The 8 Best Chemical Toilets of 2022

Chemical Toilet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are one of the people who leads a glamping lifestyle, in which you enjoy nature without sacrificing glamour, chemical toilets could be the best alternative in terms of comfort and privacy when you need to go to the toilet away from home. One of the models best valued by users is the BB Sport 16032, a product with a large capacity in its two tanks, equipped with a piston pump that ensures unloading and ease of use. Another option recommended by many is the Dometic sanipottie 966, a toilet with a seat, lid, leak and odor sealing.

The 8 Best Chemical Toilets – Opinions 2022

Next, we present you 8 of the best chemical toilets of the moment; in order that you can have a better perspective of what the market currently offers. The idea is that you find the model that best suits your needs, lifestyle and budget.

portable chemical toilet

1. BB Sport Camping Toilet with Piston Pump

If you are used to traveling by road with your family, a portable chemical toilet is a very useful product that could get you out of trouble. This model is one of the most recommended when you go camping or hiking, since it is an efficient, compact and easily portable toilet, since it weighs only 5.25 kilos.

It could be considered the best price-quality chemical toilet, not only because it is one of the cheapest, but also because it offers great features. It is equipped with a powerful piston pump, thanks to which it emits a jet of water that effectively cleans the inside of the toilet.

Likewise, it has a compartment integrated into its design that stores and allows you to have the roll of toilet paper at hand. In addition, it has a safety valve that prevents bad odors from escaping.

To know more details of this portable toilet, know its strong and weak points. In this way you can verify if it is the best chemical toilet of the moment.


Piston pump: Thanks to this feature, the toilet has a powerful jet of water that cleans the surface.

Capacity: It offers two large capacity tanks: 20 liters of clean water and 24 liters for organic waste; which favors use for several days.

Handles: Its design includes transport handles in each of the deposits, in order to provide better handling.


Load: Its maximum load is 130 kg, an aspect that you should consider when using it.

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2. Giganplast 3573900 Chemical toilet for Grigio caravan

If what you are looking for is a portable chemical toilet, with a structure similar to that of a conventional toilet, and with the practicality offered by these products, this simple, functional and ideal model to take on any trip could be the one; especially if you have children or older adults.

It is a toilet that does not require a connection to the drain, or construction work for its assembly, since its design includes a large-capacity tank where organic waste is stored. In addition, its emptying is a simple task, since it has a removable and easy-to-clean design.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, 38 x 36 x 41 cm, it is a toilet that you can take when you go camping at the weekend; so you will have the comfort you need to go to the bathroom.

It is a portable toilet that might interest you, since, in addition to its benefits, it is also one of the cheapest. Learn more details below.


Removable bucket: Thanks to its design that includes a removable bucket, you can easily empty the black water content.

Users: It has a size suitable for any user, so it can be used by children and adults.

Materials: It is a WC made of plastic resistant to intensive use, light and easy to clean.



Discharge: The tank and the mechanism that discharges the clean water are missing.

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Fixed chemical toilet

3. Dometic Portable Adult Anti-Leak Toilet

Among the best chemical toilets of 2022, this model stands out for its efficiency, small size and ease of use. It is a product that you can use when you go camping and need a private place to relieve yourself. However, thanks to its compact design, which takes up little space, it also offers you the possibility of mounting it as a stationary chemical toilet inside a van or caravan.

It is a toilet equipped with two tanks, one of 9.8 liters, which stores water for flushing and the other of 19 liters, which contains organic waste. Likewise, to avoid leaks and bad odours, it has a double sealing system; while its tank made in one piece, favors sealing. In addition, it has a lid for greater hygiene and thanks to its side closures it is a toilet that provides security.

When it comes to versatility and efficiency, this toilet could meet your expectations. We present a summary of its highlights.



Compact design: It is a model that offers you a compact design, with dimensions of 39 x 37 x 42 cm, so it takes up little space.

Anti-leak: Its black water tank is made in one piece, with double sealed valves that prevent leaks and bad odours.

Comfort: Thanks to its seat and lid, you will have a functional and comfortable chemical toilet.


Discharge capacity: Greater capacity in the clean water discharge tank would be appreciated.

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4. Thole Portable Bathroom Toilet with Lid & Armrest

The best chemical toilet must offer qualities of robustness, comfort, hygiene and also ease of cleaning; These features and more are present in this model. It is resistant and robust, since it is made of PVC plastic capable of supporting a load of up to 150 kilos without suffering deformation.

It is also a product that provides comfort, since it has an ergonomic design that includes armrests, a lid, a soft-touch seat and a practical compartment for toilet paper. Likewise, it is easy to clean and sanitize, since its black water tank is removable.

On the other hand, you can use it as a fixed chemical toilet for the bedroom of an elderly or disabled person. Similarly, it is easy to transport if you want to take it camping. For this, its dimensions are 59 x 78 x 52 cm and its weight is only 8 kilos.

If you want to make life easier for an older adult, you could consider this chemical toilet as an ideal solution. Next, its most outstanding aspects.


Comfort: It offers great comfort, as it has armrests, a lid, a seat and a compartment for paper.

Non- slip base: To provide greater stability on any floor, it has a non-slip base.

Resistant: Since it is made of PVC, it is a toilet that supports up to 150 kilos of load.


Colors: Due to the different configurations of the monitors, it is possible that the color indicated in the advertising differs slightly from the actual product.

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Thetford chemical toilet

5. Thetford 92820 Porta Potti 365 Qube Portable Toilet

Thetford is a leading brand in the market, producing products designed to enhance life outdoors, whether it be boating, caravanning or camping. In this sense, the Porta Potti 365 is a Thetford chemical toilet, which stands out for its efficiency and comfort; which is why it enjoys great acceptance among users.

It is a portable toilet that does not require connections, drains or sewers; since it offers a functional design equipped with two tanks, one for clean water with a capacity of 15 liters and another for black water, capable of holding up to 21 litres.

Similarly, in addition to providing hygiene, it also offers comfort. For which it has a lid and a 41 cm high seat, which is easy to use by children and adults.

Due to the high quality of its products and its prestige in the market, Thetford could be the best brand of chemical toilets. Read below the pros and cons of this model.


Large capacity: The discharge compartment has 15 liters and the black water compartment 21; which favors its use by several people.

Pump: It has a tank equipped with a manual piston pump, which ensures an efficient discharge.

Indicator: It has an indicator that allows you to know the level of the waste tank.


Cap: The white water tank cap could be improved in order to prevent any leaks.

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Chemical toilet for caravan

6. Homcom Portable Toilet with Lid for Camping Travel Elderly

There are many people who prefer to travel by road as a family; however, in order to avoid any mishaps along the way, what better than having a chemical toilet for a caravan, such as this Homcom model.

It is a multipurpose toilet, since it is not only recommended for caravans, but you can also use it in different situations. For this reason, it is very useful when it comes to people with disabilities, the sick or the elderly; It could also be the right one to use on boats, caravans and to take camping.

It offers a wide seat, of great comfort and stability; Likewise, it has a piston pump that discharges the water efficiently and with little effort. In addition, its resistant materials can withstand a load of up to 147 kilos and its cleaning can be done with ease.

If you don’t know which chemical toilet to buy for your next family vacation, you could consider this model in your comparison. Read on and analyze its strengths and weaknesses.


Utility: Thanks to its functional design, it is useful for patients, older adults and to take on boats or caravans.

Nozzle: It has a T-type nozzle that provides great coverage and cleanliness inside the toilet, which favors water savings.

Detachable: Its two tanks are detachable and have a carrying handle that favors portability.


Special liquids: For its correct operation, the use of special liquids is advisable.

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Small Portable Chemical Toilet

7. Enders Deluxe Camping Toilet 

It is possible that with so many options available, you still cannot define which is the best chemical toilet, which can cover your primary needs when you are away from home. To help you with your purchase decision, Enders has created this model that is light, compact and, at the same time, with a design that gives you the comfort of a conventional toilet.

It is a small portable chemical toilet that takes up little space. However, it offers you a comfortable height of 45 cm that is suitable for anyone. Likewise, its weight of only 3.7 kilos favors its portability; being able to take it with ease to any adventure or excursion you make.

On the other hand, to facilitate its hygiene, it has a smooth surface and a drainage tube that rotates conveniently, in order to easily eliminate all residues. In addition, it has a practical roll holder.

It is a useful and functional model to use inside or outside the home, so we invite you to learn about the positive and negative aspects of this portable toilet.


Ergonomics: Thanks to its comfortable, non-slip seat and a height of 45 cm, it is a WC that offers ergonomics to users.

Maintenance: You can remove the lid and the seat, for a deeper cleaning.

Drainage: It has a drainage tube that can be rotated to facilitate the emptying of the waste tank.



Anchorage: Since it is a portable model, it does not have an anchorage system to fix it in a certain space.

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Chemical toilet for van

8. Campingaz Easygo Portable Toilet

Traveling in a camper van could give you the possibility of having transportation and a hotel at the same time; Therefore, to get the most out of your vacation, you must have everything you need to make it pleasant and comfortable. To do this, having a chemical toilet for a van, like this model from Campingaz, could be the best solution to complement comfort during the journey and stay.

It is a toilet designed to provide comfort to the whole family, since it has a height of 41 cm and a wide oval seat that is soft to the touch. Likewise, it is equipped with a 20-liter capacity waste tank; Equipped with a practical handle that facilitates handling and a large spout that facilitates emptying. In addition, it is a robust product capable of supporting 130 kilos of weight.

In the characteristics of this chemical toilet we have highlighted its advantages and disadvantages, in order to help you make a purchase decision.


Special treatment: Both the seat and the bowl have a special antimicrobial treatment, which fights mold and bad odours.

Comfort: Thanks to its ergonomic design, you will have a spacious, comfortable toilet with a suitable height for the whole family.

Locking system: Its two pieces are firmly held together thanks to the locking system.


Dirty water tank: The inclusion of a mechanism that allows knowing the level of the dirty water tank would be appreciated.

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Accessories for chemical toilet


Liquid for chemical toilet

Ambiti Blue additive for black water waste tank

Ambiti Blue is a liquid for chemical toilets that not only eliminates bad odours, but also speeds up the disintegration of organic matter and toilet paper. Likewise, its formula has been developed with disinfectants that prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

Its presentation offers you a 5-liter bottle and its recommended dose is 60 ml in every 10 liters of water; so it is efficient and profitable. In addition, it is a product designed for allergic and chemically sensitive users, since its coloring is food-grade and does not contain perfumes.

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Tablets for chemical toilet

Dometic Greencare Self-degrading Ecological Tablets for Black Water

If you are one of the people who bet on the ecological, these powerful biodegradable chemical WC tablets could be the best option for your toilet; since it is a bottle of 16 pills, specially formulated to respect the environment.

Thanks to its dosage, you only need to use one unit for every 20 liters of water; which avoids excessive doses or handling of toxic liquids. Likewise, it is a product that quickly decomposes organic waste and eliminates unpleasant odors in any toilet that you have installed in your van, caravan or boat.

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Shopping guide

We have prepared this guide to buy the best chemical toilet, in order to present you with relevant information about these useful devices that make life easier for adventurers and people with reduced mobility. The idea is that you know the aspects that you should pay attention to so that your purchase is as successful as possible.

practicality and functionality

If you enjoy adventure and have a tent, a camper van or a caravan to go on vacation or camping with your friends or family, but you do not want to go through the inconvenience of having to search in the middle of nature for a place to go to the bathroom”; a chemical toilet could be the most suitable solution.

Chemical toilets are an alternative that offers practicality and functionality, when it comes to relieve yourself comfortably in an environment away from home. They are products designed to give you a plus of privacy and comfort, without giving up the experience of contact with a natural environment.

Today’s compact and efficient toilets can not only be used for camping or on vacation, but are also very useful around the home. Especially for convalescents, pregnant women or older adults with limited mobility, these products being the most suitable solution for these cases.

Its practicality is given by its ease of assembly, since it is not necessary to make complex pipe connections; so you can comfortably install them in any bedroom, and thus make life easier for anyone who needs to use the toilet frequently or who cannot travel to the bathroom.

In addition to all its advantages, these products also favor savings; since to keep them clean the use of water is much lower, compared to a conventional toilet.


To facilitate your comparison of chemical toilets, the market offers you in this category only two easily distinguishable types: fixed models and portable models; each of them has been designed to meet the different needs of users.

Starting with stationary chemical toilets, these products often offer higher capacity than their portable counterparts; Therefore, its discharge tank can store approximately 20 liters of water, while its waste compartment could contain an average of 25 liters of waste. These toilets are commonly integrated into motorhomes and have external access through a hatch, similar to the gasoline one.

Portable chemical toilets, on the other hand, are compact, lightweight, easily manipulated and comfortable models to take anywhere you need to use a toilet. They have a tank with a smaller capacity than the fixed models and usually have a non-slip base that favors their stability.


In general, regardless of whether it is an expensive or cheap chemical toilet, these products offer a design that adapts to small spaces, making them ideal for mounting in a van or taking for a camping weekend.

The vast majority have a cistern or water discharge tank, which drags waste from the surface. Likewise, it has a black water tank. A specially sealed compartment with valves that collects organic matter and where the blue chemical product is poured, which disintegrates it in less time.

Its design also includes a cover, with a function equal to that of conventional toilets. Some models have a special compartment to store toilet paper and always have it at hand. In addition, there are toilets equipped with technology that indicates their capacity, which can be a light or a colored plastic material, which indicates the level reached by the tank.


Before looking at how much a chemical toilet costs, evaluate its manufacture. When it comes to these devices, manufacturers use high-quality plastic; being this a resistant, light material, easy to clean and that does not absorb odours.

Likewise, try to find a model that efficiently supports the weight of your body or that of the person who is going to use it. In this sense, you should look at the maximum load capacity that it offers you, in order not to exceed the established limit.

On the other hand, in terms of cleaning, it is advisable that you do not dispose of the organic content of the tank anywhere, and even less directly in nature, since they are highly polluting substances.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Where to empty a chemical toilet?

The indicated places to empty the black water tank of the toilet are in the areas of chemical toilets, which are found in campsites, camping areas and service stations on the highways.

These areas are commonly marked with some kind of sign indicating that this service is available; however, you must be aware of the specific time to be able to empty it.

Likewise, when emptying the tank it is advisable to wear gloves. Also make sure that your feet are not exposed, this way you will protect yourself from splashes.

Q2: How to clean a chemical toilet?

Frequently cleaning the chemical toilet is essential to maintain good hygiene, so it is advisable that you carry out this task every time you empty the organic waste tank.

To clean it, do it as if it were a common toilet, use gloves, a cloth and bleach. Start by leaving the tank with water and bleach for ten minutes, then dump the liquid and rinse with water a few more times. When you’re done, use the cloth with bleach to get it really clean and do the same process with the outside.

It should be noted that it is important to clean the chemical toilet whenever you have finished a trip and are going to stop using it for a while. The idea is to store it as impeccably as possible and thus avoid the proliferation of bacteria and a bad smell.

Q3: How does the chemical toilet of a caravan work?

There are caravans that originally have a WC integrated into their furniture; these products work much the same as a portable toilet, except for two aspects.

Firstly, the chemical products are poured into compartments located in the upper part and it is through them that the deposits are accessed. The second aspect is that, in order to empty the black water tank, these fixed models have a connection that has an outlet to a hatch located outside the caravan (similar to the gasoline tank nozzle); It is through there that you can empty the black water tank and recharge the cistern.

Q4: How to use a portable chemical toilet?

Portable chemical toilets have a black water tank (the lower tank), where you must introduce water and blue liquid in a proportion as indicated by the instructions of the chemical product brand.

In the tank of the tank is where you must pour the pink liquid mixed with water; You should never use bleach, or any other chemical product that could react with the blue liquid.

The liquids remain active for 4 or 5 days, so after this time you must empty the waste tank and fill it again. It is important to note that chemicals are toxic substances and the gases they produce should not be inhaled, so you should always keep the toilet lid closed.

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