The 8 Best Ball Bike Racks of 2022

Ball Bike Rack – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Some very helpful accessories for cyclists like you are the ball bike racks, as they are installed in the back of the car, so you can move the bike anywhere. Therefore, here we recommend several models of bike racks that could be useful to you. The Thule VeloCompact 924 is one of them, as it offers the option to mount 2 bikes at the same time, plus it has a quick and easy folding design for convenience when installing or storing it. Another recommended model is the EUFAB 11514 Luke, which has capacity for 4 bicycles, is placed on the trailer and includes efficient grab bars.

The 8 Best Ball Bike Racks – Opinions 2022

If you want to train cycling in another city, you can transport your bicycle in the car without problems. All you have to do is buy one of the best ball bike racks of 2022, so here we present several of them, so you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Folding ball bike rack

1. Thule VeloCompact 924 The most compact and light bike carrier

This could be the best ball rack as it is very easy to mount on the car, thanks to its one-hand lever. In addition, it is suitable for 2 bikes, so you can go on a trip with another person so you do not train alone.

Its maximum capacity is 25 kg per bike, so you can ride even large electric bikes. It also has 2 arms to precisely hold each bike, which prevents them from moving or hitting each other when you travel in the car.

In addition to this, if you want to stop on the way and open the trunk of the car, you can tilt the bike rack down for greater comfort. It’s even a compact folding ball bike rack that won’t take up much space in your car boot or home.

On the other hand, the wheels of the bicycles fit very well in the holes of the bicycle rack, since the latter are adjustable.

It may be the best ball bike rack of the moment, so be sure to check the following pros and cons, our intention is that you choose the bike rack that best suits your bikes and your car.


Assembly: The installation in the ball of the car is safe and easy, since it has a practical one-hand lever.

Capacity: This bicycle car rack has a maximum capacity of 25 Kg for each bicycle, so you will have no problem storing 2 large bikes.

Folding: It is a folding bike rack with which you can open the trunk of the car on the road.


Plastic: The trailer hitch with the ball is made of plastic, so you must use it very carefully so that it lasts a long time.

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2. Thule EasyFold XT 2 Tow Ball Carrier

If you are wondering which is the best ball bike rack, this model could be the right answer, thanks to the fact that it weighs 14.4 kg and takes up little space in the trunk of the car when folded. In addition, it has a capacity for 2 bicycles of a maximum of 24 Kg each.

It is a folding ball bike rack that you can use for electric and mountain bikes without any inconvenience. Likewise, it has two comfortable and safe arms, as well as straps to hold the bicycles on the wheels and offer greater stability during the trip.

Another aspect that stands out in this bike rack model is that it has transport handles, to easily put it in and take it out in your car or home. As if that were not enough, the package includes several locks to fit on the ball and on each bicycle.

You should not fail to see the pros and cons of this model, which we explain below. These will help you better understand its advantages and disadvantages.


Assembly: It is not necessary to use tools for assembly, which is a great advantage.

Quantity: It is used for 2 racing, mountain or electric bicycles and each of them can have up to 24 Kg.

Straps: The wheel straps are long, for a stronger and safer fixation of the bicycles.


Cover: Although it is foldable and does not take up much space when stored, the package does not include a cover, which would protect it from scratches and dust.

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Ball bike rack for 4 bikes

3. Eufab 11514 Luke 4-Bike Hitch Carrier

This Eufab 11437 4-bike ball rack is an ideal product for when you have to carry a lot of bikes in your car. Its assembly is executed directly on the ball of the trailer, being fixed and safe.

Una vez montado, el producto cuenta con capacidad para soportar hasta 70 kilos de peso en su superficie, lo que vienen siendo hasta 17 kilos por bicicleta. Tal como corresponde a un producto digno de pertenecer a la mejor marca de portabicicletas de bola del momento, su estructura mantiene las bicicletas en su lugar, usando para ello un eficiente sistema de barras, debidamente diseñadas para ello.

Para rematar el diseño, el soporte incluye tanto las luces traseras como el portamatrículas, elementos obligatorios ambos por ley. Estas luces se conectan mediante un cable de 13 pines tradicional, simplificando así las tareas de montaje del equipo.

Olvídate de los problemas a la hora de llevar tus bicicletas gracias a esta completa propuesta de Eufab.


Space: The space is adequate to load and unload the bicycles comfortably and that they do not rub against each other during the trip.

Weight: The total weight supported by the bike rack is 70 kilos, one of the largest on the market within its segment.

Connection: Additional trailer lights use the classic 13-pin connector, making it simple to plug them into your vehicle.


Trunk: This model prevents opening the trunk once installed, since it does not include the element that would allow it to tilt and allow said opening.

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4. Peruzzo Car Rack Deluxe Bike Rack Unisex

With this ball bike rack for 4 bikes you can go for a walk with your family to parks or other cities in the country. In addition, it could be the best ball bike rack, since it is folding, that is, even if you carry the 4 bicycles you can open the trunk of the car.

It is a simple bicycle stand made of metal and painted in silver with black bumpers. The latter brings their respective pilots and the space to place the car’s license plate. Likewise, it has a 13-pin connector and you can put a 7-pin adapter on it if you wish, although you would have to purchase the second one separately.

In addition to this, you can mount it on large or small cars, as long as they have the ball and the electrical kit for the lights.

If you still don’t know which ball bike rack to buy, check out the positive and negative qualities of this model, which, although it has a good price, holds bicycles very well.


Capacity: It is used for 4 average size bicycles, since it supports up to 65 Kg of weight.

Stability: It has straps for the wheels and arms that hold the frame, so the bicycles will not move despite the movements of the car.

Folding: It is possible to tilt the trailer to open the trunk of your car.


Assembly: The assembly can be a bit complicated for people who have never used this type of support.

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Thule ball bike rack

5. Thule EuroRide 2 13 pin Functional Bike Carrier

It is a highly functional Thule ball bike rack, as it is capable of covering the basic needs to transport up to 2 bicycles simultaneously, which increases its versatility. It also offers a load capacity of up to 36 kg, making it suitable for bikes weighing approximately 20 kg each.

Also, it has a functional hand-operated tilting system, which allows you to quickly and easily access the trunk of the car, even if the bicycles are mounted on the support, thus allowing easier use.

For greater practicality, it has a quick mounting system, suitable for installing the bike carrier on the tow ball in just a few steps. On the other hand, it is important to mention that it has soft-touch clamps, which prevents damage to the structure of the bicycles.

If you need a bike rack that gives you practicality and resistance, you should analyze the most important positive and negative characteristics of this model.


Capacity: Provides a capacity of up to 36 kg to support the weight of large bicycles.

Safety: It offers a distance of 17 cm between the bicycles, which favors safety and prevents collisions between them during the trip.

Clamps: It incorporates soft clamps that help protect the structure of your bicycles, thus avoiding scratches on the surface.


Compatibility: It is mainly designed to carry traditional bicycles, since in electric models the fastening could be unstable.

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Ball bike rack for 3 bikes

6. MENABO 79050924 bike rack Trailer 3 bikes

This is a ball bike rack for 3 bikes and each of them can be locked, giving you more peace of mind to leave the car alone for a certain time. In addition, this way you do not have to buy extra padlocks or security systems separately.

Similarly, the bike rack is made of resistant aluminum and gray in color. For its part, the bumper is made of black plastic and has its respective pilots with lights. These can be installed to your car with either the 7 pin connection or the 13 pin adapter.

Another aspect that we can highlight is that this model has straps for the wheels, so that they do not move from their place, even if you make sudden movements while driving the car. Likewise, it weighs 14 Kg, so that it can be assembled by one or two people.

Although it is one of the cheapest bike racks, it is made with high quality aluminum, so it could be the model you need.


Quantity: In this bike rack you can mount up to 3 bicycles, both racing and MTB.

Stability: So that the bikes do not hit each other while driving, they are held with arms on the frames and straps on the wheels.

Lights: The pilots have the required lights such as brake, turn signals and reverse gear.


Compatibility: This model is not recommended for 29-inch bikes, an important fact if you have bikes of that size.

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Ball bike rack for 2 bikes

7. Go Biker Beat 2-Bike Hitch Rack

It is perhaps the best value for money ball bike rack, since it is one of the cheapest, but it has 2 clamp arms and 4 straps to hold the wheels. This makes it a stable bike rack, avoiding bumps between bikes.

In the same way, it is a ball bike rack for 2 bikes, so you can take one mountain bike and one racing bike, or you simply have the opportunity to be accompanied by another cyclist on your trips. In fact, the trailer can be tilted a little, thanks to its practical pedal, so you won’t have any problems if you want to take something out or put something away during the trip.

On the other hand, the bumper of the bike rack has its pilots with lights and the 7-pin connector, so that it is ready to be connected to different car models.

In the following lines we summarize several of its main characteristics, so that you can determine whether or not it adapts to your tastes and requirements.


Capacity: Supports up to 2 bicycles of 15 kg, so that it will be possible to mount bicycles of average weight.

Security: This product has an anti-theft system for each bicycle and the trailer in general, so it is quite safe and reliable.

Lights: The electrical connection comes with 7 pins, so you can easily connect the lights on different brands of cars.


Color: It is missing that it comes in other shades, since it is only available in gray with black.

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Ball or trailer bike rack

8. Witter Towbars ZX302EU 2-Bike Rack

This is a ball or trailer bike rack, which offers a quick and easy installation system, made up of a locking lever that allows mounting and dismounting bicycles without much effort, which increases practicality.

On the other hand, it provides compatibility with the most popular bicycle models, even for children, since the tire mounts are adjustable. Also, it has a 34 kg weight capacity, so it has great resistance. Similarly, it offers enough space to transport 2 bicycles simultaneously.

It is important to note that it incorporates a light board that allows you to comply with road safety rules. In this case, you should know that the electrical system is compatible with 7 and 13 pole plugs, so it can be used in most cars today.

A quality bike rack gives you the possibility of transporting your bike in a practical way, as is the case with the ZX302EU model from the Witter Towbars brand. Let’s review its pros and cons before deciding.


Fastening: It has an optimal fastening for the bicycle frame, which favors safety.

Practicality: The rack can be tilted to provide access to the trunk while the bikes are mounted.

Plug: Offers compatibility with 7 and 13 pole plugs to adapt it to the model of your car.


Instructions: The installation of the structure could be more difficult than expected, due to the fact that the instructions are not detailed enough.

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Shopping guide

Before choosing a specific trailer, we invite you to review this guide to buy the best ball carrier, because in it we explain some of the main characteristics that the right model for you should have.


When making the comparison of ball bike racks, check this quality, since normally in the description of each product you will see the type of compatible bicycles. For example, there are models that are compatible with racing and mountain bikes at the same time. Remember that racing bikes have thinner wheels and mountain bikes have thicker ones. However, since the size of both types of bikes are quite similar, most trailers are compatible with them.

On the other hand, there are bike racks that are used for heavier bikes, for example, electric ones, which have a motor, battery and, sometimes, thicker and more robust wheels. Keep this in mind before you buy your bike trailer, because not all of them fit them.


Safety is an essential point on a bicycle, but if there is no crime in the city where you live, this aspect will not be very important.

When we talk about security we refer to the protection offered by the bike rack when mounted on the ball of the car, for example, some trailers come with a security key, others with a lock or at least the possibility of using them. This means that, even if you leave the car with your trailer alone in one place, the bike trailer cannot be stolen, that is, nobody can remove it from the car, the only way to do it is if the person has the security key.

Unfortunately, this quality almost always changes the fact of how much a certain bike rack costs, raising its price. However, since there are many options, you can find cheap trailers with a security system online.


The stability of the trailer will largely depend on the straps for the wheels and the arms that hold the bike frame. Some bike racks have both, but you should make sure of this before choosing your product.

The arms are the most important, since, by holding the bike frame, the bikes will not move too much while you drive the car. And, if you want the bikes to have more stability for long trips, check that the trailer has wheel straps. When the car goes over uneven surfaces, the trailer can vibrate a lot more, but the straps will prevent the bike wheels from coming off the rails.


Every trailer is suitable for a certain number of bicycles, normally from 1 to 4. To do this, the bicycle carrier must have a certain capacity. For example, some trailers support approximately 30 Kg, being useful for 1 or 2 bikes, since the average weight of each one is less than 15 Kg, except for electric ones.

And, if you want a more weight-resistant bike rack, you should buy one that supports between 60 and 70 Kg. This type of trailer is suitable for 3 or 4 bicycles, but, if the ones you are going to mount are electric, maybe you can mount 2 or 3 maximum, for greater safety on the trip. If you exceed the weight, the bike rack can be folded or dismounted from the ball in the middle of the road.


Although we are not talking about a product that you are going to carry from one place to another in your hands, portability is important, because it will make various tasks, assembly, disassembly, storage and transfer easier.

For that reason, if you want comfort, buy a folding trailer that you can store in the trunk of the car while you go for a ride with your family or friends on the bikes.

Also, you have to worry about the weight of the trailer when you don’t have the bikes mounted. This aspect directly influences the assembly and disassembly in the ball of the car. In other words, if it weighs less than 15 Kg you can install it more comfortably, on the other hand, with 20 Kg or more you will have to ask one or two more people for help, depending on your resistance or physical strength.

Also, we mentioned that trailer bumper lights come with either traditional or LED bulbs, but the latter have longer life.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use ball bike rack?

The first thing you should do is mount the bikes according to the size that the trailer supports. At this point you must hold them tight so that they do not move on the way. If your bike rack has straps for the wheels and keys or security locks, do not hesitate to use it, because your bikes will be more stable this way.

Also, after using the bike rack, we recommend that you do its respective maintenance, because, even if you do not train cycling in the mountains, the wheels of the bicycle always fill up a little with dirt. These are the ones that are sure to dirty the trailer the most. To clean the bike rack, use a special liquid for cleaning metals and a soft cloth, so that you extend its useful life.

Q2: How to install a ball bike rack?

This type of bike rack is mounted on the rear ball of the car, but if your vehicle does not have it, you must go to a specialized workshop where they can install it. After installing the ball, it is good that you inform the insurance, so that they take it into account, because it is an important change that you make to your car.

When you have the ball installed, what follows will be easier, the assembly of the trailer. To do this, with the help of another person, raise the trailer and place the hole in the ball. Next, secure the trailer with whatever lever, nut, or other tie-down system you have. Finally, close with the key or the security padlock, so that your bike rack is protected at all times.

Q3: What signage should a ball rack have?

The recommended for any part of the world is that the bike rack has flashing lights, brake and reverse, the whole package. That is to say, it must have the pilots, since the bicycles and the same trailer cover the rear lights of your car, being a very dangerous fact.

On the other hand, there are some trailers that have a material that glows when the cars behind shine a light on it. This is of great help if any bulb or LED light of the pilots fails.

Q4: Why is my ball rack moving?

Your ball rack may be moving because you haven’t tightened it with enough tightening force. Check the nut or lever that joins the trailer to the ball to determine if it needs to be secured a little more. Sometimes, the bike racks have two fastening systems, one right on the ball and another one below it, to prevent the trailer from turning sideways when you are driving the car. In this way, you will have to check that both systems have adequate pressure.

Another reason this happens is that you have put too much weight on the trailer, so check this out and remove any bikes if necessary.

Q5: What capacity does a ball carrier have?

The capacity of the ball bike rack depends on the quality of the materials with which it is made and the number of bike lanes it has. If it is for 3 or 4 bicycles, the most logical thing is that it supports more weight, approximately 65 Kg. On the other hand, a trailer for 1 or 2 bicycles supports approximately 35 Kg.

If you take a trip in the car and see that the trailer has lowered a little, it may be because you have exceeded the capacity, so do not mount bikes with more weight than the manufacturer recommends.

Q6: Which is better, ball or roof rack?

If your car has two rear doors, a ball rack may prevent you from opening them halfway to store or unload your stuff. On the other hand, if you use a roof rack, you will be able to open the rear doors without problems. The disadvantage of this type of bike rack is that it can make it difficult to enter the car in some parking lots or garages, due to the height.

For their part, the ball bike racks complicate driving a bit when backing up in the car, since the vehicle has been lengthened. However, with time you will get used to it, so any type of bike rack could be useful.

Q7: How much weight can a ball carrier support?

Sometimes you don’t have a way to weigh your bikes at home and it may be that when mounting them on the ball trailer they exceed what it supports. Therefore, try not to fit all the bikes on the first car ride, unless you go to a bike shop and get the model weight of your bike. This is because most trailers have a maximum weight of approximately 70 Kg and, if you exceed it, the bike rack could come apart on the way.

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