The 8 Best Fat Bikes of 2022

Fat bike – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The use of fat bikes has increased, as they are an advantage when moving through sandy, rocky, snowy or muddy terrain, which is why several manufacturers that have put on the market a wide range of models designed to cover their high demand. Among these, the Rich BIT-SYX RT012 1000 W is one of the most coveted, as it is capable of supporting up to 200 kg and its gear change offers 7 speeds. Another favorite alternative is the 26” Shengmilo-MX01 1000W, with 21 speeds and three travel modes, which is a suitable proposition for men and women.

The 8 Best Fat Bikes – Opinions 2022

A fat bike must ensure optimal performance and quality to withstand the use to which this type of bicycle is usually exposed. However, this is something that not every model can offer. For this reason, we propose to analyze the characteristics, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of some of the proposals that have been considered the best fat bikes today, presented below.

electric fat bike

1. Rich Bit RT-012 1000W electric bike

With 26” wheels, 7 speeds and an electric power that reaches 1000 W, the RT-012 electric bicycle from the Rich Bit brand is a proposal that could be classified as the best fat bike. It is designed to travel a maximum distance of 45km and move at a convenient speed of 35 to 38 km/h. In addition, it has the capacity to support up to 200 kg, a more than considerable level.

This electric fat bike offers three modes of travel: pedal only, assisted or through electric acceleration. In addition to this, it is equipped with a Shimano TX-50-21 gear lever, as well as a disc brake system, both front and rear, for greater effectiveness.

In the same way, it has an LED headlight, which allows it to illuminate the road and be detected from a certain distance. Its frame is constructed from 6061 aluminum alloy, while its handlebar and stem are made from anodized aluminum, providing strength. It works with a 48v 17Ah lithium battery, which provides it with high power.

After knowing the pros and cons of this model, it will be possible to establish if it is the best fat bike of the moment.


Changes: Allows you to adjust the speed in 7 modes, to advance in different terrain conditions.

Assistance: Offers the possibility of alternating between three forms of displacement, to reduce physical effort.

Comfortable: Its saddle has an ergonomic design that provides comfort and cushioning.

Tires: Its robust wheels are designed to provide great stability and resistance.


Assembly: Some of its parts are delivered disassembled, so it is necessary to carry out the assembly properly and check its operation.

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2. FC Gredos Electric Fat Bike

Among the best fat bikes of 2022, the 250 W ebike offered by FC Gredos stands out. It is an electric fat bike, with an appropriate design for both men and women, equipped with a motor in the rear. It also has a practical gear mechanism that allows you to adjust the speed level between 7 positions.

In addition, it offers 4 levels of assistance, to make the journey lighter and reduce physical exhaustion when traveling through places where increased power is required. Its frame is made of aluminium, as is the fork it incorporates, which makes it robust, resistant and light at the same time.

It has thick 26” tires that provide good grip on sand and all types of terrain. Similarly, its handlebar incorporates a device with a battery status indicator panel and controls to regulate assistance.

FC Gredos joins the manufacturers that strive to become the best brand of fat bikes. Here are some pros and cons of this option.


Power: It has a 250 W motor, enough power to drive it and execute the different changes.

Driving: Its handling is simple, since it incorporates controls and changes that are easy to access and manipulate.

Speeds: It has a gear system that makes it easy to use up to 7 speeds.

Durability: Its frame is made of 6061 hydroformed aluminum, a material that provides strength and durability.


Performance: The level of speed could vary, as it will eventually be determined by the weight it supports.

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1000w electric fat bike

3. Shengmilo-MX01 26 Inch Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

Those who start their search wondering which is the best fat bike, may get a favorable answer when knowing the advantages of the 1000 W electric fat bike, from the manufacturer Shengmilo-MX01. It has an engine with the capacity to generate up to 21 speeds, in a wide range of 20 to 35 km/h.

It incorporates three modes of operation, to move only with physical effort, with assistance or with the accelerator, according to the situation. It has a 48 v 12.8 Ah battery, whose charge is completed in a period of 5 to 6 hours and provides a performance that allows you to travel at least 40 km with only electric acceleration and between 45 and 90 km with assisted pedaling.

It has a hydraulic disc brake system and its structure is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it durable and resistant to withstand the passage on different types of terrain and bumpy roads, while being able to load up to 150 kg.

It is advisable to analyze the pros and cons of this product, to have greater certainty when deciding which fat bike to buy.


Size: It is suitable for medium and tall people, as it is recommended for those who measure between 1.65 and 1.95 cm.

Changes: Its change offers the possibility of alternating between 21 speeds.

Screen: It incorporates a 3.5” LCD screen, where the speed during the tour is shown, as well as the battery consumption.

Foldable: Its aluminum frame can be folded for easy storage and transport.


Pedals: The pedals are not made of aluminium, so if too much force is applied to them, they could deform.

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carbon fat bike

4. Gaslike Fat Tire Mountain Bike for Teens

The Gaslike LVS SJ1 carbon fat bike is one of the recommended proposals for those who aspire to find the best value for money fat bike. It is available with 24 or 26” tires and has a design suitable for both men and women and teenagers, as it is light and comfortable to ride.

This cheap fat bike is equipped with a mechanical disc brake system, both front and rear. In addition, it has a Shimano gear mechanism, whose speed varies depending on the size of the wheels, as there are 7, 21, 24 and 27 speeds.

Its non-slip tires are designed to provide a strong grip on any type of surface, whether on land or pavement, while providing greater resistance to wear, compared to other common wheels. It is equipped with double shock absorbers, which attenuate the impact of sudden movements.

Although this is one of the cheapest fat bikes, it also offers several advantages to take advantage of. Here you can read some of them and a con.


Variety: The model is available with 24 or 26” tires, with gears whose speeds range from 7 to 27 levels.

Saddle: Its seat is comfortable and can be adjusted according to the required size.

Shifting: Allows you to quickly and smoothly adjust speed on the fly.

Stability: Its thickened structure provides stability and adapts to road conditions.


Assisted mode: It is not an electric bicycle, so there is no possibility of having an assisted mode for movement.

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folding fat bike

5. Tucano Bikes Monster HB Folding Electric Bike

The Tucano Bikes brand presents a folding fat bike model, known as the Monster 20HB, with 20” tires and a 250 W motor. This bike works with a 36 V 10.4 Ah battery, whose charge offers a range that allows you to travel between 20, 45 and up to 65 km, as this may vary due to atmospheric conditions, the type of ground, the route and the weight of its driver.

It is equipped with a front and rear disc brake mechanism and a Shimano gear system that makes it easy to switch between 7 modes, to adjust the bike’s ride according to the different levels of difficulty that may occur during the ride.

It has a double spring saddle, which softens the force of the impact and provides comfort. Its maximum speed is 25 km/h, with an adequate load of 120 kg. In addition, it incorporates an LCD screen with various levels of help.

The Monster 20HB may be a suitable alternative, but you might also want to know its pros and cons.


Portable: Its size is reduced when folded, which favors storing it and taking it in cars without taking up so much space.

Recharge: It only takes 5 to 6 hours to recharge your battery, being a quick process.

Assisted pedaling: It has the Reactive Sensor system, which speeds up the engine start when switching to assist mode.

Luggage rack: It includes an extra space to transport some objects in its rear part.


Size: It can be very small for people of greater weight and height.

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24 inch fat bike

6. Aishfp 24 Inch Fat Tire Mountain Bikes

Among the cheap fat bikes, there is an ideal model for beginners and riders with a medium level of training in mountain biking, whether they are adult men or women. It is a 24-inch fat bike, built with a high-carbon steel frame, an element that makes it solid and resistant.

It has a 4-speed manual gear change system with smooth-pulling, easy-to-operate levers that respond quickly when used, making it easier to climb hills and slopes more safely. It has a saddle, whose height can be adjusted to adapt to people of different sizes.

It is equipped with cruiser-type pedals and rear and front disc brakes, with easy contact with the sole of the shoe, which allow speed control and safe stopping in time. It can support up to 200 kg, which is a high level.

This could be considered as an eligible alternative, however, it would be pertinent to know a little more, when evaluating its pros and cons.


Seat: The height of the seat can be adjusted to suit different sizes.

Variable speed: It has different speeds that facilitate acceleration with less effort.

Utility: It is ideal for practicing cycling at a professional level on any type of terrain.

Capacity: Its strong and robust steel structure has the capacity to support up to 200 kg.


Assembly: It is necessary to assemble its parts correctly or request specialized assistance, to prevent possible failures or incidents.

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fat bike for kids

7. Gjzm Mountain Bike 20 Inch

Gjzm offers the little ones the possibility of enjoying the advantages of running on a bike with fat wheels, as it presents a model that has an appropriate size for them.

This bicycle with 20” tires has been built with a high-strength aluminum frame, reinforced with a steel front fork, capable of absorbing the intensity of impacts during movement when riding on different types of surfaces.

This fat bike for children is equipped with a hydraulic disc braking system, which responds precisely and stops the march quickly and safely, which increases confidence when riding. It is equipped with an ergonomically designed and easy-to-operate finger dial that controls the gears and allows you to adjust the gear according to road conditions.

There may be reasons for deciding on this alternative, but first, its advantages and a less favorable aspect should be considered.


Light: It weighs 20 kg, which makes driving more comfortable and easy.

Style: It exhibits a modern and youthful design, with a blue and white frame.

Damping: It has a damping mechanism that allows it to be adjusted to use it as needed.

Safety: Its braking system acts quickly and precisely, allowing you to drive safely and confidently.


Foldability: It is necessary to take into account that this is a fixed type model, so it cannot be folded.

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20 inch fat bike

8. Revoe e bike Dirt Vtc Folding Fat Bike

A 20-inch fat bike with off-road tires, an LED screen and a 250W motor can be a convenient alternative. This is what the manufacturer Revoe offers, with the Dirt 20 model. It is a bike suitable for daily travel on any type of road, at a speed of 25 km/h.

It is equipped with a 36 V lithium battery, which gives it enough autonomy to travel at least 40 km. In addition, it incorporates a screen that allows you to adjust the speed in three pedaling modes, between 6, 15 and 25 km/h.

In addition to this, it has LED lights both in its front and rear, making it safe to drive, even when night falls. It also has an extra space in the back, ideal for carrying luggage. It can also be easily folded and opened in just a few seconds, making it easy to store and transport.

Although this alternative seems adequate, analyzing some of its advantages and disadvantages could influence the moment of making a decision.


Control: It incorporates a screen with controls, to adjust the speed and observe the battery status.

Protection: Its removable battery remains protected and sealed under lock and key.

Off-road: It is designed to traverse different types of terrain, such as sand, snow, mud and gravel.

Charging: Includes a charger that can recharge battery power in just 3 hours.


Indicator: This model does not incorporate an indicator that shows the level of speed reached.

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fat bike accessories

Fat bike fork

Yshuai Fat Bike Suspension Fork

If you need to purchase a fat bike fork to replace the original, the Yshuai brand offers a useful alternative.

It is a double shoulder front suspension fork, suitable for 2.3” mountain bike tires, available in sizes 26, 27 and 29”.

This piece is light in weight, but it is solid and resistant, as it is made of a high quality aluminum and magnesium alloy.

It is designed to reduce weight in this area, provide stability and cushioning, by absorbing the impact force that is felt by keeping in continuous movement on terrain that presents different irregularities.

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fat bike wheels

Chaoyang Tires Fat Bike Sandstorm

The manufacturer Chaoyang includes among its bicycle accessories the Sandstorm fat bike wheels, as an ideal complement to replace the fat tires of mountain or off-road bicycles, with a diameter of 20 mm and a width of 4.00.

These tires are made with 30 TPI and their design has been specially created to give the bike optimal glide while traveling on some types of surface, especially sand and pavement.

In turn, Chaoyang’s Sandstorm wheels have the ability to provide an effective and secure grip to maintain the stability of the bike.

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Fenders for fat bike

M-Wave Fat F MTB Mudguard

The mudguard is a useful accessory to equip the bicycle and keep it clean, even when its wheels rotate on terrain covered in mud or other debris.

The M-Wave brand presents, among its products, a 11.5 cm wide fat bike and MTB mudguard.

Its function is to cover the front tire of bicycles compatible with wheels of size between 24 and 29”.

Its black structure is made of plastic and has a practical design that allows you to adjust the angle according to the required position. It is appropriate for men’s and women’s bikes.

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Shopping guide

Before investing a certain amount of money in a fat bike, it is advisable to evaluate some of the features to look for in this type of bike. For this reason, we suggest taking a look at this guide to buying the best fat bike, where you can determine if the product is suitable, according to what you want, to guide you to make a safe purchase.

wheel size

One of the main aspects that identify fat bikes are their tires, as these are characterized by being wider and thicker than those of conventional bicycles. This is what makes them more stable and safer when driving on terrain that is difficult to access.

However, the size of these wheels can vary from one model to another, so before deciding, it would be useful to make a comparison of fat bikes, which makes it possible to distinguish between the available options and to be able to choose according to what is needed.

Fat bikes are recognized and classified according to the size of their wheels, measured in inches. This measurement indicates the outside diameter and width of the wheel. Among the most commercialized fat bikes, there are models with tires suitable for every preference. There are 20”, 24” and others a little larger, 26” or 29”.


Fat bikes are intended to be used on difficult terrain, where conditions could become much more extreme, having to overcome obstacles and go over rough surfaces, so they remain exposed to damage to their structure.

Therefore, these should have a strong and solid construction, capable of withstanding the ravages of the road and supporting the weight of whoever guides them, without compromising the firmness of their frame. It is likely that this feature affects when calculating how much a fat bike costs, but it is something that should not be skimped on, if you want to have a bike that lasts for its quality.

Among the most recommended, there are fat bikes made of aluminum alloy, a resistant material that tends to be lighter. There are others made of steel, a material that can make them heavier but, at the same time, robust and resistant to various factors.


Fat bikes are off-road bicycles, designed to run on irregular surfaces in snow, mud, sand and mountains, so it is necessary that they have an appropriate braking mechanism that allows them to be directed confidently and safely when entering slopes, avoiding obstacles. and move on slippery terrain.

The braking system of a fat bike should respond immediately to lower and stop at the right moment, ensuring that the bike remains stable. Most models of fat bikes are equipped with a disc brake mechanism, some mechanical and others hydraulic.

Mechanical brakes act very effectively when stopping, which tends to lock the wheel, although this depends on the force applied with the hands. On the other hand, the hydraulic ones are characterized by their great efficiency and can be activated with less pressure on the brake lever.

speed and battery

A good and cheap fat bike can be an alternative that would be worth taking advantage of, but it would be even more convenient if it incorporates an optimal gear change system. Most of the models available on the market have a Shimano gear mechanism, with different modes and number of speeds.

This is an advantage that fat bikes have in their favor, since they tend to travel through intricate areas of difficult access, which require more effort, so they require adjusting the gear to facilitate handling and make the bicycle adapt to the conditions of the environment. ground.

Among the variety of models, there are fat bikes with gears that allow you to adjust the gear between 7 speeds. Others can offer up to 21 and 24 speeds, with the possibility of being driven by the power of an electric motor that facilitates pedaling assistance in various modes to alleviate physical effort.

There are models of electric fat bikes that work with motors of different power and capacity. These are equipped with 36 or 48 V batteries, which provide enough autonomy to travel between 40, 45, 50, 80 and up to 90 km, although this depends on the pedal assistance mode used. These batteries have the capacity to recharge their energy between 3 and 7 hours, approximately.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a fat bike?

Fat bikes, when subjected to extreme driving conditions, require proper use and maintenance to achieve optimal performance. To start using a fat bike correctly, the first thing that should be done is to make the necessary adjustments to the brake, gear, pedal and suspension system.

Similarly, you should check that your tire pressure is appropriate for the type of terrain. In addition, it is necessary to level the saddle according to the height of the person and adopt the correct position, depending on what the road demands.

Q2: What are fat bikes for?

Fat bikes are used to travel on sand or terrain covered with snow, rocky or steep, as they have thicker wheels that provide better stability, suspension and grip than traditional bicycles, which favors their optimal rotation on these types of terrain.

Its use goes back a few decades, when it was the ideal means of transport to move between the snowy areas of Alaska and in deserts, without digging into the ground. Today, they have become popular and are used as off-road bikes, as their wide tires make it easy to ride safely on uneven surfaces.

Q3: How to ride a fat bike?

To begin your ride on a fat bike, you need to maintain a neutral position to pedal comfortably and efficiently. This allows you to be prepared and facilitate the change in position when facing the irregularities of the terrain, be it on sand, snow or mud.

To ride a fat bike on this type of trail, the pedals must be evenly balanced and the rider must keep their knees and elbows slightly bent, while their index fingers must be on the brake levers at all times. looking forward, about 6 meters, focusing on the place where you want to go.

Q4: How to tube a fat bike?

To start tubing a fat bike, you need to clean the wheel. This must be dry so that the bottom of the tire is fixed properly. Subsequently, the tubeless bottom is installed, starting from the front of the valve and passing it twice through this area, while it is necessary to tighten as you go.

To place the tubeless valve, it must be grasped and pressed into the hole. Then put the nut and tighten it. The cover must be placed and, when there is little left to mount, the amount of liquid necessary according to the size of the wheel must be introduced and, then, finish mounting it.

To conclude, you have to use a compressor to fill the wheel with enough pressure and, when finished, it is convenient to rotate the tire to make the liquid distribute evenly.

Q5: How to convert a conventional bike into a fat bike?

It is possible to convert a conventional bike into a fat bike. For this, there are some conversion kits that include the components that are needed in order to carry out this transformation, such as the tires, which are the main element to be replaced. On the other hand, there are options where the transformation involves installing a battery or motor, which would turn the equipment into an electric-type fat bike. However, performing this conversion can be a complicated job, so it would be helpful to have the help of personnel experienced in this type of procedure.

Q6: How to adjust the suspension of a fat bike?

To adjust the suspension of a fat bike, you must measure the length of the shock with no weight on the bike. The next step is to open the valve, let all the air out, and measure again. The second measurement must be subtracted from the first and the result will indicate the compression capacity of the shock absorber.

From this capacity, you must calculate the percentage that is considered most appropriate to then get back on the fat bike and fill and release the air while another person does the measurement, until the compression approaches the result obtained.

Q7: Which is better, a fat bike or a conventional mountain bike?

Both types of bicycle are preferred by users, who have their own reasons for choosing one or the other, since this depends largely on the need and type of terrain on which each person is used to riding.

However, the fat bike may offer more benefits as, by having wider wheels, it ensures better grip, offers more stability and suspension during rebound than a conventional mountain bike, which, in turn, increases the safety on descents and paths whose route becomes increasingly demanding.

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