friction-resistant paint, all developed with the aim of offering the user a better riding experience. driving.

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Shopping guide

Having an MTB bike is almost an absolute guarantee that you will be able to travel different sections of the mountain route with a better driving experience. But this is only possible if you select a model that has the attributes of quality, stability and security. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best MTB bike on the market.


The cost of a product is usually a characteristic that will define the purchase, because it may or may not fit the proposed budget. So, if you are wondering how much an MTB bike costs, then the first thing you should be clear about is the type of performance you are looking for because, accordingly, its price can increase exponentially.

On the one hand, we can find traditional MTB bicycles that are made up of their structure, parts, and tires. These move by the pedaling force that the user applies during the ride. The cost of these models goes up or down according to the brand, manufacturing materials, components, among other variants that may include design and capacity, but their prices usually have an average.

On the other hand, there are models of electric MTB bicycles, which work with a motor of different power and with a battery. These proposals are far from the conventional cost, because they incorporate a more advanced operating system, with additional components. In this category, you can find bicycles with brushless motors of 250, 350 or more W, which provide the assisted pedaling force and which, depending on the battery, can travel distances with an autonomy of between 50 and 100 km or more on a single charge. In addition, they can reach an average speed of between 25 and 30 km/h, with attributes such as indicative screens, USB ports and more.


Before making a hasty purchase, the most recommended thing is to establish a comparison of MTB bicycles in which the construction is considered, as well as the materials that the manufacturer incorporated in the elaboration of its structure, since this will give an estimate of its durability and quality.

In this sense, most models are made with a metal structure, which can be made of steel or aluminum alloy. Similarly, there are also some alternatives that have carbon frames.

According to the brand, each of these materials has been delicately worked to be part of the structure and provide driving improvements, with welds and finishes that provide greater safety, stability and durability.

The most common models are aluminum. These proposals have lower prices and light structures, which serve to gain speed on the descents. However, the steel ones are not far behind. While they may be heavier, their level of strength and stability are also much higher, with a low incidence of corrosion.


A good and economical MTB bike will be one in which different elements are integrated that provide a better pedaling experience and performance on mountain routes, with an affordable price and without deteriorating its parts. Although it seems somewhat complex to find in a single proposal, the truth is that there are several brands that offer high-end attributes, by including quality components in their models, just as there are other manufacturers that do not pay much attention to components.

In fact, there are many houses that incorporate Shimano components in parts such as shift levers, derailleurs, among others, because they provide durability and adequate performance.

Similarly, it is important to analyze the precision of the brakes, whether they are hydraulic, disc, V, the type of shock absorber suspension, tire grip, among other aspects, such as the ergonomics of the saddle and handlebars.

speeds and design

MTB bicycles have the particularity that they are usually equipped with a gearbox or speeds, which allow them to travel, in a better way or with greater power in the wheels, the complex and irregular sections that characterize mountain routes.

For this reason, it will be common to find changes with 3 or 7 speeds in the simplest proposals, as well as changes between 21 and 27 speeds in other more specialized alternatives. Similarly, in these bicycles it is possible to select the size and design according to the height and taste of the user. So there are models for youth, adults, men, women and unisex.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a MTB bike?

To use an MTB bike, the first thing to do is to assemble all the parts and adjust the handlebar and saddle according to height. To continue, it is necessary to wear sports clothing and use MTB cycling shoes in order to avoid foot slippage on the pedal.

The use of speeds and brakes must be applied according to the section traveled. As the name suggests, this type of bike can be used in hilly or sloping areas. The pedaling must be constant, depending on the conditions of the terrain where it is traveled, taking into account that in rocky areas more pressure must be exerted on the pedal.

Q2: How to clean a MTB bike?

The cleaning of an MTB bicycle usually varies according to its type of operation, since, if it is an electric model, then more care must be taken with the mechanics, the motor and the battery.

In the case of a traditional proposal, the first thing will be to remove the mud from the structure with the help of a damp cloth. Then, non-corrosive soap can be applied with a soft sponge and, when finished, rinse with water.

There are those who suggest applying pressurized water. However, if the force is intense, it could affect the enamel of the paint. In any case, when finished, it should be dried with a dry cloth and, if you have the possibility, the structure should be polished.

Q3: How to install a MTB bike handlebar?

To do this installation, you must have the indicated tools, such as a torque wrench and a ruler. The first thing is to check the tightening torque on the handlebar, so that the key must be of the compatible size. Depending on the model, the number of screws to be used changes.

The handlebar must be inserted from the side and then adjusted. With the meter it will be necessary to confirm that the piece has been centered and, if so, with the torque wrench it will be necessary to exert pressure so that the piece remains in its place.

Q4: How to use the MTB bike gears?

The changes in speeds is what will allow pedaling in different sections such as hills, starting and accelerating with better performance and having the same cadence, regardless of the road conditions, in order to extend the life of the chain and reduce the impact on the knees.

These changes usually appear in the form of derailleurs meshing the chain on the chainrings and sprockets. To use or apply a speed, you must have control of the tension through the controls, which can be in the form of levers or in the fist. In any case, they will be on the handlebars and must be activated according to the needs of the route.

Q5: How to change the fork of a MTB bike?

To do this, it is necessary to take into account some considerations such as the diameter of the tube, the suspension system (whether it is spring or air), the height and standard of the axle, as well as the lock, the size of the wheel and the brake anchor. Once these steps are completed, it is only necessary to remove the fork with the help of some tools and place the new fork.

Q6: How to lubricate a MTB bike?

For the lubrication of an MTB bicycle, the chain must be greased, but there are different products that fulfill this task. The easiest way is to add chain lubricating oil. In this way, the transmission will be lubricated and pedaling will be easier. Also, chain wax can be used. Either way, this piece will need to be dry for it to adhere to the drivetrain.

Q7: How to assemble a MTB bike?

This process may vary according to the bike model. However, the vast majority of the proposals include an illustrative assembly manual, with some steps to follow that will lead to the correct installation. Similarly, the vast majority of alternatives incorporate the keys and pieces for assembly, so it is only necessary to follow the instructions and attach the components to the structure. In some cases it will be necessary to exert pressure, as well as adjust heights so that they are consistent with the person who will use the bicycle.

Q8: What is my MTB bike size?

Depending on the model and the brand, the bicycle can have a generic size, in centimeters or inches. To know the approximate size, you must know the height of the crotch. To do this, you need to be barefoot with your legs straight and make the measurement between the floor and the groin. This amount obtained must be multiplied by 0.21 for mountain bikes.

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