The 8 Best 4 Wheel Skates of 2022

4 Wheel Skates – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Rollerblading with 4 wheels is a form of fun and training that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. It is an activity that involves speed and the possibility of doing some tricks. Among the number of skate models available, two stand out among the best. In the first place, the Hudora My First Quad Girl model appears, a pair of skates for girls with bright colors and resistant wheels, which provide a stable and silent glide. Next we find the BTFL Retro, retro style, designed with a resistant plastic and aluminum structure, as well as with wheels that provide free and safe sliding.

The 8 Best 4 Wheel Skates – Opinions 2022

Skating is one of the most popular and fun disciplines on wheels. There are those who practice it as a sport, while others only see it as a hobby. In any case, the use of skates is required and, according to the modality, these change. So, if purchasing one is within your plans, it would be convenient that, instead of making a hasty decision, you could know the properties of the models that are considered the eight best 4-wheel skates so that your purchase is efficient.

4-wheel roller skates for girls

1. Hudora My First Quad Girl Skates

If you want the best 4-wheel skates on the market, then you could consider this Hudora alternative as one of your options, since it is of quality and provides an adequate glide on the pavement.

These 4-wheel skates for girls have a striking and childish design, in which pink tones stand out, along with delicate details in white and sky blue. They are available in size 26, but they are suitable for three sizes more, because their properties are adjustable and they close with a resistant velcro.

They are suitable for running and sliding with agility on surfaces, because they have been equipped with PU wheels, which also provide silent gliding. They have closed bearings with adequate cushioning and rebound capacity, with a degree of hardness 82A. For greater safety of the little ones, they incorporate heel and ankle protection and include a brake system on the back.

This model is considered for its quality among the best 4-wheel skates of the moment. Here are its salient features.


Design: They have a childish and delicate design that includes a pair of velcro buckles for adjustment.

Protection: Being made with high-end materials, the skates provide greater protection to the ankle and ventilation to the foot.

Slide: The slide on this model is silent and agile, because it is equipped with a convenient structure.

Wheels: They have small wheels in the front area and large ones in the rear area, so they are stable and provide freedom of movement.


Size: Despite being adjustable, this model may be a bit narrow for some people.

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2. Toyrific Girl Retro Roller Skates

With a retro style with vintage touches, this Toyrific-marketed model appears regularly on all lists of the best 4-wheel skates of 2022, as it has a robust construction.

It is a design of 4-wheel roller skates for girls, so they are small and delicate, with a black shoe surface, with light blue and pink stripes, which match the wheels and front brake, which are predominantly blue, so all in all they have a nice aesthetic.

They have a dual closure system through laces and velcro, to secure the foot during sliding routes. In addition, they are equipped with four PVC injection wheels measuring 5.3 cm by 3.0 cm each. They are made of resistant materials, both in the structure and in the liner, so the user has flexibility of movement to maneuver safely.

Hasty purchases are often a bad investment, so it is wise to know the details of each model. Here are the pros and cons of this option from Toyrific.


Design: They have a vintage style design, predominantly black, with lace and velcro closure.

Bearing: They are equipped with Abec 7 carbon bearings that provide better sliding.

Wheels: The wheels have been made of polyurethane, so they provide traction and speed on all surfaces.

Materials: In its manufacture, resistant materials were used both in the structure and in the booty.


Surface: The surface of the liner can eventually wear down quickly and lift on contact with the pavement.

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4-wheel roller skates for women

3. Btfl Retro Trends Coco 4 Wheel Skates

If, after reviewing some options, you still have not been able to answer the question about which are the best 4-wheel skates on the market, you may be interested in knowing the properties that converge in this model from the BTFL manufacturer.

Unlike other models, these women’s 4-wheel skates have a delicate design that is available in various colors and has an urban style with feminine and modern touches. They are made with quality materials and the manufacturer has incorporated leather and synthetic mesh into the boot to promote breathability.

The structure of this model has been made of a mixture of plastic and aluminum, which provides the necessary balance for the user to remain stable during the sliding path. The scooters are equipped with Abec 7 bearings and are suitable for indoor or outdoor rides, because they include wheels for freestyle, with traction and 82A hardness.

To determine which 4-wheel skates to buy, you should know the pros and cons of this other outstanding model.


Design: The skates have a modern and feminine design, urban style, which is available in various colors.

Gliding: They provide adequate gliding indoors and outdoors because their wheels are resistant.

Closure: They have a lace-up closure system that adjusts the boot to the foot properly.

Construction: They have a resistant construction made from materials such as aluminum and plastic for the structure and mesh and leather on the boot.


Size: It is recommended to request an additional size to the conventional one, in order to prevent the footwear from being narrow.

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4. Fila Womens Verve Lady Roller Skate

The Fila sports brand presents one of the most sought-after 4-wheel skate models within the user community, for having superior performance for controlled and safe gliding.

So, if you are looking for 4-wheel skates for women, this could be the right alternative, since they have an elegant design with a classic style and a feminine cut in which colors such as a white base with purple details are integrated, a combination which is kept for the wheels.

They are available in several sizes and, because the boot has been made of fabric, synthetic leather and mesh, they fit the foot while providing adequate ventilation inside.

They have a lace closure system and have ankle protection. In addition, with this model a smooth and comfortable glide is obtained, because its structure is stable and reinforced with synthetic material.

Some manufacturers stand out and among them Fila is listed as the possible best brand of 4-wheel skates on the market.


Design: They have a classic and elegant design, with a brake on the front and a dominant white and violet colour.

Structure: They have a stable structure that has been made with metal and solid plastic reinforcements.

Construction: They have been made with robust materials, but worked, that adjust to the foot.

Gliding: They provide adequate gliding because their wheels provide cushioning and traction.


Size: It is convenient that, before selecting a number, the size table is reviewed because they can be adjusted.

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Professional 4-wheel skates

5. Std Skates HAROY Hornet Skates

Cataloged as a suitable model for advanced level figure skating, this alternative represents, in the opinion of many users, the best professional 4-wheel skates because they have been made with quality in the details.

The model has a classic low-top design that is available in several sizes, with a white bootie and a lace-up closure system in the same tone, which contrasts with a brown sole and pink wheels, so they are delicate..

The alternative combines various materials such as a nylon base with fiberglass and carbon powder, while the upper part is waterproofed and has inclined axes.

The skates have an adjustable front brake made of rubber. In addition, they consist of inclined suspensions that adjust to the weight of the skater. Its wheels are PU injection and have an HD50 hardness that facilitates pirouettes, with Abec 3 627 Z bearings.

Before selecting an option, it is convenient that you know the details of this model that stands out for its quality.


Design: They have a delicate design that is made up of a low-cut white ankle boot and pink wheels.

Style: Unlike other models, these scooters are professional in style and are recommended for figure skating.

Base: They have a resistant base and a rigid PU sole, with varnished hooks.

Construction: Its construction includes fiberglass, waterproof padded textile booties and hard-impact wheels for professional slides.


Uses: They are designed exclusively for professional use, not for conventional slides.

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Soy Luna 4-wheel skates

6. Soy Luna Roll & Play Skates

If you are looking for the best value for money 4-wheel skates, you have come to the right option because these are some of the cheapest on the market and the lowest cost in this selection.

In addition, they have a modern design suitable for girls and young people because their print is allusive to one of the youth series of the moment, so these Soy Luna 4-wheel skates combine the colors of said television production, which are: yellow, pink and light blue.

They are available in various sizes and, due to their properties, they are a convenient alternative to start in the world of skating because they are safe, comfortable and easy to control, with a precise brake on the front part.

In addition, they are adjustable and lightweight, since they are made of plastic, with some metal applications. On the other hand, these scooters adjust to the foot and have a closure system using plastic buckles and an insurance.

Considered one of the cheapest 4-wheel skates on the market, this model has quality attributes, which we will review below.


Design: They have a modern design, available in yellow, with pink and blue, alluding to Soy Luna.

Closure: Being adjustable, they have a closure system that is activated by a plastic buckle.

Construction: They have a construction made with resistant plastic and metal details.

Control: With this model, the skater obtains control and comfort during the slide, since they have a front brake.


Style: Being allusive to Soy Luna, they reduce their target audience, so they are only suitable for lovers of the series.

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4-wheel roller skates for children

7. Sfr Vision II Skates, Unisex Kids

If you are looking for cheap models, but that does not detract from quality, you might be interested in these 4-wheel skates for children from the manufacturer SFR, which stand out for providing the skater with adequate performance and controlled gliding on surfaces.

This model has a unisex design, which is available in various colors and sizes. In its structure, the ankle boot with a black surface and dark blue details stands out, matching the wheels available in a blue tone.

It is made with quality and robust materials, so it is a semi soft vinyl quad skate, with support for the ankle on the upper part, hence it is a convenient alternative for beginners, because they are easy to control and acquire speed. immediate. Likewise, the braking system at the front is practical and precise. They have PU injection wheels, with a hardness of 82 A and dimensions of 5.3 by 3.0 cm.

Quality and a good price are some of the attributes that are present in this model. Read their pros and cons.


Closure: The skates have a system of closure and adjustment of the foot by means of velcro and laces that is efficient.

Design: They have a classic, unisex style design with a black surface and blue details.

Wheels: They include the four wheels in PU injection, with a hardness of 82 A and dimensions of 5.3 cm in diameter.

Modality: Due to their style and properties, they are considered 4-wheel scooters for beginners.


Size: Its last is small, so it is convenient to request an additional number to the conventional one.

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4-wheel roller skates for adults

8. Rookie Retro V2.1 Roller Skates with 4 Wheels

If you want to buy 4-wheel skates that are among the best, then it would be convenient for you to stop to analyze the attributes of this unisex style model that presents the Rocky brand.

They are 4-wheel skates for adults that have a classic design, with touches of retro style and are available in two colors, so that you can select between the surface with predominantly red and white details or a predominantly black with details in White.

The chassis or structure of this model is made of nylon and aluminum, as well as Abec 7 bearings that have been manufactured in both PU and metal, thus providing an adequate level of glide and stability for the skater on the surface. The skates have a lace-up closure system that adjusts to the foot, while including the four wheels in PU injection, with a hardness of 80 A.

This alternative is one of the favorites, but you should know its main characteristics.


Design: They have a unisex style design that is available in two solid colors: black and red.

Structure: They have a robust structure, made of metal and resistant PU that provides stability.

Bootie: The boots are quality, made of resistant materials that mold to the foot and help provide balance when sliding.

Closure: They have a lace-up closure mechanism that reaches the ankle for proper support.


Weight: They can be a bit heavy, which slows down when moving over surfaces.

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4-wheel skate accessories

4 wheel skate bag

SFR Ice/Roller

If you have skates, you will know that it is common to slide in different places, so it is necessary to have a bag for 4-wheel skates that allows you to ensure its portability and maintain its properties. In this sense, the manufacturer SFR has one of the best quality models on the market.

Its design is modern and avant-garde, available in various prints and made with resistant materials that support the weight of the skates and the helmet, to protect them during transfers. It has a zipper closure system, plastic pads to rest on the ground, a handle and an additional compartment.

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Shopping guide

Having some skates at home is a way to ensure fun, in addition to being a necessary implement if you want to practice the discipline of skating. If you are thinking of purchasing one of these, you need to know that there are some considerations to take into account before making the purchase. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best 4-wheel skates on the market, in which you will get the main features that will lead you to make a smart purchase.

Manufacturing materials

To determine how much 4-wheel skates cost, it will suffice to analyze the materials that the manufacturer has used to make and build the product. However, it is necessary that before considering the materials, you can identify that the skates consist of at least three parts. On the one hand, there is the boot or shoe, which is where the skater will insert the foot. Depending on the model, this ankle boot may have a wide sole that goes over the structure. The structure is another part and the point that joins the boot with the wheels would be the third part of the skates.

Thus, you can proceed to look in detail what each part of the skates is made of. In relation to the wheels, they are made of different materials that affect dexterity and mobility during sliding.

On the other hand, the boots must be made of resistant and strong materials. These can be textile or synthetic leather. Some models incorporate a coating to waterproof this area. In any case, the prudent thing is that it is soft and comfortable for the foot. In the case of the structure, there are different constructions, from those made with plastic, to those made with plastic and aluminum, which tend to be more resistant.


When making a comparison of 4-wheel skates, you will notice that there are various models and sizes that adjust to different forms of driving and that directly affect gliding on surfaces. In fact, the type of wheel can make the skates suitable for rolling on pavement or make them efficient only for indoor gliding. Similarly, it will be the wheels that will determine the sound level on the surfaces.

Most wheels are made of PU or PVC injection, while many others can be made of silicone alloy. Likewise, to make a convenient choice, the hardness should be checked and, the most recommended, is that they have a standard level of 82 A, which is adjusted to different floors. That is to say, that they are practical for both indoor and outdoor riding, with a low degree of wear, but with adequate grip and traction. In short, the best wheels are those that provide the skater with cushioning and a stable glide.


A cheap 4-wheel scooter model can be an attractive option for the pocket, but if the design does not suit the tastes and needs of the skater, then it will not be convenient. Therefore, it is necessary that the designs be analyzed, since this represents more than aesthetics.

Within the designs, you can get from classic models, through those of retro style and the avant-garde ones with urban touches. Some alternatives are available in a wide range of colors and styles ranging from unisex to feminine and children’s, with prints alluding to children’s series and comics.

Similarly, the location of the brake can also be selected, since it can be in the front or in the back. The most common, both on professional prototypes and beginners, are the brakes at the front. However, there are 4-wheel inline 2 models that include them on the back of each skate.

Style, type and closure system

There are many 4-wheel skates and these vary according to quality and type. In this way, you can get on the market from models that have been manufactured for freestyle and amateur skating, to models that have high-end properties and are suitable for advanced style figure skating. The differences between both models start from the cost and continue with the technical properties of the structure and loot.

The 4-wheel skates mold to the shape of the foot and adjust to them thanks to the closure system. In fact, some models that are adjustable in size are regulated by buckles that can be metal or plastic. Similarly, there are some alternatives that come with a lace-up closure system, Velcro or even both.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a 4 wheel roller skates?

To use 4-wheel skates it is necessary to first put on thin socks. Sitting on a chair, the user must place one leg on the knee and place the skate. To do this, the booty must be worn, as if it were a conventional shoe. Once put on, it is necessary to lower the foot and press against the floor, as well as fix the edges to avoid discomfort during use. In addition, by using the closure system, whether it be velcro, laces or buckle, it must be adjusted without exerting annoying pressure. After completing the process, you must continue with the other foot and, once the skates are on both feet, you can start sliding on the surfaces.

Q2: How to brake with the 4 wheel skates?

To brake, you must first gain speed. Therefore, slide with the skates and gain a little speed. Then, in a delicate way, the tip of the foot should be pointed forward. With this action, the speed produced by the contact of the brake (generally rubber) with the surface will be reduced. It is important that the action is subtle, otherwise the skater is exposed to braking that could cause him to lose control.

Q3: How to do tricks with the 4 wheel roller skates?

According to the trick and spin, there is a level of difficulty. The first thing is to master the basic movements of skating and, once achieved, you can advance in the tricks. The most frequent is the top. The idea is to rotate on its own axis and make a full 360 degree turn. To do this, you must start a turn with speed and turn your shoulders to the side that will execute the spin. When arriving at the starting point, the front brake must be used.

Q4: How to learn to ride a 4-wheel roller skate?

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that, when learning, you use safety and protection equipment that includes a helmet, knee and elbow pads, to minimize risks. Once you have all your gear in place, you’ll need to stand up on your skates and start sliding first one foot and then the other, in a semi-squat position. Slides should be subtle so as not to lose stability. To have more control, it is convenient to use the arms as a point of balance.

Q5: Which skates are better: inline or 4 wheels?

Both models are adequate and convenient for a certain type of skating. Quad roller skates are the best for learning the art of skating because they provide better stability. In addition, the risks of falls and injuries are reduced. In the case of inline skates, they are the models that provide the highest speed and their use on the pavement is more frequent because the wear is less.

Q6: How to turn with a 4-wheel skate?

To make a turn, the first thing is to gain momentum, so it is necessary to slide. When the speed has already been achieved, it is necessary to turn. To do this, place one skate in front of the other to cross in the other direction. If the turn will be to the left, you must put the right skate in front of the left skate and turn the body to the left. It is necessary to push with the right skate to the left direction. Also, turn your shoulders in the direction you want to go and lean into that turn to maintain your balance. Throughout the process, the knees should be slightly bent.

Q7: How to decorate a 4-wheel roller skate?

To decorate 4-wheel skates, all you have to do is add a couple of stickers of the figures you want. In addition, another way for a simple decoration is to remove the original laces and change them for others with striking colors that contrast with the tone of both the boot and the wheels. There are those who decorate using paint or marker. However, these changes are permanent and one mistake could ruin the aesthetics of the model.

Q8: How to clean the 4 wheel roller skates?

The first thing is to remove dirt and excess impurities. To do this, take a damp cloth and rub over the different parts of the skates to remove any debris. Then find some neutral detergent and mix it with water. With a soft sponge, you should apply this mixture to all the pieces of the skates. The same procedure must be carried out on the wheels, but when doing a deep cleaning, they must be removed. For bearings, it is recommended that cleaning be done every four months.

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