The 8 Best 24-Inch Bikes of 2022

24-inch bike – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The bicycle is a very common means of transport throughout the world, whether used for training or as a hobby, because it makes moving from one place to another faster and more comfortable. For that reason, if you are looking for a children’s bike, we recommend the Bikestar Cruiser bicycle, which has a design suitable for children from 10 years old. Its handlebar and saddle can be adjusted in height so that children are more comfortable. On the other hand, there is the Bikestar Lila model, which is very useful for girls, because it has a light and stable design that provides greater security to the little ones in the house. In addition, it has mudguards on both wheels, to avoid splashes.

The 8 Best 24 Inch Bikes – Opinions 2022

To choose a high-quality product, it is best to compare the different options on the market today. Therefore, to make your choice easier, we have prepared several reviews for you with the best 24-inch bikes of 2022.

24 inch boy’s bike

1. Bikestar Bicycle for boys and girls

This could be the best value for money 24-inch bike for kids as, as well as being one of the cheapest, it also offers comfort and safety for the child. It has a good quality brake that the little one can use when he wants to slow down or come to a complete stop anywhere. Also, the design of the frame is made of resistant steel, so it will withstand the various bumps or scratches that children often give it.

On the other hand, this 24-inch children’s bike has a modern axle, without those common bearings that make pedaling harder for the little one. Similarly, it has a height-adjustable and padded saddle, so that the child can ride the bike for a long time without bothering his buttocks. Even the saddle can be adjusted in terms of its inclination, being even more ergonomic.

If you want to know which 24-inch bike to buy for your child, this model could be the one, so read its most important pros and cons below.


Safety: It is a stable bicycle with a ring brake for greater safety when driving.

Comfort: The saddle and handlebar can be adjusted according to the height of the child, providing greater ergonomics.

Grips: It has quality grips, which are very comfortable and safe for the little one’s hands.


Speeds: Some system to change speeds is missing, which would help the child to make less effort on the slopes.

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2. Bikestar children’s bicycle for boys and girls from 10 years

The Bikestar 24-inch bicycle is made of aluminum parts, making it particularly light and, thanks to its high-precision finishes, it offers great stability, a necessary aspect in the case of children’s bicycles. For this reason, it offers greater security when mounting it.

The handlebar and the saddle are adjustable in height and inclination, so children will be able to use it for longer, since they will have the option of adjusting the height of both pieces as they grow. Both the saddle and the handlebars are ergonomic and designed so that children adopt the most correct position when riding.

All the pieces are specially designed for the little ones. In this sense, the direction is smooth, to guarantee the best driving and, in the case of the V-brakes, they are stable and without bumps, so they provide great grip.


Materials: All materials used are top quality and have chemical certification, so they are non-toxic.

Design: The design is intended to make the bike comfortable and suitable for children and adolescents.

Adaptable: The saddle and the handlebar have a wide possibility of adaptation, so the height of both pieces can be increased as the child grows.


Brakes: It is recommended to check the brake system frequently, since it can become out of adjustment with use.

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24-inch girl’s bike

3. Bikestar Bicycle for girls from 10 years

If you don’t know which is the best 24-inch bicycle for girls, you may find the answer in this model, since it has a steel frame that is very resistant to shocks that the little girl can hit while using it. In addition, it has a rim brake for the front wheel, so that your daughter is safer while she drives.

In the same vein, this 24-inch girl’s bike offers pneumatic tires that will absorb various impacts and vibrations on the road. Likewise, the bike’s paint finishes offer beautiful lilac and white colours, with high-quality black grips.

On the other hand, we mention that the inclination and height of the saddle are adjustable, even the handlebar can be set between 90 and 99 cm.

Although it is one of the cheapest bikes, its features make it a comfortable and safe model that may be worth buying. Next, we explain the most outstanding ones.


Robustness: This bicycle comes with a steel frame and a resistant aluminum rim, so it will last a long time for the girl.

Mudguards: To avoid splashes on the girl’s clothes or body, the bicycle wheels have mudguards.

Grips: The grips are non-toxic and offer drop protection at their ends.


Brake: It would be better if it also had a brake on the rear wheel, for the girl’s safety.

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4. Licorne Bike Stella Premium City Bike

If you are looking for a 24-inch girl’s bike, this Licorne version is for you. We are talking about an urban bicycle made with a steel frame and 24-inch diameter wheels, with which it is easy to move around urban terrain.

To do this, the bike has 21 speeds in total, with a set of three chainrings and seven sprockets. A set with which to adjust the intensity of the shooting to the terrain and much appreciated when the streets start to get steep. These changes are made from the cuffs, for greater comfort.

As is logical, the bicycle includes the double brake system, so that speed is not a problem. All the components are of quality, manufactured by Shimano and worthy of the best 24-inch bike of the moment. Therefore, it will last you in good condition for a long time.

To complete the information related to this model, we leave you some additional details of this interesting bicycle.


Luggage rack : The rear luggage rack allows you to carry certain size items comfortably.

Lights : The included lights help you to be more visible at night, thus gaining in security.

Assembly : The bicycle is shipped 85% assembled and is accompanied by the necessary tools to complete said assembly.


Colors : Paint colors shown may differ slightly from what is actually received.

Finishes : Some finishes can be improved, although this is more an aesthetic issue than a practical one.

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24 inch aluminum bike

5. Mqj Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike

Within the current market for 24-inch aluminum bikes, it is surprising to find options like this model from MQJ. We are talking about a design based on the traditional format of Fat Bikes, so the bike stands out for the shape of its frame and its large tires.

The result is a product suitable for driving on difficult terrain, especially off-road. For this, it has a highly resistant and flexible aluminum frame, the thick wheels typical of these models and a comfortable front cushioning, which reduces the effect of bumps and potholes.

In this approach, details such as disc brakes or a total of 21 speeds in its gear system are not lacking. All components have been manufactured by Shimano, as befits a product that could very well belong to the best brand of 24-inch bicycles today. And as always, it ships pre-assembled, so all you have to do is put on the wheels, make a couple of adjustments and start enjoying it.

So that you are clear about the most outstanding points of this bicycle and its characteristics, we summarize them below.


Design : The design is of the Fat Bike type, with large tires and high damping capacity.

Frame : The aluminum frame reduces the weight of the bike, gives it more flexibility and increases its resistance.

Damping : In addition to the damping typical of fat wheels, a damper is included in the fork.


Price : It is not one of the cheapest options in our selection, although its price is in line with everything it offers.

Derailleurs : The derailleurs are not located in the grips, but are independent, which may not be to the liking of some riders.

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24 inch folding bike

6. Bnmkl 24 Inch Adult Folding Bike

The 24-inch Domdil Novokart folding bike has a format that is as surprising as it is practical. We are talking about a mountain bike with a folding frame, but capable of withstanding complex terrain, both on and off the road.

This frame is made of carbon steel, which improves its strength and durability. It is mounted on 24-inch wheels and includes front and rear shock absorbers, with which to increase comfort on all types of terrain. Something that is helped by the 21 speeds that it includes, controlled by high quality components.

Another novelty is its rims, which change the usual spoke design for one of sticks, in the manner of time trial bikes. The result is an all-terrain bicycle that, once folded, does not take up space and is very light when it comes to riding.

If you think that a folding bike cannot be comfortable when riding in the mountains, surely this proposal will surprise you.


Frame: The carbon steel frame is highly resistant, foldable and with a minimalist design that improves your sensations.

Shock absorbers: The double shock absorber system absorbs bumps in the terrain and gives you more comfort during your trips.

Weight: The weight of the bicycle is very light, which makes it easier both for rolling and handling and for storing it when you need it.


Height: Those users who measure more than 1.70 should resort to the 26-inch model offered by the brand.

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24-inch mountain bike

7. Relaxbx 24 Inch Wheel Front Suspension Bike

It is made of carbon steel, which makes it very resistant and durable. In addition, the front fork has the function of shock absorption, allowing to reduce shocks while the child travels.

Also, this 24-inch mountain bike comes with 27 speeds, to make pedaling easier on straight roads and hills. Also, it has disc brakes on both wheels, which are precise and safe. In the same way, the saddle can be adjusted in height, so it will work for children from 140 to 160 cm.

Another feature that we can highlight is that it has professional tires for greater child safety in different weather conditions. Even its rims are spoked and made of high-quality aluminum alloy. Thanks to the strong construction of the frame and tires, the bike supports up to 136 Kg of weight.

Choosing a mountain bike can be an easier task if you know more about its pros and cons. That is why we will explain them to you below.


Speeds: Offers up to 27 speeds, so you can scale more easily.

Assembly: It comes 85% assembled and the process to get it completely ready can be easily done by yourself.

Tires: Its tires are robust, so they withstand the irregularities of the terrain in mountains very well.


Damping: It would be nice if it also had damping on the rear wheel, however, it is a strong and safe mountain bike.

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24 inch MTB bike

8. Lxzh Folding Mountain Road Bike

If you prefer a 24-inch MTB bike when it comes to moving, you are interested in knowing the Lxzh 117-022-846. A folding version of the classic mountain bike that surprises with its great equipment.

Its carbon steel frame has a reduced design, which reduces weight without affecting rolling stability. It is mounted on 24-inch wheels, equipped with a damping system both at the front and at the rear. Perfect for getting around any forest trail with ease.

Regarding the change, it has 21 speeds, thus offering a good pedaling rhythm when the road gets complicated. And when going downhill, you have a high-efficiency disc brake system, which increases safety and reduces risks during the most intense braking.

Having all the information at hand is key to making a decision. That is why we leave you some details of this mountain bike.


Foldable: It folds comfortably, taking up much less space when it comes to storing it or carrying it in the car.

Damping: Both the rear and front wheels include shock absorbers, to give you more comfort during your routes.

Tires: Off road tires help improve traction on all types of tracks and off-road terrain.


Supported weight: The steel frame supports a maximum weight of 120 kilos, which must be taken into account by the most corpulent users.

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24 inch bike accessories

24 inch bike tires

Deestone Campagnolo Tire 24 x 1.90

If you often go out to train in the mountains, you may need 24-inch bicycle tires, because they wear out from time to time. Therefore, we present you this Deestone brand product. This is a tire with large knobs that will hold up very well on different terrains in the mountains. In addition, the studs will protect the tire from common punctures.

The size of this tire is 24 x 1.90 inches, so you will be able to mount it on your or your child’s bike without any problem. Likewise, it should be noted that it is a wheel resistant to bad weather.

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24 inch bike rims

Gurpil 63901 Rear 24 Inch rim Cyber ​​10

24-inch bicycle rims can be bent with a heavy blow. Also, it is possible that they rust in the rain, mud or humidity of the environment. To solve the problem, we recommend this 35-spoke rear wheel model, which has a robust material, capable of withstanding inclement weather. In addition, it is compatible with almost any 24-inch bike model.

Simply, you will have to remove the old tire and install this new one. Of course, you must do it in the rear part, since it is specially designed to support the weight of the person and to mount the other accessories, such as a threaded sprocket, cassettes, bearings, etc.

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24 inch bike wheels

Sharprepublic Pair of Bicycle Training Wheels

If kids want to learn stable riding faster, it is very helpful to use this kind of 24 inch bike training wheels. It is a pair of size-adjustable wheels that you can use on bicycles from 16 to 24 inches. With them, children can get used to riding the bike without the danger of falling due to lack of balance.

In addition, we mention that these training wheels are made with reinforced supports, which support a maximum weight of up to 75 Kg. Likewise, it should be noted that the package includes mounting accessories, including an extension that moves the training wheels further away from the tire, thus giving greater balance and safety to the little one.

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Shopping guide

There are many bicycle models that could catch your eye at first glance, but aesthetics is not the only thing that matters in choosing the right product. Therefore, in this section we have prepared a guide to buy the best 24-inch bicycle, so that you know the most important characteristics of these vehicles.


Normally, a 24-inch bike is used by children, due to its size. However, there are 24-inch bikes that are also used by adults, for example, BMXs, which are used to perform tricks on them.

In this sense, if you make a comparison of 24-inch bikes, take safety into account. This aspect should not only be carried out by the cyclist through protective accessories, but also by his bicycle. For example, she must have a safe and reliable brake system.

The brakes can be of the rim type, which are also known as V-Brakes by many cyclists. This type of brake uses a cable, when pulling it, the ring presses the bicycle rim on both sides. The V-ring has rubber studs at the end, these are the main ones responsible for stopping the bicycle tires.

In addition to this, we mentioned that although the V-brakes do stop the bike, they lose precision with mud or water. Therefore, we remind the child to use them very carefully, to avoid accidental falls.

And as for the disc brakes, we inform you that they are very precise, similar to the previous ones. They work with a disc in the center of the rim and a pad-type braking system. In addition, they also work with cable tension, such as V-Brakes. Pulling on the cable causes the pads to press against the disc, thereby braking the bike’s wheels. Generally, disc brakes are more resistant to mud or water, but this is relative, depending on the quality of the pads and the disc.

Regardless of whether the bike has disc or V brakes, it is best to have them on both wheels. If it has a brake only on the front wheel, it could be dangerous, especially if the child uses it suddenly when going at high speed. In this case, the bicycle could lose stability and tip forward.


Before asking yourself how much a certain bicycle costs, you should know what material it is made of, as this directly influences its price. By this we mean primarily the bicycle frame. The best thing is that it is made of a robust metal, but at the same time light, since this will facilitate driving or moving the bike.

Also, it should be noted that, if a tire receives a puncture on the road and you need to roll the bike to the nearest technical service, the low weight of the frame will provide you with greater comfort. Some of the most recommended metals are steel and aluminum, the latter is almost always lighter, but that really depends on the type of alloy it has. As a curious fact, most of the high-end bicycles offer 6061 aluminum frames, so if you are looking for a professional model to give to your child, we recommend that you opt for this type of alloy.


At this point we are talking about accessories such as levers, brakes, cassettes, etc. All of them must be of great quality, either from the brand that makes the bicycle or other famous brands such as Shimano.

For example, if it is a brake system or gear lever for a bike, the Shimano brand has accessories at various prices. They are all of good quality, only the more accurate the accessories, the price of the bike can be higher. However, there are many models on the Internet, so you may be able to find a good, inexpensive bike with safe and reliable accessories.


This is one of the most important points you should know before choosing a 24-inch bike, especially if it’s a mountain bike. The suspension provides greater comfort to the child, as it reduces the annoying vibrations of the handlebars or the bicycle seat.

If the bicycle you are going to buy for the child is a mountain bike, the suspension should not be missing, at least in the front wheel, but there are models that also offer damping in the rear wheel.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a 24-inch bike?

The 24-inch bike is used like any other model. You simply have to get on the bike and pedal while keeping your balance.

If the bike will be used by a child, you should help them to get on the bike and adjust the seat or handlebars, ensuring that they have a good posture when riding. In addition, the saddle can also be tilted on some bicycle models, so configure it according to your needs or those of the child who will be using the bike.

On the other hand, we recommend you check the air in the tires and the condition of the brakes before going out to pedal, either for your use or that of your small child.

Q2: What age is a 24-inch bike for?

Since it is a bicycle with small wheels, it is almost always used by children, but this is not definitive, since there are models compatible with adults.

In case it is for children, the recommendation is that they are over 9 years old. Otherwise, they may not be able to reach the bike pedals comfortably, unless they are taller children. It is always possible that children can ride larger bikes, but will not be able to sit properly on the saddle, having poor posture.

Q3: How to clean a 24 inch bike?

You can clean them in different ways, for example, with a dry cloth to remove minor dust or dirt. If it is very dirty, it is recommended to use a special liquid and a cloth; you have to rub hard, but be careful not to damage the stickers, if the bike has them.

It is not recommended to use water and ordinary detergent directly on the bicycle, unless it has several layers of good quality paint that protects the metal from corrosion. Also, it is important that you remove the chain from the bicycle, so that it does not fill with soapy water.

Q4: How to oil a 24 inch bike?

If the bike belongs to a child, it is best that you guide him through the process, so that he learns to carry out maintenance on his own. The first thing you should do is remove the chain and then release the wheels from the frame. In this way, you put the grease on the chain, but not overdo it, since you just have to lubricate it.

The bearings should not have a lot of grease either, just what is necessary to lubricate them. Also, before greasing the chain and bearings, clean both with a cloth.

Q5: How to adjust the height of a 24-inch bike?

Depending on the bike model it will be possible to adjust the saddle and handlebars. To do this, you have to untighten the nuts or bolts that hold the saddle to the frame, as well as those of the handlebar. Next, adjust the height of the saddle and handlebars, according to your size or that of your child.

Finally, tighten the nuts or bolts again and you or the little one will enjoy a better posture when riding the bike.

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