The 8 Best Cycling Jerseys of 2022

Cycling Jersey – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are a professional cyclist, training to become one, or just a regular in this discipline and looking to improve your times, you will need much more than the bike, so it is prudent that you have the appropriate clothing. One of these garments is the cycling jersey, a kind of mesh that improves perspiration and protection and is available in different brands and models. So, if you are looking for a complete alternative, you may be interested in the X-TIGER Men model, an option with pants and a t-shirt that is available in several sizes. If, on the other hand, you are only looking for an option to cover the torso, Mysenlan JZR-Dz-FU is a model with a zipper and three-dimensional cut, with resistance to the wind.

The 8 Best Cycling Jerseys – Opinions 2022

Although they are not the most used garments, cycling jerseys are the most suitable clothing for this discipline because they are made of fine, breathable and elastic fabric that fits the body and provides comfort, as well as ergonomics and protection during pedalling. If you are thinking of buying a cycling jersey, you should review the following section in which we will summarize the general characteristics of the eight best cycling jerseys on the market.

Men’s cycling jersey

1. X-TIGER Men’s Bike with 5D Gel Padding MTB

The best cycling jersey on the market is one that provides an adequate level of comfort and protection, like this model from the manufacturer X-Tiger, available in various sizes and notable for being elastic. It is a men’s cycling jersey that can be found in predominantly black in gradient, with white and green details, so its appearance is sporty.

In addition, it is an integral model, since it includes the upper part to protect the trunk and the lower part to cover the extremities. In fact, the pants have been equipped with a gel reinforcement, which provides greater comfort when sitting on the saddle.

This alternative is made of breathable lycra fabric and is soft against the skin. Its design is modern, with sleeves and a fitted cut. It has a full zipper closure system at the front that ends at the cyclist’s neck, making it comfortable.

XTiger presents a model that has been repeatedly recognized as the best cycling jersey of the moment. Here its pros and cons.


Design: It has a design with short sleeves and a full zip up to the neck that is available in black with details.

Clothing: Its clothing is made from lycra textile, with reinforcements in the seams.

Protection: It incorporates gel protection pads, for greater ergonomics on the saddle.

Pieces: It is made up of a complete set, which includes both the shirt for the trunk and the pants.


Zipper: It has been found that the zipper on this model can be a bit flimsy.

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Women’s cycling jersey

2. Mysenlan Women Cycling Jersey Maillot

Considered one of the best cycling jerseys of 2022, this model from the manufacturer Mysenlan is positioned at the top of the top for its proper functioning and protection, which enhances performance on the route. It is a women’s cycling jersey that is available in various sizes: from XS to XL.

It has a design with a feminine and three-dimensional cut, where colors such as yellow, lilac and pink are combined with black, to achieve a modern and sporty aesthetic. It’s made of polyester and mesh fabric with 18% spandex, so it’s light, soft and able to absorb moisture during pedaling to reduce friction.

In addition, its construction integrates textile technology that reduces wind resistance and improves the cyclist’s physical energy. This pullover has a YKK zipper, strong, stable, easy to pull and anti-wrinkle properties.

If you are looking for a quality manufacturer, you should know that Mysenlan is considered by many to be the best cycling jersey brand on the market. Read details about your model.


Technology: Incorporates textile technology that reduces wind resistance, absorbs moisture and reduces friction.

Zipper: It is equipped with a strong YKK zipper that is easy to pull.

Design: Its design covers the torso and has a feminine style with a three-dimensional print.

Adaptability: It adjusts to the body and provides adequate ventilation that absorbs moisture.


Size: It is necessary to check the size and dimensions because it may be tighter than expected.

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Children’s cycling jersey

3. Dare 2b Sociate Kids Cycling Jersey

The manufacturer Dare 2b presents a model that has features that could help answer the question of which is the best cycling jersey on the market, since it has been made with high standards and resistant materials. This alternative has been designed for the little ones in the house who are venturing into the sports discipline, so it is a cycling jersey for boys with a sporty and fitted style, with a medium zipper and reflective material.

The alternative is made of lightweight polyester, which improves absorption with Q-Wic technology and ensures breathability through the mesh areas for adequate performance, since the fabric dries quickly.

The model only includes the part of the torso in blue color in various scales, with orange zipper and medium length, with a sliding and discreet closure. Also, it includes two compartments on the back to store small objects.

Deciding which cycling jersey to buy can be a challenge. Therefore, you can review the pros and cons of this model.


Design: It has a high neck design, with a half-length zipper, suitable for children because of its blue color.

Technology: The manufacturer has added Q-Wic technology that improves breathability and moisture absorption.

Construction: It is made of lightweight but resistant polyester, with reinforced seams.

Compartments: Includes a couple of pockets on the back to carry keys or energy snacks.


Temperature: Due to the properties of the fabric, this model is only suitable for high summer temperatures.

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original cycling jersey

4. Moxilyn Men’s Cycling Jerseys

Available in a wide variety of colors, prints and sizes, this Moxilyn model is one of the most sought-after alternatives on the market, due to its design, which makes it one of the original cycling jerseys. This piece has been made with high quality fabrics that fit the body, for an athletic fit and soft against the skin.

In addition, the model has been created to absorb sweat and dry quickly, so that the cyclist remains comfortable and cool throughout the ride. It incorporates a quality zipper that slides easily, regardless of the environment where you are.

For added convenience, it has a triple pocket design on the back, which can be used to store small items such as mobile phones, energy snacks or water. Within the styles, it is possible to select just the jersey or the full jersey, which incorporates a 9.9D gel pad for added comfort.

Before making a hasty purchase, you should learn more about the pros and cons of this Moxilyn model.


Zipper: It incorporates a quality zipper that slides well, to remove and put on easily.

Construction: Its construction is three-dimensional and seamless, so it molds to the body efficiently.

Fabric: It is made with a light fabric with absorbent properties that dries quickly and provides freshness.

Pockets: It incorporates a triple pocket on the back of the shirt to store food, keys or the phone.


Size: The model may appear larger in areas such as the sleeves, which, depending on the wearer’s build, can be a drawback.

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Winter cycling jersey

5. Sports Hera Men’s Thermal Cycling Jersey

If you are looking for a model that is of quality and that serves to improve performance on the bike on different routes, you cannot ignore this option, which has been designed as a cycling jersey for winter. This alternative is made of Super Thermal Elastic, a fabric with thermal but breathable properties that keeps the cyclist warm and also repels water.

This material has been equipped with textile technology to activate blood flow and keep muscles active and fit while pedaling. Similarly, for greater safety and visibility of the runner at night, the option incorporates reflective points.

It has a sporty design that fits the body and is available in black, with orange sleeves. In the model it is possible to select the size from M to XXXL and has an elegant cut with long sleeves, high neck and full zipper.

This model is one of the most sought after by buyers for its high-end properties. Learn about its main features.


Zipper: It has a YKK front zipper, with a cycling collar and full cut.

Design: It has a modern and sporty long-sleeved design that is available in black, with orange details.

Protection: To ensure that the cyclist is seen at night, it incorporates reflective material.

Winter: Its construction is thermal and breathable, with fabric that repels water, which is suitable for winter.


Colours: The colors of the sleeves may differ in hue, making them less intense than expected.

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Sleeveless cycling jersey

6. Sports Hera Cycling Clothing Sleeveless Jersey

Available in a wide variety of colours, this model is usually the recommended option for those who are looking for the best value for money jersey, as this is one of the cheapest products on the market. This is a flatlock seam option that stands out as a sleeveless cycling jersey, which is designed with a body-hugging fit for summer riding.

Therefore, the alternative has been made of elastin polyester fabric with light properties, which allow proper perspiration and moisture removal to provide freshness.

For greater versatility, the manufacturer has included three pockets on the back, in which everything from water to snacks can be stored. In addition, this Sports Hera model includes a YKK zipper on the front, which is full cut, with a cycling collar, high quality and easy sliding.

The quality and price of this model make it one of the cheap cycling jerseys on the market.


Construction: It has a careful construction, made with quality materials and flat seams.

Design: Its style is sporty and it is available in several colors, with a sleeveless design for summer.

Zipper: Includes a full cut YKK zipper on the front that is strong and unobtrusive.

Perspiration: Being a light piece, there is a correct perspiration and sensation of freshness.


Pockets: Although it includes pockets on the back, these are small and tight.

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Long sleeve cycling jersey

7. Santic Men’s Bicycle Jersey

If, after knowing some alternatives, you still don’t know which model to buy, then you could take a look at the properties of this Santic option that stands out among the best. This long-sleeved cycling jersey is made with lightweight textiles that provide correct breathability to the cyclist, since a thin mesh fabric has been incorporated for quick drying.

In addition, it has added non-slip gel strips, as well as bands that reduce the friction of the skin with the textile, for greater comfort while pedaling. Similarly, the jersey has been equipped with three vertical waterproof pockets.

Due to its characteristics, it is suitable for cycling activities during the winter, since it protects more than conventional models, without reducing its drying qualities. On the other hand, the manufacturer has included reflective strips on the back of the neck, to ensure that the cyclist is seen while pedaling at night.

An efficient purchase is one that is analyzed in detail. Therefore, it is worth knowing more about this model.


Reflective: Includes strips of reflective material on the back of the neck so that the cyclist can be seen on the road more easily at night.

Design: It has a modern and sporty long-sleeved design that is designed for summer.

Materials: Its manufacture is made with lightweight materials and mesh for adequate breathability.

Pockets: It incorporates a couple of pockets on the back sides, which have waterproof properties.


Size: This model fits just right, so the manufacturer recommends ordering a size larger than the regular one.

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long cycling jersey

8. Santic Men’s Long Sleeve MTB Bicycle Jersey

If you are looking for a long cycling jersey, you have come to the right option because this model from the manufacturer Santic is one of the most recommended on the market, since it is made with light and breathable textiles such as mesh. In addition, technology has been added to this construction that provides greater comfort and benefits during pedaling.

Due to its properties, this jersey is recommended for use by men in the fall season. In order for the cyclist to be seen at night, the manufacturer has included a reflective strip in the rear area in the waist area.

Likewise, this model has been equipped with three vertical and waterproof pockets on the back to store water or small objects such as a mobile phone while on the road. It has a tape that is responsible for absorbing moisture, which prevents friction between the skin and the material.

This Santic model is recognized for its high-end functional properties for cycling.


Pockets: It is equipped with three pockets on the back that are waterproof, to be able to carry objects such as a mobile phone.

Design: It has a sporty design, which is available in various colors and with long sleeves.

Fabric: The model’s construction has been made of light and breathable fabric that provides comfort.

Reflective: In order for the cyclist to be noticed on the road at night, the manufacturer incorporated reflective bands.


Season: It is not a practical jersey to wear on very cold days or in the winter season.

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Shopping guide

To have adequate performance on the route and enhance physical abilities, it is necessary to be equipped with sports clothing that is suitable for the demands of cycling. Jerseys are the garments par excellence that every professional cyclist must have in the wardrobe. However, before you venture out to buy one at random, you need to be able to identify attributes that lead to a good purchase. So that you can determine its quality, we present the following guide to buying the best cycling jersey, in which we explain the characteristics that you should pay attention to.

Materials and manufacturing

To find out how much a cycling jersey costs, it would be convenient for you to do an analysis of the materials that the manufacturer used to make the sports garment, since these are a direct indicator of its quality and cost. The jerseys must be fitted to the body, like a kind of skin.

For this reason, they are usually made of textile materials suitable for sports and perspiration. Hence, many brands incorporate polyester, spandex, as well as other flexible textiles, to which some mesh areas can be added in their clothing.

Similarly, in the case of winter models, they can be made with thermal textiles that allow the concentration of heat so that the cyclist does not feel cold.

On the other hand, it is necessary that, when making a choice, it is necessary to check that the construction of the piece is high-end, with reinforced seams or, failing that, without seams, but with resistant finishes that denote quality. In addition, in the case of complete pieces, it is indicated to acquire those that incorporate areas padded with gel.


A cheap cycling jersey may not have the high competition standards that will lead the cyclist to beat their own limits and improve their times. The most suitable models are usually those that have been equipped with sports textile technology. Some brands have invested in the research and development of innovations that can be applied to jerseys to make them lighter, moisture wicking and quick drying.

Under these conditions, the cyclist can pedal for kilometers without feeling hot or uncomfortable due to sweat. On the contrary, when he uses jerseys that have been treated with textile technologies, his physical abilities are enhanced and the level of fatigue is reduced. These technologies apply to both winter models and summer models, with their advantages adjusted to each season.


If you want to make an efficient comparison of cycling jerseys, then you must include the design within the aspects to be contrasted. In the design of these sports garments, different aspects can be selected. For example, some designs are made with feminine styles, others masculine and many others are for children.

In addition, another aspect of the design has to do with the season in which it is going to be used. Some alternatives are long-sleeved, suitable for winter, while options with or without short sleeves are recommended for summer. In the design, you can select whether it will be a complete piece or one piece, which covers the torso and lower extremities or if it is only for the upper part. In the same way, according to tastes and personality, colors and patterns can be selected.

zipper and pockets

Most cycling jerseys are equipped with zippers on the front. According to the model, these can be of two types: half-length, which go from the chest to the neck, or full length. In either case, these zippers should be sturdy, strong, and slide easily up and down, no matter the temperature.

Some cycling jersey alternatives are equipped on the back with small, practical pockets in which the cyclist can store everything from snacks to personal items such as keys and mobile device during the ride. There are models that incorporate two compartments and others include three. In any case, it is convenient that these pockets are waterproof and include a zipper closure system, to prevent objects from being lost.

reflective area

Cycling jerseys are efficient garments to improve pedaling performance and reduce wind resistance. When cycling, there are some complex routes and sometimes it is necessary to ride at night or in foggy conditions, so you need to be seen by cars and other cyclists, so as to reduce the risk of accidents. accidents. Aware of this, some manufacturers have added reflective material to key areas of the jersey structure.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a cycling jersey?

If you are not used to this kind of sports clothing, it may be a bit annoying at first to wear a cycling jersey because due to the properties of the fabric it tends to be tailored to the body, hence the use will depend on the model. In the case of jumpsuits, there are some alternatives that include a mesh, which must be placed first by inserting both legs into the holes for this purpose and then running your hands through the straps. Next, the shirt must be placed and folds must be avoided. The same with the pants, which must fit properly in the intimate parts so that the seams do not bother. Also, it is recommended not to wear underwear.

Q2: How to design a cycling jersey?

To design a cycling jersey, it is first necessary to know what season it will be used for and by whom (men, women or children). After knowing these details, it is necessary to make a pencil sketch on paper. It is important that the design is functional and comfortable, so it would be prudent to add, in the case of a one-piece model, some additional protection systems in the lower part of the garment. In case it is a winter model, it is convenient that it has long sleeves, unlike the summer option, which should have short sleeves and, in both cases, consider incorporating a zipper. As for the style, it is a personal decision to choose what details to add to the design, but remember that this must be based on providing greater comfort and benefits to the cyclist,

Q3: How to know the size of the cycling jersey?

The vast majority of cycling jersey models have a size that starts at XS, for people with a slim build, and ends at XL, for people with a more robust build. However, each brand may have different dimensions for each size. So it is recommended to take a look at the size chart of the preferred model to confirm the dimensions you know about your body. In case you do not know your dimensions, it is necessary to measure the circumference of the chest and waist with a tape measure. Once the value is obtained, it must be compared with the size table.

Q4: How to wash a cycling jersey?

Preserving these garments and extending their useful life is possible if they are washed properly and frequently, but some guidelines must be followed. For example, these clothes need to be washed separately and inside out. You can use the machine or wash by hand, but it is important that you use cold water and that the detergent, which must be liquid and neutral, is rinsed with plenty of water. In the event that the washing is in a machine, it should not be centrifuged and products such as softeners and bleaches should not be applied for any reason.

Q5: When should I change my cycling jersey?

Replacing a cycling jersey with a new one should be done when the one in use has already completed its useful life and shows an advanced level of wear that can be seen in areas such as the armpits and neck, as well as when the color has begun to fade. clear up. In general, these sports clothing pieces have a long life, if they are taken care of and alternate with other pieces. There are those who recommend having at least five jerseys. If the use is constant, it may be necessary to change it after a year. Otherwise, the piece can withstand up to 4 years of use because they are treated and resistant fabrics.

Q6: How should a cycling jersey fit?

The ideal is for a cycling jersey to be tailored to the body, since in this way it fulfills an aerodynamic function that improves the cyclist’s performance during pedaling and allows adequate perspiration. It is important to note that the terms fit should not be confused with tight, because a tight jersey will end up causing discomfort during the day on the bike.

Q7: How to know if a cycling jersey is original?

The original jersey models provide better performance and are more convenient for both training and competition. The best brands have invested large sums of money in innovations and development that provide better sensations during the tour. However, there are some replicas that perform well. Distinguishing an original jersey from one that is not can be seen in the colors, sleeve finishes, fabrics and seams, as well as in the price, since the originals usually have a higher cost.

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