The 8 Best Basketball Shoes of 2022

Basketball Shoes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Comparison

You can be the best feinting, looking for a good position or facing the basket. But if you don’t have quality basketball shoes, all of that is for nothing. The shoes are a big part of your success when playing and with models like the Nike Team Hustle D 9 shoes it is easy to achieve it. This version of the brand’s classic offers a leather construction with a rubber sole and a design with which to move safely on the pitch. An approach that it shares with the adidas Explosive Bounce shoes. This product has a half-round design, manufactured with a high-resistance synthetic material and an approach designed to give you safety and comfort in the game.

The 8 Best Basketball Shoes – Opinions 2022

When buying basketball shoes, there are many aspects that we have to consider: sizes, materials, designs, formats. Something that can complicate the process of deciding which are the best basketball shoes. Fortunately, with our selection of the best basketball shoes of 2022, it will be much easier for you to find the perfect shoes so that your game is as efficient as possible and you do not have to worry about anything else.

Nike basketball shoes

1. Nike Team Hustle D 9 (GS) Basketball Shoes

The Nike Team Hustle D 9 basketball shoes are a product from the best brand of basketball shoes, according to many users. A proposal that, in addition, is among the cheapest options of the brand, although without giving up its quality one iota.

We have the proof in its materials. In the part of the sole we find high quality rubber with an interesting profile, while the leather upper helps you to better hold your feet during the game. Something to which a high heel design contributes, which improves ankle protection.

The design is finished off with details such as a little heel on the back of the sole, a tab on the ankle with which to fit better or the lacing system, with which to adjust the tension. For this reason, it is not surprising that we are facing the best quality-price ratio shoes in our selection.

Saving on your next basketball shoes is easy thanks to cheap proposals like this one, which we analyze below.


Sole : The sole has a classic rubber construction, with a profile that improves the grip and the quality of the supports.

Leather : The leather of the instep generates a pleasant comfort during the game, holding your feet correctly.

Format : The high format in the heel part is located halfway between the shoe and the boot, thus improving comfort and safety.

Tongue : The rear tongue helps you put on the shoe and achieve a better position inside the foot.

Versatile : These shoes are suitable both for playing basketball and for walking comfortably off the court.


Design : The last is rather narrow, so you should be careful about it if you have wide feet.

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2. Nike Air Versatile III Unisex

If we look for the best basketball shoes in history, we will surely find that the Nike Air are the most outstanding. A product whose spirit lives on in models like the Nike Air Versitile III.

These Nike basketball shoes have the half-high design of the product of all times, offering pleasant comfort and a firm support when playing. Something that helps a lacing system that we can adjust in high or low mode, depending on what we need.

The shoes also have an interesting design, both in the support area and in the heel, to give you the necessary support when playing. Some elements that also help improve cushioning, so that the foot suffers less when playing. So this product could very well be one of the best basketball shoes of the moment, for those who want the right mix of comfort and tradition.

Let’s learn more about these shoes, which keep alive the tradition of the Air Jordan of a lifetime.


Format: This product maintains the format halfway between the usual boot and shoe, as befits a Nike product.

String : The string helps you maintain tension and support at all times.

Materials : The shoe is made of quality synthetic material and duly tested.

Sole : The sole has support and cushioning zones that give you more comfort during the game.


Last: Some comments suggest that the last is somewhat narrow, so you should take this into account if your foot is wide.

Hardness : The shoe can be somewhat hard at first, especially in the heel, although over time they soften.

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adidas basketball shoes

3. Adidas Explosive Bounce Unisex

Living a real explosion on the court is easy with the adidas Explosive Bounce basketball shoes. A half-round model with a reinforced area in the front with which to have greater quality in the supports of the game. The product offers us a comfortable design based on synthetic materials and with a lace closure that helps us achieve the sensations we need when playing.

Something that also helps to have a sewn tongue, which gives greater comfort and fit. This makes them one of the most comfortable basketball shoes out there, according to users. Something that helps to have sizes ranging from 39 to 49, covering even the needs of users with larger feet.

So that you are clear about everything that this model puts at your disposal, we leave you some more details about its characteristics.


Comfort: The shoe offers a high level of comfort, according to users.

Perspiration : The inserts in the instep area of ​​the shoe facilitate perspiration and ventilation of the interior.

Sole : The sole has been shaped to accompany and reinforce each movement on the court.


Cane: Those users who prefer high cane models may not be fully satisfied with this design.

Rear tab: The shoe does not have a rear tab with which to facilitate the introduction of the heel.

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4. Adidas D Lillard 2 Mens

If you are looking for an integral and diverse design, the adidas D Lillard 2 shoes offer us a more than interesting approach. And it is that compared to other models, rather simple and with a unitary approach, this product offers us a diverse design, in which cooling zones are combined throughout the entire piece with different visible reinforcements and a much more dynamic finish.

Something that is also perceived in the part of the sole, which with its profiled design facilitates the process of making any movement on the court, by giving you an improved and more convenient grip than that of other models. A complete product finished in black, which is finished off with a few touches of red on the heel and tongue, although if it seems a little red to you, you also have another model entirely made in this color.

Look stylish on the track with this model, which we analyze in detail below.


Mixed structure: The mixed structure offered by the model gives extra comfort when playing.

Perspiration : It has ample ventilation in the instep area, for greater freshness during use.

Sock Style: The sock style of the shoe supports your foot better and gives you more comfort as you rotate your foot.


Sizes: The range of sizes is somewhat scattered, although it adjusts adequately to what you may need.

Color : These shoes are designed for lovers of black, so if you are not among them, they may not be to your liking.

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Kids basketball shoes

5. Adidas Hoops Mid 2.0

Cheap, quality and with an interesting design. These are the elements that define the adidas Hoops Mid 2.0 basketball shoes for kids. A product designed to maintain safety during use and give our little ones the comfort they need.

A model with a conventional synthetic exterior, but that changes the interior to fabric, to avoid chafing and maintain the necessary comfort during use of the product. Something that also helps to have a lace closure, with which to achieve the necessary tension at all times.

As for the sole, it has a somewhat high height, to better cushion the steps, also having a profile that grips well on all types of floors. The shoes are finished with a mesh of imitation leather, which gives the foot greater breathability during use.

If you want to fit your little ones with these basketball shoes, we give you more information about them.


Design: The simple design focuses on efficiency when it comes to enjoying a good fit of the product.

Fabric interior: Compared to synthetic interiors, the fabric interior of this model provides greater comfort of use.

Leather-style mesh: This area of ​​the instep generates high breathability and a pleasant visual appearance.


Sizes: As usual with this type of product, it is important to choose one size larger than usual, to avoid problems.

Tongue : Despite having a raised shaft, it does not include the rear tongue, which helps children to put on their own shoes.

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6.Under Armor UA BGS Jet

Although it is not a well-known brand in our country, Under Armor has high-quality models and designs, such as those of the Under Armor UA BGS Jet 2017 basketball shoes for kids. A product designed for the little ones in the house with a pleasant design and considerable comfort when putting on shoes.

These basketball shoes have a high-cut design, with which to keep the ankle safe when playing. Something that helps a structure with adequate reinforcement, as well as a sole with considerable grip, thus avoiding slips when playing. The model also has good breathability, as well as a reinforced toe, for greater efficiency when jumping or moving on the court.

Learn a little more about the main characteristics of this model and why it is part of our selection.


High-cut: The high-cut design helps keep your ankle secure during play.

Reinforced toe cap: The reinforced toe cap adds extra comfort when playing.

Design : The shoes are presented in 14 different designs, with various colors in each of them.


Offer: Although it is a model for children, the sizes range from 35 to 40, so they would rather be for “somewhat large children”.

Sizing : As usual, it is recommended to order one size more than usual, according to European sizing.

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Jordan basketball shoes

7. Nike Men’s Air Jordan 1 Mid Basketball Shoes

If we hadn’t included Jordan basketball shoes in our guide, it wouldn’t be complete. For this reason, we wanted to mention the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid shoes among our chosen ones.

This classic and timeless model has the design of always, but updated according to today’s materials and technologies. Something that is perceived in its profiled rubber sole or its leather construction for the instep area. These materials give you all the comfort and safety you need to move comfortably on the court.

The high heel system is also missing, with which to give you greater stability when walking. You also have a high-closing lacing system, which is ideal for maintaining tension throughout the entire piece. All this while preserving the appearance of this iconic sneaker with the most traditional color combinations of this shoe.

If you don’t know which basketball shoes to buy, resorting to an all-time classic is never a bad idea.


Design: The design of the shoe maintains the classic format of the original Air Jordan.

Materials : The footwear has the most modern materials, such as the leather of the instep or the rubber of the sole area.

Heel : The elevated heel with laces at the front gives you greater stability when playing.


Logo: Some of the logos present on the footwear wear out more easily than is desirable, which detracts from the product’s grace.

Sizes : The sizes tend to be somewhat smaller than expected, so it is convenient to analyze the measurements before buying your shoes.

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Women’s Basketball Shoes

8. Under Armor Grade School Jet 2019 Basketball Shoes

Among the cheapest basketball shoes, we find the Under Armor Grade School Jet 2019. A very simple proposal, but with the necessary quality to enjoy pleasant sensations during the game.

As usual, these basketball shoes for women have a raised heel design, protecting it when playing. What improves this model is its ventilation, thanks to the perforation of the leather and the mesh inserts present in the instep area. Ideal to keep the foot well cooled and to reduce the weight of the shoe.

As for its materials, these are synthetic, both in the instep and in the lining. For its part, the sole is rubber and the interior has a textile that is very pleasant to the touch. And for you to look stylish, the shoe comes in five different finishes.

We leave you the most interesting data of these shoes, so that you can comfortably assess if they are what suits you.


Format: The outer format of the shoe gives adequate mobility and adequately protects the feet.

Ventilation: The mesh inserts and the perforation of the instep material generate good internal ventilation in the shoes.

Weight: In addition to ventilation, the design that we have discussed also reduces the weight of the shoes, giving you more comfort.


Instep: Due to the mesh fabric present in the instep, this area is somewhat weaker than in models that are made of leather or other similar materials.

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Shopping guide

Just as good tires are the key to traveling safely, good and cheap basketball shoes are also essential so that when playing we do not have problems with comfort, control of the game or injuries. An aspect in which it is essential to choose the right shoe, for which having our guide to buying the best basketball shoes on the market will be of great help. Let us know what are the key aspects to choose a quality shoe.

High or low sneakers

One of the main questions we ask ourselves when choosing basketball shoes has to do with the design of the product. If we take a look at any comparison of current basketball shoes, we will find how high shoes and low shoes coexist in the same.

High-top shoes have the advantage of offering more support in the ankle area, which can be adjusted properly with the lacing, although leaving the forefoot area a little looser. On the other hand, low-top or flat shoes tend to offer focused support in the forefoot, increasing mobility and agility in the game. Again, this fit can be customized using the shoe’s included lacing.

In this case, the choice depends both on our preferences and on what our style of play needs. If we need a game with greater mobility and agility, a low-cut model will surely suit us, which is usually recommended for the inside game. If your game is more external, then you will benefit from the better support offered by high-top models. Although as we say, everything is a matter of sensations.

Lace or velcro closure

Another important aspect has to do with the shoe’s closure format. An aspect in which we have both traditional lace closures and Velcro closures. Two options that, again, depend on our preferences.

In the case of lace closures, the traditional ones, they hold the foot in such a way that it is adapted to the tension that we distribute in each of the parts of the foot, thus maintaining a stable tension throughout the piece. For their part, the velcro models have the advantage of offering more stable support throughout the entire piece, as well as in each of the straps, being somewhat more pleasant for users with a wide last.

By the way, there is a third system that combines the two previous elements. So we can count on a main fastening based on laces and an additional adjustment through velcro. A good idea to make it even easier for you to achieve exceptional tension when adjusting behavior.


It is time to analyze the details related to the materials from which the shoe is made. This aspect is also important, especially when it comes to comfort.

Most of the current basketball shoes are made of synthetic materials, both inside and outside. A material that has the experience of different manufacturers to give you adequate comfort and support when playing. It is true that we continue to find models made of leather, although these are the least frequent.

Regarding the interior, this synthetic material that we have mentioned is still the main one, but there are also models with a fabric interior, which improve comfort without increasing how much the product costs. In any case, it is key that the material is comfortable and offers adequate resistance, but also the necessary perspiration so that sweat can comfortably escape from the inside of the shoe.


As a final aspect, it is time to talk about the cushioning that the shoes have. Something key to give you greater comfort, reduce stress on the joints and enjoy the game even more.

This cushioning is usually based on air chambers, which maintain an adequate response to foot movements and absorb the strongest shocks during the game. However, in recent times we are seeing models based on gel soles, which add even more comfort to the game by having more variable and precise cushioning. In both cases, any of these elements will be essential to achieve that extra during the game.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is it safe to wear velcro basketball shoes?

In principle, there is no problem in using this type of shoe as long as the velcro are in good condition and they fit securely. The advantage of velcro is that the tension is distributed evenly, also providing greater adjustment capacity than that offered by laces. So used safely, the use of this type of closure would not be a problem.

Q2: How to make basketball shoes non-slip?

One of the main causes of slippery basketball shoes is dirt. A dirty sole loses its traction capacity since the dust gets between the rubber and the ground, preventing it from fulfilling its mission. So cleaning it is key. As “home” remedies for dirty track, there are some alternatives, ranging from spraying the soles with deodorant, hairspray and even soda. It’s all a matter of testing and seeing if the solution works for you.

Q3: How to wash basketball shoes?

If you want to keep your shoes longer and looking better, the best solution is to clean them by hand. To do this, you only need a brush to remove the main dirt, especially if they have mud or dirt, as well as a mild soap and warm water, which we will apply with a damp cloth or a softer brush. Once clean, the shoes are left to air dry. If they are already worn out, you can use the washing machine, although always in short programs and without temperature, letting them dry in the air when the process is finished.

Q4: Which is better, high or low basketball shoes?

It’s all a matter of personal preference and, in part, what you want from your shoes. Low shoes give us greater mobility in general, as well as reinforced support in the front area of ​​the shoe. On the contrary, high-top sneakers focus the support on the ankle area and give us extra security when playing. So everything will depend on what you need, without forgetting what your position is on the field and at what points you need extra reinforcement.

Q5: What do basketball shoes with an air chamber provide?

The shoes with an air chamber were a revolution that allowed these shoes to have a high quality of cushioning. A novelty that is still used today, so that shoes with an air chamber are still a great idea to play with greater comfort and less suffering on your ankles and joints.

Q6: How to tie the basketball shoes?

To lace up your basketball shoes, you need to start from the toe to the heel. This area of ​​the toe must be properly adjusted, although with a point of slack, which allows adequate movement. Once the area is secured, we will go backwards maintaining this tension, which should increase in the area closest to the ankle and heel. The reason is that this is the area in which most of the support and the start is achieved when moving. Anyway, if you have doubts, it is easy to access videos where this aspect is explained in a practical way.

Q7: What are basketball shoes made of?

Most of the basketball shoes on the market today are usually made of different types of synthetic materials. These materials have been designed to achieve an adequate mix between quality support and good comfort to perform the different plays. In some models we can find fabric inserts in the instep area, which help better ventilation. And we also have models with interiors made of this same material, which provide greater comfort when playing, with more personalized support. It’s all a matter of seeing what you need.

Q8: Can I still wear old basketball shoes?

It all depends on the state they are in. Some of the materials with which basketball shoes are made, especially synthetic models, have a tendency to lose properties over time. So, if the shoes have been standing for a long time and have many seasons behind them, they may not be the most suitable option to play.

Q9: How to get a basketball shoe with more cushioning?

If we do not want to buy new basketball shoes, which would be the best option, we can always resort to some solutions to achieve a better result. One of these proposals goes through the modern gel midsoles, already present in many sports shoes. These midsoles have a soft material that cushions the steps and jumps we take. In addition, they can be used both for the entire foot and only for the sole of the heel. However, do not forget that the loss of cushioning in basketball shoes is usually a sign that the shoe is starting to get old.

Q10: How do self-lacing basketball shoes work?

It’s been a while since Nike released the first self-lacing basketball shoe: the Nike Hyperadapt. These shoes incorporate an electronic system that is responsible for adjusting the tension of the laces depending on what is necessary at any given time. A process that uses automated technology that analyzes both the tension and the position of the foot, to achieve adequate support at all times.

Q11: How long do basketball shoes last?

When it comes to estimating the useful life of basketball shoes, it is obvious that this time depends on how we use them. The durability of shoes that are only used to play is not the same as one that is used in the game and training. As a reference, some shoes that are used intensively may need to be changed every year, while some that are used more occasionally can last a little longer. In any case, it will be the shoes themselves that tell us, with their status, when it is necessary to execute the change.

How to wear basketball shoes

When it comes to wearing basketball shoes, we may think that all we have to do is put our foot inside, tie the laces and start playing. But the truth is that if we do this without thinking about anything else, we are surely doing something wrong, which we can pay for in injuries or inconvenience. Luckily, we also don’t have to do anything strange to get good support and support, as we will see below.

socks matter

The first advice that we are going to give you to use basketball shoes has to do with an external element such as socks. Some calesines that must go beyond image and fashion, and must be one more piece that gives us the comfort we need when playing. An aspect in which we must assess that these socks have an adequate thickness, that they are made of a comfortable material and that they do not pose an inconvenience when playing.

foot position

Another important aspect when buying one of these shoes has to do with the support we provide. A correct support is one in which the ankle is on the back, while the front must be properly located on the toe, without forcing it. As for the weight, its thing is to keep it balanced on the plant, although it is possible that you can occasionally carry it on one side, depending on your personal position. This position is fundamental, since it is the one that we will take as a reference to tie the feet.

The tying of the laces

As the last step before jumping onto the track, it is time to proceed to tie the shoelaces, one of the most important steps of everything that has to do with use. This tying depends on the design of the product, the most common methods being laces and velcro.

Starting with the lace-up ones, the way they are tied starts at the front of the foot, the toe area, where it is best to maintain a good fit and good pressure while maintaining mobility. This mobile tension is distributed throughout the foot, and should be greater in the cane area, growing as we go up towards the heel. A key support when playing, since the high-top boots are focused precisely on the support in this specific area.

Compared to velcro-based boots, this material has the advantage of better fitting the foot in each of the segments covered by the strap. So it’s easy to make the necessary adjustments to achieve proper comfort throughout the entire piece. The approach has been the same as that of the laces, but with the advantage that this tension is maintained in a more homogeneous and comfortable way than in the case of the laces.

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