The 8 Best Electric Scooters for Adults of 2022

Electric scooter for adults – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When it comes to moving around the city in comfort, the electric scooter for adults becomes an interesting alternative. These products are powered by electricity, have a compact design and offer interesting speed and autonomy to move both for fun and for obligation. Something we can do with models like the Ecoxtrem Renton. This scooter-type scooter offers a 1,200-watt motor, 40 kilometers of autonomy and a very comfortable design with a seat included. If you prefer something simpler, you can use the M Megawheels S1 model, capable of reaching 23 kilometers per hour, climbing 15% slopes and suitable for adults and children.

The 8 Best Electric Scooters for Adults – Opinions 2022

Finding the best electric scooter for adults of the moment is having more than just a toy within our reach. We are talking about state-of-the-art autonomous vehicles with which we can comfortably move around the city without the need for anything else. Therefore, deciding which is the best electric scooter for adults according to our needs and preferences becomes basic. The best thing is that in our selection of the best electric scooters for adults of 2019 you will find from cheap and simple options to the most fashionable proposals on the market.

electric scooter for adults with seat

1. Ecoxtrem Two Wheel Electric Scooter/Scooter with Detachable Saddle

If you are looking for the best electric scooter for adults, it is possible that a model with a seat fits your needs perfectly. Among these models, we find the Ecoxtrem Renton electric scooter for adults with seat. A scooter-type model that, at first glance, might well look like an electric motorcycle with small wheels.

And the truth is that the product does not have to envy this vehicle much, since this model offers us a 1,200-watt motor with which it is possible to drive at speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour, the same legal limit as a conventional moped.. This speed is powered by a 36-volt lithium battery and generates a range of 30 to 40 kilometers, depending on weight and road conditions.

The model has a very comfortable seat, as well as accessories such as turn signals or mirrors. All this in line with the best electric scooter for adults that you can find on the market.

When it comes to deciding which electric scooter for adults to choose, it is convenient to have as much information as possible, such as the one that we offer you below.


Power : Its 1,200-watt motor is one of the most powerful and advanced on the market today.

Speed ​​: The scooter can reach speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour, depending on the conditions of the route.

Battery : The 36-volt lithium battery is capable of giving you up to 40 kilometers of autonomy on a single charge.

Accessories : It has accessories, such as mirrors, front light or brake light, among others.

Seat : The adjustable seat gives you more comfort when riding.


Throttle travel: The throttle travel is short, so you should treat it with tact when moving.

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Powerful electric scooter for adults

2.M Megawheels Electric Scooter

Looking for a powerful adult electric scooter is a key issue when it comes to moving comfortably. For this, we can rely on models like the M Megawheels S1. This vehicle has a 250-watt, high-performance, brushless motor capable of reaching speeds of up to 23 kilometers per hour. In addition, it is capable of climbing slopes of up to 15 degrees with comfort, so you will not have to worry about the complications of the terrain.

Also, the vehicle has a range in line with these requirements within the light models, of about 24 kilometers and with a recharging time of about three hours. The product is finished off with the lightweight design of the conventional scooter, with 5.5-inch wheels, and is also very comfortable when carrying it while we are not using it.

Let’s know some more details about this model and everything that it puts at your fingertips to ride comfortably on almost any terrain.


Power : Despite being a simple model, its speed can reach 23 kilometers per hour in optimal conditions.

Battery : The battery offers good autonomy and charges quickly, according to the comments. Folding : The product folds with a central hinge, taking up much less space when moving it.


Starting : Starting must be done in motion at a speed of about 5 kilometers per hour, which makes the process a bit difficult.

Resistance : The resistance of some elements of the product could be improved, according to some comments.

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3. ZWheel E9 Basic ZLion Electric Scooter

The Zwheel E9 Basic Zlion model is another interesting product for those looking for a powerful adult electric scooter. We are talking about a model with a compact and folding design, but which incorporates a 300-watt motor and has a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. Its battery is also up to the task, with enough energy to roll for about 20 kilometers, depending on the environment.

A versatile model with a very simple control system, which includes both the throttle grip and a small unit on the handlebar where we have an LCD screen and the front light. The scooter is finished off with details such as its solid and anti-puncture wheels or a product folding system that makes it easy to take it with us when it has no power. All this in a light model but capable of supporting up to 120 kilos on its surface.

Getting around with good rolling power is easy thanks to models like this interesting electric scooter for adults.


Speed : The product has two shooting modes, with maximum speeds of between 18 and 25 kilometers per hour respectively.

LCD screen: The included LCD screen indicates both the speed and the charge level of the product.

Autonomy : With this model you can ride for about 20 kilometers with a single battery charge.


Height : The handlebar of the scooter has a height of about 105 centimeters, perhaps low for taller users.

Charging time: The battery charging time is 3 to 5 hours, longer than other similar models that we have analyzed.

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Xiaomi electric scooter for adults

4. Xiaomi Mi Scooter Folding Electric Scooter

The Xiaomi Mi Scooter adult electric scooter is proof of how this brand is capable of becoming a benchmark in any market segment. We are talking about a scooter that is capable of rolling for about 30 kilometers on a single charge and with a theoretical maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. Enough then to be placed among the most cutting-edge models on the market.

A device that has the usual intuitive use of the brand’s products, being easy both to use and to fold, taking up very little space when we are not shooting with it. This makes it easy to carry comfortably in your hand, to which its weight of about 12.2 kilos and its suitcase format contribute. It is finished off with details such as its shock-absorbing wheels, its anti-lock brakes or connectivity with its own app, to control all the performance of the device from your mobile.

Let’s learn more about this product, which brings Xiaomi closer to becoming the best brand of electric scooters for adults on the market today.


Power: This model is capable of rolling at speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour for about 30 kilometers on a single charge.

Comfort : The product includes elements designed for comfort such as shock-absorbing wheels, anti-lock brakes or ample lighting.

App : The included app makes it easy to control all the performance of the equipment, as well as see the statistics of the use of the vehicle.


Lubrication: It is necessary to maintain an adequate and periodic lubrication during the use of the product, to avoid noise and friction.

Updates : It is necessary to update the product when required, in order to maintain its optimal operation.

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Folding electric scooter for adults

5. Moma Bikes Aluminum E350 Folding Electric Scooter

Although Moma Bikes is a brand known for its bicycles, with its Moma Bikes E350 model it shows that it also knows about scooters. We are talking about a folding electric scooter for adults with which we can move comfortably on any terrain and without complications. To do this, the device includes the usual 250-watt motor, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 22 kilometers per hour and which is combined with a 25-kilometer battery life.

The product also includes a complete LCD system that informs us of the speed, distance or state of charge, among other details. Regarding folding, it is easily activated and leaves the product in a very small space, thus simplifying its transport and storage. Something that also helps its weight, about 8.2 kilos, which makes handling the device easier and gives it a resistance of 100 kilos in terms of supported weight.

Roll with the quality of a high-level product and discover everything that this complete Moma scooter puts at your fingertips.


Performance: Thanks to the configuration of the scooter, it reaches speeds of 22 kilometers per hour with a range of about 25 kilometers.

Control system: The control system makes it easy to adjust the power delivery and gives us information on distance, speed or state of charge.

Weight : The product weighs just 8.2 kilos, which, together with its folding, facilitates the transport and loading of the product.


Resistance: The model supports “only” 100 kilos, so you should be careful if your weight exceeds that level.

Charging time: The total charging time is 4 hours, perhaps somewhat high considering the autonomy of the vehicle.

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Other products

6. Rcb Electric Scooter 8.5 Inch, Folding Scooter

Riding comfortably on all types of terrain is easy thanks to the RCB S5 electric scooter. This model is moved by a brushless motor with 350 watts of power and a 7.5 Ah battery, which translates into a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour and adequate autonomy to move comfortably.

A complete approach that includes all kinds of details, such as anti-lock brakes with regeneration system, 8.5-inch tires and shock-absorbing design or even an app, with which to monitor product performance and perform maintenance tasks. All this in a product with an adequate load capacity, easy to drive and that we can also fold comfortably, to carry it more comfortably.

For the electric scooter for adults to be useful, it is convenient to see that its parameters meet what you need, as it happens with this model.


Motor : The 350-watt motor gives you extra power when moving, with speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour.

App : The included app makes it easy to check statistics or check the status of product items at a glance.

Resistance : The model is capable of supporting up to 120 kilos of weight, being ideal for larger users.


Rain and water: The brand recommends not using the scooter when it rains, and it is also recommended to stay away from puddles and water in all its forms.

LCD screen: The location and size of the LCD screen make it difficult to see it comfortably.

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7. Mtricscoto Adult Electric Scooter

If your budget falls short for the options that we have evaluated, all you have to do is turn to the Mtricscoto Scooter electric scooter for adults. A model that is among the cheapest in our selection and that does not detract from other products that we have commented on.

In its configuration, we find the usual 250-watt electric motor, with which to roll at speeds of up to 23 kilometers per hour. It is also suitable for overcoming slopes and offers good maneuverability, with a three-height adjustable handlebar.

On the other hand, the product also includes a “kickstand” foot brake, as well as front suspension, to give you more comfort. A host of functions that make this model the best quality-price electric scooter for adults in our selection.

If you are looking for a cheap and quality electric scooter for adults, take a look at everything that this model offers you.


Speed : The product is capable of reaching 23 kilometers per hour of speed, thanks to its 250-watt motor.

Comfort : The model has details designed for comfort, such as the front suspension or the adjustable handlebar.

Weight : It is one of the lightest models on the market, with an estimated weight of about 7.8 kilos in service.


Maximum load: The product is capable of supporting up to 90 kilos of weight, not being suitable for users of greater weight or size.

LED indicator: The battery charge LED indicator is located in an inconspicuous place on the bottom of the product.

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8. Windgoo Folding Electric Scooter E Scooter

The Windgoo M11 model is another of the electric scooters for adults on the market that deserves our attention. We are talking about a product that has the usual base configuration, with a 250-watt motor capable of reaching speeds of 25 kilometers per hour. In parallel, the battery can support 20 to 22 kilometers of riding on one charge, with a charging time of about 2 to 4 hours.

A complete design with a light weight and a folding handlebar, which makes it easy to carry the product with us when not in use. It also includes improvements such as anti-lock brakes, which give us extra security when riding. Something that is helped by its 8.5-inch wheels, with foam padding and that provide greater safety and comfort during movement. As a final quality detail, we have an efficient LCD display, where you can control all the product’s parameters at a glance.

So that you have the most important aspects of this model in view, we leave you the results of our analysis of it.


Folding: The folding design reduces the space that the product occupies when moving the scooter without rolling.

Safety : The product includes anti-lock brakes, as well as high-grip tires and a shock-absorbing system, for greater comfort.

Control panel: The control panel offers you at a glance all the information you need to ride comfortably.


Noise: It is necessary to correctly adjust the wheels and grease them frequently to avoid noise when running.

Weight : The total weight of the device is 12.5 kilos, which partially penalizes its autonomy and shooting.

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Shopping guide

Halfway between toys and new vehicles we find electric scooters for adults. Products with which it is easy to move around the city in a comfortable and fun way. However, since we are talking about something relatively new, it is possible that you are not very clear about what you should look for in these products. Some doubts that are easy to solve with our guide to buying the best electric scooter for adults, where we give you the clues to simplify your purchase and adjust it to what you really need.

scooter engine

Just as when looking for a car we look at the characteristics of its engine, when it comes to one of these new vehicles it is also convenient to start here. We have the proof in the wide variety of models that we have at our disposal in any comparison of electric scooters for adults.

The most important parameter of this engine is its power. This power is what determines the vehicle’s thrust capacity and is also going to establish, in part, the maximum speed of the vehicle or its capacity to move weight. The higher the power, the higher these two parameters will be. In general, scooter motors start at 250 watts, with 350 to 500 watts being the usual ones. A classification that reaches 3,200 watts of the most powerful models.

This translates into a variable maximum speed, which is another parameter to assess. A low-power engine usually rolls at maximum speeds of about 20 kilometers, while the most powerful ones can reach 30 kilometers, with various intermediate models. However, this speed should be taken a bit with a grain of salt, as some manufacturers tend to exaggerate how fast their scooter can roll.

Battery and autonomy

Another key point of an electric scooter for adults, apart from how much it costs, is the capacity of its battery and its autonomy. Two aspects that go hand in hand and that determine how far we are going to be able to go with that scooter.

The usual thing is that the autonomy of this type of vehicle is indicated in kilometers. This mileage varies depending on the energy capacity of that battery, but in order not to get lost between amps and others, it is always easier to express it in kilometers. It is rare that we find models that have less than 15 kilometers of autonomy, starting with economically priced products of about 20.

From here, we begin to climb, with models of about 20 to 40 kilometers of autonomy being very common. As for the more advanced models, these can reach 50 or more kilometers of autonomy, as they have larger batteries. It is important to know that these autonomies are in ideal conditions, so that if the terrain becomes difficult or the user has a greater weight, then that autonomy falls. By the way, do not forget to check how long the battery needs to fully charge, as it is another important detail.

comfort of use

As a final aspect, we have chosen the comfort of use of the product. An aspect that is influenced by many issues and that is key to making our trip more pleasant. In this aspect, the electric scooters for adults with a seat stand out. Models similar almost to a motorcycle or scooter and that allow us to travel comfortably seated wherever we want.

Another option that influences the comfort of use is the measures that the product has. These are variable and generally cover the dimensions of conventional users, no more than 1.8 meters tall and not very heavy. In case you are more corpulent or have a higher weight, you will want to look for products with greater resistance and greater height.

Finally, we take a look at some other cool items. One of them is the shock absorbers, which are responsible for absorbing the bumps in the road and keep your route much more pleasant. It is also worth taking a look at the product’s grips, which should have a comfortable touch and with which to properly control the vehicle. And the same goes for the parking brakes, whose activation must also be comfortable and simple. Small details that can finish off a quality purchase.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an adult electric scooter?

El uso de estos vehículos es tan sencillo como el de un patinete convencional. Basta con subirnos a su superficie y apretar el puño del gas para que el motor se ponga en marcha y nos movamos. En algunos vehículos, puede ser necesario darse impulso, dado que el motor solo se activa en marcha. Respecto de la frenada, conviene empezar soltando el acelerador para que la inercia nos frente. Si tiramos de freno, debemos hacerlo suavemente, para evitar caídas. Esa misma delicadeza debemos tener con los giros y las aceleraciones, a fin de evitar que un tirón de motor o un giro muy drástico haga que acabemos por los suelos.

Q2: ¿Por dónde circular con patinete eléctrico para adulto?

This question has a variable answer, since the authorization of filming depends on the municipalities, and there is also a wide variety of options. And although in December 2019 the DGT has recalled that the sidewalk is exclusively for pedestrians and that the use of scooters on it can lead to a fine, in the end it is each municipality that establishes its own rules in this regard. So you should check with the mobility area of ​​the place where you circulate to find out where you can do it. What you should know is that some issues that affect motor vehicles, such as breathalyzer controls or the mandatory use of reflective clothing, are mandatory for users of these scooters.

Q3: Where to park the electric scooter for adults?

As we said when talking about circulation, when it comes to parking the scooter we must stick to what the legality of the municipality in which we live tells us. Normally we will be able to park in the bicycle parking lots or in the motorcycle areas, although some town halls also allow parking on the sidewalks. In this case, it is essential that the car park is carried out in such a way that the movement of people through it is not hindered. However, if the scooter is your own, you will surely be interested in it being a folding product that you can take with you wherever you want.

Q4: Why my adult electric scooter doesn’t work?

The main reason why the product does not work can be due to lack of battery. So we must verify that the load is sufficient to use the scooter. Another reason may be that there are battery connection problems, because the battery has been moved or any other reason. If all the electrical aspect is fine, you may need to reset the scooter, for which you should take a look at the product instructions and see the procedure to follow. If after all this the scooter still does not start, you may need to seek advanced technical help.

Q5: How to charge an adult electric scooter?

The charging process is not very different from that of a mobile or a laptop. Along with your scooter you will have received a charger, which connects directly to the product’s connection port. Once connected, just plug the charger into the mains to start the charging process. Many scooters include an informative LED, which tells you if the charger is properly plugged in and when charging is complete. Once the process is complete, all you have to do is unplug the charger, close the cover of the scooter’s power outlet, if any, and start riding.

Q6: What autonomy does an electric scooter for adults have?

Well, it all depends on the battery that the product has. In general, this autonomy is usually measured in kilometers and in ideal conditions, that is, when it is used by a person who is not particularly heavy and on flat terrain without slopes. When the person has a greater weight, speeds up or climbs hills, then the autonomy is reduced. In the market we can find everything, although the usual thing is that the autonomy goes from 20 to 40 kilometers, in these ideal conditions that we have mentioned. For this reason, it is convenient to verify that the available autonomy fits within what our displacements need.

Q7: What battery can I put in an adult electric scooter?

It is necessary to verify that the new battery complies with the technical parameters corresponding to what the scooter needs, being able to vary the load capacity. What should not fail is the power delivery, reflected in issues such as output power and voltage. Check with your manual what parameters that new battery should meet, to make it easier to find the right product for you.

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