The 8 Best Bike Panniers of 2022

Bicycle Pannier – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Panniers are backpacks specially designed to be placed on the luggage rack of different types of bicycles, in order to transport packages, small objects, personal items or any equipment, safely. The models are usually varied, so you must be careful in the selection. In this sense, a very popular product is the Selighting Multifunction saddlebag, with an extensible structure in height, which has been made of waterproof fabric and has an interior space. For its part, the Docooler 14892-A is a functional and spacious saddlebag, whose upper bag can be removed to be used as a backpack.

The 8 Best Bicycle Panniers – Opinions 2022

Due to the great demand for bicycle panniers, you will find varied models, both aesthetically and in terms of manufacturing materials and storage volume. Below, we present eight recommended bicycle panniers among the best of this year.

Mountain bike panniers

1. Selighting Rear Pannier Bag for Bicycle

Selighting is a brand that is used to bringing to the market products with high quality standards, resistant, functional and aesthetically attractive, capable of satisfying the needs of the most demanding users. For this reason, there are those who recommend this model as the best bicycle pannier.

It is a bag with a capacity of 25 liters and an expandable design. In this sense, you will have a structure with an adjustable height between 40 and 60 centimeters, as well as a lower width corresponding to 29 centimeters, and an adjustable upper embouchure between 48 and 45 centimeters.

To make these mountain bike panniers, polyester with vinyl polycarbonate or PVC was used, which are robust materials, with a slightly rigid body, resistant and waterproof. For its part, the upper handle is made of non-slip rubber, while the hooks and rear adjustment buckles are made of rigid plastic. In addition, it incorporates a removable strap to use the bag as a shoulder bag.

This could very well be the best bike pannier of the moment, whose pros and cons you can review immediately.


Handle: Its padded handle offers an ergonomic grip for comfortable manual transport.

Fit: Thanks to the built-in hooks and straps on the back of the bag, you can fit it securely on the bike.

Strap: The saddlebag can be used as a shoulder bag, because it incorporates a convenient removable strap.

Capacity: You can easily store personal items, notebooks or bicycle tools, due to its 25-liter capacity.


Support: It is necessary to have a rear support for fixing the saddlebag.

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Waterproof bike panniers

2. Docooler Multifunctional Bicycle Pannier Waterproof Trunk

Docooler’s waterproof bike panniers are considered among the cheapest in our selection of recommended products. In addition, they are a good purchase option for those who need a spacious backpack, with a storage capacity of 30 liters. In this way, it is possible to comfortably and safely transport a large number of personal items, when going camping, shopping or going to work.

The equipment is made up of two side bags and a third one arranged in the upper area of ​​the structure, which you can assemble and disassemble without problems, by means of a zipper system. Thus, you can use this last module independently on your shoulder or back. 

Likewise, some zippered pockets are incorporated, for a better distribution of luggage and straps with plastic buckles, which are responsible for providing an effective adjustment method, when placing the panniers on the rear of the bicycle.

Find out below the good and the bad of acquiring this model of bicycle panniers manufactured by Docooler.


Pockets: The pockets incorporated in the three bags allow all the transported objects to be close at hand and organized.

Resistance: The polyester canvas used resists abrasion, so you do not have to worry about deterioration.

Design: You will have two side bags and a removable top bag, to use the saddlebag as a shoulder bag.

Handle: You will be able to hold the saddlebag securely, thanks to the handle integrated into the structure.


Dimensions: It is important to keep in mind that there could be a failure of up to two centimeters in the dimensions of the saddlebags.

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rear panniers for bicycle

3. First Club Bike Panniers

This product is recommended among the best bicycle panniers of 2022, made with 600D ripstop-type fabric, a robust body material with a high level of abrasion resistance.

The design of these rear bicycle panniers has a sporty cut, in which seven pockets stand out with their respective zippers, which will allow you to store a large number of small objects. 

Likewise, the three main compartments stand out, with a double zipper system that joins them together. In this way, it is possible to disassemble the upper module, which has been provided with a pair of padded shoulder straps, so that you can use it as a backpack.

In addition, with the purchase, the necessary supports are incorporated for the quick fixing of the panniers on the luggage rack of the bicycle, in the case of a completely intuitive task that will not take more than five minutes.

This model is valued as a representative of the best brand of bicycle panniers, since it has interesting advantages and few disadvantages.


Pockets: You will have seven zippered pockets to store various objects in an orderly manner.

Design: Its functional design includes two side modules and a removable top module, which you can use as a backpack, for well-distributed storage.

Fabric: The fabric of these saddlebags offers resistance to abrasion and humidity.

Brackets: You can easily mount the saddlebags, thanks to the built-in brackets.


Fastening: Due to the fastening of the panniers in the rear area of ​​the bicycle, it is possible that the structure gets dirty quickly.

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Ortlieb bike panniers

4. Ortlieb Back Roller Urban Bike

This product with the Ortlieb quality seal is, for many, the answer to which is the best bicycle pannier, since it has a spacious and safe design, so you can transport your personal belongings comfortably, while you move through the countryside or the city.

For the manufacture of this model of Ortlieb bicycle panniers, a combination of cotton and sanity fabric was used, which give the design resistance, stability, a soft touch and impermeability. In addition, it is an easy-to-wash and fast-drying fabric.

It is worth mentioning that the product has a storage volume of 20 liters, in its main compartment, highlighting a zippered mesh pocket, so you can place small objects in an organized way. In addition, the pannier was provided with a quick lock 2.1 fastening system, which offers an intuitive mounting, as well as a removable strap, so you can use the bag as a shoulder bag.

If you don’t know which bicycle pannier to buy, you will be interested in knowing the good and the bad of this model.


Cleaning: The textile is easy to wash, so you only need to submerge it in a soapy solution, rub it and rinse it in water.

Reflectors: Built-in reflective strips improve visibility to other drivers on dark roads.

Use: You can attach the pannier to the bike or use it as a shoulder bag, thanks to the built-in removable strap.

Pockets: You will have an interior mesh pocket to store small objects in an organized way.


Bag: The absence of a waterproof bag influences the protection of the saddlebag, but you can buy it separately.

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vintage bicycle panniers

5. Tourbon Waterproof Canvas Bike Rear Seat Bag

Tourbon is a recognized brand in the market, due to the high quality standards applied in the manufacture of each of its products, so it is not surprising the position acquired by these vintage bicycle panniers, belonging to its recent purchase catalogue.

It is a product with a spacious format, inside which you will have a couple of pockets, so that you can place some small objects, including a laptop no larger than 13 inches. On the outside, there is a lid with closure by means of a pair of straps, and an upper handle, which facilitates the manipulation of the structure.

In addition, a peculiarity of this pannier is its dual design, since you will not only be able to fix it on the rear seat of the bicycle, but it is also possible to use it as a crossbody-style bag over your shoulder. This is due to the incorporation of a removable strap.

Here, you can read more details of this bike pannier with functional design.


Handle: The incorporation of a top handle allows the saddlebag to be handled with great ease.

Waterproof: You won’t have to worry about spills, because the canvas used to make the product has waterproof properties.

Shoulder strap: It is possible to use this bag as a shoulder bag, since it incorporates a removable shoulder strap.

Pockets: You can carry a laptop up to 13 inches with you, thanks to the inside pocket specially designed for this function.


Bag: The incorporation of a bag is missing to protect the contents of the saddlebag in a better way.

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Urban bike panniers

6. Wildken Pannier for Bike Racks Rear Bags

This is a product recommended as the best value for money bicycle pannier, whose construction has been made of polyester fabric. It is a material that is characterized by offering an adequate level of resistance to abrasion, with a light and waterproof body. In addition, reflective fiber is incorporated in some areas, to improve road safety.

The structure of these panniers for urban bicycles is made up of two spacious modules, with a general storage capacity corresponding to 25 liters, which is an adequate area to carry personal belongings, bicycle tools, some packages, among other objects.

Regarding the adjustment method of this equipment, you will have a total of five straps with velcro closure on the back of the structure. In this way, you can easily fix the pair of modules that make up the saddlebag, on the rear support of the bicycle.

If you are looking for a bicycle pannier valued among the cheapest and with two spacious modules, do not hesitate to review the advantages and disadvantages of this model.


Cover: You will keep your luggage protected from the rain, thanks to the built-in waterproof cover.

Assembly: You will not need tools to assemble the panniers, because they have five velcro straps for quick adjustment.

Safety: A couple of reflective areas are added to enhance safety on dark roads.

Capacity: You can store a large number of objects in the saddlebag, due to its 25-liter capacity.


Rigidity: The saddlebag is not very rigid, so if it is not completely filled, it could deform.

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bicycle handlebar panniers

7. Selighting Waterproof Road and Mountain Bike Handlebar Bag

Among the saddlebags for bicycle handlebars with the highest positioning, is this model with dual function, made of 300D polyester, a material of good resistance, soft touch and waterproof. In addition, its well-cared finishes show the high level of quality of the product.

The structure has a format of 25 x 9 x 19 centimeters, with storage capacity for a maximum of four liters. In this way, you can carry with you an iPad, wallet, bottle of water, keys, the bicycle pump, among other small objects. All this, distributed in the main compartment and outer pockets.

It is important to mention that this saddlebag incorporates three velcro straps, for a secure fit in the bicycle handlebar area, as well as a removable strap, to use the bag as a shoulder strap. Also, you will have a convenient waterproof bag, in case of precipitation.

This is a bike pannier with pros and cons that you might find interesting.


Use: This saddlebag can be used on the bicycle handlebar or as a shoulder bag, since it incorporates a detachable strap.

Cleaning: The outer nylon fabric is easy to clean, with the help of a soft brush or damp cloth.

Bag: A waterproof bag is incorporated, in case unexpected precipitation occurs on the road.

Pockets: Its front pockets allow the storage of small objects and the side is suitable for storing a bottle.


Adjustment straps: The adjustment straps could be a bit short and obstruct the headlight.

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Vaude bike panniers

8. Vaude Karakorum Unisex Adult Saddlebag

If you usually go camping on your bike, you will surely need a spacious pannier in which you can store, in an organized way, all the necessary luggage for your stay outdoors. In this sense, the Vaude bicycle panniers would suit you, made with certified fabric that resists abrasion and capable of keeping the contents protected at all times.

The product has a functional three-piece design, so you will enjoy a pair of saddlebags and, in the upper area, a third module that can be easily disassembled, to be used as a backpack. This piece has a padded backrest and adjustable shoulder pads for greater ergonomics.

It is worth highlighting the large number of pockets incorporated into the equipment in the front and side area, as well as the spacious central compartments of the three modules, with divisions for a better distribution of luggage. There are also reflective trims to enhance road safety.

Let’s find out more about this bicycle pannier with the Vaude quality seal.


Cover: A waterproof cover is incorporated, so you do not have to worry about precipitation.

Pockets: You will be able to store all your equipment in an organized way, thanks to the large number of pockets incorporated into the structure.

Compression straps: Thanks to the compression straps, you can comfortably carry a tent or sleeping bag.

Design: With this product, you will enjoy two saddlebags and an upper area, which can be used as a backpack.


Fixings: The side fixings could come loose unexpectedly, if you are not careful when mounting them.

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Bike Pannier Accessories

Pannier rack for bicycle

Sonstige Gepacktrager Traveler Basic Luggage Carrier Unisex 

This is an aluminum bicycle pannier rack, with a load capacity of up to 25 kilograms, since it is a highly resistant metal. In addition, the surface of the equipment was enameled in black and offers protection against corrosion.

The structure has a pair of side handles, which are responsible for providing greater stability to the objects being transported, as well as providing easy mounting on the rear wheel of bicycles with disc brakes. This is because it incorporates a guide with special adjustment, adaptable to wheels with a diameter between 24 and 28 inches.

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Bicycle pannier holder

Comingfit Adjustable Alloy Rear Bike Carrier 

Comingfit presents this bicycle pannier rack with modern design and quick assembly, which has managed to capture the attention of buyers on the web. The structure was made of alloy enameled with black pigment, which offers not only a pleasant aesthetic, but also a load of up to 50 kilograms.

The support is light and incorporates all the necessary parts to be adjusted. In this way, you can fix it to the lower part of the seat post, with a clamp, as well as to the sides of the rear wheel of the bicycle. The best thing is that the structure fits correctly and does not generate any noise when rolling.

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Shopping guide

Saddlebags are storage equipment specially designed to transport small items and moderate luggage on the rear base of the bicycle. Their designs are usually varied, as are the manufacturing characteristics, so, before the imminent acquisition of the product, the ideal thing would be to review the following guide to buy the best bicycle pannier.

Pockets and dividers

One of the issues to evaluate in any comparison of bicycle panniers is the number of pockets and dividers incorporated in each of the modules that make up the structure. This is because, thanks to these compartments, you will be able to better distribute the objects to be stored in the saddlebags, which will allow you to save space, have everything organized and close at hand so that you can grab it quickly when you need it.

In general, bicycle panniers usually incorporate one to three large compartments, in which a series of fixed or removable dividers stand out, depending on the model. Likewise, they attach mesh pockets to place shoes or wet garments, while others have been provided with zipper, snaps or velcro on the outside. In this way, you will be able to store your keys, wallet, credentials, money or a snack, without fear of these objects being lost when moving through the countryside or the city.

In any case, the important thing is that you verify that the bicycle pannier to acquire has at least three internal subdivisions and no less than two external pockets with their respective closure. Thus, you will be able to keep the load organized and protected throughout your journey.


The fabric used to make bicycle panniers is an aspect that could influence how much the product costs, since, depending on the quality of said fiber, it will be the level of resistance offered to withstand the load and the environmental changes present during the cycle. each tour.

In this sense, the manufacturing brands are usually very careful and, therefore, implement generally certified textiles, that is, fibers with high quality standards. In this way, we can refer to materials such as polyester and nylon, which are not only robust in body, but also resistant to abrasion and humidity. For their part, other brands use polyamide or PVC fabric for their designs, which are synthetic fibers that are light and waterproof.


Bike pannier designs are often varied, so product selection could be relatively easy. Therefore, you should carefully review the options on the market and you will find a model capable of satisfying your needs for use.

In any case, it does not matter that it is a saddlebag considered good and economical, since if it does not have an ergonomic and functional design, then it could be an inappropriate purchase.

Among the saddlebags with greater positioning, those made up of a pair of side bags and a third upper module stand out, which generally incorporates a double zipper or straps to fix these parts together. In this way, it is possible for the person to use said bag as a backpack or shoulder bag, depending on the model. 

On the other hand, there are the single body panniers, which have a format with smaller dimensions, so that you can fix them on the handlebars and even on the rear support of the bicycle without difficulty.

waterproof cover

Although most models of bicycle panniers can be made of fabrics capable of repelling moisture caused by a spill, it is also true that, many times, these materials could be inefficient when heavy precipitation occurs. This occurs due to the thickness of the textile or because special zippers are not incorporated, which allows the rapid passage of moisture. In this sense, the ideal is that the product incorporates a waterproof cover, which fits the bags to completely protect the saddlebag.

In fact, nowadays, there are more and more manufacturer brands that include a cover made of completely synthetic fabric, with flexible edges for a maximum adjustment to the structure, in addition to laces or velcro, for a better fit to the purchase package of their bicycle panniers. quick close. 

Similarly, if the product you have decided to purchase does not include this accessory, you can get it at any physical or virtual sports store, since it is a fairly popular item among cyclists.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use the bike panniers?

To use your bicycle panniers, you have to start by placing the objects to be transported according to their weight inside each of the central modules. This means that the heaviest elements should be at the bottom and the lightest elements at the top. 

Also, place small objects such as keys, wallet, documentation, among others, in the outer pockets. Then, it only remains to fix the panniers on the rear support of the bicycle, being careful to adjust the straps correctly, to prevent the equipment from coming off while we ride through the countryside or the city.

Q2: How to make a bike panniers?

If you want to make your own bicycle panniers, you will have to start by selecting a model that you like and that suits your needs for use. To do this, you can access a portal specialized in the cutting and sewing of this type of backpacks. Thus, you will get the patterns for the preparation, along with the respective step by step to follow.

Then, mark and cut the patterns on the piece of fabric, to then join each of the pieces, with the help of a sewing machine. In addition, you will have to incorporate an inner lining for greater durability and protection of the luggage, as well as fix the zippers in the pockets and central compartment. Likewise, you must place the snaps or velcro on the adjustment straps. Remember to reinforce the seams and take care of the finishes.

Q3: How to prepare the bike panniers?

The preparation of the bicycle panniers is an intuitive task, for which you will only need to take said backpack and fill it with the objects you want to transport, trying, as far as possible, to achieve a balanced distribution of the weight, both inside and on the sides. external pockets.

Then, close all the zippers to avoid losing your luggage while you roll. In this way, you will be able to mount and fix said equipment on the rear wheel support, depending on the model of the saddlebags. Remember that if it is a rainy day, you can use a waterproof cover, which is usually included with the purchase of the product.

Q4: How to put panniers on a bicycle?

To start using your panniers, you just have to place them balanced on the metal support on the rear of the bicycle. Then, proceed to adjust the built-in clasps, buckles or velcro straps, but remember to be careful when performing this step, to achieve a correct coupling of the product on the mounting surface.

Q5: How to balance the load on the bike panniers?

To balance the load in the bicycle panniers, it is important that you start by placing the heaviest objects at the base of the structure and the lightest ones in the upper area. Also, try to place the luggage in both panniers, since if the right one is lighter than the left, or vice versa, you will immediately notice instability when driving.

Q6: What signage should bicycle panniers have?

Some panniers may have some kind of light signaling, which allows you to notice the bike at night or in dimly lit spaces. It does not necessarily have to be a specific symbol, it is enough to use some type of special fabric in a fluorescent color. Other models have built-in LED lights, which form a pattern to make it easier to identify the rider’s presence.

Q7: What can I carry in the bike panniers?

The objects to carry in the bicycle panniers depend on the needs of each person. For example, if you are going to work or study, you can take documents, books and personal items to use during the day. On the other hand, if you plan to go shopping, you can safely store all the groceries and food in the saddlebags. Likewise, those who use this type of backpack to go camping, could place their clothing, hygiene items, perishable food, pots, plates, compass, map, among other elements, inside.

Q8: How to clean bicycle panniers?

Cleaning bicycle panniers is not a difficult task to perform. You will only have to check the manufacturing label of the product, to know the type of fabric and the care to be taken at the time of washing.

Then, submerge the saddlebags in a container with a bleach-free soap solution and let it rest for a few minutes, then carefully rub the exterior with a soft bristle brush to remove all the dirt.

Next, rinse the saddlebags with plenty of fresh water and hang them in the open air until they dry. Remember to check if it is a suitable model to be incorporated into the washing machine. In this way, you can speed up the cleaning process.

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