The 8 Best Dutch Bikes of 2022

Dutch Bicycle – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Dutch bicycles, even today, remain in vogue, as their classic and practical design is more attractive to those who share their fascination with the traditional and wish to have an elegant and quality means of transport, ideal for walking and relaxing. Inside the city. The FabricBike Fabric City touring bike is a women’s favorite and its robust frame is made of steel, chromoly and aluminum. Among the most recommended is also the Moma Bikes Holland, equipped with 28” wheels, six speeds and a classic cut frame.

The 8 Best Dutch Bicycles – Opinions 2022

If you are one of those who enjoy the charm of Dutch bicycles and have decided to get one of them, you should take a look at the following models, which have been considered among the best so far.

Women’s Dutch Bike

1. FabricBike Fabric City City Bike

If you are looking for the best Dutch bicycle, you may opt for this model from the manufacturer FabricBike, which is a Dutch bicycle for women in Pink Shoreditch Deluxe, whose structure incorporates a classic design frame, built in Hi-Ten steel and a lower tube made in chromoly.

Its design has been created with the intention of being functional for moving within urban perimeters, making it an ideal means of transport to go to the beach or for a walk through flat or steep paths. It is also useful for getting to work or study without having to be delayed by traffic.

It has aluminum levers that control the front and rear brakes. In addition, its traditional design incorporates a practical basket also made of aluminium, with a special space to carry a drink inside. Its weight is 14 kg and it offers three speeds.

If you think that this could be the best Dutch bike of the moment, wait until you know and also analyze some of its pros and cons.


Position: The Step Through design of the frame allows you to get on and off with ease, as well as maintain a comfortable and correct position.

Extra seat: It incorporates a resistant aluminum rear grill, capable of supporting the weight of another person.

Changes: It has an integrated speed change system, to cross different terrains.

Brakes: Its brakes are made of aluminum and have the Calliper Quick Release system that provides good performance.


Assembly: The bicycle has a medium assembly difficulty level and extra tools may be required, which are not included.

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2. FabricBike Step City Women’s City Bike

Among the best Dutch bikes of 2022 is FabricBike’s Step City model, a city bike equipped with various vintage-style accessories, including a kickstand, mid-century style bell, padded saddle and ergonomic handles.

This women’s Dutch bike is designed for the city. However, it is suitable for covering different types of terrain and slopes, since its speed can be adjusted in 7 different levels, thanks to its Shimano Tourney FX7 gear system.

In addition, the Dutch Step City bike offers comfort during use, since the design of its low-bar Step Through frame favors maintaining an upright position, while making it easier to get on and off it.

Likewise, this model has incorporated a new saddle design, made of eco-leather on aluminum springs, which cushion the impact when going over potholes.

FabricBike is positioned in a privileged place among its closest contenders and aspires to become the best Dutch bicycle brand. Here are some pros and cons of the Step City model.


Resistance: Its extra-thick 28-inch tires reduce and better resist impacts.

Capacity: It can support a recommended average of 100 kg, with luggage rack included, which is a good level of weight.

Assembly: Its assembly is simple, since a large part of its structure is delivered already assembled and includes some tools.

Aesthetics: The attractive and classic design incorporates fenders and chain, which match the structure and keep it clean.


Saddle: Your saddle size may be a bit small for some people.

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dutch mens bike

3. Moma Bikes HOLLAND 28” Touring Bicycle

The Moma Bikes Holland bicycle is the proposal of this manufacturer in this particular segment. A Dutch bike for men among the cheap options to equip you, but which lacks nothing.

We started by talking about its wheels, 28 inches in diameter and typical of a large size bicycle. This does not affect the weight of the bike, which remains at 14 kilos. To move, you have a Shimano TZ-50 6-speed gearbox, equipped with sprockets and technology from the same manufacturer. As for the brakes, these are of the V Brake type, to give you greater safety.

Comfort is also up to par in this model thanks to details such as the design of its soft and pleasant saddle. Likewise, you have two luggage racks, one at the front and one at the back, where it will be easy for you to take everything you need anywhere.

If you’re still not sure what to expect from this bike, here’s a rundown of its highlights.


Dimensions: Thanks to the measurements of its frame and its 28-inch wheels, this is a very comfortable model for them.

Components: All components are from Shimano, which shows the overall quality of the product.

Saddle: The comfort saddle adds extra comfort when moving around with the bike.

Weight: It is one of the lightest proposals on the market, with a weight that barely reaches 14 kilos.


Height: The bicycle is suitable for users from 1.70 tall. Those of smaller size should resort to a 26-inch model.

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4. VidaXL Men’s Dutch Bike

This is a Dutch men’s bike that features wide tires to ensure maximum stability. In addition, it incorporates a V-brake capable of stopping the bicycle almost immediately, which increases safety.

For added strength, its all-steel frame, fork, handlebars and seat base are made from all-steel, so it can take a beating and provides a longer lifespan. Likewise, it offers comfort, since it includes a soft-touch seat with a spring at the bottom.

On the other hand, the frame is 57 cm high and the handlebar is 1.04 m above the ground, which prevents you from slouching during use. As for the length, it has 190 cm, which is important to consider when storing.

If you are looking for the best value for money Dutch bike of the moment, you need to carefully analyze this option before selecting one.


Light: Includes a powerful battery-powered front light that allows you to light the way when driving at night.

Design: It has a black surface and has a structure of thin tubes, which favors its attractiveness.

Tires: The tires are 28 inches, so this is a large bike.


Instructions: The instructions for this bike may not be very detailed, so it may be difficult to assemble if you are inexperienced.

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Dutch classic bicycle

5. Via Veneto by Canellini Bike Citybike CTB Woman

It’s a vintage-style classic Dutch bike as it features a pastel-colored surface and offers polished finishes for a more elegant look. Likewise, it incorporates in front of the handlebar a natural wicker basket that measures 20 x 30 x 40 cm, suitable for transporting different objects.

Also, it includes a bag with a strap on the rear tire, made of brown leatherette. This is suitable for transporting important documents in a more secure way. On the other hand, it has a frame and an adjustable handlebar made of aluminum, which favors the resistance and durability of the structure.

As if that were not enough, it comes in 8 different presentations of cream, yellow, light green, gray, black, white, pink and dark green, so it is possible to choose the option that best suits your style.

If you need a functional and attractive bicycle to ride around the city, then you should know this model in depth. Let’s get to know its pros and cons in detail.


Speeds: It has a Shimano TX50 change that offers 6 speeds.

Accessories: Includes a wicker basket and a leather bag, which favors versatility.

Style: It offers a classic design with a cream surface, but you can get it in 7 other colors to choose from according to your style.


Valve: The valve nozzle may be very thin, so it may be difficult to find an inflator with the same thickness.

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6. Pedkit 28″ Dutch Bike for Women

The Pedkit Max model is another good proposition for anyone looking for a classic Dutch bike. This product has all the details of the usual designs, from its frame to its finishes.

This frame has a solid and resistant construction, but without being very heavy. Something that influences the use of a light aluminum alloy, which leaves the weight of the product at about 19 kilos. Break-in is done by a single speed disc and pinion system, combined with a conventional front brake.

For the rest, this bicycle is finished off with details such as its 28-inch wheels, the rear luggage rack or an ergonomic saddle that is very comfortable to roll on, including its classic cushioning.

We analyze this bicycle in detail, located among the cheapest on the market and with which you will not miss anything.


Design : The frame design is traditional cut, making it easy to get on and off the bike.

Measurements : Thanks to its 28-inch frame and wheels, it is a very suitable option for users of a certain height.

Vision : The bicycle has rear, front and reflective lights, so that you can be seen while you ride.


Brakes : This model only has a rear brake, which should be used with caution.

Gears : Unlike other options, this classic bike only has one gear for rolling.

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dutch type bicycle

7. F.lli Schiano Voyager Trekking Bike

If you prefer to get a Dutch type bicycle, the Voyager model, from the manufacturer F.lli Schiano, could be the indicated alternative. It is a bike with a solid and resistant steel frame, equipped with a 6-speed Shimano gearbox, which allows you to cover different types of routes and terrain conditions with ease and less fatigue.

Likewise, it is recommended as an answer to which is the best Dutch bicycle, because it is equipped with a V-Brake system, which guarantees effective and timely braking. The Voyager also features luggage racks, 28-inch wheels, front and rear fenders and LED lights at both ends to make driving that much safer.

In addition, it has a comfortable saddle, since it has springs that attenuate the impact, which makes it suitable even for long journeys, whether for a walk or to commute to work.

Knowing what this model offers can help you decide which dutch bike to buy. Here are some of its pros and cons.


Comfort: Its low frame favors mounting, handling and getting off it in an easy and comfortable way.

Practical: It is a useful bike for everyday use, such as for occasional rides.

Assembly: 85% of its structure is delivered already assembled. It is enough to make only certain adjustments and fix some of its parts.

Height: Its size is suitable for those between 1.65 and 1.85 m, so it fits a good group of people.


Assembly: For some users, its assembly could be more complicated than expected.

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Dutch touring bike

8. VidaXL Dutch Bike Women’s Frame

The VidaXL 3056791 Dutch city bike is a traditional cut model, ideal for men or women of a certain height. For them, the product has 28-inch wheels and a handlebar height of 107 centimeters. Therefore, it is suitable for driving comfortably in urban environments.

Its format faithfully reproduces the appearance of the most traditional bicycles, with its inclined bar, the space for the rear luggage rack or the saddle, cushioned and padded. We also find a curved handlebar with levers to match the saddle and the set of lights, front and rear.

The design is finished with details such as mountain-type V-brakes, with which to maintain control of the bike. It also includes fenders, so that rainy days are not a problem. And you don’t have to worry about the assembly, because it only requires mounting the wheels and making a couple of adjustments.

Enjoy a nice urban ride with this classic cut Dutch bike.


Chaining : The protective cover of the chaining prevents problems with clothing, such as the usual snags in pants.

Style : Its style faithfully reproduces the design of the most traditional Dutch bicycles.

Saddle : The cushioned and padded saddle gives you extra comfort when riding, being adjustable in height.


Derailleur : This bike only has one speed, so it doesn’t include gear.

Brakes : The bike does not have a rear brake, so you must be careful not to overload the front one.

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Shopping guide

Dutch bicycles are characterized by having a classic and old style, which is currently imposed as one of the favorites to move casually or daily through urban areas. For this reason, we invite you to take a look at this guide to buying the best Dutch bike, where we have included some features that could help you in your choice.


One of the main aspects that you should take into account when deciding on a specific model is the size of the bicycle. A bicycle with an appropriate size for the person’s height guarantees a correct position while riding and, therefore, a more comfortable, safe and reliable ride.

Trying to ride a bike when you can barely reach the pedals, due to height issues, would be really uncomfortable. For this reason, it would be very useful for you to make a comparison of Dutch bicycles, so that you can choose an ideal size.

Most models are classified according to the size of their frames and wheels. There are 20, 22, 24, 26 or 28 inches, although it is best to check the height for which they are designed, as there are frames suitable for heights of 1.50 and 1.80 meters or from 1.65 to 1.85m

Construction and mechanics

For a Dutch bicycle to guarantee good performance, durability and long journeys without mechanical failure or early deterioration of its structure, it should be equipped with systems that optimize its performance and built with quality materials that provide strength and resistance.

Therefore, when choosing, you should opt for one that ensures a solid and durable construction. This will also allow you to estimate how much a Dutch bike costs. Some of the most recommended models are made with robust or high-density steel frames and combine materials such as aluminum and steel in other parts.

Both are suitable for these types of vehicles, although steel tends to be stronger. In the same way, you should make sure that it has a good brake and gear system and that, in addition, you have the ability to adapt to the operating mechanism of the model you choose.


Despite the fact that Dutch bicycles represent an old model that used to be used decades ago, some of the more recent design and manufacture maintain their vintage and classic style, but have been adapted to the current era, to provide more comfort and other functions necessary for riding. cyclist today.

Most of the most sought-after models today are equipped with devices that allow you to adjust the speed according to the type of terrain you are driving through, to make it easier to navigate steep areas, improve starting, increase performance and reduce physical effort a little..

Some models have mechanisms that allow changes between 3, 6, 7 and up to 18 speeds. Others have only one. This is a feature you should evaluate, depending on your skill and training level, coupled with the area you expect to use the dutch bike in, whether it’s flat or steep.


Even if you get a good and cheap Dutch bike, it is prudent that you check if that model has enough capacity to support your weight and, also, if it has an extra area, in case you need to transport some type of luggage and even another person.

Most of the models include a grill at the back, which serves as a base to adapt a seat, a baby carrier or a bag that allows you to store some objects that need to be moved. Similarly, there are models that incorporate a basket on the front and some even have separate compartments, to safely carry a drink and place the mobile, along with other belongings.

Likewise, even though bicycles may have a light structure, they are designed to support a load of up to 100 kg, since their capacity depends largely on the robustness and quality of their construction.


In order to make the experience of driving a Dutch bicycle safer and more pleasant, it is convenient that the model you decide to buy has some useful and necessary accessories during the tour. This should have a comfortable saddle, designed to cushion impacts and that its handles ensure a correct grip.

Likewise, it would be convenient to include front and rear light indicators, as well as a bell, to alert others of your presence. Similarly, it is important that it is equipped with fenders and chain guards.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a dutch bike?

Using a Dutch bicycle is very simple, it is only necessary to complete the assembly with the necessary tools, according to the instructions indicated by the manufacturer, since most models come with a large part of their structure already assembled.

As general advice to use a Dutch bicycle correctly, it is advisable to use a model whose size adjusts to the height of the person or, failing that, adjust the height of the seat and handlebars to make it more comfortable and thus avoid possible discomfort. for taking the wrong position.

Likewise, it is necessary to perform maintenance and cleaning with certain frequency to ensure greater performance and durability. In addition, being a bicycle for use in the city, it must be maneuvered always respecting the traffic laws of the area.

Q2: How to clean a dutch bike?

To clean a Dutch bike you can use two cloths, one to go over the most dirty areas and those that tend to get greasy, and another to clean and shine the frame area. You can also use a brush to rub over the areas that accumulate compact remains of mud or other particles and a brush for the area of ​​the plates and discs.

First, remove the remains of embedded dirt in each area and rub the cloth, or brush, moistened with soap and water. Subsequently, rinse with water and let dry. To complement the cleaning and keep the bike in good condition, you can apply a special bike oil.

Q3: How to adjust a dutch bike?

Each Dutch bicycle model includes a manual with precise instructions on assembly and adjustment. Therefore, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the model, since, in the case of the wheels, brake system and gearboxes, the mechanism may vary and technical assistance is likely to be required.

However, there are some useful steps to adjust the height and angle of the saddle and handlebars, in order to avoid discomfort due to poor positioning. With the bicycle on a flat surface, the saddle must be placed parallel to the ground, in a horizontal position, at a height that allows the balls of the feet to touch it. Also, the handlebar must be adjusted to a suitable level with respect to the position of the saddle.

Q4: What size Dutch bike do I need?

To find out what size Dutch bike you need, you should know your height and, based on that, look for a bike whose frame size matches your height.

Dutch bikes with frames between 42 and 47 cm are more suitable for those between 1.50 and 1.60 meters tall, while the 47 to 50 cm frames are suitable for people with a height between 1.60 and 1.70 m.. Frames from 50 to 53 cm are recommended for those who measure between 1.70 and 1.75. On the other hand, frames with a size of 53 to 55 cm are suitable for people whose height is between 1.75 and 1.80 m.

Q5: Where can I ride with a Dutch bike?

Dutch bicycles are designed to travel within the city or its surroundings, as they are used as a means of transport to walk or get to work.

However, according to the regulations, they should circulate in the respective lanes, but in the event that there are no marked areas for it, cyclists must keep to the right side of the road.

Q6: How much weight can a Dutch bike support?

There are various models of Dutch bicycles that are part of the catalog of different brands. Therefore, the weight they can support could vary from one model to another.

There are strong and robust Dutch bicycles, with the capacity to support up to 100 kg between the weight of the person maneuvering it, plus the load of its luggage rack and basket. Also, there are some that can support a load of up to 50 kg only in the part of your grill.

Q7: How to put a basket on a Dutch bike?

There are different types of baskets that can be fitted to a Dutch bike. Some models, made of aluminum or metal, incorporate the support to fix the basket to the handlebar tube. This requires the use of some tools, such as a screwdriver and pliers to fix, tighten the screws and loosen the handlebar tube to install the basket in place and then tighten it again.

Other, simpler types of basket are designed to be held directly from both sides of the handlebars. Similarly, there are the classic wicker baskets, which are much easier to place and remove, as these can be attached to the handlebars by means of a tape.

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