The 8 Best Elliptical Trainers of 2022

Elliptical trainer – Buying guide, Opinions and Comparison

An elliptical cross trainer is a complete and functional training device that works both legs and arms, being suitable for developing the muscles and strength of the extremities. There are many models of these machines on the market, so if you are going to buy one, it is recommended that you compare the characteristics of the available options, to make an efficient selection. Within the number of prototypes, only a few have the endorsement of users, with two leading the preferences. The first model is the Olympic 125 Elliptical, a bicycle for domestic use for beginners and intermediate levels, with a compact design, a weight of 25 kilos and a capacity for a load of 100 kilos. It has a digital monitor and is made of high-end materials. The next option is the  BH Fitness Athlon Run, a lightweight elliptical cross trainer with a design suitable for home use, with a capacity for loads greater than 100 kilos.

The 8 Best Elliptical Bikes – Opinions 2022


With the number of elliptical bike models out there, it can be difficult to select the right one. For this reason, we have prepared a section with the characteristics of the models that are frequently recommended by users.

folding elliptical bike

1. Olympic 125 Elliptical Stationary and Spinning Bikes

If you are looking for the best value for money elliptical cross trainer, this may be the right model for you, because it is one of the cheapest in our selection of recommended products. On this occasion, the manufacturer Olympic presents the 125 Elliptical design, a folding elliptical bike for domestic use and training level between beginner and medium.

It is made of high quality and resistant materials, making it a solid and stable device that incorporates metal in its structure and a rubber base to provide greater balance and reduce damage to the floor. This model stands out for having a compact design available in black and being foldable.

Its weight is 25 kilograms and it is capable of supporting a capacity of over 100 kilograms. In addition, it is equipped with a digital monitor that expresses the values ​​collected for distance, speed, time and calories consumed.

Olympic 125 Elliptical is a device that offers high standards of quality and functionality, being suitable for its structure and design, which is why it is commonly cataloged among the cheapest bicycles.


Monitor: You can keep track of the distance and time traveled during the training session, as well as the calories consumed through its digital monitor.

Weight: This is a model equipped with a light weight that is capable of supporting more than 100 kilograms.

Structure: Comfort is guaranteed while you exercise, since this model has an ergonomic and padded chair.

Design: The bike has a black design, wheels and a solid base with rubber to maintain balance and prevent damage to the surface.


Level:  This is a model that is not recommended for users accustomed to a high level of training demand.

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2. ISE SY-9000 Elliptical Trainer 2 in 1

If you are looking for a folding elliptical bike, this model marketed by ISE could be the alternative for your requirements, because it has mid-range features and is built with high-quality and resistant materials. This bike has a conventional design, with a screen to keep track of calories and time.

In addition, it is an ergonomic option that has a rubber coating on the handle to facilitate grip and prevent hand slippage due to sweat. Likewise, the bicycle is of the domestic type and has a solid structure and non-slip base that prevents the floor from being damaged.

Due to its dimensions of 155 cm high, 49 cm wide and 89 cm long, it is capable of supporting the weight of an adult. According to the height of the user, it is possible to adjust the seat and it has the possibility of adjusting the resistance, according to the training needs.

When making a choice, it is necessary to consider the quality and functionality of the equipment. Know the pros and cons of the ISE sy-9000-f.


Screen: It has a screen that shows the values ​​of calories burned and the elapsed time to better control the activity.

Design: It has a conventional domestic, folding-style design, which is suitable for apartments.

Adjustment: According to the level of training, the resistance can be adjusted for greater or lesser intensity.

Capacity: It is built with solid and resistant materials that are capable of supporting the weight of an adult.


Instructions: The instruction manual is only available in English and French.

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Elliptical bike Bh

3. BH Fitness Athlon Run G2334RF

This model is usually one of the most recommended by users, because it is designed for domestic use between 30 and 45 minutes a day. The BH elliptical cross trainer weighs only 43 kilograms, but is capable of supporting a weight of up to 105 kilograms.

It is equipped with a pair of wheels that facilitate its transport and also has eight load regulation points to balance the intensity of the training.

On the other hand, this bicycle has an LCD screen that measures time, speed, beats per minute, distance and calories consumed during physical activity through various sensors.

It has a magnetic and silent brake system for regular pedaling with different levels of tension. In addition, it has an adjustable footrest and a distance between the pedals of 17 cm, making the movement more natural. Its assembly is simple, since it includes illustrated instructions and the necessary tools.

BH Fitness Athlon Run G2334RF is a training device valued positively by buyers due to its high performance and ease of assembly. Here its pros and cons.


Assembly: The assembly process of this equipment is simple and fast, thanks to the fact that it has an instruction manual with illustrated figures and tools.

Monitor: The machine is equipped with a color LCD screen where the collected values ​​of speed, distance, time, calories and heart rate are expressed.

Portability: This is a team that has a weight of 43 kilograms, being relatively light. In addition, it has wheels for easy portability.

Capacity: Despite being a model with a light structure, it is solid and capable of supporting a weight of up to 105 kilograms.


Stability: Compared to other models of the same brand, this design can be a bit unstable and basic, especially for professional training levels.

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4. BH Fitness Nls14 Dual Elliptical Trainer 

Weighing 41 kilos, this BH elliptical cross trainer appears among the recommendations of users for being a complete and functional alternative for training. The model is integrated by a 12-kilo inertia system, which makes the pedaling system more natural through fluid movements.

In addition, the manufacturer has equipped this bicycle with an LCD technology screen to keep track of the activity. To do this, it is equipped with several sensors that measure progress. It also has 12 preset profiles, as well as 24 intensity levels that adjust to different training levels.

For the purpose of a more complete workout, this elliptical has a wide stride of 36 cm, so there is more work on the abductors. It has a load capacity of 120 kilos and support for the bottle.

Alternatives that offer attributes for better muscle development should be considered. Here are the pros and cons of BH Fitness Nls14 Dual.


Capacity: It is designed with a weight of only 41 kilos and a favorable capacity of 120 kilos.

Training: The user can select between 12 profiles and 24 intensity modes.

Screen: To keep track of the activity, it includes a monitor that shows calories, distance and time.

Inertia: Pedaling is generated fluidly thanks to the fact that it has an inertia system of 12 kilos.


Size: Its dimensions are large, so a large space is required.

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Elliptical and exercise bike 2 in 1

5. Fitfiu Fitness Beli-120 Elliptical and Static

The manufacturer Fitfiu has added a versatile and functional option to the market, a 2-in-1 elliptical and stationary bike. This model has a modern and multifunctional design with a steel structure, making it stable.

In addition, wheels have been incorporated into its base to facilitate movement and a protective rubber to prevent scratches on the floor. It has a magnetic resistance system, which is designed for the comprehensive strengthening of the muscles without generating impact on the joints, because the pedaling is stable.

On the other hand, it has eight resistance levels to graduate the intensity according to the capacities. To keep track of the activity, the bike is equipped with several sensors and a heart rate monitor that collects the information, which in turn is displayed through an LCD technology screen. For greater safety, it incorporates wide and non-slip pedals, a five kilo flywheel and silent braking.

A multifunctional equipment is used to train different muscle groups. Know the attributes and disadvantages of Fitfiu Beli-120.


Sensors: It is equipped with heart rate sensors and a magnetic resistance system.

Capacity: It has a load capacity of up to 120 kilos because its structure is solid and strong.

Screen: It has an LCD screen to keep track of the activity carried out based on calories, time, heart rate and other functions.

Functions: It has eight intensity levels, so that the user can select the one that suits him best according to the type of training.


Assembly: According to the impression of some users, this model has a complex assembly that takes a long time.

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Other products

6. Assault Fitness Products LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike

For those who are looking for the best elliptical cross trainer on the market, it may be convenient to pay attention to the attributes of this model. It is a professional and commercial quality equipment for the gym, due to its multiple properties and structure.

This model is equipped with unlimited resistance for greater physical activity, incorporating air resistance routines and Crossfit sessions with short intervals and high energy demand. In addition, this bike has 20 bearings in different areas of the frame and pivot points.

Furthermore, the machine is equipped with a steel fan and a height and tilt adjustable seat, which can be adjusted according to individual requirements. With this equipment it is possible to control the level of training and compare it with other sessions, since it has a console with an intelligent computer and a screen that measures time, distance, heart rate, speed, calories and watts.

The Assault Air is considered by many to be the best elliptical bike of the moment, for having functional features that provide greater performance. Here are its pros and cons.


Structure: The elliptical is made of solid and resistant materials that give it a weight of 49 kilos and a capacity of 150 kilos.

Programs: The bike is equipped with various training programs with the possibility of heart rate measurement and pulse monitoring.

Screen: The model has a computer that records the data of the activity carried out. These data are expressed through your screen.

Intensity: This model is suitable for exercising both arms and legs, with a professional level of intensity, through the unlimited resistance provided by the air.


Price: This is a model with multiple features, but it has a high price that is not available to everyone.

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7. Klarfit Ellifit BASIC 10 Cross Trainer

If you are looking for the best elliptical trainers of 2022, then it is appropriate that you consider this model from the manufacturer Klarfit as one of your options. It is a simple and functional style elliptical cross trainer that features a 22 kilogram lightweight design. It is available in silver with black details and is usually recommended to have at home.

This training device is capable of supporting a maximum capacity of up to 100 kilograms. Similarly, it is equipped with a heart rate monitor, non-slip legs and eight levels of resistance or training.

In addition, it has an LCD screen and a computer that measures time, speed, distance, calorie consumption and pulse, making it possible to keep track of physical activity.

The structure of this model is made of plastic and steel, being resistant and stable, in addition to having rubber on the base to ensure adherence and wheels that facilitate its transfer.

Klarfit has a good reputation and years in the sports market, characteristics that have enabled it to position itself as the best brand of elliptical cross trainers, according to the opinion of many users. Therefore, it is convenient that you know the advantages and disadvantages of your Ellifit model.


Screen: The model is equipped with an LCD screen and a computer that measures time, distance, calories and other values ​​such as heart rate.

Weight: The bicycle has a capacity to support a maximum weight of up to 100 kilograms, being its light but resistant structure.

Structure: It has a robust and resistant structure made of steel, with foam-padded handles and a non-slip base.

Design: The model is designed for physical activity at home and has wheels to facilitate movement.


Instructions: The assembly manual is only available in English, which makes it difficult to assemble and leads you to be guided by the included sketches and drawings.

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8. Sportstech CX608 Elliptical Trainer

For those users who are wondering which is the best elliptical bike on the market, it is possible that this model from the manufacturer Sportstech will help them clarify their doubts. The model has training features that make it a professional level machine. It is equipped with non-slip pedals that adapt to the sole of the shoe.

It also has a silent magnetic braking system that does not wear out, making it convenient for home use. In addition, within its structure it has a pulley transmission system that provides consistent and regular pedaling, which entails low maintenance.

For training, the bike is equipped with eight levels of adjustable resistance to strengthen the extremities, without loads that generate negative impacts on the muscle. It has a multifunction screen where heart rate, calories, distance, speed and time are shown, and is also compatible with mobile phones via Bluetooth.

Selecting which elliptical bike to buy is not an easy task, because there are many quality options available on the market, but some stand out more than others. So it is convenient that you know the positive and negative aspects of the Sportstech CX608.


Multifunction: The device is capable of measuring values ​​such as heart rate, number of calories consumed, speed, distance and time of the activity, all displayed on the screen and has the ability to connect with the mobile.

Accessories: Staying hydrated during physical activity will not be a problem, because you can place a bottle of water in a space provided for it.

Capacity: The model can be used by people of different sizes because it has a capacity of up to 120 kilograms.

Levels: From beginners to professionals, they can train on this device that has eight resistance levels.


Noise: After a long time of use, users say that the bike emits an annoying noise when pedaling, but this has been resolved in many cases by changing some parts.

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Shopping guide

If you want to train from the comfort of home to exercise your muscles, a good option is to buy an elliptical bike. With the rise of the fitness world, many manufacturers offer models, but not all of them are convenient. Therefore, you must be attentive to certain quality indicators. To help you with your choice, we present a guide to buying the best elliptical trainer on the market, with which we show you aspects to consider before making your purchase.

Design and structure

To find out how much an elliptical bike costs with the features you need, it is recommended that you do an analysis of the design and structure, since the price usually varies according to this. For example, in the market you can get from models with simple designs and little resistant structures, to more expensive models with modern, stylized and multifunctional designs.

Within this category, it is important to look for options that have an ergonomic design, suitable for training and strengthening muscles comfortably. This can be achieved if you opt for prototypes that incorporate seat and handlebar height adjustment.

Also, the most popular ellipticals have a comfortable and practical grip system, while they are equipped with wide pedals, anti-slip properties and a silent braking system. Colors tend to be a purely aesthetic property, going on the scale of black and silver tones.

It is recommended to select functional models that incorporate some accessories in the structure to make the activity easier, such as, for example, a support for a mobile phone and a water bottle, wheels to facilitate transport, among others.   


Many expect to receive the elliptical trainers already assembled and ready to be used. However, these kits are delivered semi-assembled. That is, only part of the structure is assembled and the rest must be assembled by users. Therefore, it is recommended that you select alternatives that have an easy and fast assembly system that does not require the help of a professional.

In this sense, most manufacturers include in the package all the parts and tools necessary to achieve the assembly of the elliptical bike. In addition, they incorporate an illustrative user manual, with the step by step that must be followed. It is important that before starting to assemble, the manual is reviewed and it is confirmed that the instructions are available in Spanish.


When comparing elliptical cross trainers, options with a screen should be included. Some models, the newest and most technological, incorporate a training console that is made up of an LCD screen where it is possible to monitor sports activity based on time, distance, heart rate and calories consumed; how to make the selection of the function that you want to execute.

Other prototypes with less features have simpler screens, smaller in size and with fewer options. In any case, the most popular alternatives are those that incorporate a display, since it is used to keep a count or history and compare with the figures obtained in other training sessions.


The more sensors an elliptical trainer has, the better the data it can offer about the activity being performed. For example, some models include a heart rate sensor that is placed on the handlebar and allows the user to know the evolution of their heart rate during the different phases of training. These sensors are suitable for monitoring and monitoring, as well as for improving the sports level and performance in future sessions.

Resistance and levels

An elliptical trainer may seem good and cheap to you; however, it will only be a suitable alternative if it is equipped with different levels of resistance and training programs that allow for greater demands. A team where it is not possible to regulate the intensity of the pedaling, the strides and the effort of the arms will be of no use. Hence, manufacturers equip bicycles with resistance levels that can range from zero to 10 or more. As resistance increases, pedaling becomes more complex and there is a higher intensity of exercise.

Resistance is usually selected via a rotary knob or the training console. For this reason, elliptical bikes are usually differentiated into models for beginners and intermediate training, to other designs with greater resistance that are for experts and arduous training. In addition, there are prototypes that incorporate the possibility of selecting pre-established training programs or give the option of establishing a personalized program, depending on the needs of each user.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What should an outdoor elliptical trainer have?

Outdoor elliptical cross trainers are a relatively new prototype that is just entering the European and US markets. The difference with the static home ellipticals is that they move and serve to get from one point to another. So the first thing it must have is the capacity for movement that is given by a pair of wheels that allow movement, being an option similar to traditional bicycles, but that requires more effort.

Q2: What is a Bluetooth elliptical cross trainer for?

From the point of view of training and strengthening the muscles, an elliptical cross trainer that incorporates Bluetooth does not make any difference to achieve better results or to have a higher performance. However, the models that incorporate this function tend to be suitable for interactive training experiences, because they offer the possibility of linking the mobile phone with the bicycle, giving the user endless possibilities.

Q3: Is the elliptical trainer good for knee osteoarthritis?

It is well known that poorly executed sports activities such as cycling have a negative impact on the knees and joints. However, the picture changes when it comes to an elliptical bike, since they are equipment that have a low level of risk of injury.

In fact, there are models that are recommended for strengthening muscles after an injury. So instead of doing damage, elliptical training is suitable for treating knee injuries, cartilage, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, because the machine simulates the action of walking or running, but with less pressure on the joints.

Q4: How to start elliptical bike?

The first thing is to get a machine with an optimal level of operation and that has medium resistance, to do a progressive training. If you are a beginner, you should not abuse it with resistance or over time. Therefore, it is convenient to use the elliptical cross trainer every other day for about 15 minutes, with a low level of intensity or resistance. As the weeks go by, the training time should be increased until reaching about 40 minutes and at a higher intensity.

Q5: Which is better, elliptical trainer or treadmill?

Both teams serve to achieve interesting results focused on weight loss, reduction of measures and muscle toning. However, on the elliptical bike there is usually more work and different muscle groups are exercised. The treadmill is usually focused on the lower body, with a greater incidence on the legs and buttocks. This leads us to conclude that it will depend on the user’s training level, physical capacity and tastes, which leads to selecting one or the other option because both are functional.

Q6: What does the elliptical bike tone?

With an elliptical trainer there is a comprehensive training job. It tends to be a recommended machine over the exercise bike and the treadmill, because with its continued use there is a strengthening of the lower extremities in the leg, gluteal, hamstring and calf muscles.

In addition, during the movements there is contraction of the abdomen, so the middle area is worked. Finally, the arms are not left out either, since in addition to the strides, there is a movement of the arms to tone the biceps and triceps to a lesser extent.

Q7: How to program an elliptical trainer?

Depending on the brand and model, the way of programming the bicycle changes. However, in most of the options available on the market, it is necessary to go to the console or screen of the device and select the settings according to the needs or level of training of each person. In this same area you can configure the resistance and time of the training.

Q8: Which is better, the elliptical bike or the exercise bike?

Both bicycle modalities are appropriate to achieve good physical results. However, the elliptical bike could be the option that involves the most effort and a comprehensive body workout that includes the arms. For this reason, many people consider that according to the objectives set, the elliptical trainer is a better alternative to strengthen the muscles, considering its low impact on the joints. It should be noted that not all elliptical bike options have the same level of resistance.

Q9: How to disassemble an elliptical trainer?

If you’re looking to completely disassemble the bike, know that it takes a bit of work and requires the use of tools. The elliptical bike is disassembled in the same way that it was assembled, separating the parts that make up the structure of the machine. To do this, you will need the help of a screwdriver and pliers to separate the frame from the fork, unscrew the handlebars and remove the rims. It is important to mention that according to the model, the way to disassemble changes.

Q10: Is there any elliptical bike for seniors?

There is no elliptical bike model with specific features for older people. What there is are some options that integrate into the software of the machine, programs that help improve or treat conditions of the elderly such as Alzheimer’s, being monitored by professionals in specialized centers.

This type of therapy has been carried out experimentally and with interesting results. It should be noted that these bicycles are recommended for older adults due to their low impact on the joints, so with or without software, it is a training system suitable for this segment of the population.

Q11: Which is better, elliptical trainer or rower?

Each of these machines has its benefits for training and body toning and both are suitable for calorie consumption and size reduction. For example, rowing has a high level of demand and is suitable for toning various extremities. The elliptical bike is a less demanding alternative, but with a positive impact on the muscles. What is recommended by experts is to integrate both machines into the training routine.

How to use an elliptical trainer

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