The 8 Best 20-Inch Bikes of 2022

20-inch bike – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Walking, training, having fun and learning a sport are some of the benefits of having a bicycle from a young age. With these devices you can train, strengthen your legs and burn energy, so there are small sizes ideal for children. Although there are many models, two are favorites for their adequate performance and quality. Bikestar Infantil is a 20-inch bike for girls made of metal, with a steel frame and light steering, with adjustable handlebars. Another favorable model is the 20-inch MuGuang, a six-speed mountain bike designed for children ages 7 to 12.

The 8 Best 20-Inch Bikes – Opinions 2022

Bicycles are recommended for children and young people because they help channel their energy towards a healthy and functional sports life. To make the search for one of these teams easier, you can take a look at the most notable characteristics of those that have been considered by users among the 8 best bicycles of 2022.

20-inch girl’s bike

1. Bikestar Children’s Bicycle for boys and girls

With an attractive cost, this model is positioned as the best value for money 20-inch bike, since it is one of the cheapest on the market and in our selection, but it is also light and resistant.

It is a 20-inch girl’s bicycle, which has been designed with an aluminum body, so it is light, but it has precision in each of its parts, as well as careful manufacturing details, which comply with the legal rules, so it’s safe.

In addition, its handlebar and saddle are ergonomic and adjustable, both in height and in inclination, so it can start to be used from the age of 6 and extend its use until 13. Although a large part of its structure is made of aluminium, its The frame is made of steel and, in general, it offers a smooth and free ride, with precise pedals and brakes that respond immediately.

Although this is one of the cheapest alternatives, its quality is also outstanding. You can check it by reading its pros and cons.


Manufacturing: Its metal manufacturing is robust and meets high standards, as well as legal regulations.

Design: Its design is childish and feminine, with delicate touches in pink and blue.

Weight: This alternative has a steel frame, but its weight is light, which makes it easy to handle.

Adjustment: It is designed for girls 6 years and older, because the height of the handlebar and the saddle are adjustable.


Brake: The front wheel brake can be a bit stiff, but as time goes on it begins to give way.

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2. Dino Bikes Aurelia Smarty Girl Bike

Recommended for girls between the ages of 8 and 10, this model from the manufacturer Dino Bikes appears repeatedly in all the lists of the best 20-inch bicycles of 2022, due to its adequate performance.

The bicycle has a refined and feminine touring design in predominantly bright pink, with some white details, as well as incorporating a small basket on the front. Therefore, it is a unique and delicate proposal.

Its frame and fork are from Hi Teen, while its aluminum brakes are precise, as are its wheels. The weight of this 20-inch girl’s bike is about 15.6 kilograms, so it’s light and handy to enjoy wind and speed. In addition, it has an ergonomic saddle, as well as a firm and soft-touch handlebar. Both elements are adjustable in height.

DinoBikes is a manufacturer vying to be the best 20-inch bike brand. Learn more about this model.


Materials: The Italian construction of this bike makes it resistant, since it was made with metal and careful details.

Adjustment: It is adjustable in height, so that it can be adjusted as the girl grows.

Brakes: It has precise V brakes, with a quick response, making it a safe system.

Weight: Its weight is light, only 15.6 kilos, making it a fast and easy bike to load when required.


Pedals: Your pedals do not have an adjustment and protection system such as toe clips, which help maintain stability.

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20 inch boy’s bike

3. MuGuang Mountain Bike 20 Inch

Stability and safety are some of the attributes that should be present in what could be the best 20-inch bike on the market, and both are part of this model, making it a recommended alternative.

MuGuang’s 20-inch children’s bike is from mountain properties and is equipped with six drive speeds. According to what is indicated by its manufacturer, it is suitable for children between 7 and 12 years old, because, although its weight is only 18.5 kilos, it has a much higher load capacity, up to 90 kilos.

In addition, it has an ergonomic and height-adjustable saddle and, among its accessories, the model is equipped with front and rear mudguards, to protect against mud splashes. It also has a modern design that provides stability, thanks to its thick wheels, with cushioning and safety while driving.

This model can become the best 20-inch bike of the moment, hence its positive and negative aspects must be considered.


Capacity: Although its weight is light, it has a load capacity of up to 90 kilos.

Design: Its design is modern, made with a structure of stable green and white tubes.

Accessories: Includes a pair of fenders, both front and rear, and bottle holder, accessories that improve use.

Stability: Its thick wheels and resistant construction, together with the ergonomic saddle, provide driving stability.


Assembly: The bike comes partially assembled and completing the assembly can be cumbersome for some people.

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4. Moma Bikes Children’s Bicycle, Mountain GTT20″

If you are looking for a 20-inch bicycle for children, this model may meet your expectations, because it is from a recognized brand, which has years of experience in the market and has incorporated the latest technological developments, so the velocipede is light, but with high capacity.

The Moma Bikes bicycle is made with an aluminum frame and Shimano TZ-50 gears, with 6 different speeds to enhance performance on any terrain. Similarly, it has a Shimano drive and pinion, as well as aluminum brake levers, making it resistant and suitable for safe driving, because it has an integrated headset.

Its design is classic, with a professional matte red finish and it has been created for children with heights between 1.20 and 1.35 meters, due to its adjustable saddle. In addition, it is capable of supporting a weight of approximately 60 kilos.

This model is among the most recommended, but to know if it is favorable, it is worth considering its pros and cons.


Capacity: Despite being a lightweight model of 11 kilos, it has a capacity of about 60 kilos.

Design: It has a unisex children’s design, with a professional finish in matte red.

Speeds: It is a mountain type bicycle, so it has a Shimano gear with 6 speeds.

Construction: Its construction is robust, made from aluminum, with quality components.


Toe clips: Being a children’s model, toe clips are missing for a better grip on the pedal.

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20 inch aluminum bike

5. Bikesport Folding Folding bike 20″ wheels

Equipped with a 6-speed gearbox, this model from the manufacturer BikeSport is one of the highest performing 20-inch aluminum bikes, making it a practical alternative for commuting around town.

The frame of this model is made of rigid steel, but it has folding properties, which facilitates its portability, since the mechanism is activated in just seconds. In addition, it has a speed system that provides greater traction and better driving. Likewise, its braking system is precise through V-brake brakes that are reliable, while it has aluminum rings for greater safety.

Its design is modern and its manufacturer has included technological improvements that cover both the mechanical part and the appearance of the bicycle, since the colors black and orange are combined, for a professional finish that is resistant to various weather conditions.

You may have been interested in this model, so reviewing its positive and negative aspects will be the next step that you must complete.


Type: It is a folding mountain type bike, suitable for city rides, thanks to its 6 speeds.

Design: Its design is modern, with rim 20 wheels, trunk support and black coating paint.

Finishes: It has delicate and careful finishes, with controlled production throughout the assembly.

Robustness: Its manufacture was carried out with resistant materials such as aluminum and high quality steel.


Saddle: The saddle could eventually lack ergonomics and be heavy while riding.

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6. Samebike Remote Control Electric Bike, 20-Inch

The manufacturer Samebike presents this 20-inch aluminum bicycle model for the consideration of users, which has technological and innovative properties, including among its features a remote control to control the unit.

This alternative is foldable and portable and has been equipped with a 48 V lithium battery and a 350 watt motor, which is capable of reaching a speed of up to 40 km in electric mode and 70 km in moped mode.

In addition, the model includes an ergonomic saddle, and both this element and the handlebar are adjustable in height, so that the bike can be used by different people, both children and adults.

Similarly, it is equipped with a front LED light for better lighting at night, which provides safer driving. Also, its casing made of aluminum is light, but can support a weight of up to 120 kilos.

By knowing the pros and cons of this option, you can determine if it is what you are looking for in a 20-inch bike.


Type: It is a modern and resistant bicycle of folding type, with remote control and electric properties.

Casing: Its construction is precise, being made with an aluminum casing, but capable of withstanding 120 kilos of load.

Motor: It is equipped with a 350 V motor and a lithium battery that provide an average of 40 km/h.

Adjustment: According to the height of the person, the saddle and handlebar can be adjusted to make driving more comfortable.


Instructions: Includes an instruction manual that is only available in English, which may interfere with its understanding.

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20 inch folding bike

7. FabricBike Folding Aluminum Frame Folding Bicycle

This 20-inch folding bike performs well for kids and teens alike, because its design is classic, with hints of vintage styling, but with all the innovations of today’s gear.

When asking what is the best 20-inch bike, this option always appears among the answers. This is because it has a folding frame made of aluminum, making it light and easy to transport, as well as store in any space, which makes it suitable for moving around in the urban environment.

Its 20-inch wheels provide adequate acceleration, while it includes Promax aluminum brakes, capable of precise and progressive braking. Its overall design has been well thought out and includes an ergonomic saddle and handle that improve riding time. According to the height of the person, the saddle and handlebar can be adjusted. Although its weight is one of the lightest, the bike has a load limit of 95 kilos.

Given that you have the recommendation of a group of buyers when researching which 20-inch bike to buy, it is worth reviewing the most important aspects about the model, below.


Design: It has a classic design with vintage touches, which is available in various colors and with professional finishes.

Load: Despite being light, its load capacity is 95 kilos, so it is high.

Frame: Its structure is described as robust, as it is made with an aluminum frame and comfortable components.

Folding: Its folding system is activated in a matter of minutes and allows you to carry the bike in your hand when you cannot pedal.


Adjustment: Although the saddle and handlebars are adjustable, their frequent movement could damage the paint when going up and down.

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20 inch children’s bike

8. Kawasaki Nijumo 20 Inch Kids Bike KBX

Constantly mentioned as one of the best alternatives that can be found on the market today, this 20-inch children’s bicycle from the manufacturer Kawasaki has an aggressive green design, with black details and the incorporation of fenders in the front and rear, that prevent splashes.

Its driving is smooth and safe, thanks to the fact that it is made with high quality materials and a delicate construction, in which every detail has been taken care of, by incorporating thick tires, which provide greater stability and precise V brakes, to reduce speed.

In addition, the model has reflectors that can be noticed at night, while it has a steel frame and chain guard. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, it is suitable for children with heights from 105 to 135 cm and supports a maximum weight of 100 kilos, so it is resistant.

Before selecting this alternative, you can take a look at its main pros and cons.


Capacity: Despite being a light bike, its load capacity is positioned at 100 kilos and it is adjustable in height.

Design: It has a modern design, which is available in black and green, and includes fenders.

Manufacturing: The manufacturing allowed the bike to have a sturdy and strong steel frame.

Driving: Its driving is safe because it has a comfortable saddle, reflectors and wide wheels.


Basket: A basket is missing to carry some objects in the front part of the bicycle.

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20 inch bike accessories

20 inch bike wheels

Vandorm VTP1110RED

After several tours it may be necessary to change the tires, since they are not exempt from wear, so if you want to buy 20-inch wheels for a bicycle, this Vandorm model is one of the most favorable on the market, because it is designed for BMX mode.

In addition, with this alternative you can give a different touch to the bicycle, because it is available in four colors: green, red, orange and white.

The wheels also inflate to 2.7 bar and have a stepped rim, which improves grip through a dot and block pattern for added versatility.

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20 inch bike tires

Michelin City J MIC-973709

The world-renowned Michelin brand has presented these 20-inch bicycle tires to the market, which stand out among the best and favorites of users, for having traction that improves grip, through a pattern adapted to the demands of the city, so which provides adequate security.

In addition, they have a rigid rim and their weight is 530 grams, with TPI 22.

Its design is classic in style, convenient for walking, so it is available in black, with a white interior and the labeling that identifies the manufacturer. Its recommended pressure is 2.0 to 4.0 bar.

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Shopping guide

The 20-inch bicycles are practical examples for touring the city and enjoying pedaling in different spaces. In general, they are recommended alternatives for children and young people. So, if you want to buy one of these, you need to know some features that, after analyzing them, will be useful to make an efficient purchase. For this reason, you can read the following guide to buy the best 20-inch bicycle on the market, in which we explain the main attributes to consider.


A convenient way to get an idea of ​​how much a 20-inch bicycle costs is by analyzing its construction, the materials with which its structure has been made, and the finishes that its manufacturer has added to it. In this way, the higher prices tend to respond to better constructions and high-performance materials, which increase the useful life and maximize safety.

The market for 20-inch bicycles is varied, which is why you can find structures made of aluminum, as well as steel frames. Each has its advantages in terms of weight, power and durability. Aluminum models are usually cheaper and lighter, while steel models can be heavier.

However, beyond the raw materials used, it is about the manufacturing process, the technological developments to work with the materials and their finishes, as well as the joints and the rest of the components that allow the movement of the bicycle.

Therefore, it is recommended to select manufacturers that have experience in this segment and that have the approval of the user community. In addition, its technical aspects must be reviewed, as well as the construction materials of the tubes, the structure and other parts.

Another recommendation is to take a look at the finishes and paint coating that the bicycle model has. While this may seem cosmetic and superficial, the quality of the paint coat used can prevent deterioration in various weather conditions.

weight and capacity

If you want to establish a comparison of 20-inch bicycles to execute the purchase, the most favorable thing would be for you to know the weight of the model and the load capacity that the manufacturer announces, since both properties are necessary for the analysis of the alternative to be full.

20-inch bikes tend to be recommended for kids and teens because of their size. The most common is that their weight does not exceed 20 kilos, but their load capacity is much higher.

Knowing its load capacity, it will be possible to determine if it is favorable or not for the child or for the situation that is planned. Therefore, you should know that the lower its weight, the higher its speed and, although it may seem that these are unstable, their finishes and constructions provide a high level of safety. For this reason, you will be able to find proposals with a capacity for 60 kilos, 90 kilos and even more than 100.

Type and modality

For those looking for a good, affordable bike, there are a wide range of alternatives and brands available. However, beyond its cost, it would be necessary to study the type of bicycle or the modality for which it has been created, in order to determine if it is suitable for the requirements.

There are different types of bicycles, from those that have ride designs, practical for touring urban areas, to those of mountain modalities, which are recommended for more complex routes, since they are usually equipped with various speeds or gears.

Similarly, there are proposals that are folding style. This means that their size can be reduced and it is easier to store or carry them, in case they cannot pedal. Likewise, there are also electric alternatives. These options work with a motor and battery, they have assisted pedaling and, according to their motor, their speed varies.

Fit and ergonomics

When evaluating a 20-inch bicycle purchase option, it is necessary to analyze the ergonomics of the model and the height adjustment. The first feature affects comfort while driving, as well as the cushioning offered by the saddle and handlebars. The second attribute supposes the possibility of adapting the height of the bicycle according to the person who is going to use it.

For this reason, some proposals are recommended for children from 7 to 13 years old, because both the saddle and the handlebar can be adjusted in height, which allows extended use of the model. Similarly, there are bicycles that are equipped with additional accessories such as a basket, mudguards and even a bottle holder, which provides a more complete user experience.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a 20-inch bike?

The vast majority of models come from the factory partially assembled, so in order to use them, it is necessary to complete the assembly. All items and instructions to complete the process are usually included.

Once the bike is assembled, the height adjustment of the handlebar and saddle must be set. Afterwards, it is necessary to wear sports clothes and shoes, take the bicycle out to the street and get on it to enjoy pedaling in different areas.

Q2: What is the recommended age to ride a 20-inch bike?

This will depend on the model and brand of the bike. However, the vast majority of alternatives are recommended, due to their dimensions, for children from 6 or 7 years old (depending on height).

In addition, there are many proposals that can adjust the height of the handlebar and saddle, so that their use can last for years, since, as the child grows, the height can be adapted, so that the bicycle continues to be appropriate. The vast majority of models are suitable for heights between 1.20 meters and 1.50 meters.

Q3: How to assemble a 20 inch bike?

20-inch bikes and all other sizes are shipped from the factory half-assembled, requiring the user to complete the assembly at home. For this reason, many models include an assembly kit to complete the process. They also tend to include an instruction manual, with the basic guide that will help you assemble all the parts.

In general, this process is simple and does not take much time. This is because only the handlebars, pedals, and a few other parts will need to be attached. It is important to use the included tool kit, because it is adapted to the size of the pieces. Similarly, each part must be well adjusted to avoid accidents.

Q4: How much weight can a 20-inch bike support?

The weight that a 20-inch bicycle supports varies according to the brand, the model and the manufacturing materials, as well as the process of joining the parts and their quality. Some alternatives have a capacity for 60 kilos.

In addition, certain options with higher quality in their manufacture, with steel or aluminum frames, have the capacity to support weights between 90 and 120 kilos. However, before putting this weight on it, it is recommended that this property be checked in the model to be selected.

Q5: What maintenance does a 20-inch bike require?

These types of bicycles require the same maintenance as the other larger proposals, which implies cleaning the transmission after pedaling. For this, the use of a degreaser and a brush to rub the parts is recommended. In addition, it is suggested to apply cold water to remove impurities and mud. A recurring advice is to avoid the use of abrasives, in order to reduce the effect of deterioration, so you can use dishwashing liquid on a soft sponge. This will reduce the chances of chipping off the polish.

In addition, part of the maintenance involves cleaning the chain, suspension and brakes, to ensure safety while driving. No less important are the wheels, which must be cleaned with water to remove all traces of impurities.

Q6: How to fold a 20 inch folding bike?

The way to fold a 20-inch bicycle varies according to the model and the brand, since each one has its own system. On some models, the rear wheel will need to be folded in towards the center of the frame and the frame will need to be folded in the area closest to the front wheel.

In this case, the handlebar is removed separately and is not part of the folding. On other models, the frame needs to be folded in half. Similarly, there are some folding options that involve removing one of the wheels, then folding the frame. Therefore, since there are so many shapes, it is necessary to read the instructions and complete the folding steps.

Q7: Which is better: a 20-inch electric bike or a conventional one?

Both models have favorable and optimized performance, practical for pedalling. Although in essence it is the same, because they are bicycles, the conventional ones may be less dependent, since they only require the strength of the person and the pedaling to generate displacement, in addition to the fact that their cost is lower.

In the case of the electric ones, they work with a motor that generates the force, as well as with a battery that provides the power for assisted pedaling. Therefore, their cost is higher, but they can be convenient for those looking for innovative and efficient alternatives.

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