The 8 Best Cycling Glasses of 2022

Cycling Glasses – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Cycling glasses are everything you need not only to protect yourself from the sun, but also to prevent insects, dust and dirt from entering your vision. Something that is a guarantee of protection so that your eyes do not suffer more during your routes. A task for which you have all kinds of products, such as the OAKLEY Flight Jacket glasses. A product made of composite with sun protection and a wide area of ​​protection for the eyes, designed with a lower frame. If you prefer a more traditional model, you can use the Rockbros 10068 glasses. This photochromic model adapts its glass according to the level of sun in the environment and has a design with adjustable nose pads for greater comfort.

The 8 Best Cycling Glasses – Opinions 2022

When it comes to riding safely, all you have to do is look for the best cycling glasses you can find. Products with which to protect your eyes from the sun, the cold or the small projections of objects that can damage your eyes on the road. A search in which the list of the best cycling glasses of 2022, which we are going to analyze below, is all you need to find the best cycling glasses according to your needs.

Oakley cycling glasses

1. Oakley Flight Jacket OO9401 Sunglasses for Unisex

In our list of the best cycling glasses of the moment we find the OAKLEY Flight Jacket OO9401 model. Glasses from a top-tier manufacturer that is even the best brand of cycling glasses for many users.

These glasses have a mounting in which the frame rests on the nose area, although leaving the upper part free. Something that makes the product lighter and allows the glasses to fit properly on the nose. Another of the strengths of this model are its lenses with Prizm technology. This technology allows you to enjoy a better view of the road, with more vivid and striking colors. Something very useful both on the road and especially in the countryside or mountains, where seeing everything clearly is essential.

These Oakley cycling glasses are finished with a very light weight and considerable resistance, so you do not have to worry about anything else when it comes to rolling.

Enjoying a better vision when shooting is easy thanks to everything that these modern glasses offer you.


Prizm technology : This system adds more color and contrast to your view when driving.

Adjustment : The goggle adjustment process is very simple and gives you extra comfort when riding.

Weight : Its weight is very light and it adapts ergonomically to your face.

UVA protection : The glasses have sun protection up to 400nm, along with protection against blue light.

Adjustable temples: The temples can be adjusted in extension, to better fit your helmet.

Spare parts : In case you need it, you have spare lenses for the glasses.


Visual adjustment : You may need some time for your vision to adjust properly to the format of the glasses and their lenses.

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Photochromic cycling glasses

2. RockBros Photochromic Sunglasses UV 400 Protection

Among the most outstanding models on the market we have the Rockbros 10068 photochromic cycling glasses. These glasses have an intelligent system that is responsible for adjusting the sun protection depending on the intensity of the surrounding light. So the more light there is, the darker the glasses become. Therefore, the product is ideal to see everything clearly on cloudy days and so that the sun does not dazzle on high intensity days.

These glasses also include the corresponding UV filter, so that the sun does not harm your eyes. So that you also have high comfort, these glasses barely weigh 30 grams, with adjustable fins and more comfortable temples, which help to adjust the glasses on the face as you like. An aspect in which flexible and soft elements are also included in the areas in contact with the face.

To make it easier for you to decide which cycling glasses to buy, you only have to know this model in depth.


Photochromic: Its photochromic characteristics adjust the protection to the surrounding light conditions.

Lightweight : The glasses weigh just 30 grams, making them easy to wear comfortably.

Materials : The materials in contact with the face are very soft and pleasant to the touch during the route.

Adjustable : You can adjust elements such as the temples or the rubber bridges, among others.


Dark areas: It is important to shoot carefully in tunnels or areas with sudden changes in light, due to the characteristics of the glasses.

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Prescription cycling glasses

3. Bertoni Sports Prescription Glasses with Optical Clip

Wearing prescription glasses can be a problem when shooting. Luckily, there are also prescription cycling glasses on the market or those that give the option of riding with conventional vision lenses, to see everything clearly.

Among these models, we have the Bertoni AF399 glasses, which are made of high-resistance black polycarbonate and, due to their structural characteristics, allow better eye protection. In addition, you have three sets of different lenses with three different tones, to change them according to the environment.

Regarding corrective lenses, the product includes another space designed to insert the corresponding prescription lenses, giving you optimal vision when driving by keeping these lenses in position. It is finished with an elastic band, which keeps the set in place and prevents the glasses from moving during exercise.

Keep your eyes on the road correctly with everything these cycling glasses offer you.


Structure: The glasses are made of high-strength and quality black polycarbonate.

Interchangeable lenses: The glasses are accompanied by three different lenses that can be changed comfortably on the structure.

Support band : The back band of the glasses is elastic and keeps the glasses secure and in place.


Fogging: Some feedback indicates issues with kit fogging.

Temples : The temples are somewhat hard according to some comments, although this problem disappears with use.

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cycling sunglasses

4. CrazyFire Sports Sunglasses

Cycling sunglasses are the easiest option for cycling without worrying about the effect of the sun. A segment in which we find products such as CrazyFire CS001 glasses, one of the cheapest at the moment.

These glasses have the conventional design, which mounts the lenses in the upper part of the frame, while offering a comfortable support for the nose in the central part of the model. A design in which we have UV 400 protection and five different lenses, so that they adjust to what you prefer and to all kinds of environments.

These lenses are unbreakable and also have a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. Something that brings the model closer to being the best value for money cycling glasses of our chosen products. By the way, so that you don’t miss anything, the glasses come with a case to carry them when not necessary.

We give you more information about these cheap but efficient cycling glasses when it comes to protecting your eyesight.


Protection : Despite being a cheap model, it has high-quality UV 400 sun protection.

Lenses : The product has five interchangeable lenses adapted to all types of environments.

Case : The lot is accompanied by a case with which to carry the glasses wherever you want while you are not using them.


Adjustment: Some comments indicate that the adjustment is a little higher than desirable, so that the air penetrates at the bottom.

Size : The glasses tend to be larger than expected, so they can be baggy for users with a narrow face.

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Adidas cycling glasses

5. Adidas Evil Eye Evo PRO L a193-6070

Adidas is an iconic brand in the world of sports, whose products are characterized by providing recognized quality standards, with the purpose of improving the performance of athletes on the field of play.

This model of cycling glasses, belonging to the purchase catalog of said manufacturer, represents an outstanding option in the market. It is a unisex type structure, which can be used by men or women, with an average measurement of 57 centimeters around the head.

In addition, the product incorporates a special pad in the nose area, with the purpose of avoiding carvings, providing comfort and improving the fit to the face. For its part, the glass has been treated to protect vision against ultraviolet rays. In this way, the color of the glass changes rapidly, depending on the degree of radiation.

These are modern and anatomical cycling glasses that will provide you with the necessary protection when riding. Here, more details.


Glass: You will be able to provide special care to the eyes, thanks to the fact that the glass was treated to adapt to the different ultraviolet radiation.

Cushion: The cushion arranged for the nose provides greater comfort and improves fit.

Bag: A bag made of microfiber is incorporated to transport the glasses safely.

Target: This is a suitable product for men and women, due to its unisex design.


Size: These glasses could be a little big for some faces, so you should be careful when selecting them.

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Polarized cycling glasses

6. Inbike Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

When it comes to looking for glasses to ride a bicycle, it is usual to resort to quality polarized cycling glasses. Products among which we find the Inbike YJ-IG911-002 model. These glasses have a conventional design, with the support bridge at the top and the support on the nose at the bottom.

The product includes five different polarized lenses, which are easy to change depending on what you need at any given time. All these lenses share UV400 protection, as well as against all types of sun rays and the dreaded blue light, to give you greater safety during use.

Regarding their comfort, in addition to the comfortable design of the temples, the glasses also have a light weight, about 35 grams, which makes it much easier to wear them comfortably even during long hours.

Keep control over your route just by taking a look at all the functions of this model and what it offers you when driving.


Polarized: The polarized effect adds extra security against the sun’s rays and light.

Lenses: The product includes five different lenses, so you can choose the one that suits you best at all times.

Protection: The product has UV 400 protection, ideal for preventing the sun from disturbing during filming.


Instructions : The product is not accompanied by instructions in Spanish, although it is not something that is necessary.

Fit: The fit over the bridge of the nose is rather narrow, leading to the glasses sitting on the higher side.

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Spiuk cycling glasses

7. Spiuk Jifter Unisex Adult Goggles

Spiuk cycling glasses are another of those products that cannot be missed when it comes to quality cycling glasses. The chosen model is the Spiuk Jifter, which stands out for its enveloping geometry and ergonomic design. Two fundamental elements with which to better protect your face when shooting.

The lenses feature the brand’s high-quality design, with a shatterproof format and UV400 protection, finished off with two air intakes at the top. These intakes create adequate airflow in the eye area and prevent heat from condensing in the area.

Regarding the mount, it also has closed temples and finished off with non-slip material, which prevents damaging the ears during use and the movement of the product when rolling.

If you prefer Spiuk glasses as travel companions, all you have to do is take a look at this interesting model.


Lens: The lens is shatterproof and features a high protection polarized design.

Design : The design completely covers the face area, although with a good air intake at the top.

Terminals : The pins have non-slip terminals for greater comfort and do not move during use.


Single format: Compared to other models with several lenses, here we are talking about a model that includes a single conventional lens.

Resistance : Several comments indicate that the resistance of the mount can be improved, mainly in the central part.

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Bolle cycling glasses

8. Bollé Sonnenbrille 6th Sense Cycling Glasses

Bolle cycling glasses are another interesting alternative to properly equip yourself when it comes to riding a bicycle. The Bollé Sonnenbrille model has details such as integrated photochromic lenses, which automatically adjust to the amount of light in the environment and make it easy to see everything clearly in both bright and low light. As if that were not enough, these lenses also have an anti-fog treatment, as well as another oleophobic and hydrophobic treatment, which prevents both facial oil and water from sticking to the lens area and causing problems during use.

Regarding the mount, it has considerable quality and a design that does not bother the ears, no matter how long the route is. And to look stylish, you have up to six different colors to choose from.

We leave you more information about these Bollé cycling glasses and everything they offer you to protect your eyes.


Photochromic: This type of lens evolves according to the light present in the environment and gives you precise protection.

Treatments : The glasses have a treatment against fogging, water and grease.

Light : As befits a top brand product, it has a light weight and high comfort.


Intensity: Some comments indicate that the intensity of the light change is low and somewhat slow.

Prices and colors: It is surprising to see how a simple change in color considerably modifies the price of the product.

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Shopping guide

Whether it’s sunny, rainy or cloudy, wearing cycling glasses is a smart move. Especially thanks to the current wide variety, which allows us to enjoy glasses of all kinds and suitable for practically any weather situation that we have in our environment. To make it easier to find that perfect product for you, you can find your way around with our guide to buying the best cycling glasses, with the key points that mark the choice of a quality product.

lens type

One of the fundamental aspects of any glasses are the lenses. In the case of cycling glasses, it is convenient to see the type of lens that they mount, since the usefulness of each lens differs considerably and offers different approaches.

One of them is photochromic cycling glasses. These have lenses that react according to the amount of sun present in the environment. The more sun, the darker the glasses, while when there is no sun, the lenses remain transparent and give a better visual quality. Something that improves the format of polarized glasses, with which to have a vision adapted to the sun, although not as efficient when the day is cloudy.

The alternative to these approaches are transparent glasses, which usually do not have sun protection or anything similar. They are the perfect solution when you simply want to protect your eyes and the day is not sunny. Although if you have doubts about what each lens offers, you also have glasses with different types of interchangeable lenses. These lenses usually cover all kinds of situations, so it is easier to adapt to the environment at all times.

glasses frame

Although what most influences when looking for cycling glasses and how much the product costs are usually the lenses, the truth is that the part of the frame also has its importance. Especially if you are looking for good and cheap cycling glasses, since with uncomfortable glasses you will never go very far, no matter how cheap they are.

This mount is usually presented in two main designs, as we can see in any comparison of cycling glasses that falls into our hands. One of these approaches is the one that holds the crystals at the top, with the support for the nose at the bottom. The other model holds the glasses from below, joining the glass bridge and the support area. Both options are suitable and it is a mere matter of preference to choose one model or the other.

It is important that the mount fits properly on our face and according to the corresponding measure, within the options that the manufacturer offers. Something that also adjusts the area of ​​the sideburns, which are responsible for the product sitting properly on the face and not causing discomfort during use. Some products even allow these temples to be adjusted in extension, thus making the process of placing them inside the helmet easier.

comfort of use

Once we have the two main bases of the glasses, it is time to talk about the comfort of use that the product offers us. A comfort that begins with the design of the lenses. These can be closed or open, being able to choose the level of protection that suits us best. Yes, it is convenient that this lens has air intakes, which better cool the eye socket area.

Materials in contact with the face are also important, such as those on the bridge of the nose or the area of ​​the sideburns. These areas must have soft materials that are very pleasant to the touch, incorporating foams and other pleasant elements even during the longest route sessions. And if this frame also has adjustment elements on the bridge or the temples, much better to ride comfortably.

As a final aspect, it is worth assessing whether the product is accompanied by an elastic band or not. This band is not essential, although it holds the glasses to the back of the head and keeps them in position, thus preventing them from moving. This band is not necessary in models that, due to the measurements of the pins, can be “embedded” directly in the socket or interior spaces of the helmet. So it all depends on what we prefer.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use cycling glasses?

The use of cycling glasses is as simple as taking them out of their case and placing them on our face. However, it is important that when wearing the glasses they are placed correctly and properly adjusted on our face, which we will talk about later.

Q2: How to clean cycling glasses?

To clean cycling glasses, it is recommended to use a soft cloth, such as chamois or a microfiber cloth. These cloths properly clean the surface of the glasses and avoid scratching or damaging the structure during the process. If necessary, you can use a glass cleaner or a specific cleaning product for glasses. It is also possible to clean the glasses using a cleaning cloth or similar, although always trying not to rub excessively to avoid damage to the area of ​​the glasses.

Q3: Are there prescription glasses for cycling?

There are cycling glasses that, due to their characteristics, support the carving process that is needed to graduate them. On the other hand, we also find different prescription glasses on the market with the most common adjustments that users may need, which is a more efficient solution than looking for an adjustable model. In any case, as we have mentioned, it is also possible to find it for those who need a more complex graduation than the conventional ones.

Q4: How to prevent cycling glasses from fogging?

There are many methods that we have within our reach to prevent glasses from fogging up, although it is somewhat complicated. Among these remedies, we have the use of toothpaste inside the lenses, leaving a smooth layer without damaging the glass. A process in which we can also use vinegar diluted in water, dishwasher or even a potato cut and rubbed on the inside of the lenses. All these elements leave an additional transparent layer that prevents fogging, in theory. As an alternative, we have commercial solutions in the form of sprays or wipes, which do practically the same thing, really.

Q5: How do light-darkening cycling glasses work?

Photochromic cycling glasses are glasses that have the property of lightening and darkening depending on the amount of light present in the environment. These glasses work by means of a specific polymer that is used in their manufacture and that reacts with direct ultraviolet light. When light falls on the glasses, they darken, with greater intensity the greater the amount of light received. When the presence of light ceases, then the glasses clear. It is true that it is not an instantaneous process, but at least we have the advantage that the product being progressive allows our eyes to better adjust to the circumstances.

Q6: What are clear cycling glasses for?

Cycling glasses not only protect us from the sun, but also protect us from other threats that we may have on our route. Among these threats are insects, which have a bad habit of landing on our eyes, or stones and other elements that can also jump out at us during the route. All this without forgetting the effects of the cold, which can dry out the eyes during the march and especially during the descents on the harshest winter days. So adding this extra protection to our eyes is not a bad idea.

Q7: How to adjust cycling glasses?

The process of adjusting cycling glasses involves adapting the different elements present in them so that they fit better to our face during the route. Among the elements with which we can play are the pads, which we can change according to our preferences. We can also play with the rear support strap, if included, which helps maintain a specific position for the glasses. All this without forgetting the angle adjustment that the most advanced models allow, with which to place the crystals directly in the desired position. It is enough to tweak each of these settings until the glasses and their lenses offer us the best vision.

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